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Oasis Dating review – what do we know about it?

Oasis Dating review – what do we know about it?
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Date with older guy 3%
Reply rate 86%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 25-26
Profiles 1.700.000
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Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • There are a lot of search criteria in the search feature.
  • The support team will check all profiles manually using the anti-fraud software to minimize scammers and fake profiles.
  • It’s free to send and receive messages.
  • There’s plenty of profiles to browse, so looking for a match shouldn’t be a problem.
  • It has a forum to assist new members in using the platform, share dating safety tips and guidelines.
  • Because the platform is free to use, you have to put up with so many ads that can be distracting.
  • You’ll receive many likes at one point; you’re not sure if it’s from a real profile or not.
  • You’re allowed not to add a photo and complete your bio, making it hard to know who liked you.

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Oasis Dating is an Australian based dating site launched in 2008. The platform offers singles with possible matches by allowing them to use the advanced search filters for free. The dating site has more than 21 million users worldwide and attracts 360,000 each month. From that number, 410,000 users login to their Oasis Dating’s account daily. Oasis Dating claims to have active inbox activities each day. More than 200,000 messages were sent and received daily.

The platform has anti-fraud software that checks on each profile manually. So if you’re worried about fake profiles, catfishing, and scammers, chances of that happening on Oasis Dating is slimmer.

The male and female ratio on Oasis Dating is 59 to 41, with most of the female and men sign-ups from the age of 19 to 35 years old. The platform accommodates all women and men looking for relationships, friendship, casual relationships, and business networking.

In this review, you’ll learn more about Oasis Dating and how this platform works on helping you find your soulmate. Happy reading!

How does Oasis Dating work?

Oasis Dating review - what do we know about it?

The platform works a little bit like Facebook. Once logged in to your account, you can browse through thousands of profiles to search for matches using the platform matching tools. You can choose “yes,” “no,” or put the user to a “maybe” list. The good news is all users can easily send a message to other members without having to upgrade to a premium membership. The overall interaction tools are easy and straightforward to utilize.

Oasis Dating’s members can search for other users using simple and advanced search options. The simple search feature allows you to find someone you know on Oasis Dating. You can search based on name, location, and age. Meanwhile, the advanced search feature will enable you to explore more accurately. You can insert criteria like star signs, smoking habits, profession, drinking, tattoos, and many more. Try to keep your search options broad as some search results may display fewer profiles, and some may have tons of profile options to choose from. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, try entering one or two criteria to have more variety of search result options.

It’s free to use the chat and messaging tools on Oasis Dating. If you find someone you like, you can send a message to them.

To send a message or chat with another user, you have to like their profile first. If you both liked each other, you would be added to their contact list, and you can start interacting right away. If the user is offline, they’ll receive the message when they are online.

You can like another user by choosing the “YES” option at the top right of their profile. If she or he’s online, they’ll see the alert that you liked them. They can choose to like you back or pass on your request. If your request is ignored, it’ll expire within three days.

Registration – is it really easy?

Oasis Dating review - what do we know about it?

Oasis Dating requires a simple and easy registration process for its new members. It’ll take less than 5 minutes to enter your personal information like name, email, gender, and the gender you’re looking for. All new users have to upload their photos and set their profiles to the public.

You must choose a clear photo of your profile. Oasis Dating forbids any nude and obscene images. Once you upload your photo, Oasis Dating will verify the pictures first. Once approved, you can use the photo on your profile. But if the platform denies your photo, try again with another picture. It’s vital to get your photo approved by Oasis Dating. However, if you decided to leave the profile photo empty, you can still use Oasis Dating, but you can’t use the message and chatting features.

There are in-depth questionnaires that you can choose to answer upon registering. It’ll be questioned on physical appearances, interests, religious beliefs, education, profession, and a few other specific questions about you. Though you can choose to answer it later, you should complete it for the benefits of other users. A complete profile will encourage other users to know a little bit about you before deciding to interact with you. It’s sort of like a dating resume. Nobody wants to approach a profile with no photo and complete bio. It seems lackadaisical, and you don’t want people to think you like that.

You can’t change your username once you created an account. The only way to do this is to delete your account and create a new account using the same email address you used to register previously.

What about design and usability?

Oasis Dating’s web design and layout are looking a bit bland. The dating site doesn’t have the prettiest nor sophisticated design in comparison to other popular dating sites and apps. But at least it does its job. Oasis Dating’s site navigation and drop-down option tabs work fine too. You can access all features on the main page, making the interface easy to use and well organized.

You can find the link to the help and support team at the top right of the user’s menu bar. By clicking the option, you can edit your profile, request to change your Oasis Dating’s password, and collect information on the membership plans.

There’s a forum created to help all members on Oasis Dating called Oasis Community at the bottom of the user’s profile. You can share your thoughts, ideas, and questions related to Oasis Dating with other members on the forum.

