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Hitwe review – what do we know about it?

Hitwe review – what do we know about it?
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Date with older guy 16%
Reply rate 85%
Beauty 94%
Popular age 25-30
Profiles 1 300 000
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Visit rate 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Hitwe does not focus on the need for you to find your life partner today. The social discovery approach means you can make friends rather than single-mindedly pursue "the one." You can make friends with fellow users across the globe.
  • You get an extensive free service with Hitwe and few limitations on your activities.
  • • The mobile app lets you choose to interact with people that live near your home and work, meaning you have a higher chance of building a long-term relationship with physical meetings.
  • The main annoyance is the ad frequency on the free service. You will see a pop-up ad every twenty to thirty seconds.

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Hitwe launched in December 2015 as a blend of a social network and dating site, a social discovery. You find your perfect match or have fun chatting with plenty of people on the website for fun and friendship.

Currently, Hitwe supports six languages: Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian. Ten million plus members give you plenty of opportunities to discover new friends. Members are split evenly between men and women. Most users are under forty years.

Pop-up ads fund the free service, but this offers most of the benefits of a standard paid service. You can opt to enjoy an ad-free experience on Hitwe by subscribing. Most dating sites give a minimal free service with limited access to information about other members. Also, free services tend to offer limited communication options. Hitwe is different because you get an excellent service for free.

There are some benefits to paying a premium; the lack of pop-up ads is the main attraction. But the free services work well with no restrictions on whom you can contact and the information you see. If you are looking for an affordable way to meet new people in your area and have a tight budget, then Hitwe is ideal.

Hitwe encourages members to engage with the site with the free mobile app by providing an entertaining pet evolution game as part of the process. You go on quests, earn hearts, and trade them in for virtual pet accessories.

It’s natural to feel pressured and anxious if you are engaging with a dating website in the hope of finding your soul mate. Hitwe takes the worry out of interacting with others by making a fun, friendly, and entertaining space for you to discover other people. The pressure to ‘click’ with your first contact is absent. You chat with plenty of other people and can relax as you get to know potential matches through lighthearted conversations.

Hitwe review - what do we know about it?

How does Hitwe work?

Hitwe works by allowing you to contact other people through messages and chats. You can access other users’ profiles through a PC or a mobile app (iOS and android). The mobile app lets you find other members in your area. This facility gives you a higher chance of meeting up for a date if your relationship follows that path.

Like other dating sites, you sign up, create a password, and complete your profile information. You can use a Hitwe search to provide you with a list of potential matches. A quality match depends on the detail in your profile and the amount of information the other users provide.

Unlike most other dating websites, you don’t need to wait for a match before chatting with another user. After you register, you can start talking to other members by clicking on their profile picture. The matching process is like spinning a roulette wheel. Potential matches will match part of your profile, and you match part of theirs. Every time you turn the wheel, you will get a new list. This approach gives you many options for starting a conversation with a relaxed attitude.

Hitwe offers standard communication tools: newsfeed and private chat boxes. The newsfeed shows recently uploaded pictures and posts. When you click on a profile, you get a private chat to let you talk with the other person in a secluded area. You get your notifications by email, browser, or mobile. You can turn notifications off and opt to deal with your messages only when spending time on the site.

Registration – is it really easy?

It is free to sign up with Hitwe, and the registration process will take around two or three minutes. Sign up is flexible as you can use email, Facebook, or Google. All the standard information – name, email, gender, and age are needed. You then create a password, complete a captcha, and you are good to go.

After registration is complete, you move to a profile page to add further details and upload up to twenty photos. This process will take around fifteen minutes, but you can complete it later and edit at any time. The premium service allows you to upload up to fifty photos.

Registration is free, straightforward, and rapid with Hitwe.

Registration - is it really easy?

What about design and usability?

Hitwe website and mobile app have an excellent, straightforward user interface. The overall design theme is clean and straightforward, with soothing pastel colors that are easy on the eye. The buttons stand out in brighter colors. You don’t waste time looking for the buttons when you want to interact with another member.

