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Japan Cupid review – what do we know about it?

Japan Cupid review – what do we know about it?
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Pros and Cons

  • A vast database of Japanese users in search of dates;
  • Advanced search option that no other service offers;
  • Impressive matching functionality;
  • Fast message delivery and notifications;
  • Bring all the experience to your smartphone with their transcendent mobile application;
  • Excellent pricing for their services;
  • Convenient ways to pay for the plans such as PayPal or any credit card;
  • Service with history and many happy customers.
  • Clean and pleasant interface;
  • This service was created for people interested in Japanese partners. For that reason, it does not offer a diverse dating pool;
  • To get all the benefits they offer, you will have to pay for the service;
  • Not everyone is willing to relocate, so you may have to move closer to the person you choose;
  • Japanese culture is very different from western culture. For this reason, it is recommended to be cautious about how you interact with Japanese women.

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Japan Cupid is an excellent option for people thinking about online dating. It is part of the vast Cupid Media Group that has proven itself to be one of the best resources for people thinking about dating. Japan Cupid is one of their niche sites for people who have a particular type of partner in mind; in this case, Japanese.

This site has a long history filled with success stories. People from many countries have found their Japanese singles on it. In the same manner, many Japanese have found love through this service. This talks about how trustworthy the service is. Many people do not feel comfortable when thinking about online dating. There is no reason to fear meeting people online. Nowadays, it is widespread. Moreover, this kind of platform offers the perfect outlet to do so. In places like social media, not everyone is interested in dating or meeting new people, whereas that is the main goal here.

There are also cases when some do not trust online services, but this is starting to change. More people than ever are turning their heads into online dating as a viable option. With daily struggles, stress, and so on, it is hard to find time for yourself. Maybe you merely cannot go out and try to meet someone. Even worse, how likely are you to come across Japanese? Not so much. This is where this service comes in.

Moreover, Japan Cupid has efficient security built-in. So there is no need to be apprehensive about using your credit card or interacting with other users on the service. Here, your information is secure; the atmosphere is respectful, fun, and entertaining. Precisely the way online dating should be.

How does Japan Cupid work?

How does Japan Cupid work?

The way Japan Cupid works is straightforward. You create an account and then start browsing through their database of people interested in dating. You will look into pictures and short descriptions of other users, so you can decide which ones you want to start messaging.

This is the basic functionality of the service. The standard operation for the online dating world, which makes it easy to understand and use. Nonetheless, Japan Cupid has many extra functions and advantages over other similar services. A more vast database, better matching algorithms, and a more secure platform are just a couple that comes to mind.

Security is a big concern for many. After all, some still think that meeting people online is dangerous, and giving your credit card information to a website can carry negative consequences. Happily, for everyone, this is not the case anymore. Most sites that used to specialized in dubious activities have died off, and great platforms like Japan Cupid are now rising. With top of the line security measures and excellent support, they can assure you an outstanding experience.

Registration – is it really easy?

Registration - is it really easy?

Extremely straightforward; this is one of the most accessible dating platforms for creating an account and using it. You just fill some information:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Who you are interested in meeting
  • Age
  • Email
  • Password

Now, you have an account on Japan Cupid and you are logged in. The system will ask you to upload a picture; no worries, you can do that later. You may also want to start personalizing your profile. You can add photographs and more data about yourself so that like-minded individuals can find you.

When you start playing around with the choices your profile offers, you will be surprised by how much information you can add. There you can describe yourself in particular ways. There are choices to select your hair color, eye color, height, complexion, and more. But it does not stop at appearance. You are given the option to write about your best features. Are you a religious person or not, your beliefs, hobbies, and more.

All this information will come in handy when you start searching for a partner. The algorithm will make sure to set you up with the right people to maximize your chances of meeting the one you are seeking. For example, when you look for a dark-haired girl who enjoys live music, the algorithm will not set you up with a blonde that hates concerts. That kind of flexibility and proper use of information makes the experience much more enjoyable and more efficient.

This is why you should include as much information about yourself as possible. Don’t forget this is mainly about what makes someone a potential partner for you. That will make the experience better, and you are more likely to find a partner fast.

What about design and usability?

What about design and usability?

The way the page is designed and the usability Japan Cupid offers is excellent. It presents you with an uncomplicated and clean interface with many exciting and useful functions. The main page presents you with potential candidates you may want to meet, and above that, you have the basic search bar to filter users.

The very top of the page presents you with two simple menus that can take you around the platform, from there, you can go to:

  • People Online;
  • See those who have liked you back – Matches;
  • The page with all the Advanced Search options;
  • Messages;
  • Activity.

And finally, between those two, you will see a bar with your profile picture and all your notifications such:

  • How complete your profile is;
  • Your inbox and Messages;
  • Those who have liked your profile;
  • People who have viewed your profile;
  • Those adding you to their favorites.

Let’s talk about profile quality

Let's talk about profile quality

Even though the way you register may seem simple and not much is checked, Japan cupid works hard to keep profile quality high. Their efforts are surprisingly successful. Most profiles on the service are from real people interested in romantic relationships. Many people from Japan build profiles and are interested in relationships both within their country and abroad. This makes the profile quality on Japan Cupid extremely high.

It is rare to find an inactive profile and even more unusual to come across a fake one. People are creating false accounts for various reasons, but Japan Cupid cracks down on those reasonably quickly. As soon as a user starts getting involved in suspicious activities, the team at Cupid takes notice. Any user trying to spam or scam others gets blocked.

This makes Japan Cupid a great and secure place for online dating. Moreover, that creates an excellent opportunity for people around the world to meet with Japanese, develop bonds, hopefully, start dating, and find love. On this platform, you will also find profiles from non-Japanese users. But they are not as abundant, and thanks to the filters and matching functionality, you are not likely to come across any of them except you want.

