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Catholic Singles Review – what do we know about it?

Catholic Singles Review – what do we know about it?
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Pros and Cons

  • Catholic Singles is a faith-based dating website, set up and run by Catholics to promote Catholic singles forming relationships inside the Catholic community. You can be confident that you are building a relationship with a member of your faith.
  • The mobile application is straightforward to use, and all the Catholic Singles features are available with ease and convenience.
  • Catholic Singles provides support for engaging with the Catholic community in your areas and meeting potential dates. You can find out the times of your local mass.
  • The online chaplain gives convenient contact for spiritual matters together with relevant and inspiring blogs on Catholic relationships.
  • Membership is relatively expensive compared with general dating websites.
  • Catholic Singles free membership offers minimal services and needs to pay to connect with other members.

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Catholic Singles is owned and run by a team of devout Catholics to provide a faith-based dedicated dating site for single people of the Catholic faith. It was started in 1997 to provide Catholic singles with the opportunity to find fellowship, fun, community, and dating opportunities with other Catholic singles. Other popular catholic dating site – CatholicMatch, and we recommend you to read this article in our blog – CatholicSingles vs CatholicMatch.

Catholic Single has developed to be more than an online dating site. Traditional dating sights have a meat market approach to matching up individuals, treating them as commodities instead of people. Catholic Singles focuses on revealing the individual behind the profile pictures and the posed smiles. You are encouraged to build a community of friends to support your faith-based life. Out of that community, you have the opportunity to develop value-driven relationships that lead to a marriage that builds on robust faith principles.

Opportunities for meeting prospective dates through introductions by friends and family or chance encounters are increasingly rare. Add in the desire to connect with a potential partner of the same faith, and you have fewer potential contacts in your network. Introductions to possible matches by friends are unlikely to have been screened for the faith element. It can be embarrassing to have that conversation when you begin dating. The other person does not understand the essential role that the Catholic faith plays in your life.  You risk hurting someone you like and have gotten to know, plus the damage this failed relationship can have on your friendships.

General dating sites can use faith as a matching criterion, but it is only one factor out of many others. There is a strong possibility that non-faith candidates for relationships will populate your matches. Then you will face approaches from individuals who do not share your faith. No one wants to upset other people by rejecting their advances, and some discomfort and embarrassment are unavoidable. If your soul mate must share your faith, then a dedicated faith-based dating site is the answer. Catholic Singles provides a spiritual dating site for Catholics and gluten free singles (Catholic of course) and no other.

How does Catholic Singles work?

Catholic Singles is a faith-based online dating site that works in the same way as a non-faith-based general dating site. Some additional features appeal to Catholics like the prayer boards and confirmation of masses scheduled in local parish churches.

You register with Catholic Singles, build your profile, and then use the tools provided to contact other members. Through online contact, you form a relationship until you are both ready to meet in person.

The tools available to interact with other members depends on the nature of your membership. In common with other dating sites, Catholic Singles gives more benefits and actions to premium members than free members.

The dual aim of growing Catholic faith-based networks means that there are opportunities to contact members for friendship and community. Potential marriage partners are one aim of Catholic Singles, but not the only purpose. There is no pressure to sign up with Catholic Singles to search for a bride or groom. You are encouraged to spend time interacting with and building bonds with other Catholic singles in your area.

The members’ aims and intentions can range from wanting to make friends in the Catholic community to those seeking a marriage partner. Catholic Singles webpages and Facebook pages display many testimonials from couples who have met through membership of the dating site.

How does Catholic Singles work?

Registration – is it really easy?

Registration is straightforward and free.  You don’t have to complete your profile at the same time, but you will receive reminders. You can sign up with email, Facebook, or Google. The essential information to create your account is the same as any other dating site registration process – name, gender, birthday, and email. You create a password and choose a display name. Your personal information is kept private and is not on your profile.

What about design and usability?

All dating websites contain certain features in common to allow members to advertise themselves to other members and contact other users. In some cases, there are bonus features as well, which are unique to particular dating websites.