Ads fund free service. Blank spaces are left in the user profile to accommodate the pop-up ads. The ads pop-up frequently, every twenty to thirty seconds or after five to ten likes. You can remove the ads by paying a subscription.

You can sync your Hitwe account to Facebook and automatically populate your profile rather than manually enter the information. This process exports photographs that you share with your friends and not those that you keep private.

Your activity stays clean and user-friendly because all profile visitors expire after a month. You only see recent visitors. The newsfeed presents newly uploaded pictures in a grid or montage. You can express your likes and contact other members by clicking on any image that catches your eye.

You don’t have to wait for a match with someone before reaching out and starting a conversation. It is up to you if you seek out friends from distant corners of the globe, or potential matches closer to home.

What about design and usability?

Let’s talk about profile quality

After you register, you go to the profile dashboard. You complete as many or as few personal data fields as you think is necessary to let other members know about you and what appeals to you. Hitwe does not ask users to complete personality quizzes. You deduce other’s personality types from the information they (and you) provide on their profile.

All members can see all other profiles (information and photos) without paying for a premium subscription. You can add and delete information at any time. Most profiles contain minimal details because people are cautious about sharing too much information online with people they don’t know.

There are plenty of fields for you to populate with any information you think will help you match with the person of your dreams. Privacy and caution are essential, but the more detail about yourself you provide, the more accurate the matches you receive. Most members share their interests and hobbies extensively but avoid sharing personal data on their profiles.

The type of information you can share on Hitwe is wide-ranging. Under lifestyle, you may be a non-smoking, vegan who finds it essential that all contacts share those values. Other fields cover work, education, relationship status (since the site is for friendship as well as dating). You can share details about your religious beliefs and sexuality if you think that is important for other users to know before making contact with you. You control the quantity and quality of information you post.

Let's talk about profile quality

The mobile application

The Hitwe mobile app is free to download for android or iOS and is a convenient way to interact with other users. The free pet evolution game is exclusively for mobile users and is a fun, friendly way to spend time interacting with other users.

Every feature accessible on the website is available on the app. As well as messaging and chatting, you can send emoji stickers, GIFs, and custom pictures. Lighthearted activities keep your contact with other members fun and entertaining.

Hitwe’s blend of social network and dating app suits a time when most people have ditched the PC for anything other than work activities. Hitwe is mobile friendly. Some features, finding nearby members, are only available with the mobile application.

Safety & security

Hitwe has all the standard security features to keep its members safe online. Your data is kept secure. You can block offensive users and report suspected fake profiles.

A semiautomatic scanner checks all images uploaded to the site ad highlights suspect photos for the Hitwe team of moderators to examine. Hitwe’s reputation depends on keeping the site full of honest users and protecting them as far as possible from fraudsters and potentials scams.

You need to be sensible and trust your instincts. People set up fake profiles to trick people into giving them money or obtaining information from you that lets them steal money from your bank account or credit card.

Anyone who declares undying love for you within an hour is unlikely to be genuine. No one should ask you for money, explicit images (possible blackmail), or information that lets them access your bank account or steal your identity. Hitwe has a prominent “complain” button because it wants you to be safe and have fun on the site. Enjoy meeting new people, but make sure that you are dealing with a real person by looking at their profile. Also, check that the information and images provided are genuine and consistent.

Hitwe works with you to protect your information. They help you avoid potential scammers and fraudsters to provide a safe and secure space for you to meet people from around the world.

Safety & security

Pricing and benefits

The free Hitwe service provides many benefits, but if you want to disable the ads and become a top user, you can opt to subscribe to the premium service.

The free service allows you to take part in instant chat messaging with other members. You get space for twenty pictures on your profile. Except for the five most recent visitors, you know who has liked you and who has viewed your profile. This information lets you follow up and contact people who have expressed an interest in you. The pet evolution game in the mobile app is free to all members and doesn’t link to payment.

The main advantage of the paid service is using Hitwe without the constant flicker of ads popping up or appearing in the footer. You also get priority placement of your messages at the top of other members’ inboxes. This placement means your message is likely to get a swift reply compared with other users. You get to see all your likes and visitors, plus you have an unlimited number of likes to distribute to other users.