All Oasis Dating’s members can enjoy these features:-

  • Sign-up for registration
  • Create a profile
  • Use the search feature
  • Use the message and chat feature
  • Select the profile theme
  • Download Oasis Dating’s mobile app for free

Other key features of the websites are:

  • Matches: This page displays all your matches in a list form. You can click on each one of the profiles to view more information
  • Alerts: This allows you to know who’s viewing your profile and who liked you. It works similarly to Facebook’s notification system. You can customize your notification settings, so you can receive only the alerts you want
  • Who I like: This feature shows the list of profiles you have liked so far.
  • Who likes me: The list of profiles who likes you will appear on this page.
  • My Maybe: Every profile that you’re not sure will appear on this page. You can choose to ignore or like them later.
  • Search: You can use this feature to filter down precisely what you’re looking for from a potential match.

Let’s talk about profile quality

Since Oasis Dating is a free platform to sign-up and use, all members can view each other’s profiles. The way the profile page is created makes all completed profiles seem informative.

You can see other user’s photos if they set their profile to the public. Private profiles only allow their contact list to view their photos.

The mobile application

Oasis Dating review - what do we know about it?

Oasis Dating’s mobile app is available on both Android and iOS. You can download and use the app for free. The app is pretty practical to use as an on-the-go dating tool. The design is similar to the desktop version, so it’s smooth and easy to use. The matches page is way better on the app than the desktop version. You can quickly swipe right and left to view other user’s profiles.

The platform provides an industry-leading mobile app that uses all features of Oasis.com that also includes the advanced matching searches and algorithm. This allows you to search for dates anywhere and anytime you want.

Safety & security

Oasis Dating privacy policy ensures that all member’s information is kept secure and private. The site promises that all information that you share will not be sold to other businesses and third-party websites. Oasis Dating regularly updates its security system to prevent any data theft and information breaching.

Pricing and benefits

Oasis Dating is free to sign-up and use. But it does have features that require you to pay to enhance your online dating experience.

You can also pay a small fee to enjoy various features:-

Shoutout: £3.49

Remove ads: £3.49 (this will remove ads for 30 days)

Duration Per Month Total Saving
1 Month £24.95 £24.95
3 Months £16.65 £49.95 25%
12 Months £12.49 £149.95 50%

As a premium member on Oasis Dating, you get to enjoy these features:

Who Likes Me?

You can see who liked you and check their profile and start interacting with each other. Since they already liked you, you don’t need to search for other people and wait for their response. Simply send a message to people that already liked you and see how it goes from there.

My Maybes

On other dating sites, you can either swap right to like or left to pass. But My Maybes feature on Oasis Dating allows you to add a person in your My Maybes list and interact with them later. Usually, the person you put on the list is the person you’re not sure whether or not you like them. You don’t want to pass on them because there might be a chance that they are compatible with you. So instead of completely weeding them out, you can put them on the My Maybes list and get back to them later when you’ve made up your mind.


Select any message template and hit the send button. You can send bulk messages to up to 1000 active members on Oasis Dating that is compatible with you. You can send one Shoutout in five days. If you’re not a premium member, you need a token to send a shoutout.

The additional features mentioned above are optional. You can still enjoy the site if you decide not to pay for any of it.

All payments are not on auto-renewal, so if you need to subscribe to these plans monthly, you need to pay manually. You can use credit cards and PayPal to make all payments.

Help & support

Oasis Dating review - what do we know about it?

There’s a community forum on Oasis Dating’s website run by the members of Oasis Dating. You can ask any questions or share your thoughts on the forum. You can also get some advice on how to successfully meet someone online, how to prevent being scammed, and learn rules and regulations of the platform.

If you need to contact the site’s support team, you can email them at oasisdating.com/en/content/contactus. The support team will get back to you within 24 hours.


Is Oasis Dating safe?

You can see on the website navigation; there’s a “News” tab that has a section on online dating tips and guidelines and how to avoid getting tricked on Oasis Dating. You can also remove anyone from your contact who you think might have said something offensive or bullied you. You can report and block the person, and they won’t be able to see or connect with you ever again.

You also need to be careful who you’re talking to since the platform doesn’t ask users to verify their accounts. If you’re meeting with someone on Oasis Dating in person, make sure you’re meeting in a public place. Your family and friends should know your whereabouts and who you’re meeting with. Never share your home and work address to anyone, your kid’s school name, your gym place, or anything private to anyone on the platform unless you’ve already known each other and met in person a few times.

Is Oasis Dating a real dating site?

Oasis Dating review - what do we know about it?

Yes, Oasis Dating is a real dating site and app. The support team manually approves and checks on each profile before it goes online. Every dating site has issues with fake profiles, and Oasis Dating has its fair share in handling this matter. If you think someone on Oasis Dating is stalking you or doing something inappropriate, you can block and report the person. And the support team will assist you from there.

