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Jack’d review – what do we know about it?

Jack’d review – what do we know about it?
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Beauty 57%
Profiles 630 000
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Visit rate 8.6
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Pros and Cons

  • Jack'd Dating App is also multilingual and includes the following languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, German, English, French, Arabic, and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional).
  • Jack'd has been dramatically improved to include: a redesigned profile that allows swiping through several images and access even private pictures, and a “Discover” function to contact other members. It also has a new “Browse” feature that lets you see everyone in the immediate vicinity. The new Jack’d also has a “Viewers” function that enables you to check and find out who has viewed your profile freely. It has a more streamlined design of the Messaging function that makes it easier to connect and chat. Lastly, there’s a “Private Albums” feature that lets you organize and share unlimited videos and photos with greater ease.
  • Jack'd Dating App is a worldwide community of 180 countries, 2,000 cities, and 5M members. That means an expansive and genuinely diverse international membership base.
  • Jack’d Dating App is a very diverse and most inclusive dating app for the LGBTQ+ community. It is one of the few most inclusive dating apps for QPOC.
  • Jack'd offers an upgraded total experience, including updated technological systems, enhanced stability, superior spam protection, and significantly fewer ads.
  • Jack'd continuously provides you with enhanced safety and security by assuring that it never shares your information with Facebook, third-party advertising companies, or data collecting agencies.
  • The new Jack'd provides an improved “Community Support” team available 24/7 to assist you with any queries or feedback.
  • Jack'd Dating App is available only as a mobile app, and there are no indications of the creators coming up with a website version in the foreseeable future. While technically not a big issue, some users (a few older members) would still prefer the larger screens that desktops and laptops provide.
  • Jack’d offers free registration and membership but with limited access to its main features. You need to subscribe to the Pro version with a modest monthly fee to access the unlimited resources and functions available to Jack'd members.

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Jack’d Dating App is the most diverse bi, gay, queer, and Trans dating app on the internet. Jack’d App is a worldwide community of 5 million members spread across 2,000 cities in 180 countries and is unique. Inclusivity is the main goal of Jack’d. The creators’ and members’ firm belief is that everybody should take pride in who they are now and their past selves. The dating site’s members all have different experiences, backgrounds, preferences, and body types. To the Jack’d community, diversity makes them stronger and more resilient. Jack’d app members are proud to belong to the most inclusive dating app for QTPOC.

Jack’d Dating App is an independent LGBTQ+ company owned and managed by Online Buddies. The company takes pride in its motto of “using the app we build.” At the same time, Jack’d members also believe in technology’s power of creating a community to bring them much closer. And that is precisely the goal of Jack’d: to bring together a diverse LGBTQ+ members’ planet. The goal is to meet, make friends, chat, develop a deep relationship of love, or make it casual. Whatever you desire, you will discover it in the world of Jack’d.

How does Jack’d work?

Jack’d review

Jack’d App is a location-based dating app, quite similar to Tinder or Grindr. It means that users can browse through around 300 thumbnail images of other members on the App within the vicinity. Clicking on a thumbnail opens the full profile. Users can scroll by location, then choose check icon (yes) or minus sign (no) beneath the guy’s profile, the equivalent to Tinder’s swiping action.

Like most dating apps, Jack’d initially offers a free version and then follows up with a paid version. The free membership provides users with a limited number of profiles they can browse per day. However, they can already send a message to people without being “matched” yet, or they have the option to wait until a match is created to start a conversation.

Registration – is it really easy?

Jack’d Registration

Registering on to Jack’d is probably one of the most natural methods in signing up for a dating app/site. All you need is one click to link your valid Facebook account, and Jack’d does the rest for you automatically. The App acquires your photo and information from Facebook and syncs them as your Jack’d photo and profile. You have the option to change your picture by clicking on it on the profile tab. Remember, you cannot leave a blank profile photo.

What about design and usability?

Jack’d design and usability

Jack’d Dating App’s design provides its members with a fun and convenient mobile experience. It has a minimal but pleasing aesthetics perfect for the mostly millennial membership base.

