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Hitch Review – What Do We Know About It?

Hitch Review – What Do We Know About It?
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Date with older guy 3%
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Beauty 96%
Popular age 20-30
Profiles 4300000
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Pros and Cons

  • Great place to be if you are looking to make deeply meaningful friendships based on shared interests and hobbies.
  • The best place to look for eligible singles.
  • Hitch has climbed popularity charts because of the innovative way it utilizes for people to connect.
  • Profile pictures do not play a significant role at all!
  • Very few active conversations are going on.
  • Users report some technical issues.
  • Hardly any information furnished on the profile page of the members, which can make it difficult to connect.

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Only about five years ago, a mind-blowing concept in the form of a dating website took birth and was christened as Hitch. It promised meaningful connections that were based on one critical criterion: some of your Facebook friends think that you are compatible with the person you were hitched with.

The Hitch is unlike other dating services of its time. There is no searching based on profile pictures or even the feature to browse public profiles; this application is different and how!

Members who are hitched can get in touch with each other only when they interact on shared interests, like food, favorite sports, and the universal topic of travel.

2005 was also the time when the dating scene was undergoing a sea of change. People were no longer going to pubs to hook up; they’d instead swipe right and then head out to the pub to check if they struck gold or not. While most dating applications use the concept of browsing all the public profiles, the Hitch was different. Here is an application that will help you to select a couple of friends that you’d like to “hitch.” Chosen members can begin chatting from the word ‘go’!!

Hitch founder Anton Gu wanted to create an app that was more than computer algorithm matching based on the location and a couple of criteria on the profiles that members created. He was looking for couples to make a meaningful connection based on information that they could exchange when they chatted on a pet subject or something that they are passionate about. As we can see, the Hitch is hugely popular. The concept worked for a lot of couples, and that only gave Gu and his team more confidence to build more features into the app.

How Does Hitch Work?

Using the Hitch application is extremely easy! All you need to do to begin using this revolutionary dating application is to log in with your Facebook account and choose any two friends that you think will make a great couple. These two friends of yours will receive invitations to chat and Voila! A match is made!

Wait, there is a surprise element too!

Assume that you are one of the friends who were hitched with someone. All you will know about the person that you are hitched with is the age and the gender of the person. With these two details alone, you will need to begin chatting. Once you have started and you think that you two will take off, you are free to reveal your identity. The application is all about trusting your friend’s instincts that have hitched you with your match because, till a lot later, you are not going to know what your match looks like!

The idea is novel, and it is evident that people are taking it wonderfully well. The main point is that you get the match chosen by someone who knows both of you well enough. The hitcher is a friend that you know and trust to be your well-wisher, and you know that you can trust him or her to choose someone that is going to be right for you. Getting hitched by a friend gives you an added sense of security. It is no wonder that there are hundreds of cute stories on the internet where couples have met on the Hitch and stayed together for good.

Matchmakers can see the number of messages a couple exchanged. To see that the couple of hitched friends keep talking even after revealing their identity might be very satisfying for the matchmaker! We bet the matchmaker is feeling blessed already.

There is a glaring similarity between Hitch and real life. The founder has been thinking of how to incorporate real-life meetings so that it is possible to set up people you think would make great friends or be the most compatible partners. A lot of people see their love interests disappear into thin air every once in a while, and what is left to do is to guess why they did not make the first move and take down their contact details.

With Hitch, there is no place for regrets. Because a friend that also thinks that you could be a compatible mate to another friend can set you up with him or her and watch the development of your relations silently from the background. Things may or may not work out between you and the prospective match, but as we know, 9 out of 10 cases are super successful matches.

Unlike other dating applications, Hitch will not throw up countless matches based on your device’s location, but you will be hitched with someone by another of your friend. That is what makes all the difference between a winning website like Hitch and other services that will randomly throw profiles at you claiming to be your best match.

How Does Hitch Work?

Registration – Is It Really Easy?

Hitch’s signing up is easier than saying a nursery rhyme! Hitch operates along with member user’s Facebook account. So having a Facebook profile is all you need to get on to this excellent dating site. If you are not on Facebook yet, you may want to hurry and sign up now.

