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E-chat review – what do we know about it?

E-chat review – what do we know about it?
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Profiles 8600000
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Pros and Cons

  • E-Chat is simple to use. The overdose of simplicity is one of the premium advantages for users.
  • It is globally known. If you are looking for a worldwide fan base, you will find it useful.
  • It has easy navigation.
  • There is no hassle in doing registration.
  • Most of the members are active here.
  • You can use the website free of cost.
  • You can join as many chat-rooms as you wish.
  • You can build your chat room.
  • You can block/remove people from your chat room.
  • You can embed your chat room to your website.
  • Many chat-rooms are active here, and they are topic-based, which is helpful for the users.
  • The simplified registration process is trouble. People can make fake profiles here easily.
  • No email address is required for signing–in.
  • There is no age verification; anyone can open a profile.
  • The site does not have a strict privacy policy.
  • You cannot deactivate your profile.
  • Unless you send an invitation, nobody can locate your chat room.
  • The site does not have any customer care support.
  • It does not have any mobile app.
  • It has many fake profiles.

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E-chat, as the name implies, is an online chatting site where people from all over the world can meet virtually and enjoy talking with each other. It is a free conversation site, and it’s quite popular too. A simple user interface, a bunch of lively and active members, multiple chat rooms, and exciting global exposure are the main advantages of this website.

The E-chat site had a humble start in 2007 and earned extreme popularity among people around the world almost immediately after its launch. One of the reasons behind this increased popularity is its easy navigation scope. User can get the hang of the chatting without much trouble in making profile or getting the registration done. 

Surprisingly, not much is known about the developer of this site. Some rumors came up on the surface that the website may get closed as it does not get an update on the regular course. It is true that the site runs on a bare minimum, minimalistic design, and hardly gets updates. But the popularity of the site and the users’ satisfaction are the two critical factors that have kept the site actively operating.

But apart from the consumer satisfaction, we all may start wondering what makes E-chat a champion in its category where there are so many similar sites available now. Let’s review its features and functionality to understand the secret of E-chat popularity.

How does E-chat work?

Communication and chatting are the buzz words for E-chat. It is a chatting site where people can connect with different people worldwide. If you are friendly and don’t mind talking to strangers, E-chat will work perfectly for you.

To use the site, you just need to type in the username and tap “I’m not a robot” box. That’s it; you may join any chatroom in a guest mode now.

Members are active here; hence new users like you may expect to get a quick reply from other participants. Besides the main and big chat room, E-chat houses different small but active chat rooms, where you can talk to likeminded people.

You can create a customized chat room, and what makes E-chat user-experience impressive is, you can integrate your chat room with your website. Each chat room has its topics; for example, a chat room may deal with LGBTQ, sex, depression, sports, anime, and many other subjects under the sun. You can join one group or multiple numbers of groups: it’s all up to you. You can add people to your room, simply send them an invitation.

How does E-chat work?

Registration – is it really easy?

Registration is fast and smooth sailing on E-chat. As a user, you don’t need to provide your email address, personal information, or any financial details (credit card, etc.). The site expects that the user will create a user name, a secure password, and confirm the password. That’s all! You are ready to explore the world of E-chat. The registration is super simple, like 1-2-3.

But there is a little downside also. As registration is easy and a quickie job, anyone, including frauds, can make an account. It is always good to stay a bit aloof here, at least initially. Staying safe is more important than making a friend; after all, online integrity matters for all users. So while talking to strangers, it is essential to maintain a virtual distance and avoid sharing your personal information.

E-Chat Registration - is it really easy?

What about design and usability?

Chat rooms are the lifeline of this site. There are different chat rooms, and you can join any of them for free. Because of the simple design, people find this place easy to navigate. Once you get your registration done, this site will keep you worry-free in exploring different chat rooms, and you can get to make friends quickly. The icing on the cake is the facility of private messaging. You can message your important contacts to take your chat session to the next level of intimacy and pave the way for real dating.

Some people say that the design is outdated. But actually, it is not. It has multiple functions, but all the function tabs are located at the bottom of the landing page, and that makes the page-look clean. The simplicity of the design is a boon for beginners. On the other hand, this fresh design looks bland and somehow unimpressive compared to other popular chat sites.

E-Chat houses the facility of setting an embeddable chat-box to your own site, and it is one of the greatest features of this service. It can work as the chat window on your website as it is linked to the central system. However, you can only embed the chat-box, which you have created.

The algorithm will allow you to configure the chat-box: you can select its size, color of the border, background color, header, language, the color of the text, etc. This feature not only improves the aesthetic but adds an extra point on its usability for sure.

E-Chat What about design and usability?

Let’s talk about profile quality

The profile creating in this site is not very vivid. You don’t need to put much-customized information about you. It is an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time. You don’t know in detail with whom you have initiated the chat. You may get a like-minded single, but there is a chance that you have been hooked with an eccentric fellow. It is sometimes risky, too, if you get emotionally involved by chance without knowing the other users.

Regardless of the profile quality, the site has active members, and that is a boon. As an active user, you will surely get a message if you stay online here. In case you are not happy with the private message quality received so far, opening a private chat-room is an easy way to start chatting on your favorite topic. However, you have to send your chat-room link to different users to invite them.

There is a button on the main page saying, “create new chat room.” Simply click on it and create the room of your choice. You can name your room as well. If necessary, you can block and remove people from your chat room and delete messages. If you love to chat in a group on a specific topic, you will surely love the place.

