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Livelinks review – what do we know about it?

Livelinks review – what do we know about it?
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Pros and Cons

  • Livelinks has been in the business for very long, and its extensive experience benefits its members and potential users.
  • It uses a time-tested method of meeting new people, which is talking live with a real person.
  • Live chats or voice conversations give the user a clear and immediate impression of the other person’s personality, emotional state, and desires or interests.
  • Livelinks is free for female members all the time. Although male members have to purchase time packages, they are very affordable and surely worth the investment.
  • Livelinks has a 7-day free trial period to allow new members to get a feel for the whole experience before going further. In men’s cases, this is advantageous in finding out if they like the entire program before purchasing time credits.
  • Livelinks provides individuals a comfortable and secure way of meeting and getting to know other persons and possibly develop a relationship with them.
  • It provides a better way of connecting with new people by hearing their actual live voices instead of reading mindless profiles.
  • Livelinks serves about 1500 cities in Canada and the US, so you have a vast chance of meeting your potential partner, whether for a casual or a lasting relationship.
  • One-on-one conversations are more intimate and private than chatting online.
  • Phone conversations can be steered towards the direction you want it to go.
  • Livelinks provides a safe and comfortable way of connection. As you can control the information you wish to share, you are sure your conversations are private and secure.
  • Livelinks provide women with a platform to pursue their desires, whether it be a simple conversation, a steamy fun chat, a coy flirtation, or seeking a serious romantic adventure. They can be who they are and do what they want without people judging them.
  • For men, Livelinks can be an exciting alternative to typical online dating. No more mindless browsing of profiles and photos. No more endless strings of emails or chat messages while trying to decipher the emotional implications of what is written. A simple, straightforward 5-minute voice conversation gives you more information about the other person than a month’s worth of chat.
  • You can make your calls anywhere anytime, and most notably from the safety and comfort of your home. There is no need to look for Wi-Fi hotspots or networks to connect your PC or laptop. Just pick up your phone and dial, and you can be talking to that special someone in a few seconds.
  • Being a Livelinks member also has its perks. You talk or chat without those annoying ads popping up all the time. You can make a call from any phone or number, and if the person you are calling is unavailable, the service records your call and sends it to the person for later playback. The same goes if you are unavailable at a time when someone calls you.
  • Livelinks is not an online dating app or site. That fact can dissuade the younger millennial generation from joining the service as they are geared towards the impersonal nature of online dating.
  • It has no mobile app. The younger generation will not be drawn to Livelinks as they are used to the fast-paced, on-the-go usage of mobile devices. Although you can enjoy Livelink’s facilities by making calls via mobile phones, the whole experience does not include the swiping method very popular among current dating apps.
  • The not-so-free service for male members may make some men think twice before joining. Remember, the free trial period does not guarantee success all the time.

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Livelinks Chatline is a phone-based dating service that uses “live” voice calls to connect and meet with new people or prospected matches. You can also send text messages, but the service promotes voice connections more. Known as “The hottest way to meet the coolest persons,” the service started in the US in 1990. It has been the largest personals chat line company in North America and has accumulated about 5,000 members/users both in Canada and the US.

Livelinks offers a unique alternative to the typical dating sites and apps that abound the realm of online dating nowadays. The service brings back that old time-tested way of meeting new people, getting to know them through conversations, and carrying on from there. All told, Livelinks gives meaning to being human again.

Although Livelinks is a phone dating service, it has a dedicated website, Livelinks.com, which was established in 2005. The site is full of pertinent information about Livelinks and serves as the company’s gateway in your local area. When you visit the website, it automatically detects the area you are currently in, and it will give you the Livelinks number to call for your area. In case you are from abroad, the site will display a 1-800 toll-free number to call and connect to Livelinks. Once you connect to the given number, you leave a recorded greeting for the other members to hear. At the same time, you can start going through the available voice recordings of users in your locale and start connecting.

Livelinks review - what do we know about it

Registration – is it really easy?

Livelinks has no registration. Instead, you visit their website, Livelinks.com, and get the local number you can call and connect to Livelinks’ dating network. Then, when you call the number, you get to leave a recorded voice message or greeting and start listening to the voice recordings of the other members.

Another feature that could be considered a profile is Livelinks’ Facebook page, where you can post messages and check if others did as well.

What about design and usability?

Livelinks provides a profound experience of talking live with a real person instead of swiping through dozens of profiles and photos. Live conversations with real persons allow you to gauge their momentary emotions, gives you a glimpse of their personality and humor. That’s way better than looking at texts or chat messages and trying to decipher their feelings.

And we forgot to mention that the service is free! At least the voice recording for male users is free; then, there will be minor chatting fees. The entire facility is free for women, though, and we will cover these in detail in the pricing and benefits section. So, we suggest you continue reading and find out more.

Livelinks What about design and usability?

Let’s talk about profile quality

As there is no registration, there are no profiles to speak of. The nearest thing to a profile is the recorded greeting, where you can say something about yourself and your interests. The same is true with the recordings of the users or members in your area. As you browse through the recordings and hear an interesting greeting, you can leave a message with the recording owner. You can also invite the person to have a live private conversation with you. There are other features like sending little “icebreakers” to start a conversation or adding people to your “Hotlist.” The latter function will notify you once a person you like comes on the line, or block calls from those you are not interested in.

Livelinks assures its members and the public that all their users are real, and not one is an operator in the company’s employ or paid service. With thousands of users per day, Livelinks’ service is authentic and safe.

Livelinks Let’s talk about profile quality

The mobile application

Livelinks has no mobile app. However, you use your mobile device to contact the other users or members within the dating service network.