Hitch conveniently uses members’ profiles and pictures to verify their vital information such as their name, age, location, as well as their qualification and work history.

Hitch Registration - Is It Really Easy?

Why does Hitch have to be connected to your Facebook?

The reason is straightforward. Hitch uses member’s contacts to find people who could make great friends or romantic partners. Your prospective match is one from your friend’s list on Facebook; it is possible that you already know them. A certain level of familiarity is already there to quickly break the ice and proceed to the next level.

Hitch will also seek permission to import the user’s contacts list on Facebook in a bid to help you better. The consent is entirely optional; you can choose to deny access to your phone book or your contact lists in case there is a concern.

What About Design And Usability?

The hitch website is designed aesthetically well, and there is hardly anything left to desire. The color scheme is soothing, and the profile pages are neat and clean, although most of them look way too incomplete, that is another story.

The only pet peeve that users have with the Hitch dating website is its chatting window. A lot of users think that it could be built properly. The chat window is clumsy, and it is difficult to see the complete interaction at one go. Users also complain that chat replies from their matches go mysteriously missing from their window, and it is a nuisance to keep requesting their matches to resend the messages that get lost. The application needs to work on these issues as soon as possible.

Why does Hitch have to be connected to your Facebook?

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

On Hitch, user profiles are extremely basic. Do not expect to find them in depth. Ninety percent of the users have either absolutely nothing on their profile or have so little information that you may be left thinking of a fake account.

However, not having any details on the profile does not in any way affect the credibility of the dating site as the service connects two of its users based on their shared interests. Only later, they get to reveal their identity when they have chatted enough time to be able to know a lot about each other personally.

The Mobile Application

The Hitch app is available not just for iOS connoisseurs but for Android users as well. It is a great application, and it is simple to download too. Say you are someone who does not like to download apps on the phone for reasons as many as privacy or even low storage capacity. If you have doubts, go to the website of the app and read about it. Maybe you can live without it, but if you want to try your luck, install the app and use all the features that are available. The company proactively fixes bugs and makes sure that its users have a seamless experience.

Hitch The Mobile Application

Safety & Security

Hitch takes extreme care and caution while you are looking out to meet the partner of your dreams:

  • Hitch requires your Facebook profile to let you create an account with it. None of your hitch information is shared on Facebook or any public domain website.
  • There is no compulsion to chat with someone that you are not interested in. The match is selected by your friends, and they are supposed to know what they’re doing.
  • The check-in option on the hitch app works only for a radius of about 500 meters. So you know that your prospective date is close by.
  • There is also an option to switch off the check-in location.
  • There is never the haste to reveal your identity to your hitched partner. Take your time in understanding if you are compatible in the first place.
  • There have been no complaints or concerns as far as our extensive research goes strongly to the conclusion that Hitch dating website is entirely safe and secure.
Hitch Safety & Security

Pricing And Benefits

Downloading and registering on the app is entirely free. You can view profiles of the members as well as view conversation topics. You are also allowed to comment on the ongoing conversations. However, you will be allowed to send a private message and receive a private message on your chat window only if you become a premium user by paying a subscription fee. You can pay via your smart device itself. Subscription to premium membership is often considered to be on the higher side, with a bill of $43.65. 

However, dating gurus will tell you that larger subscription packages make more economic sense. A three-month package is only $90.09, whereas a 6 months package will cost you $160.20, not pinching your pocket too much.


Hitch executives are proactive when it comes to the user’s safety and their account’s security. If users find abusive behavior on the dating website, they can immediately write to the moderator or the administrator or click on the Report Abuse button. If there is a security leak, it is prudent to delete your compromised account by going to the Apps Settings tab and scrolling down and clicking on the Delete Account button. You can re-register on the portal with a new identity, but don’t forget to link it with your Facebook profile for internal verification. Scamming and catfishing are not reported as such from the users, but it is always better to keep your antennae open and report abuse as soon as possible. 

Hitch Help & Support


Is Hitch Safe?

