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Cybermen review – what do we know about it?

Cybermen review – what do we know about it?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 96%
Popular age 35-40
Beauty 35%
Profiles 1 760 000
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Visit rate 7.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The mobile app is well optimized for smart devices, especially smartphones.
  • Their website and app are well designed.
  • The advanced features are pretty useful in helping a premium member get dates.
  • The mobile app is riddled with irritating ads.
  • Most of the membership comes from France, but the number of international users is still growing.
  • It hasn’t got any advanced matchmaking algorithms that can help find an ideal partner.

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Cybermen is a mobile chat and dating app for gay men created by a company called 123Multimedia based in Toulouse, France. They also have a website for PC usage.

The service has only been around for a few years, but it has managed to gain a significant audience in France. Moreover, its global membership has been progressively growing. 123Multimedia claims that more than 50,000 single gay guys use the Cybermen app daily to chat.

Many of them are successful in getting dates, hooking up, and even finding their ideal match. You can log in as an anonymous guest to get a taste of what the platform offers. Better yet, you can enter via the VIP Entrance by registering an account for free.

The free membership gives users many advantages, such as having a unique username and creating a detailed profile. They can also have followers, a favorite list, and even a blacklist. An advanced search is also available for free, and one can have access to unlimited chats with any member.

This kind of generosity is almost unheard of even in other more expensive online dating sites, and this is Cybermen’s ace against the competition. 123Multimedia is confident that more free members would opt for a premium subscription once they realize how paid members get results that they can only dream about.

How does Cybermen work?

Cybermen review

Cybermen lets visitors log in anonymously on its website or mobile app to give more people a chance to see the kind of service it offers. Of course, smartphone users can download the app for free.

Users can also register an account for free, and they’ll have access to more features that other sites would offer you for money. But to take full advantage of what the site has to offer, one should try out their premium service for at least a month.

Right after their account gets confirmed via email, standard members will realize they can interact with every member on the site. They can examine any profile they want and chat with any member who’s currently online.

The best way to get a response is to create a more detailed profile. Free members can upload pictures for free, and this will go a long way in helping them entice other members to take a peek at their pages.

Registration – is it really easy?

Cybermen Registration

Registering an account with Cybermen is 100% free and very easy. All you need is an email address that can be validated. You then enter a username and your birth date. Create a secure password and be sure to turn off any ad blockers for this website or you won’t be able to proceed.

They will send a confirmation email, and all you have to do is open it and click on the red button to activate your account. Once it’s activated, you can log in, and it immediately takes you to the Search page.

What about design and usability?

Cybermen design and usability

The website’s design is minimalistic but pleasant to the eyes. The screen has a white background and is divided into two boxes. A smaller box on the left is where you can see the members who are now online. You’ll quickly notice that most of them haven’t posted a profile pic yet, although some have.

At the top of this box is a black bar showing the number of people online. It seems that most of the members are Caucasian men from France, although you can see other nationalities from Europe. You can also see some from countries in North Africa such as Algeria and Morocco.

At the bottom of this box is another black bar, but this notifies you of any messages you’ve received. Under this box is where you’ll find the small main menu bar. It’s a row of icons with options such as Search, Map, Conversations, Contacts, Settings, and Disconnect.

Clicking on any of these links would change the color of its icon from black to red. Also, the content of the larger box on the right will display your currently selected page.

For instance, if you click the Settings option, the gear icon would turn red, indicating it’s the active option. The main box would show the Settings page. You can see your profile photo on the top left of this box if you’ve already uploaded one. It should only show your face with no effects, and sunglasses aren’t allowed on this pic.

Underneath this photo is a row of five tabs, namely, “My Profile,” “My Research,” “My Albums,” “My Interests,” and “My Account.”

Under “My Profile,” you’ll see your country, region, and a field where you can enter a short description of yourself. Just below that is a field for your weight, and next to it is another one for your size. “My Research” is where you can set the type of relationship that you’re after, whether it be “Friendly,” “Serious,” “Fun,” or all of them.

“My Album” is where you upload your Public photos that everyone can view. Only you can see your Private photos unless you attach it on the chat screen and send it to a friend or a partner you’re chatting with.

“My Interests” are checkboxes for various hobbies or interests. You can pick those that apply to you, and there are many to choose from, such as “Cars/Motorcycles,” “Fashion and Trends,” “Sports,” “Travel,” “Going Out,” “Music,” and lots more. Lastly, the only significant thing under the “My Account” tab is a button to delete your account.

Back on the menu bar, selecting “Contacts” would let you manage your Favorites, Followers, and Blacklist. The “Map” option is a nifty feature that shows the location of all members currently using Cybermen. As mentioned earlier, you’ll see that most members online are from France, although there are members scattered in other parts of the world.

Lastly, selecting “Conversation” on the main menu would show you any ongoing chat that you can join. The website is well-designed and thought out. Navigation is a breeze, and the structure and layout are neat and easy to understand.

Let’s talk about profile quality

Cybermen talk about profile quality

Selecting a member on the list within a narrow box area on the left would direct you to his profile page. There you can see his profile photo on the top left. Immediately on the right of the pic are his username, age, and location.

Directly beneath the profile pic is a black Chat button in case you want to chat with him. Underneath that is a dropdown menu with specific types of message options. For example, there’s an option to write him a personal message, welcome him, say hello, and ask if he’s available for a chat and others.

Below are sections for his Description, Objective (Friendship – Dating Serious/Fun), Size and Weight, Interest, Popularity, and thumbnails of his Photos. Further down is an interesting description of his Zodiac sign on the left, and his Chinese Zodiac on the right. Both give others an insight into his personality.

