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Clover review – what do we know about it?

Clover review – what do we know about it?
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Date with older guy 3%
Reply rate 95%
Beauty 96%
Popular age 18-30
Profiles 6000000
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Visit rate 9.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Chatting is unlimited and unrestricted, and there are many options for communication.
  • You can request and confirm the date, time, and venue in the app itself and get the member from offline to meet you. Clover features an On-Demand date feature, which lets the people want to meet you. It also enables you to find out a date quickly. The app makes it easy for you to confirm and request dates.
  • The user base is vast and active.
  • There are privacy options and diverse profile customization through the 20 question quiz.
  • The compatibility % given by Clover gives you some metrics to show how well you may get along with another member. So it is not just through pictures that you judge.
  • Clover offers swipe that is like Tinder and profile browsing like OK-cupid. It means that you get the best of both worlds.
  • You also have the option to reach out to someone who you do not match with. However, this is a paid feature.
  • Premium features can be accessed only by those who pay the subscription.
  • For the members who have registered for free, the app starts to encourage them to buy coins either through promoting the social media app or through direct purchasing. It can be a bit annoying.
  • The user base is vast, which makes it essential to use the premium features to get the maximum from the app.
  • Though the compatible feature is an advantage, it is still unclear how well it matches. One cannot be sure if the 20 questions compatibility match is sufficient to meet a likeminded partner.

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Clover, the online dating app, is often seen as a mix of Tinder and OkCupid. The dating app is feature-rich and is ideal for those who are either looking just for some sexting or a long term relationship. The app boasts of many features and has incorporated the best elements of most of the dating apps. Members can like or pass or chat with the other members without choosing both options. There is a date planning section, a section for open-mixer, which is a Meetup-style, and the ability to start own Mixers. Members can also use the messaging section with multimedia features and an informative profile section. The online dating app has a large number of members, which increases the probability of finding the right match here.

Clover is simple to use but has a scientific algorithm running in the background, making it a popular dating site. It was launched in the year 2014 by Isaac Raichyk, who is its CEO and founder. The unique feature of this site is to let users order dates in just two clicks. The members can filter out profiles based on location, gender, and age. The app also has an option to block members. It is said that on Clover, you can order for a date in the same manner as you would order your pizza. The site algorithm matches you to other member profiles based on your compatibility. With over 6 million users on the dating site and 85% between the 18 to 30 age group, you just know what to look out for on Clover.

How does Clover work?

How does Clover work?

Clover makes use of your GPS location and lets you find the singles in your area. You can choose a profile and suggest a suitable place and time to meet the person. Wait for the member to confirm your invitation, and then you get a date in minutes.

To contact a member on Clover, you will have to get your account validated to see the matches suggested for you. If the users like each other, then they can use the free messaging option for any different kind of message, you need to pay and be a member. You will also be able to see those who have their profiles boosted on the top of your chat screen.

Once your account is verified or validated through SMS, you can start to get matches. It is an essential step because it reduces the chances of any fake accounts.

You can communicate with other members on Clover, and when you add them as your favorite, they will get a notification. You can also play the 20 questions with them or just go straight and ask for a date.

How does Clover work?

Registration – is it really easy?

Registering on Clover is easy. It takes less than even 2 minutes to create an account. You can create a Clover account through email or Facebook. You will have to mention the reason why you wish to join Clover. Upload just one photo through Instagram, Facebook, from your phone or taken on the spot, and you are all set to go.

Your intention of whether you are looking to chat with people, looking out for a new friend, looking to date, or looking out for a long term relationship should be mentioned. You also have an option to sign in through your email. Here you will have to key in some necessary information about yourself before you start to use the site. If you use Facebook to sign in, then your necessary details will be imported automatically.

The basic details asked for are:

  • Age
  • Name
  • Orientation
  • Gender
  • Height
  • Intention
  • Ethnicity
  • Occupation
  • School
  • Show distance

None of these are mandatory to enter. However, the more information that you provide, the quality of matches will improve.

Registration - is it really easy?

What about design and usability?

According to the data of SimilarWeb, the iOS version of Clover holds a 4.5-star rating. It is based on 9315 reviews, and Clover is ranked 40 in the social networking apps across the United States.

This clearly shows that the Clover dating site has been built for the general masses. The design is very user-friendly, and the communication options are thoughtfully designed, making the app well suited for one and all. There are many filtering and sorting options that do not overwhelm the user. The interface is well-structured and clean, so it is not much of a chore to understand its features. Clover meets the needs of online dating and lets you find that someone special on the dating app.

Many app elements stand out. The option of unlimited chatting, members, chat capability, request and confirm dates, and the Mixers section, which lets one save on energy and time to find a suitable partner, makes this online dating app complete. The profile section allows one to customize what they want to reveal. The 20 questions game lets one showcase a wide variety of interests, which in turn increases the chances of landing up with the best match.

You can log into the Clover account through your Facebook account or email. To deactivate your account, you need to click on the tab at the bottom and then click on the three lines, which you can find on the left-hand bottom side. When you scroll further below, you get a deactivate option.

What about design and usability?

Let’s talk about profile quality

The profile field is automatically populated if you register through Facebook. After allowing the geo-locating option, users can upload their profiles where they need to fill in some basic information about themselves. They also need to mention whether they are looking just to hook up, casually date, or are looking for a long term relationship.

If you sign up through Facebook, then the details on your profile sections get filled in by itself, and the last 15 profile pictures are automatically uploaded.

You can view multiple profile pictures for free on the Clover dating app. The profiles cannot be swiped on. Clover stands apart from the other online dating apps. You cannot swipe the profiles left or right but can just click on them. When you see the profile, you get to know about the member’s gender, location, ethnicity, intention, height, occupation, and other personal details that could be of interest to you. You can play the 20 questions where you compare your answers to judge your compatibility. You can ask them to play with a single click of a button. You can also suggest meeting them on a date and time requested by you.