The Hitch is entirely safe. As always, we are determined to tell the users of various dating sites to use their best instincts and judgment before plunging in and giving out all their details on the dating app. It is a great idea to log on to the dating application web page and read their safety tips to be double sure. We have never received any adverse complaints about Hitch, and the underlying presumption of safety in the absence of such complaints will prevail.

Is Hitch A Real Dating Site?

Hitch is not a regular dating site where you search for exciting profiles and set up a date. Hitch is a dating application with a delightful twist to it. It allows your friend to hitch you up to their Facebook friend, who they think is good for you. Once hitched, the two can chat and choose to reveal their identity only when they want to take their relationship to the next level.

How To Use Hitch?

The hitch is an excellent way to meeting new people by having a conversation on topics that you both are mutually interested in. If it strikes the two of you that you both have similar tastes and interests and that you could take off as a couple because of the compatibility that you share, you found yourself a soulmate, buddy!

Hitch Is Hitch Safe?

Is Hitch Free?

The Hitch dating application is entirely free to download. You can do it on Android as well as iOS compatible devices from Google Play Store as well as iTunes Store. However, there are three subscription plans you need to choose from to proceed in full.

Does Hitch really work?

Hitch works wonders. Numerous stories are doing the rounds where couples have met on Hitch and stuck to each other. People have found friendship and romance and everything in between. You are missing something if you are not on it already!


The Hitch is one of the best dating applications that allows users to make a real connection after interacting for as long as they want before letting each other on their identities. Sport singles across the world are getting on it with excellent results. Its unique selling point is that it allows the users to make real-life connections, so you can be sure that you are dealing with real people and not scams or bot.

Fonzi Marquez
Fonzi Marquez
Fonzi Marquez
MS, RD & Writer
Fonzi is experienced and well-known psychologist, dating and relationship advisor, he likes traveling, yoga and Indian culture overall. He is real professional!
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Customer reviews
by FrancisJean Oct 17, 2021
Outstanding solution for those unafraid of online dating and available dialogues. The application is well-organized features most signed-up users. Messaging isn't hard, and all sorts of other options are super easy to access and understand. Regarding myself, I've already realized a buddy with who our personal chemistry is basically hitting.
Nathan Barrett
by Nathan Barrett Oct 14, 2021
This web site is wonderful for myself. As I'm a tad tired with swiping, it become a middle ground for my needs. I don't arrange any severe relationships immediately, but I won't run away while I meet the like. This website doesn't force me and makes it possible for obtaining all features of good quality relationships. Besides, I really like this particular app is really handy to work with, be it about direction-finding or paying. Pricing try regular, and that I never grudge income in their mind since I get the best advantages for fees they might need. I've currently met some good individuals and take beautiful goes. Besides, I content with several consumers to discuss, chuckle, and discuss various matters, including love. I feel that i'm in my own category considering that the people is very helpful. Men and women don't assess your, considering that it might be for those who have obtained anybody in a bar.
Ernest Alexander
by Ernest Alexander Oct 08, 2021
I accompanied our site just the previous year and acquired outstanding adventure. Right now, i've a dependable and mind-blowing companion, and we're excellent together. I'd endorse the app because You will find knew from lead knowledge that works. I see that people typically grumble about no meets, believing that they simply spend your time and money. Continue to, I should remember that when people cannot select somebody, they usually start their particular problems to exterior issue. Job, family, online dating sites, this basically means, there's always person to take responsibility. Continue to, you shouldn't give up hope, and anything shall be okay. Like, it took me virtually 7 days in order to satisfy the mate.
by Ingrid Sep 30, 2021
Good impressions. I have discovered plenty of ready and fascinating anyone and a few freaks . that's the norm while you are using the internet. Some suits had not been during my place . that's why we stayed buddys. I ought to say that this specific service brings numerous gear to make other individuals keep in mind we. 1st, it's room enough to produce your own page and supply enough information on the way you look and individual. After that, messaging happens to be acceptable. Commonly, you use whole online communication might create a date at any time once you are prepared to satisfy your preferred in real life.
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