Catholic Singles allow you to register and sign up for free. To benefit from all the site services, you need to invest in a subscription.

The features that Catholic Singles have in common with generic dating websites are the ability to search the members’ list to find members that match your criteria. You can search by location, interests, and appearance or a more advanced search if you have completed the Catholic Singles compatibility test.

The Catholic Singles Compatibility test is a scientific questionnaire in two parts designed to identify your personality type and your complementary partner. The questionnaire will take around ten minutes to complete. The first part is all about you, and it contains many questions, including your place in your family – eldest, middle or youngest child. The second part concentrates on finding out what you are looking for in an ideal match.

The communication tools include sending icebreakers, liking photos, and sending messages (for paid members only). Members communicate via the usernames. You are advised not to change your username because that is how other users remember you.

Polls are a communication tool unique to Catholic Singles, that allow you to get to know other members without direct contact. Participation in polls reveals personalities, interests, and highlights active members. Joining a poll is a gentle way of getting to know other members before directly contacting them. Many people are shy and hold back from making direct contact until they feel they have learned a little about the other person.

Other faith-based activities available on Catholic Singles web pages are the prayer boards. You can offer to pray for other members, invite members to pray for you, and declare your prayer intentions. Use your location to search for information on masses held in a parish near you with addresses and times of services. Uniquely there is an on-site chaplain who blogs useful relationship information and will answer questions to guide members in faith-based relationships or any other matter that has an impact on living a Catholic life.

Catholic What about design and usability?

Let’s talk about profile quality

Using Facebook for registering with Catholic Singles allows you to autofill part of your profile pages. Catholic Singles promotes itself as going beyond the profile picture to uncover the real person. Many members refrain from uploading any profile pictures.

The personality questionnaire asks detailed questions to allow you to build up a personality-based profile. The questions vary from lifestyle, biographical details, and your involvement with your local church.  Catholic Singles is promoting faith-based relationships, and its members come from Catholics living a religious life.

The profile includes long ‘essay’ style answers to four open-ended questions. Two questions cover the role religion plays in your life and what it means to be a catholic. The remaining two cover what you are looking for in a partner and what you would like to do on a first date.

The profile quality of any member depends on the information provided by that member. All members can view all profiles. Photographs are not essential, but they are subject to moderation and need to fall within acceptable guidelines.

The mobile application

The app is available on Android and iPhone. The website is optimized for mobile use and displays well on a mobile screen. The app provides a streamlined service and is ideal for people who have minimal time to spare but want to get in touch with other single Catholics for the community, friendship, and potential marriage.

The Catholic Singles app allows you to register a new account, complete basic searches, browse member profiles, and communicate. You can completely manage your account with your phone. The advantage of the Catholic Singles app over the website is that you can see your notifications as they arrive, letting you communicate rapidly with your contacts.

Catholic Singles approach to connecting through the app is that you are building deep faith-based relationships with fellow Catholics. You aim to look for a mixture of community, friendship, and a possible calling to marriage and children.  It is not about quick, casual meetings but a growing together in faith in a supportive network with shared values and expectations.

Catholic Let’s talk about profile quality

Safety & security

Usernames identify each member – personal details like name, email, telephone numbers, and addresses are not part of the profile. You can block users from contacting you, but you cannot stop any user from seeing either your photographs or your profile.

As a paid member, you can hide the fact that you are online from other members if you prefer that level of discretion. The terms and conditions and privacy policies are robust, and there are moderation and enforcement on the site.

Catholic Singles acknowledges the potential problem of false profiles slipping through the net. Plenty of advice about trusting your instincts and the need to be safety conscious when getting to know other members is available. The chaplain’s blog points out that a fraudster is getting you to trust them, so they can steal from you. This intention means they are willing to lie and misrepresent themselves as being a decent Catholic when it is all a false front.