Recently, Jack’d was upgraded and improved for better features:

  • The redesigned profiles now allow swiping through several images and send messages instantaneously, put a profile on favorite, or access even private pictures.
  • The new Jack’d has the “Discover” function, a new way to contact other members considering their most recent activities.
  • The new “Browse” feature lets you see everyone in the immediate vicinity or enlarge your view to include people worldwide.
  • Search filters allow you to search people according to who they are, their relationship status, what their current activities are, among others.
  • The new Jack’d feature the “Viewers” function that enables you to check and find out who has viewed your profile freely.
  • The new version incorporates a streamlined design of the Messaging function that makes it easier to connect and chat.
  • Jack’d now has a “Private Albums” feature that lets you organize, set up, and share your videos and photos with greater ease.
  • One of the most exciting added features is the ”Video Sharing” function that allows you to receive and send unlimited personal videos to anyone.
  • Another new feature called “Match” shows you more compatible matches each day in larger groups. You can then swipe upwards to see their complete profile.
  • Jack’d offers an upgraded total experience, including updated technological systems, enhanced stability, superior spam protection, and significantly fewer ads.
  • Jack’d continuously provides you with enhanced safety and security by assuring that it never shares your information with Facebook, third-party advertising companies, or data collecting agencies.
  • The new Jack’d provides an improved “Community Support” team available 24/7 to assist you with any queries or feedback.

Let’s talk about profile quality

Jack’d talk about profile quality

A Jack’d membership profile contains tiny details about its owner. The default view shows the profile picture (or gallery if there is more than one photo) taking up almost the whole screen. This part includes the member name and age occupying the bottom-most portion. As you scroll down, you will notice a self-descriptive paragraph, which the member wrote personally. You can also see an indicator showing the proximity (in kilometers) of the particular member from your location.

Your Jack’d profile, and Facebook account is tightly synchronized with each other. All information and pictures in your Jack’d profile come from Facebook. You can delete photos you don’t want to include in Jack’d, change your profile picture, as long as you don’t leave it blank. If you wish to change your Jack’d name, you will have to change your Facebook name. Jack’d expressly set this arrangement up for authentication reasons, to avoid fake accounts from occurring.

The mobile application

Jack’d mobile application

Jack’d Dating App is available for iOS (iOS 12.2+) and Android (Lollipop +) mobile devices and can be downloaded exclusively at the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Jack’d Dating App is currently available only in the mobile app form, and we have no information if the creators have plans to launch a website. The App’s features are perfect for a fast-paced, on-the-move lifestyle that fits most mobile device users’ profiles. Jack’d Dating App utilizes the device’s GPS to select users/members who are located within your vicinity and are compatible with your search preferences. It is the goal of Jack’d to have all its members to be comfortable and safe while using the App. It aims to provide a genuine and profound experience for all its subscribers.

Safety & security

Jack’d Safety & security

Jack’d has many security protocols in place to ensure the protection of information privacy. Its registration method of requiring and subsequent synchronizing of Facebook accounts to its membership profiles minimizes the occurrence of fake applications.

During registration, Jack’d requires the applicants to confirm the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use documents to ensure adherence to the rules. In cases of violation, Jack’d site administrators put sanctions on the offending account, which may even lead to suspension.

Pricing and benefits

Jack’d Pricing and benefits

The initial membership offered by Jack’d allows limited access to its main features. However, you have the option to upgrade your status with a modest periodic fee.

When you subscribe to a Jack’d Pro membership, you will get:

  • 1,000 people within your immediate vicinity/area grid
  • Unlimited number of favorites and blocks
  • Unlimited matches/suggestions within a specified period
  • Unlimited personal album pictures
  • More profile insights and search filters
  • Ability to see all members who have viewed your profile

The pricing of Jack’d subscription is as such:

Jack’d Pro can be purchased at a monthly rate of $9.99 (or less, depending on region and renewal frequency).

This subscription is valid for one week, one month, three months, or one year, depending on the selected subscription type. Payment is automatically charged to your iTunes Account upon purchase confirmation. Subscriptions are on the auto-renew setting, which you can change by turning it off 24 hours ahead of a new period. You can manage your subscriptions and turn the auto-renewal feature off via the Settings /View Apple ID facility on your iOS mobile device. When a current subscription is running, cancellation is not possible.

Help & support

Jack’d Help & support

Jack’d has a dedicated professional staff ready to serve the needs of its members. Its moderators are working 24/7 to help with any query, complaint, or concern a member might have.

Jack’d has an administrative staff that maintains and monitors all facets of the operation to identify any glitches or unusual activities. They act quickly and decisively on any observed infractions and suspicious users’ reports resulting from members using the reporting or blocking utilities.


Is Jack’d safe?

Yes, it is. The creators of Jack’d put various safety protocols in place to ensure the security of information privacy and its members’ protection. Furthermore, the Terms of Use and Privacy Policies ensure member adherence to the rules and regulations.

More importantly, appropriate sanctions are available for immediate application in the event of any occurrence of infractions.

Plus, you can be sure that Jack’d Dating App will not share your information on Facebook, third-party advertising companies, or data collection agencies.

