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Apex review – what do we know about it?

Apex review – what do we know about it?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 48%
Popular age 23-30
Beauty 64%
Profiles 7 450
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Visit rate 3.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Profile-based on voting
  • Safety is essential to the website owners
  • Location-based searches
  • Filters like location, age, sex, photo, etc. will help you get better search results.
  • The nearby feature will help you find dates located near you
  • App rating is vases on voting
  • Free messages
  • The issue with hackers and scammers
  • No video calling service
  • The only text chat is available

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Apex falls among the most popular dating sites and casual sex website. If you are interested in making friends with benefits, who might eventually turn into your good friends or your life partners, Apex is your site. Apex tries to create a bridge among different individuals who wants to connect with the intention of dating and casual sex. It can facilitate a hookup or maybe something serious.

Well, if you are trying to get into a serious relationship using Apex, it might not be the right decision. Apex generally serves the purpose of connecting people mostly interested in casual sex and hookups. If you are someone with “forever together” ideology, this isn’t your cup of tea.

Signing up to Apex is quite easy and takes only a few minutes. It doesn’t require much information except your Email ID or your Facebook ID. Once you register with them, you can catch several fishes in the profile streams.

Apex is available on Android, iOS, and Web, therefore, helping individuals vastly. They have not yet considered the downloads, but hopefully will do something amazing.

Apex offers one of the fantastic features. It relies on voting. A very democratic way to rate profiles, where you can select and be a particular profile, which seems attractive, and it can top the profile suggestions, OMG! These profiles come with the location. The locations help the profile viewers to sort out their interests. It also helps them to understand if they want to get into a virtual talk or real sex. One might be located miles apart or in a different country, what’s the profit in such kind of dating!

The best features should be mentioned at the climax, which brings us to Apex’s exceptional advantages. Guess what; Apex Dating is free! Now, enjoy surfing profiles and selecting profiles that make you feel hookup worthy!

How does Apex work?

Apex review

Did you check out the full review yet? Let’s give it a read because we have worked hard in putting up every possible information you might need before joining the dating platform. Do you know these fascinating facets of Apex dating? Well, Apex works with a technique that is democratic and also trustable. Apex selects profiles based on voting.

Two uses emerge on the screen and not for a particular profile depending on its profile picture quality, descriptions, hobbies, and pictures. It helps the profiles get high up in the popularity ladder. The one who wins goes up in the list, the one who loses gets demoted.

This is one of the exciting features a dating app has to provide you. While it is interesting, it is also helpful in finding the right and genuine profile who wants to date. It will also help you invent new dating ideas.

The texting feature works when you have signed up and logged in to your profile. Also, you have set an attractive profile for yourself; you can now start texting your matches!

Registration – is it really easy?

Apex Registration

Apex makes it easy for its user. The registration takes about 5-7 minutes only. Initially, you will have to reach out to their website or download the Apex app from the Play Store or iOS store. After downloading, you will go to the sign-in page for the Desktop version and login page for the Application.

The first space will ask for your Gender and all, your gender preference. Now, it will ask you to provide your email ID. Provide them with a valid email ID. Now, you have submitted your email ID; Apex will ask you to set a password for your profile. The password should be unique. It is essential to keep the password unique because it will protect your profile from any external threats.

After you always have the password, your profile will be set. Now choose a username for your profile. The user name can be your name or something attractive and sexy. Better usernames will always get first preferences. As mentioned in the review earlier, Apex runs a voting system to help the profiles come into the limelight. Therefore, keeping your profile classy yet sassy will help you get more matches.

After you have decided your username, Apex will ask for your birthday and your Zip Code or location. It will help users to filter the correct matches for hookups. If you wish for her positive attention, keep your profile description short, classy, and flirty. Your only chance of teeth g notices is your description and the pictures you upload.

What about design and usability?

Apex design

The apps are well designed and let members find matches easily using different filters. Search their database using filters such as name, location, age, sex, and even photos. Also, the apex provides a “nearby” feature for better hookups. For eg., if you are in a bar or a restaurant, you can check out the nearby members of your location. You can ask them to come over and have an intimate time.

Apex is also based on location. They ask to do your location the very moment you sign up with Alex. This helps them categorize the profiles and make better matches. You can search for profiles in your city. Apex makes sure that its users can have ultimate fun using their dating site. Therefore, they have a locality option too. You can find matches from your locality. It will help you hook up quickly.

Apex also provides security to its users. You can report the profiles, while Apex will restrict them from using the dating app for a limited period or forever. It depends on the seriousness of the act.

Let’s talk about profile quality

Apex profile quality

Apex has some essential questions listed for you before you can join the platform. These questions generally help you find the right match. It asks you about your age, gender preference, location, hobbies, habits, phone number, etc. to help minimize your search results and focus only on the possible matches. Now that your potential matches have been narrowed down, you can easily pick the profiles that compel you the most.

The profiles consist of attractive photos and descriptions that can help you learn choices about your matched profile. It will make your hookup easier. It would be better if you can provide maximum information. The more the data, the more will be the matching possibilities.

If you put some extra time and attention in providing your profile picture and description, you will surely stay getting hundreds of matches per day. Therefore, helping you get a stream of dishes to choose from. Hence, time is all you need to make matches that pay off!