Any suspicious activity needs reporting to Catholic Singles. No member is permitted to ask for gifts, money, or identity information from other members.  Straightforward advice includes watching out for somebody trying to rapidly progress the relationship, looking to make contact outside the website, and making excuses to avoid meeting in person.

Catholic Singles provides a safe and secure dating site. Still, its members are vulnerable to fraudsters because they believe that everyone on the website is a devout Catholic and trustworthy. Catholic Singles moderators work hard to ensure that the members are who they say they are. However, it is sensible to be cautious in building a relationship with a new person.

Catholic Safety & security

Pricing and benefits

The free service is extremely limited because you are unable to send messages or contact other members. You can browse profiles and conduct some basic searches, but to build a relationship with another member, you will need to subscribe.

Catholic Singles offers a single-tier paid membership on a one-month, three-month, or six-month subscription. The average monthly cost at $24.95/month is substantially more affordable with a six-month ($74.96 for six months) subscription and a 50% savings. Your subscription automatically renews, you need to select the type of subscription that suits your needs the best.

Premium members can create blog posts for Catholic Singles and receive regular bulletins of religious news concerning the Catholic faith. The principal benefit of paid membership is the ability to send and receive messages.

Help & support

Help and support in using the Catholic Singles site and questions about faith come in many forms. You can manage your account with automated systems, but there is a dedicated customer support team.

The prayer board and access to a site Chaplain are some unique faith-based support features promoted by Catholic Singles.  Catholic Singles operates like a dating site aiming to provide matches to prospective partners. But it also functions as a community builder for the Catholic faith. The community aspect means that you have support for your relationship queries and your faith concerns.

Catholic Pricing and benefits


Do you still have any questions on your mind? You’ll probably find the answers to those in the following section.

Is Catholic Singles safe?

Catholic Singles is a safe and secure website with all the standard safety features. Your financial and private information is kept secure and not shared with other parties except where legislation requires disclosure.

Site moderation and excellent support ensure that all practical steps are in place to safeguard members from fraudsters.

Is Catholic Singles a real dating site?

Catholic Singles was founded in 1997 and has developed and grown since that date. It is a niche dating site catering to Catholic singles and is active on Facebook and in providing services to members. Its ownership is transparent, and the site exists and is available for you to find friends and dates in the Catholic faith.

How to use Catholic Singles?

Catholic Singles is an ideal service for an unmarried Catholic to meet other single people for friendship and community as well as potential marriage partners. You sign up to Catholic Singles to connect with a faith community and to strengthen your knowledge of your Catholic faith surrounding yourself with a network that shares your values and beliefs.

Is Catholic Singles free?

You can register, build a profile, and browse other members’ profiles for free, but to communicate with other members, you need the premium service. The minimal free service allows you to explore the membership to see if there are enough potential contacts in your area to justify the joining fee.

Does Catholic Singles really work?

Catholic Singles has some fundamental aims – to help build a faith-based community of Catholic people and to connect Catholic singles for faith, friendship, and love.  Catholic Singles started in 1997 and is still thriving today – yes, Catholic Singles works to put single Catholics in contact.

Does Catholic Singles really work?


Faith-based dating is an old tradition because people of faith want to share their lives and time with others who share their values and beliefs. Catholic Singles is a niche social discovery platform with the twin aim of providing Catholic singles a network of friends and ensuring that the Catholic faith thrives in today’s world.

Faith depends on community links. Today’s society builds community links in cyberspace as well as through physical meetings. Catholic Singles provides a service that offers faith-based activities at the core of its dating service. This extra faith-based dimension lets Catholic Singles stand out from the crowd as a Catholic social discovery platform as well as an online dating website.

The main advantage over joining Catholic Singles instead of a secular dating site is that every member has self-selected as being a devout Catholic. If it is essential for you to marry a Catholic and focus on the right pool of people, Catholic Singles provides those opportunities for you.

Catholic Singles provides a meeting place with a community focus where you can meet friends as well as dates. If you are looking to connect with other singles who share your Catholic faith and want access to potential friends and potential partners, join Catholic Singles.

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