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Feabie Review – What Do We Know About It?

Feabie Review – What Do We Know About It?
About Girls
Date with older guy 17%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 91%
Popular age 20-35
Profiles 55000
About Site
Visit rate 9.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Free to use (basic features)
  • iOS & Android App
  • Safe environment
  • Large dating pool
  • Suitable for social media use
  • Premium membership is pricey
  • Many cam girls

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Feabie is a social networking site that helps connect feeders with feedees. The company first got started with a platform of limited options. By creating their own social media site, they were able to reach larger audiences connected.

Their website isn’t exclusive to just dating. It can be used to connect feeders and feedees for friendships, fun, or even casual dates. Feabie is the perfect website for heterosexual feeders to connect. However, Feabie also supports all types of sexual orientations, so feel free to join if you are gay, bisexual, or anything in between!

We wanted to take a more in-depth look to see if Feabie is a good fit for others wishing to join the feederism community. What is the feederism community based off of and who is welcome? Well, feederism supports people who want to be a feedee, feeder, fat admirers, BBW, SSBBW, BHM, and SSBHM.

So, we’ve done our research and have decided to break down each part of Feabie and see if it was worth joining.

Feabie Review - What Do We Know About It

How Does Feabie Work?

Feabie’s goal was to create a safe social media platform for like-minded people within this community. By using this service, people could easily find like-minded individuals in their area. Of course, this website’s main focus was on dating, but many regular users use it just to chat with others.

The site works by registering you as a basic member. Once you confirm your account, you will instantly be connected with someone in your area. The company uses advanced geolocation features that help to find others in your zip code and town. If you don’t get many matches, then don’t worry. Feabie also includes the ability to browse members universally. This ensures that you’ll always have someone to talk to.

Once you find someone interesting, you can view their profile and comment on their wall. Join in discussions, private message them, or view their photos. This is the best way to meet others and connect with them.

How Does Feabie Work

Registration – Is It Really Easy?

Joining Feabie only takes a minute and gives you access to their member base. To create an account, you will need to head to their webpage and click the “Join Us” button. Once you’ve done this, you will be redirected to their sign up page.

To sign up, create a username before providing your email address. Don’t stress, as no other members will be able to see it. It’s just used for signup and billing if you choose to create a Feabie XL account.

From there, users planning to sign up must provide their date of birth. Feabie is an exclusive 18+ dating website. So, to sign up, you must confirm you are over the age of 18. The site’s content is made for an adult audience, that’s why, if you are not of legal age, your account will be suspended. It will not be shown on their profile for users providing their birthday, only their current age.

Lastly, you will be given the option to choose your gender and sexual orientation. Gender can be listed as male, female, trans, or other. Sexual orientation options are woman, man, trans, or other. Read through their membership terms, and you’re good to go.

Registration - Is It Really Easy

What About Design and Useability?

Feabie is driven at providing users a top-notch web design experience. The site itself works on any device, including computers, laptops, phones, etc. This makes accessing the website hassle-free and ensures you can connect at any time.

Once you log in, you’ll be greeted by Feabie newsfeed, where you’ll gain access to members’ recent posts and updates. You can choose to scroll through the newsfeed page or switch to browsing members by their profiles.

Their newsfeed is customizable, which means you can change it up to your liking. You can see summaries of other people’s walls or comments. If you’re not finding too many feeders/feedees in your community, you can switch from local viewings to global. This ensures that you’ll always be able to join in on discussions and meet new people.

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

Creating a profile on Feabie requires a bit more information than your standard social media platform. Many users who sign up for Feabie wish to either find a serious relationship or commitment. Due to this, the amount of information you provide can help land you more possible love interests.

Criteria for profiles include height, weight, body type, and a bit of personality info. Other than this, you can also add information about your relationship status, kinks, and even edit the members you follow. Each profile is different, so some individuals will only fill out the necessary information. Of course, it’s better to fill out as much information as other members can relate and connect to you.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can sign up for FEABIE’s basic membership.

