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Lumen Dating Review – What Do We Know About It?

Lumen Dating Review – What Do We Know About It?
About Girls
Date with older guy 87%
Reply rate 84%
Beauty 85%
Popular age 50-55
Profiles 1,300.000
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Visit rate 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It has a global community of 1.3 million users from different religions and countries
  • You can communicate with other members via Lumen Dating Social Feature, which is a selection of groups, and you can join to chat with other like-minded people
  • Advanced Filters, which can be availed by Premium members unlocks- height, ethnicity, religion, smoking and drinking habits, children, etc. which enables you to be more specific about your choice
  • The "Icebreaker" message option is an exciting feature to encourage meaningful conversation
  • All accounts are verified, and profiles are detailed
  • Lumen Dating stands out with its brand of mobile -lifestyle dating
  • No nudity is allowed
  • It does not have any options for people below 50 years, who are interested in partners much older to them
  • It does not entertain homosexuals, lesbians, gays, and trans-genders

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Lumen Dating was launched in the third quarter of 2008 by Andray Andreev, Antoine Argouges, and Charly Lester. Lumen is an app that targets “genuine like-minded singles,” which are over the age of 50.

Not to be missed, the fact is that the founders have tons of experience in the online dating industry. Argouges was a former product developer for the dating apps. Lester is an expert in the dating industry. Andreev is the founder of Badoo, which is another one of the biggest dating sites, with over 350 million followers worldwide. To add to the list of his achievements, he is also the Bumble founder, which is female-focused and Chappy, specifically for a homosexual relationship.

Dating in your 30s and 20s is very different from dating in your 50s. Your desires are different. When you have lived half of your life, you carry a lot of baggage. Seeking a partner, to spend some quality time at this age, certainly does not consist of boring pleasantries. Instead, a balanced and mature outlook is what is needed and looked for. To be viewed as desirable at the age of 50 is the mindset Lumen Dating has worked on. It is undoubtedly the best for the people over 50, as it is specially designed for them and addresses the needs and concerns of this age group in the best possible way. It has over 1,300,000 users so far.

How does Lumen Dating work

How does Lumen Dating work?

Operating this app is very easy-peasy. The focus of Lumen Dating is a quality conversation in a dating by age app, aimed squarely at tech-savvy above the age of 50. The member has to create the profile, following straightforward steps, and then mark preferences.

Once you are a registered user, you can see profiles of other members who match your essential search criteria in the “Discover” section. There you go! All set to find your ideal partner. Profiles are screened by gender, age, and distance, which can be adjusted in the “Filters” section.

Another cool feature present on the app is Lumen Dating Social Feature, through which you can easily communicate with other members. This exciting feature consists of a selection of various groups that you can join to chat with people of similar interests. There are seven groups, namely:

  • Home and Garden.
  • Film and TV.
  • Travel.
  • Food and Drink.
  • Lumen.
  • Sports.
  • Meet and Greet.

As per your area of interest, you are free to join as many groups as you want, then participate in the group discussions by adding comments. If a particular group catches your eye, you can simply tap on their profile, view them, and message them directly.

All the features of the website are easily accessible. For a better experience, however, you can also go for the in-app purchases.

Registration - Is it really easy

Registration – Is it really easy?

Registering in the Lumen Dating app is very effortless. The process of registration is extremely user- friendly. The new member has to upload the necessary details like:

  • Name.
  • Age.
  • Gender.
  • Location.
  • Relationship preference.

After filling these mandatory details, to ensure that you’re browsing a guaranteed pool of people you can trust are of your age group, you are supposed to add three profile pictures of good quality and a detailed bio. On the completion of these fundamental steps, you become a registered user. You can now scroll and view the other members’ profiles and start enjoying your new dating life.

There is an additional “About Me” section, where you mention the detailed information about yourself (e.g., hobbies, beliefs, likes, and dislikes, etc.) Although this section is optional, it is essential as it enables the potential partner to understand you as a person. This section can help other members to base their judgment on you and vice versa. You can look into the persona’s detailed persona, which might interest you in the first go.

What about Design & Usability

What about Design & Usability?

Now, this aspect is of prime importance in the smooth functioning of the website. Most of the sites provide you with the detailed features but often miss out on the details of the design structure and usability, due to which, it fails to catch the eyes of the potential customers. This website has done a commendable job when it comes to design and feasibility. It is a comprehensive app, and the users get used to the operations in a blink. Being so spotless, Lumen Dating has crossed 1 million marks, in just six months with its canny interpretation of the swiping format.

Let us talk about Profile Quality

Let us talk about Profile Quality

This website has a dynamic quality of profile, which is the most striking factor to judge your compatibility with the other person.

Besides the information you share in your profile, there’s an additional “About Me” section, where you mention the detailed information about yourself (e.g., hobbies, beliefs, likes, and dislikes, etc.) Although this section is optional, it is Other than the data you share in the profile. There’s additional importance as this is where other Lumen Dating members base their judgment of you. Based on the above information provided, people matching your profile and requirements are listed. You can then make them a part of your list of liked profiles and start messaging. This ensures getting together of two compatible people, without wasting much energy and time.

The Mobile Application

The Mobile Application

In this context, this website certainly stands out, as it not only exists as a social media website but also as an app, easily operated on mobile phones.

If we take a look at social media platforms like Facebook, the audience is getting older, so, naturally, they would like to meet people online for dating. Many people in their 50s and 60s are very much phone fixated, so Lumen Dating is convenient to use and the best solution for many, who anytime prefer mobile phones than laptops or desktops.

Lumen Dating is available for Android phones and Apple users on the Google play store and Apple store, respectively.

Safety & Security

Safety & Security

Because people in their late 40s to 60s are thought to be the most susceptible to romance fraud, Lumen Dating has made the safety and security of its members the prime list. It is uncompromising when it comes to safety measures.