The mobile application

The mobile application

The mobile application brings all the exceptional functionality from the site to your smartphone. From the app itself, you can:

  • Fully customize your profile by adding photographs, descriptions, and more;
  • Receive notifications about messages, matches, views, and more;
  • Communicate with other users on the service via the chat;
  • Use the search functionality of the platform;
  • Check profiles of other users. Give them likes, maybe add those users to your favorites list, and more.

This application is super well formulated and intuitive. You have the basic menus to access who viewed your profile, interests, messages, and more. This gives you the option to take full advantage of Japan Cupid anywhere, anytime.

Safety & security

Safety & security

Japan Cupid tries to keep the platform as a secure environment for people seeking to find love. For this reason, they heavily invest in security. A team of personnel is continually monitoring the service in search of suspicious activities. Their main goal is to identify and stop any profiles that are misusing the platform. This means any user asking for money or trying to scam others in any way is blocked. In the same manner, users promoting spam or harassing others are blocked.

These measures help keep Japan Cupid safe, but users also play an essential role. As a user, you can file complaints about others. If you are being harassed or someone is asking for money, you can easily file a complaint, and the team will look into that promptly. This speeds up the process of identifying and stopping malicious profiles.

Another great plus this service has is the cleaning of inactive accounts. A big problem many dating platforms face is that people create accounts and then stop using them. Those accounts will then develop dilemmas for users because they may want to contact those people, not knowing they are writing to an inactive account. Japan Cupid takes care of the problem in a brilliant way. They are constantly monitoring activities within the platform. If they spot a profile that has been inactive for a predetermined period, it will be deactivated. That way, users do not come across inactive profiles.

Pricing and benefits

Pricing and benefits

Japan Cupid offers two types of paid memberships; Gold and Platinum. The price and benefits will vary depending on which package you go for.

Here is a list of the prices; keep in mind, the prices are per month and in USD.


  • 1 month – $29.98

  • 3 months – $20.00

  • 12 months – $10.00


  • month – $34.99

  • 3 months – $23.33

  • 12 months – $12.50

The benefits you get as a premium user include all you get with a free account plus:


  • You can chat and interact with all the users;

  • It gives you access to the live chat;

  • You can use instant messenger;

  • Full messaging functionality;

  • Drops all advertisement;

  • You get the option to hide your profile;

  • Look at other profiles anonymously.


  • All the functionality from Gold;
  • Rank better than other users;
  • You can double the space of your profile;
  • Be highlighted as a VIP user;
  • Use the exclusive search options;
  • More advanced and precise matching algorithms;
  • You can get messages translated into your language.

Help & support

Help & support

Japan Cupid has residence and workers all worldwide, which gives them the upper hand when dealing with clients. They are extremely helpful and proactive when attending to clients’ needs and questions. Your emails are answered in a matter of hours, and the people at Cupid are respectful and patient.

They have a significant help page that contains all the common issues people face. All categorized and answered for you. For those cases, when you need extra assistance, you can email them. They get back to all users promptly, so you can be confident that you will be assisted on time.


In case you need extra information about any topic, please, check the list below before contacting Japan Cupid. Most likely, you will find the answer to your question here.

Is Japan Cupid safe?

This platform has a system in place to ensure its users enjoy a safe experience. They have teams of people monitoring the activities within the service and blocking unscrupulous users. In the same way, they analyze profiles and block those who seem fake or malicious. Any spam, scam, or suspicious activities from accounts will get them blocked. All this, mixed with excellent customer service, make the experience of Japan Cupid safe.

Is Japan Cupid a real dating site?

Japan cupid has a rich history with many happy love stories in their books. There are hundreds of people who found love, thanks to this service, and are currently using it with that goal. Many can tell you about how legit this site is. And that kind of feedback is all you need to trust a service.

How to use Japan Cupid ?

The service allows you to meet astounding guys and gals from Japan. The way you use it is simple. You have to create an account, similar to what you would do on any social media platform. Then you have your profile page, consider it your presentation card. It should contain as much information about you as possible. This helps the algorithm, but also let other users know who you are. That way, like-minded individuals will get in touch with you.

With your profile ready, you can start checking out other people’s pages. Pick the ones you like best and start interacting. If you are not ready to start a chat, just give them a like or save them in your favorites for later.

Is Japan Cupid free?

The short answer is yes. Japan Cupid offers basic functionality for new users so that they can familiarize themselves with the platform. But you will find it hard to start meeting people and enjoying the platform with that kind of account. Free users have minimal options within the service, such as:

  • Basic matching and search option;

  • Like other users profiles;

  • Messaging premium users.

Is Japan Cupid really works?

It will depend mainly on how you use the service. Nonetheless, Japan Cupid gives you all the tools you need to meet people. They offer a great platform to interact with your potential future dates. They provide an excellent search and matching functionality that allows you to find like-minded individuals and develop relationships with them. This creates an atmosphere for people to find romantic partners. So, long story short, yes, it works.


Japan Cupid is an excellent platform for those who want to meet and date Japanese. They offer a lot of choices to help anyone find love. Those who decide to get a platinum membership; there is a message translation function, so language is not a barrier for anyone. In the same manner, they invest a lot in security and safety for users. They have systems in place to stop scammers and block users who are being abusive. They also monitor the system to make sure inactive profiles are deleted, and active users get the best possible experience.

This, paired with a vast database of Japanese who are interested in dating, makes it easy to find love using this platform. For those who want to try online dating and specifically want to meet and date Japanese, Japan Cupid is your best bet.

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