As mentioned previously, Oasis Dating is a fun and new dating site and app created for singles to search for relationships, friendship, hookups, and business networking.

How to use Oasis Dating?

Connecting with other users on Oasis Dating is simple. You’ll receive a notification via email letting you know that someone on Dating Oasis likes you. When you receive a like from someone, you have three days to respond. After three days, the request will be deleted. If you reply yes to the request, you both get added to each other’s contact list. Then you can start sending a message or chat with each other. You can also say no to the requestor, put them on your ‘Maybe List’ and get back to them when you’re ready. The system works the same way when you like someone and hope to connect with them.

Is Oasis Dating free?

Yes, Oasis Dating is free to sign up and use. However, if you like to enjoy exclusive features like Shoutout and remove ads, you will need to pay a fee for that.

Does Oasis Dating really work?

Yes, Oasis Dating has successfully matched millions of its members. The advanced search features allow all of its members to search for potential matches nearby and narrow down specific criteria based on the characteristics that you’ve entered. Though the site is popularly used in the UK, many people worldwide have found their partner through this platform.

The key to success in finding the right match is to complete your profile, add a photo of yourself, be illustrative as possible in curating your bio, and stay active on the platform. When you do all that, it’s a matter of time before you meet someone compatible with you.


Oasis Dating review - what do we know about it?

Oasis Dating is a great dating site worth checking out. Not only is it free to become a member, but they also don’t charge you to use the basic features like messaging and chatting. Even though the site is a little lackluster, it’s user-friendly and doesn’t take much time to figure out how to use it. We recommend you check them out and discover the fun of online dating with Oasis Dating.

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Simran Pillarisetty
Simran Pillarisetty
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Customer reviews
by Jarod Oct 18, 2021
I'm an open-minded bisexual individual and adore studies. I'm maybe not monogamous, at the very least these days. Actually, simple diet is way from standard public norms, and that I commonly believe lonely also among family or best contacts. Most of them are already partnered, but'm moving stir ridiculous when I experience their substantial styles. So, without a doubt, it's fairly difficult to select and have fun with like-minds for those who inhabit a big area, in which men and women are way too busy to help make brand new relationships. Hence, these a mess 's for joining this web site. And your encounter was seamless. I was able to select those that want only one facts and comprehend the aspire to remain free of cost, without persistence, guarantees, and all of this various other hooey. An additional fantastic things is that there I've came across some bi-curious folks. I love the functionality of site since it's quite plenty of for primary connection. Maybe, anybody wants extra benefits, but also in my estimation, you must get a night out together if you prefer detailed relationships. While exploring kinds, I noticed numerous clear kinds. I wish anyone could pay extra focus to their unique existence on the site. On the subject of the site's efficiency, all things are fine. No troubles with join, emails, etc. help tool is beneficial and its readily available 24/7. I'm very happy to collect an online place for my personal wants and dreams. It's fantastic after society shouldn't impose its beliefs but is about the same page.
by Puggaard Oct 13, 2021
This web site is ideal for me personally. As I'm a tad sick of swiping, it turned into a middle ground for my personal needs. We don't strategy any major affairs nowadays, but I won't hightail it whenever I fulfill the like. This website does indeedn't pressure me personally and brings receiving all special features of standard matchmaking. Besides, I enjoy that your software comes in handy to work with, whether it be about navigation or payment. Value happens to be normal, and I typically grudge cash in their eyes since I get the best benefits for costs they might need. I've currently met some good people and obtain hot periods. Besides, I message with many individuals to chat, chuckle, and reveal different information, most notably sexual intercourse. Personally I think that I am in my own category from the area can be quite welcoming. Someone don't judge a person, the way it may be assuming you have acquired someone in a bar.
Leslie Johnson
by Leslie Johnson Oct 09, 2021
The dating website is straightforward, and course-plotting is easy. I receive an ample amount of issues and information for people that appear attractive to myself. In reality, i actually do enjoy located on our site. I was able ton't encounter my favorite present friend till now. Still, I ran across several curious individuals talk to. I'm free of cost and comfortable while communicating with them. I firmly make this request this page to everyone who is looking for close camaraderie, regardless of kind of connection.
Marilyn Baker
by Marilyn Baker Oct 05, 2021
Really good thoughts. I have found an abundance of ready and fascinating customers and some freaks . that's the norm if you are on line. Some meets were not inside my locality . that's the reason we stayed close friends. I ought to state that this specific service gives lots of apparatus to produce additional owners keep in mind an individual. Very first, it's enough space to generate your very own shape and provide plenty of information regarding your appearance and characteristics. Subsequently, messaging is ok. Commonly, a person access whole online correspondence and that can bring a date any time if you're willing to encounter the best in real life.
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