The Photo verification procedure is one of the most powerful tools included in the application. The selfie that you take at the time of registration is compared by the staff members, to the profile pictures you uploaded, to rule out any fake accounts. But there’s nothing to worry, as the other members cannot view this selfie. So it is perfectly fine if you are not looking your best. The accounts created are not just verified once; instead, they are checked from time to time. All the data provided by the user is stored in a much-secured way.

People often are ambiguous about putting their real names when it comes to sharing information on a dating site. You can certainly be relaxed on Lumen Dating, as it is an honest space, with genuine motives. Moreover, it is essential to portray the real you to potential connections to avoid any awkward questions as you progress.

Pricing & Benefits

Pricing & Benefits

If you are over 50 and a beginner in the dating industry, Lumen Dating is the perfect platform to try your hands on finding an ideal partner. As a first time user, you can download the app and register yourself for free. You can sign up using your Facebook account or with your mobile number, as per your choice.

As a standard user, you are given five slots to start a conversation every day, but there are limited search options. If you wish to go for more than five years, you have to choose to escalate to the Premium account. Lumen Dating Premium does not give you constant conversations, but it does give you a few extra slots to message. It also provides you with the benefit of seeing those who have liked your profile and put you on his or her favorites. Both the Apple users and Android users can avail the offers available in their respective play stores, for the subscription plans.

Depending upon how many months, you want to commit yourself, there are various plans offered:

  • 11.99$- One week.
  • 35.99$- One month.
  • 71.99$- Three months.
  • 99.99$- Six months.

Help & Support

Lumen Dating is an extremely well- crafted and hassle-free website, with outstanding customer support. Lumen Dating has implemented various safety and security measures to maintain a suitable environment for its members to interact fearlessly with each other.

The FAQs on the website are all-inclusive and quite comprehensive and answers most of the support queries. In case there’s an issue, the members are free to reach out to the support team at support@Lumen Datingapp.com. Your mail will surely be answered within 36 hours.

Also, if you come across any irregularity or illegal action, you can report about it. Prompt action is taken, instantly, against the account user, by the customer helpdesk.



How can I block a user?

You can visit their profile. Select the icon on the top right corner and select “Block.”

Can people outside Lumen Dating view my profile?

Never. Your privacy is most important to the website, and all the data is saved on Lumen Dating securely.

How do you use the Lumen Dating app?

You can log in via Facebook profile or mobile number, which can be activated through the access code, sent on the mobile.

Is this site worth it?

Yes, absolutely. The ever-increasing number of active members is a clear testimony of it being worthy.

Is Lumen Dating legit?

Yes, it is. Lumen Dating is an app and website owned and operated by Lumen Dating App Ltd and registered in England.

Is Lumen Dating safe?

Lumen Dating acknowledges that scanning is an issue in the dating market. It combats with artificial intelligence software, and a “selfie” registration system, where they are asked to upload a selfie, as an integral part of the verification procedure with a technical system authenticating this image against the pictures provided.

These detailed procedures comply with the app’s ultimate motive to prevent issues such as fake accounts and duping on the forum. Lumen Dating’s strength lies in its security and functionality that encourages meaningful conversations. All the profiles created, undergo a strict verification process, to ensure that the members experience a trustworthy environment to find lasting connections.

Is Lumen Dating a real dating site?

To clear all the confusion and perplexity, Lumen Dating is the most trusted, legit, and safest website. It is sought after for creating a much-needed common space for the over 50s to connect with singles with close affinity.

The uncomplicated and straightforward registration process and detailed verification of all the registered users is a valid proof of its genuineness. Its success, inaccessibility, and functionality enhance the trust factor in Lumen Dating as compared to other dating apps.

How to use Lumen Dating?

Lumen Dating is very hands-down when it comes to operation. After following the straightforward steps of registration, you can explore the profiles of the users who match your search criteria and interest. Due to the detailed and diligent verification procedure, there is a negligible possibility of a fake account. If you upgrade to Premium membership, it gives you a fair chance to make your dream come true, much quicker, as you can access the advanced filters, like smoking or drinking habits, children, religion, and much more.

In Lumen Dating, the “Rewind” feature allows you to view the last ten profiles that you skipped, which means that it can be seen again, in case you missed someone special. In case of any technical issue or otherwise, the support team is always available at support@lumenapp.com.

Is Lumen Dating free?

Anyone above the age of fifty can join Lumen Dating for free or unlock premium features by purchasing a subscription.

As a beginner, the free version is the best option to stimulate your search for an ideal partner. However, the paid subscription has its advantages.

The standard user is entitled to access all the main features but in a limited way. If you’re more specific about your choice, then the Premium membership is the solution.

Does Lumen Dating really work?

Since September 2018, when it was launched, there has been a constant increase in the number of users of the Lumen Dating App. According to Forbes, the average user is 56 years, while the oldest, at the time of data analysis, was 97 years. The gender ratio, reportedly, is 50:50.

If the clause “over 50 datings” is searched on the internet, the reaction or the search result that came up was embarrassing. The dating industry mistreated this age segment. In this situation, Lumen Dating’s launching is genuinely relieving, as it specifically targets the concerns and keeps in mind the desires of over the fifties.

It has set a benchmark in encouraging and age-appropriate dating communities.

People looking for serious alliances have manifested an unshakable trust in Lumen Dating, which is evident from the ever-increasing number of users and their success stories.



Lumen Dating App has been committed to helping the over 50s, to ward off their loneliness. With its sophisticated and meticulously designed website and application, with well-tailored privacy and safety measures, it has been able to deliver the best results. Lumen Dating App has efficiently bridged the gap of a platform that was always missing in the dating industry.

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