Let’s talk about profile quality

The mobile application

The Clover mobile app offers some exciting features. It is also easy to use and navigate through. Here are some features of the mobile application that makes Clover stand out.

  • On-demand dating

This is an excellent feature of this dating app. Members on other dating apps complain that some are just on the dating site to browse through profiles with no intention of meeting up with others. Some just keep ghosting on others in between conversations.

Clover solves these problems, and they have done it well. When you create a profile on Clover, you can go through profiles of those members who have turned on the On Dating feature. It could state, “I’m interested,” or “No Thanks.” If you are interested too then, you may suggest a time and a place or let the other member do it. Once you get a confirmation, you have a date. 

  • Mixers

Mixers are nothing but chat rooms that come with a common theme. Some themes are Healthy Lifestyle, Serious Relationships Only, Fitness Singles, or 90s Babies. There are many more such themes. You are free to join any of them. Once you are in it, you may also invite other members to it. You can also create your Mixer and encourage others to it. There is no limit on the topic, so you are free to be creative and specific. The Mixer feature can be used to chat with people or to plan some events.

  • 20 Questions

This is a simple game that is used in flirting and has been brought into use by Clover. You will be given two cards that will have labels of contrasting personalities, and you will have to select the character that you think is you. Other members will see the 20 answers that you give, and you, too, can see the responses of others. This is an optional game, but it is a great way to show your personality and know about other personalities too. It is not a game that you play just one time. You can play it again and again with different question sets.

The mobile application

Safety & security

Clover makes use of the (SSL/TLS) or the Secure Sockets Layer protocol for every transaction that you carry out on the dating app. The transactions are related to the personal information that you send. It scrambles the data that it transfers from the application to the company’s server. Members are also allowed to hide their location and also can block the user at any communication stage. You do not need to show your distance to anyone when you use the Clover app. The protocol also functions when you make payments on the Clover mobile app.

Pricing and benefits

The 1-month subscription on Clover is 29.99 USD.

The 3 months subscription on Clover is 59.99 USD, which equals 20 USD/month.

The 6 months subscription on Clover is 89.99 USD, which equals to 15 USD/month.

You can also buy credits on Clover. 10 credits cost you 19.90 USD, 5 credits cost you 12.95USD, and 1 credit will cost you 2.99 USD. The credits let you boost your profile to appear on the chat screen, which offers maximum exposure to your profile.

If you want to change your name, then you can do that, too, with an additional payment of 0.99 USD.

Safety & security

Help & support

The help and support at Clover are swift, so rest assured that you always have help when needed. To contact the customer care at Clover, all you need to do is email their customer help desk on support@clover.co. You can also message them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram which can be done @TheCloverapp


Is Clover safe?

The Clover app is completely safe to use. You are allowed to keep your location hidden, and you are also free to report or block someone. Clover makes use of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL/TLS) protocol to keep all your payment details secure.

Is Clover a real dating site?

Yes, Clover is a real dating app that is available on the Google Play and Apple App Store. It is available in most of the countries across the world, and it has more than 3 million active users today. The Clover dating app is a cool one and is worth a try. You can swipe and browse on the dating app and set up the fast and easy dates.

Is Clover a real dating site?

How to use Clover?

Clover is a well-known mobile dating app that is popular because of its features and its speed. Clover works using your GPS information, which in turn lets you spot the singles that are in your area. You can choose a profile through its features and suggest a meeting time and place and wait for the date to confirm.

Is Clover free?

It is free to register and download the app and use it. However, to make use of the additional features, you will have to pay and be a VIP member. Once you register for free, you will be asked to pay and become a premium member. You can find out about the premium services offered, which includes filtering down to as much as the eye color and sending video messages on the mobile dating app. However, if you think that you may not use this feature, then try out their 7-day free trial period where you can get to test the waters first. There are many features and functions on the free version of Clover as well, so judge on whether to buy a paid service based on your use.

Is Clover really works?

Yes, Clover does work. It is available for download on your Android and iOS phones. They also have an official twitter account @TheCloverApp, which you can follow and get all the updates that you need.

Is Clover really works?


Clover is an excellent mobile dating app, and its unique features are what make it stand out. It is easy to use its features, and the app does get you a date. The app is modern and clean to use, and it also pleases the eyes. The functions are user-friendly, and they justify their premium subscription price.

Clover has put an end to many problems that are faced by other online dating site users. Some users complain that Clover is a text messaging site primarily and it doesn’t help members arrange an actual meet. The algorithm at Clover helps to make people meet those whom they are compatible with. It is also a highly innovative platform that makes it exciting to use and find a date.

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by HULL Oct 06, 2021
The dating website is straightforward, and course-plotting is a breeze. I receive an ample number of realities and knowledge for customers that appear attractive to myself. The thing is, i really do take pleasure in due to being on website. We possibly couldn't find my personal current friend till now. However, I recently found two wondering individuals to correspond with. I'm free of charge and peaceful while chatting with them. It is suggested this web site to everyone who's interested in close camaraderie, irrespective of the version of romance.
Michael Townsend
by Michael Townsend Sep 30, 2021
Very high feeling. I've discovered lots of ready and interesting consumers and a few freaks . that's the norm if you find yourself online. Some games weren't with my locality . that's why we stayed buddys. I will point out that this particular service brings lots of methods to help make various other people take note of we. Initially, it's enough space to develop your own profile and offer enough the informatioin needed for the way you look and character. After that, messaging try acceptable. In general, we receive complete online connections that can also get a date any time whenever you are prepared fulfill your preferred in real life.
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