The paid service is available in one, three, and twelve months packages, with longer subscriptions reducing the average monthly cost. Hitwe costs the same as other dating sites. You can pay by credit card, PayPal, or mobile phone. Your subscription will auto-renew unless you take steps to cancel it.

Duration Cost Total
Premium Membership
1 Month 7.99 USD / Month 7.99 USD
3 Months 5.99 USD / Month 17.97 USD
12 Months 3.94 USD / Month 47.28 USD

Help & support

Hitwe invests in a professional team to moderate the site and respond to requests for support and assistance. Most actions are automated, but when you need the human touch, Hitwe responds rapidly and efficiently to resolve your issue.

Hitwe provides plenty of resources to help you get the most out of your time on the site. They give you handy hints on contacting other people, keeping yourself online, and meeting people for the first time.


Is Hitwe safe?

Hitwe takes all the standard safety measures to protect you from loss of personal data and meeting fraudsters. Shared responsibility for online safety needs a sensible, cautious approach from all users. Hitwe is a safe site, but no dating site can eliminate all fake profiles as scammers are determined to find potential targets.

Is Hitwe a real dating site?

Hitwe presents itself as a social discovery site that you can use to find interesting people. The relationship between you and the other person may result in meeting and dating. The main aim of Hitwe is fun and friendship across national boundaries and in your local area.

How to use Hitwe ?

You can register and set up a profile for free in under twenty minutes. You can use the site to find potential partners in your area that are compatible with your interests and personality. Alternatively, you can use the site to broaden your social network and meet interesting people. Hitwe does not pressure you to make romantic attachments but encourages you to make friends. Some of the strongest relationships grow from a solid foundation of friendship.

Is Hitwe free?

The free service gives you access to every member and all the communication tools. You see a lot of ads, and if this bothers you, opt for the paid service. Hitwe lets you search for and make contact with plenty of interesting people for free with a PC, tablet, or mobile.

Does Hitwe really work?

Ten million users can tell you that Hitwe works for them. There are no guarantees that you will find a soul mate or get married through the Hitwe website. But you will get to know plenty of interesting people who share your interests and values in a dedicated online space.



Modern living means people have little daily contact with other singles. People live far from home and their families. You make friends at school and university, but work demands mean you live in different cities and possibly different countries. Your days are busy, and it is hard to go out and make friends in strange places. Plus, your career may mean that you move to somewhere new every few years.

Online social networking and dating allow a pool of single people to find and make contact in a secure location. There are specialist sites dedicated to meeting a potential partner from a specific religion or lifestyle. You have so much choice that it is hard to work out the best option to meet your needs.

Hitwe provides an excellent free service that helps you build your social contacts. You can use it for friendship or seeking a romantic partner, depending on your motivation. Hitwe offers a service to all as a blend of social network and dating site, giving you a broad range of fellow members to contact in a more relaxed approach.

Hitwe is worth investing time and energy in improving your social life because when you are single, it is hard to find other single people in any other way. Your ideal partner and best friend are out there somewhere, searching for you, so join Hitwe today!

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by Vilstrup Oct 10, 2021
We joined this site this past year and obtained amazing skills. Nowadays, I have a competent and mind-blowing spouse, and we're excellent collectively. I'd endorse the application because We have discovered from lead adventure that it will work. We notice that plenty of people often whine about no suits, convinced that they spend your time and money. Nonetheless, i ought to remember that when anyone cannot come someone, they generally boot the company's failures to external elements. Career, family relations, paid dating sites, simply put, almost always there is a person to take responsibility. Continue to, you should never lose hope, and all might be okay. Case in point, it required almost 7 period to meet up with my own lover.
by Jaxen Oct 01, 2021
I'd like some other daters to find out that this specific service 100per cent performs optimally without strategies. Folks that genuinely desire to have touching special someone won't rue their own solution whenever registering for the working platform. The main thing seriously is not to quit. We have previously met my own loved, and we also are now happier. I'm arousal and relationships, hence ways a great deal. Extremely, the audience is crazy, as well as being never ever too-late for people of every age group and obligations. I would suggest this site, extremely only attempt.
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