  • Head to the website
    Start by heading to www.feabie.com and click on the “Join Us” button.
  • Fill out the Registration Page
    At the registration, you’ll be prompted to create a username and provide your email. Don’t worry, as none of the information provided will be displayed on your profile. The registration is done to confirm your identity and that you are older than 18 years old.
  • Fill Out Your Profile Information
    After you verify your email, you will be redirected to create your profile. Here, you will be asked for the necessary information about yourself and the partner you wish to find. Some information that you should provide is your location, weight, height, gender, and ethnicity. Other information that is asked for is your ideal partner’s appearance.
    To get more matches, we suggest you take time and provide your interests, occupation, and a few details about yourself. This gives other members a better idea of what type of person you are and what kind of relationship you’re looking for.
    However, extra details are optional. If you would like to keep your profile plain, you can skip this step and head straight to browsing other members.
  • Provide a Profile Image
    The last step you should take to browse members is to upload a profile picture. Feabie takes identity theft seriously, so they ask that any image you do upload be ones you’ve taken or ones of yourself. If not, you risk your account being reported as fake, and the profile will be taken down.
  • Browse Singles in your Area
    Once you’ve got your account set up, you can start browsing. The search engine is fully customizable and enables you to find people who fit your expectations. If you find someone interesting, you can choose to message them or follow their profile.
Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

The Mobile Application

Feabie is available for both iPhone and Android users through their respective app stores. The company does its best to provide users with absolute ease while browsing the site. For the mobile versions, Feabie functions similarly to other social media platforms.

The starting page will also display a customizable news feed. Although, on the app, you may have some limitations. However, you can still browse private messages and comment on other members’ posts.

Overall, the mobile app is easy to use and allows you to quickly scroll through the site’s features. These features include a powerful search engine that can help connect you with friends, dates, and other mates. Additionally, advanced geolocation technology helps locate members closest to you. It allows you to meet up with people in your community.

The Mobile Applicatio

Safety & Security

Most of us enjoy dating and want to put ourselves out there online. However, we want to know that the site we’re using is safe and secure. You don’t want to end up posting personal information about yourself if it’s only going to be used elsewhere. So, how safe is your user experience on Feabie?

That’s a good question, and we’re glad to inform you that Feabie is a safe and secure environment. Feabie offers a safety tips page that allows you to refer to “not normal behavior” from profiles. If anyone asks for any personal information, do not give it to them. This is how you can safely use the service without any issues.

Furthermore, Feabie takes any reports made to their site seriously. If you’ve run into an account with suspicious behavior, feel free to report it. Their team works around the clock to help block hundreds of profiles that breach the ToS regarding their site.

Pricing and Benefits

Upon creating an account, you will be asked if you would like to sign up for Feabie’s premium membership. With Premium, you get a whole host of benefits, including unlimited profile viewing and messaging.

For Premium, you have three payment options. A one-month membership costs $8.99 per month and provides you with access to all premium features. Aside from that, the membership will automatically renew at the start of each month.

There’s also an option for a three-month membership, which costs $22.99 for the whole period. With this membership type, you will access all premium features for three months and renew your membership every 90 days.

The last type of membership is designed to save you money. If you’re content with the site, purchase a yearly membership for $69.99. This gains you premium features of the site for 12 months and renews once a year.

Pricing and Benefits

Can you use the website for free, or is it a free trial?

Unlike other dating platforms, Feabie does it’s best to keep its social network free for most of its users. This means that Feabie is free to use and doesn’t have a trial period. Even if you use the account daily, you will not be charged for your use. The only part of the website that does require you to pay is their premium services.

How would we rate their premium & is it worth it?

If you’re a dedicated feedee or feeder and enjoy the website, it’s definitely worth the investment. We find that it’s particularly useful for those who plan to date casually. Of course, if you don’t want to pay for the premium membership, you don’t have to. It’s completely optional, but you’ll enjoy having fewer restrictions if you plan to use it regularly.

Help & Support

After performing some research, we’ve determined that not everyone is in love with Feabie’s support system. Many users share their frustrations that their free account will get banned for little or no explanation. This is likely due to their report system.

Feabie works their best to keep the platform safe, and any breach to their ToS agreement can cause your account to get permanently banned. Unfortunately, this means that if you breach any of their ToS, your account will get banned without little explanation.

This is a double-edged sword when it comes to their users. On the one hand, this keeps the website safe and prevents its users from being harassed. On the other hand, if your account gets banned, you will get little reason or explanation as to why.

Help & Support


Check up some questions you might have unanswered in the section below.

Is Feabie Safe?

Yes, Feabie is a safe social media platform that is designed for dating. All information is protected and will not be distributed otherwise. Feabie also provides guidelines on their website on keeping safe while browsing people in the feederism community.