Is Jack’d a real dating site?

Yes, it is. With its millions of members across the globe and real success stories found in various online reviews that vouch for its authenticity, you can trust Jack’d Dating App.

How to use Jack’d ?

Jack’d Dating App is a location-based dating app, quite similar to Tinder or Grindr. That means upon registration, and users can browse through around 300 thumbnail images of other members on the App within the vicinity. Even with the limited free version of the App, you can already connect with different members and establish initial contact. You can significantly enhance your Jack’d experience and connect with more people in more places than ever for a modest monthly fee.

Is Jack’d free?

The Jack’d Dating App registration, and basic membership is free. However, the free version only gives you limited access to the App’s main features and functions.

You need to subscribe to the Jack’d Pro membership subscription for a reasonable monthly fee to experience the full services of the App’s excellent features.

Does Jack’d work?

Yes, it does. Again, the millions of members scattered throughout the world and the numerous positive testimonials and feedback of members and third-party reviews attest to the App’s veracity.


Jack’d Conclusion

Jack’d Dating App is a fresh outlook into the typically controversial world of gay online dating services. Many dating sites have degraded the image of online gay dating sites. This situation happened because they focused more on the physical aspects of the persons involved. The more important thing is the profound sense of the relationships established, maintained, and nurtured via these sites/apps.

Jack’d Dating App’s vision is to provide a very inclusive, diverse, and passionate community of gay men and other LGBTQ+ individuals. These are genuinely looking for meaningful, and if possible, lasting relationships through online dating. Similar objectives have led like-minded individuals such as Chappy’s Ollie Locke and his partners to provide alternative venues for gays and LGBTQ+ communities. They aimed to reach out and feel genuinely accepted and welcomed in their groups.

Jack’d Dating App goes one step further by being an exclusive venue for QTPOC (Queer and Trans People of Color). As such, it brings upon itself a more onerous responsibility to be genuinely adherent to its goals. It must assure its members of constant protection against information privacy invasion. This protection includes unconsented indiscriminate use of personal data. Jack’d creators made it their own and corporate goals to precise place many security and protective protocols to achieve this end.

The App is conveniently packaged as a mobile app for iOS and Android device users, expanding its reach worldwide. The App itself has been improved and enhanced to include features that allow for better usage and adaptability.

Jack’d was loosely patterned on the systems and set up of Tinder and Grindr. However, Jack’d is more unobtrusive and is less pretentious than the latter two, as it aims to have a subtle footprint in the dating world. That does not mean Jack’d is not aggressive in its stance regarding attracting members to its fold. Its membership is growing at a phenomenal rate and is now at the five million-mark and rising. It has become widely spread across the globe to include more than 2,000 cities in 180 countries. That is quite a feat for a newbie dating site!

Customer satisfaction is one of the most critical objectives of Jack’d. It employs the most professional and discreet customer service teams to assist its members for any concerns and questions they may have 24/7.

Touching on the negative aspects, Jack’d currently exists only as a mobile app for iOS and Android platforms and has no PC/laptop counterpart. That is a minor altercation but could be an issue for the older generation who might prefer the bigger screens of the said devices.

Also, Jack’d requires its members to shell out a modest amount as a monthly subscription to its Pro version to allow unlimited access to its features. Many people do not like hidden costs and fees and may well be dissuaded to join because of that aspect. With that said, the monthly payments that Jack’d asks are reasonable and are comparatively cheap compared to what the other dating sites charge. Plus, its free version can already enable a member to make simple, albeit limited, connection with members. That is undoubtedly a fair compromise for individuals who are currently in a tight financial situation.

We find that Jack’d an effective and optimum choice for the LGBTQ+ community for its dating requirements.

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by Magnolia Oct 09, 2021
The dating internet site is straightforward, and navigation is easy. I access an ample range insights and observations for people that seem attractive to me. Actually, i really do appreciate due to being on our site. I really couldn't find our current pal till now. However, I stumbled onto two inquisitive visitors to speak with. I believe complimentary and casual while talking with these people. I suggest this incredible website to everyone that is selecting good camaraderie, irrespective of the variety of commitment.
by Lillie Oct 04, 2021
I want some other daters to find out that this specific service 100percent performs optimally without tricks. Those people that truly desire to obtain in contact with a special someone won't regret their own selection as soon as becoming a member of the platform. The main thing seriously is not to give up. We have already satisfied my favorite loved, and we also are happy. I believe arousal and relationships, which suggests plenty. So, we've been in love, and it's never too-late for anyone of every age group and demands. I suggest website, so just take to.
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