Safety & security

Livelinks Chatline is very safe. You can call the toll-free hotline from the comfort and safety of your home. You have control over the amount of personal information you wish to share, so there is little chance of privacy intrusion or unauthorized dissemination. You don’t have to create or read typical profiles, which, more often than not, are the sources of leaked information. You can always be assured of a secure and private conversation with your partner. In the remote chance that you encounter rude callers or suspicious characters, you can block them from your list and report them through the service hotline.

Livelinks Safety & security

Pricing and benefits

Essentially, Livelinks is a free dating service with an emphasis on live conversations with real people. The female members enjoy full free service. For the male members or users, the initial connection to the Livelinks system and leaving of voice greetings is free. Subsequent uses like calls require time packages available for purchase in advance, something akin to prepaid mobile services.

Typical prices range as follows:

  • $4.99 for 10 minutes
  • $9.99 for 60 minutes
  • $29.99 for 90 minutes

Livelinks offers a free trial period of seven days, an advisable step to take if you are not sure of the experience, especially before purchasing any time packages. Purchases are non-refundable, regardless of any issues. You can avail of the free trial option by calling the toll-free number 1-800-984-6899.

Livelinks Pricing and benefits

Help & support

Livelinks has a dedicated staff working around the clock to assist any member who might have a query, complaint, or an incident to report.


Do you still have any questions? Probably, the following section will help you.

Yes, it is. You control the amount of information you want to share in your conversations. No membership profiles contain personal data that can be used to compromise members or users. In rare cases, when a member encounters a rude caller, they can simply block that person and report to the service administration via its hotline.

Yes, it is. Livelinks has been a leading figure in the personals dating business since the 1990s and has adapted to modern standards by establishing a website in 2005. It has about 5000 members all over North America and is looking to expanding operations internationally.

Livelinks Is Livelinks safe?

Livelinks is a dating service that employs live voice communications to establish connections between members and their prospects. All an interested individual has to do is go to the website Livelinks.com to read more about its objectives. Then, you can dial the toll-free number shown on the site and connect with the Livelinks system. You can then leave a recorded greeting that includes a concise description of yourself and your interests and desires, and you’re all set. You can access the other members’ recordings, and when one catches your interest, you can leave a message to invite the message owner for a private conversation. The rest then proceeds in the most natural way possible.

How to use Livelinks

Livelinks is always free for women, while men have to shell out a very minimum amount to purchase consumable time packages that are very much like prepaid calls usage of mobile carriers.

Yes, it does. Livelinks’ 5,000-strong membership across North America, while not that substantial, still attests to the effectivity of Livelinks’ approach and dating method. The time-tested value of live person-to-person communication has been an effective tool in developing relationships.

Does Livelinks work?


Livelinks Chatlines’ objective is to give adult individuals the perfect venue in which to talk with other single people comfortably and safely. It also aims to let its members experience relationships and friendships while having fun in making instant and real connections with individuals having the same likes and interests.

Livelinks employs a time-tested method of creating, developing, and nurturing relationships: by live, personal voice communication. For thousands of years, man has communicated face-to-face, and it is only through the advent of modern science that connections have been made possible even across vast distances. Our society now enjoys virtual communication wherein even the presence of the parties corresponding is no longer necessary. Communication has become so impersonal, albeit very convenient, that millennials shun the very thought of face-to-face conversations and refer to them as old school.

Online dating is a perfect example of an impersonal but convenient activity. It has brought equal shares of success and failures and created troubles never before possible with the more personal face-to-face interaction. Breach of information privacy, fake identities and accounts, online abuse, and even child pornography are just some examples of the rampant problems resulting from online dating.

Although Livelinks is a strictly voice-based dating service, it nonetheless put considerable efforts in keeping abreast with technology by establishing a website Livelinks.com in 2005. The site serves as a gateway for members and interested individuals to connect with the mainstream dating company. The website has relevant content about Livelinks as a company and its goals, as well as a detailed description of the whole program. An exciting feature of the site is its ability to display the localized contact number of a member or interested party based on their present location.

Livelinks strives to provide a simple and straightforward method of meeting new people with whom the members can have a meaningful or casual relationship. All you have to do to avail of the Livelinks’ platform is to visit the website Livelinks.com and look for the contact number shown at the upper left portion of the screen. That number is toll-free with a 1-800 prefix, and once you call it, you will be on your way to an exciting experience of meeting your goal.

Livelinks Conclusion

Livelinks is a bit partial to its female members as it always provides them with free usage. The rationale behind this is that Livelinks want to empower women to express themselves freely without people passing unfair judgments on them.

The male members would need to make some minor purchases of consumable time packages (similar to prepaid mobile call credits) at very reasonable prices. They do have an option to avail of a free 7-day trial period. This step is to “test the waters” and see if everything is to their liking before proceeding and buying the time credits.

Nowadays, famous and successful online dating apps such as Tinder popularized the swiping method of accepting or declining recommended matches in mobile devices’ convenience. Such innovations have made these dating apps acquire and maintain a membership base in the tens of millions, and the figures continue to increase as time goes by.

While Livelinks’ members do not even approach a tiny percentage of those figures, the service is proud of the accomplishments it has achieved throughout the years. Keeping its modest membership base happy and successful in their personal goals is Livelinks’ most significant legacy. It’s glad that it can help generations of individuals in their search for the right companion.

Considering all the efforts, achievements, and continuous goals Livelinks has, we recommend its approach and method of connecting people as a viable option of dating. We feel that individuals who are looking for a more grounded way of making contact and enjoying themselves will find it useful.

It may appear that Livelinks would cater more to the matured or elderly population segment. But, we still believe that younger individuals will appreciate the “old ways” that their parents could have gone through in the past to build their relationship.

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