At the top right, you can rate his profile up to four stars. Underneath that are icons to report the member, add him to your favorites, or blacklist him.

Again, most of the members with the best profiles are from France, since they are all filled out with info about the person, and all of them have profile photos. However, membership is starting to grow. More and more gay men from around the world are discovering the service. It isn’t hard to imagine Cybermen gaining a broader following in the future.

The mobile application

Cybermen mobile application

The mobile app is available for Android and iOS and is downloadable from Google Play and the App Store. The app is sleeker, very responsive, and a lot more convenient than the site because you can use it on the go, even while you’re traveling abroad.

It offers pretty much the same functionality as the desktop version, but it becomes quickly evident that the app is well optimized for the small screen. Cybermen’s latest release is ver. 6.9 and was uploaded last Jan 28, 2020. The only thing negative about it is the presence of invasive ads.

This is particularly annoying because it frequently pops up and takes over the entire screen. You have to sign up for a premium account to get rid of these ads entirely. On the desktop version, you only see ads at the bottom of the main box, and they never get in the way.

Without the ads, we would recommend the mobile app version. Anyway, you have to fork out the cash to take advantage of the more useful features. That includes the no-ads experience.

Safety & security

Cybermen Safety & security

As far as safety and security go, the developers are very strict in protecting and respecting all its members’ privacy and personal information. They’re careful to follow all the guidelines on data protection laid out by the authorities in France.

Any personal details submitted by a member to Cybermen won’t end up in the hands of third parties, be given out, or sold. Members can also be sure that all necessary precautions are in place to prevent the database and member information from being compromised against illegal intrusion or malicious code.

Pricing and benefits

Cybermen Pricing and benefits

Cybermen allows anybody to log in as an anonymous guest for free. Moreover, registering an account is entirely free, as well. Even without a subscription, you can create a profile, do a detailed search, view other members’ profiles, and participate in live chats.

However, to access the more advanced dating features, you have to sign up for their premium subscription. It’s more likely for you to find a date when you activate your GPS. With this feature, you can find prospects closest to you, chat, and eventually hook up with them.

Another necessary feature is zero advertising. You’ll no longer see those pesky ads, especially when using the mobile app with your phone. You’ll also get notifications acknowledging whenever your messages have been received or read. That way, you can be sure if your efforts weren’t in vain.

Other premium features include the ability to call someone who’s online without giving out your smartphone number. All messages from premium subscribers have the highest priority. Members can also send you voice messages.

A 1-month subscription goes for €7.99 and is auto-renewed the following month with the same duration and price. Then, payments are charged to a member’s iTunes account once the purchase is confirmed. Auto-renewed subscriptions are charged no less than one day before the current monthly subscription expires.

If subscribers want to end the service, they can turn off auto-renewal at the App Store on an iOS device and on iTunes with a PC. The subscription will terminate when the billing ends.

Help & support

Cybermen Help & support

A user can access the Contact Customer Care page by clicking on the red triangle at the bottom left corner of the screen. On the app, tap on the menu button and select the “About” option. There’s a “click here” link to contact the Customer Care Service.

Just enter your email and a short question or a message describing your problem and click on “Send.” Another way is to send an email to cybermen@hotline.center. Their mailing address is:

123MULTIMEDIA BP 73675 – 31036

Toulouse CEDEX 01, France

The support staff goes out of its way to respond to all requests and queries as quickly as possible.


Here are some frequently ask questions about the service.

Is Cybermen safe?

The developers do their best to ensure the privacy and personal details of all its members remain secure. They also have taken measures to protect the website from hackers and harmful programs.

Is Cybermen a real dating site?

Cybermen is a legitimate online dating site but only for gay men. Its premium membership is also very affordable.

How to use Cybermen?

Unlike other sites, free members can use the advanced search, have unlimited chats with other members, and create more fleshed out profiles. When they’re ready for the next level, they can opt for a premium membership. This step gives them access to even more powerful tools and features to help them get a date and even find a lifelong partner.

Is Cybermen free?

Registration is free, and even non-premium members are allowed to chat with any member of the site for free. They can also use the advanced search and create profiles. Premium membership is available to those who want to experience the full benefits of Cybermen.

Does Cybermen really work?

The best way for Cybermen to work for you is if you sign up for a premium subscription. You can see for yourself how useful the more advanced features are by getting a 1-month subscription. It’s very affordable, and you can always turn off the monthly auto-renewal if things don’t work out for you.


Cybermen Conclusion

The common practice prevailing in the industry when it comes to “free” registration is to limit non-paying users’ interaction with other members. Free users can’t create a complete profile and aren’t allowed to chat. You’ll be lucky to send a few messages per day, and usually, the recipient can’t even respond to them.

These sites also let standard members use a dumbed-down version of the search engine if they even offer it. The idea is to whet a new member’s appetite for more advanced functionalities and features exclusive to those who pay a premium. The reality is that if you don’t have a subscription, you’ll end up as an observer that can’t do much. This strategy is quite understandable as these dating apps and sites are business enterprises. They will provide value for money. If you want to take advantage of their premium offerings, it’s only understandable to subscribe.

123Multimedia has taken the opposite approach by opening up access to essential Cybermen features and tools that will be very useful, especially to new members. They go as far as allowing chat and messaging for free and didn’t put limitations in their search engine. Also, anyone can create an attractive, filled-out profile.

Their market is concentrated in Europe, specifically in and around France, but their international membership continues to grow. Don’t be surprised if they gain a more substantial worldwide following.

It isn’t perfect, and there’s still a lot of room for the developers to better enhance Cybermen’s service. However, it remains a terrific online platform for gay men as it is. They have the chance to meet and mingle online and maybe later in the real world. For its reasonable pricing plan, we highly recommend you give it a try.

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