E-Chat Let's talk about profile quality

The mobile application

Unfortunately, E-Chat has no mobile app for its users. But the site is mobile responsive, and users can use the chatting facility from the mobile. 

But there is a little catch. The mobile experience is not that impressive. It is perhaps because the dating site was not updated recently. Users cannot enjoy all functionalities in full because of the poor adaptation. The fonts are hardly visible; everything is small and not convenient to utilize. 

This limitation is one of the downsides of the site. The use of mobile devices is high now, and users want to enjoy applications on the go.

E-chat The mobile application

Safety & security

The site offers quick and unverified registration, and that has made the site overly simplified. Many unreal profiles exist here because the chat site does not run a safety check like email verification. Only a user name and the password is the initial condition of opening a profile, which is too easy to arrange. You can even open more than one profile if you want to. 

However, every problem has a solution, and here awareness can solve the fake identity scam risk. You must not divulge your details here unless you can verify your friend’s identity from other reliable sources. Precautions like not downloading any file, clicking on any external link, or arranging for a personal meeting without knowing the person are some of the first-hand precautions you should maintain. 

There is no support for the users from the site admin. You can’t remove and block a user if you don’t like his/her activities and approach. Just put them to the “Ignore” list. It is not the right site for users who are not aware of their online security and are not conscious of maintaining online security protocols. 

E-chat Safety & security

Pricing and benefits

E-chat is entirely free for its users. You can use all its chatting services free of cost and seamlessly. 

In terms of benefits, the free chat site can offer you the chance of a good time pass. It has global exposure with a good number of members. According to statistics, almost all members are active and spend some time on the site almost daily. So making friends here is easy.

There are multiple chat rooms on the main page, but you can search for the specific one or create your own. There is no censorship on the site, and you can speak freely on any topic anonymously. Maybe, that is the main advantage of E-chat.   

E-chat Pricing and benefits

Help & support

E-Chat does not have much help and support features. The only thing which helps you understand there are some people beneath the service is the avatar check out. Surprisingly, you need to wait like 24 hours for the approval, which is weird, considering no one will monitor your behavior on the site. The site admins assure that all the chat rooms are active, and they run very fast. These chat rooms run without the support of technologies like Flash or Java, which is why they are mostly tech-glitch free. The users can check the chat rooms without any plug-ins, making the user experience easy and smooth going.

As a user, you can log out of the site. This is the same as deleting or deactivating your account. If you want to stop using the site, you can simply sign off, but there is no option from the site-admin to disable your profile from here. The site is not strictly monitored, but it is not that dangerous because users can control their presence here. If any user finds any potential threat, they can simply log out to tackle the unwanted situation.


Is E-Chat safe?

If you can maintain your online safety in sharing information while talking to a stranger, you will be safe here. You must not share your details, financial particulars, or click on any unknown link here to keep your privacy protected. E-Chat cannot vouch for all the goodwill and intention of its users, so you have to be alert to maintain your online safety. 

Is E-Chat a real dating site?

There is no definition for a real dating site. Yes, the site E-Chat can take you to millions of users online, and you can speak to them on different matters. Out of all these friends, if you find someone of your choice, it is always good luck. The site cannot guarantee any matchmaking, but you can get to know potential singles to update your relationship status. 

How to use E-Chat?

You can use E-Chat online without any problems. Just access the site and do a quick registration. It takes hardly a 2-minute time. Make your simple profile, and then you can start your chatting. There are many chat rooms, and you can join the chat rooms according to your choice only, as chat rooms are always topic-based. You can create a chat room of your own, and you can make it customized too. 

By the way, you can join any chat without registration. It’s just that time is limited for guest mode.

Is E-Chat free?

Yes, E-Chat is a free site. The users can use all the features free of cost. 

There is no cost involved with the membership of this dating site. If you want to use E-Chat for making your online friend base, you can do it completely off charge. 

Is E-Chat really works?

Of course, the site works. If you want to chat with your friends online, or if you are looking for new friends to make, this site is an ideal option for you to join. You can enjoy topic-specified discussions as per your choice. But if matchmaking is your only notion, then E-Chat may not be the ideal site for you, unfortunately. 

Is E-Chat really works?



E-Chat is simple to use and widely popular. The clear design of the site may not look splashy, but it is trouble-free to use, which is leverage for all. If you are on a tight budget but want to use the luxury of a popular dating site, this is one of the best options. The exciting part is the embedded chat-room facility, which hardly any free dating site offers.

Multiple topics and active chat rooms are the main attractions of this site, and all users can access chat-rooms free of cost. The website does not use updated technology; hence it offers average user experience but in an uninterrupted way. Most of the members are active here, and for chat lovers, it is a great advantage. If you are interested in making new friends online and if you want to spend your spare time chatting online, E-Chat is an ideal option for you. If lady luck smiles, the site will offer you the perfect chance of matchmaking! Why don’t you try it today?

Simran Pillarisetty
Simran Pillarisetty
Simran Pillarisetty
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Kim Carroll
by Kim Carroll Sep 30, 2021
Good thoughts. I have found a good amount of ready and intriguing people and some freaks . that's a norm while you are on line. Some suits had not been within my place . that's why we kept friends. I should point out that this particular service gets numerous software to generate some other consumers notice an individual. 1st, it's enough room to provide your own page and provide sufficient information about the way you look and figure. Consequently, messaging try ok. Usually, one use whole online correspondence and that can obtain a romantic date anytime if you're prepared to satisfy your favorite in the real world.
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