The mobile application

Apex mobile

Apex is available on the Play Store, iOS, and also Web. They do not provide any download facility still now, but hopefully, they will in the future. With the application facility, you will have an option to stay signed in and read the notifications as soon as someone tries to contact you. You will be able to be in touch with the notifications.

You can enjoy the desktop version even on your phone if you want to switch to it. The mobile applications are smooth with an easy interface.

As a user and a member of the site, you have a lot of options to interact with your fellow matches. The “nearby” feature helps you connect with local hotties and beauties. Also, the filter search technique helps find the right kind of profile.

You can instantly send messages to your matched profiles. When you text someone remember to keep the norms of flirting and also the way of good and respectful communication. Your words are your wealth, remember that!

Safety & security

Apex Safety


Notice that someone is presenting himself falsely or inappropriately? Report the bad users, and we will remove them to create a vast ecosystem.

Apex will do their level best to keep your profile safe and secure from hackers and harassment. You just need to be careful and cat immediately if you ever face any kind of issue with Apex. Your help will be regarded as an act of bravery because you will not only secure your profile but also, you will be responsible for obtaining and also saving other members’ profiles from being hacked or misused.

Pricing and benefits

Apex Pricing

Apex is free. Therefore there is nothing to talk about its price. Being a free application, Apex delivers quite amazing benefits.

Help & support

Apex Help

Are you worried about safety? Well, don’t be, because Apex promises to provide a secured platform for the individuals interested in casual sex and hookup. Apex makes sure that none of its profit holes are fraud or scam. They keep updating their application from time to time. It helps them stay away hackers and fraud profiles.

Apex has mentioned its safety and security measures on its security page itself. You go through the terms and conditions before joining the website. We have provided you this review to help you know details about the saying site before you become their member. It is essential to know about the application, it’s usability, security, features, pros, and cons before joining a dating site like this.

You ever come across a profile that seems illegal, or you find it suspicious you need to report the profile immediately. Even if any of the members misbehave you, you can report the profile, and Apex will take action by naming the profile from their website. Be courageous to report these fraud websites. By doing this, you will help other men and women to be safe and help them avoid such harassment.


Apex Q&A

Is Apex safe?

Yes, certainly. Apex dating is safe and keeps your information secret. Every dating site comprises various imposters and fraud profiles. It is a natural phenomenon. Even with high security, these hackers can do things like this.

Apex is safe because the developers have guaranteed us to help and take actions against any such profile or misbehavior. It won’t let anyone get away with bad behavior and illegal use of the profile. You can contact the developers if you have a serious company about a particular profile or profile.

A little red flag on the profile will drive out the phonies at an instance. Apex always attempts to maintain a robust ecosystem for all its users.

Is Apex a real dating site?

Apex makes singles and individuals available for their best hookups, casual sexes of their life. Apex will not provide you with life partners but will provide a companion for a night.

How to use Apex?

Just login if you are an existing member either from your phone or your computer, and start using the application. If you haven’t yet created a profile, you can download the app from the Apple store or at the store and become a member in a few minutes. After you have created a profile, you will start getting matches, clock, and start chatting!

Is Apex free?

Well, good news for all the seekers of love, sex, and pleasure, Alex is free! You can sign up and register your profile with Apex with zero investment. Also, search their vast database, with thousands of attractive profiles, ideal for hookups. As soon as you sign up with Apex or install their Application form the iOS, Android, or Web, you can start searching and swiping profiles instantly.

Is Apex really works?

Apex has been making matches for 6 years. Many of the matches have ended up even getting married. This app is strictly a casual day and hook up site. These matches that ended up in a happy note, i.e., getting married, will always be regarded as an example for Apex.

If you are nearby some members, you can search for the nearby members and hook-up or just spend some Time dating casually. Also, Apex works on a voting system, which makes it believable and trustworthy. If you are skeptical about Apex, we would suggest you read the review carefully before joining the platform.

Apex does work with members who want it to work. If you’re looking for something serious, we would want you to visit serious dating and marriage sites because Apex won’t be the right platform for you.


Apex says – “Lure yourself into one of the best hookup apps. Find real hot dates near you!

If you are tired of the same old annoying dating apps, try Apex Dating, our new dating app! As we have used tons of dating apps, from the paid ones to the best free dating apps, we concluded that a new app is needed. We put a considerable amount of effort into making it amazing. So, Apex Dating quality comes before quantity! We are sure you will find something exciting and something amazing that will take your excitement levels through the roof.

Since 2016, Apex has been rocking the casual sex and hookup cultures. It is an excellent way for individuals to find companions for the time being. These hookup apps help individuals with commitment phobia, find pleasure for a night.

With a great search facility and filters, members can search profiles based on their preferences. It becomes a lot easier for you to search for the profiles of your desire. The application is free, and therefore anyone can afford for casual sex or a hookup.

Well, now that you have read the review and review about every feature, it will be easier for you to join the platform and have some enjoyment. You might meet your man or women of dreams; you are just a step away from the right decision.

You might be going on and off, with the site, but don’t you feel relaxed now, after reading our review? We have tried to mention every aspect and feature possible so that you don’t have any surprises. Go check out the website right now, and also create a profile and entice yourself with the best of the local matches!

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