If you believe that any suspicious activity is going on, please report it to the Feabie support team. They will be able to ban accounts that breach their ToS. Additionally, their support team can help prevent anyone from getting scammed.

Is Feabie a Real Dating Site?

Although Feabie brands itself as a feederism social media website, it is still a dating site. Each profile created is designed to show sexual orientation and connect users. Whether it is for fun, dating, or serious relationships is up to you!

How to Use Feabie?

Feabie works like any other dating site – all you’ll need to do is sign up. Once you sign up and verify your account, you will gain access to other feeders/feedees in your area. There’s no trial period, and you will have basic access to the site’s features.

Is Feabie Free?

For the most part, Feabie focuses on creating a safe and free environment for the feederism community. Of course, they do offer a premium membership plan, which is called Feabie XL. With their premium access, you’ll gain several benefits, including unlimited profile viewing and messaging.

But, if you don’t want to pay for their premium services, you don’t have to. Browsing singles and using the site is entirely free. Unlike traditional dating sites, you won’t be given a ‘trial’ period. Instead, you’ll gain full access to the website. The only restrictions being limited messaging and profile viewing.

Is Feabie Frees

Does Feabie Really Work?

Just view the reviews to the website as other users have shared their experience on Feabie. The feederism community is growing each year, and connecting with others can be tricky. While traditional dating sites are suitable for meeting new people, not everyone will agree with the feederism society’s practices.

Feabie gives these users a chance to open themselves and connect in a judgment-free social media platform. Meet other like-minded individuals among feeders, feedees, BBW, and BHM, which are those of thick or super-sized stature.


Feabie has paved the way for other successful feederism dating platforms. The platform is still one of the biggest feeder/feedee sites on the net. With more sites continually popping up, you won’t find a better method to connect with like-minded people.

Feabie is one of the best feederism community websites. Signup is simple, and with over thousands of users, there’s always a guarantee you’ll meet someone who shares similar values. Plus, if you want to browse members casually, you don’t need to be actively looking for someone.

The added benefit of free basic membership is also a huge plus. You won’t be locked out of features and will be able to continue using your account. As a verdict, Feabie is worth a try.

Overall, if you’re looking to connect with other people in the feederism community and you haven’t had much luck on other sites, you’ll likely appreciate the ease of use. Of course, if there’s no one in your area, you can easily switch to the universal site and chat with others worldwide.

Simran Pillarisetty
Simran Pillarisetty
Simran Pillarisetty
MS, RD & Writer
Simran is our dating hero, and she knows everything about how to make relationship between people better! She has excellent skills that she uses to make people’s life better!
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Customer reviews
Cindy Haynes
by Cindy Haynes Oct 14, 2021
This web site is ideal for me personally. As I'm slightly sick and tired with swiping, they started to be a middle ground for my own demands. We don't arrange any big relationships nowadays, but We won't escape as I see my favorite absolutely love. This web site shouldn't pressure myself and makes it possible for acquiring all features of premium relationships. Besides, i prefer that application is really convenient to use, whether it's about routing or fees. Pricing are typical, but you should not grudge money to them since I have get the very best price for prices they might require. I've currently fulfilled some good individual to get beautiful dates. Besides, we message with numerous consumers to chat, laugh, and discuss various themes, including love. I believe that i'm during my category because the neighborhood is really friendly. Group don't judge an individual, because it can be for people with picked up an individual in a bar.
by Roger Oct 05, 2021
I signed up with this great site just last year and received a good event. Right now, I have a reliable and mind-blowing partner, and we're good along. I'd advise the app because I have mastered from lead event it work. I realize that some people usually whine about no matches, believing that they just spend time and money. Continue to, I should observe that when anyone cannot see a partner, they often times start their unique problems to external factors. Job, family relations, paid dating sites, this basically means, often there is somebody accountable. Continue to, you shouldn't give up hope, and every thing are all right. Like, they took me just about 7 period to meet up my own spouse.
by Hussein Oct 02, 2021
Excellent impressions. I've found loads of nice and intriguing everyone and a few freaks . that's the norm if you're on the internet. Some fits were not within my place . that's the reason we remained buddys. I will point out that this particular service gets several devices in making more users keep in mind your. For starters, it's room enough generate your own account and offer adequate information about your appearance and individual. Next, texting try fine. Normally, an individual access full online interactions and may bring a date at any time if you're equipped to meet your preferred in the real world.
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