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Wooplus Review – what do we know about it?

Wooplus Review – what do we know about it?
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Wooplus users sign up here as well:

Pros and Cons

  • It doesn’t have ads
  • A wide range of interesting features
  • Detailed user profiles that help users find a match efficiently
  • Messaging other users is done for free
  • A clean and simple to use user interface
  • Many ice-breaking options are available. They include sending gifts
  • Free users can only send messages to users who have liked them. This can make a user wait for long to find a match

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The Wooplus matchmaking service is quite similar to Tinder because it prompts users to pass or like and then allows them to communicate. This service aims to give big-sized individuals a safe dating platform. It is where these individuals will meet singles who will never discriminate against them because of their size. The CEO of the Wooplus matchmaking company is called Neil Raman, and he revealed that the modern romantic scene is cruel to plus-sized people. He learned about this from his sister, who faced challenges finding a romantic partner.

When people are big physically, that should never stop them from enjoying a normal dating life just like everyone else. That is why the Wooplus matchmaking service was founded. Since 2015, this service has been providing plus-sized people a safe place to interact with single users. Currently, this platform has more than three million users from various places around the globe. By bringing together plus-sized people, the app is fighting the stigma against curvaceous singles with love. It is easy to meet someone who will appreciate a big-sized person on Wooplus than all other matchmaking sites.

How does Wooplus work

How does Wooplus work?

The matchmaking platform provides a platform for big-sized males and females to meet. This is a place that does not entertain body-shaming. Most individuals that look big physically are many at times underestimated in other matchmaking services. The Wooplus matchmaking platform offers something that empowers plus-sized individuals.

There are over 3.5 million users on the platforms currently, and they come from many places around the globe. And so far, the website has recorded over twenty-seven million matches. Any curvy man or lady is guaranteed to meet a lover here. Users will often encounter many active users every single day. Sixty percent of the Wooplus matchmaking platform members are from America. The ration of males to females is almost 2:1. This implies that women will meet matches undoubtedly since there are more men than females.

  • This application is highly interactive. Users can look for perfect matches without making any payment. It is only the location feature that needs users to make payment.
  • All Wooplus users’ details can be viewed without paying. This includes aspects such as age, interests, activities, and location.
  • Free users can send texts to their matches, and premium users can send texts to users who are not their matches.
  • Interacting with other users on this platform is fun. Users can even view the number of gifts others get.
  • Wooplus users can also block fake profiles or people they don’t like. There is even an option to report profiles that violate the site rules.

This is the most uncomplicated dating platform to use in communicating with single individuals. Users may text any person that shows up on their search results or matches. Every searching filter on the Wooplus matchmaking platform is free; users just have to pay for the location option. Users can even like and comment on other users’ photographs. To send someone a message, you only need to tap on his/her profile.

There are even more methods of contacting people on this site. Among them is poking, this is again free of charge. You can also interact with people on this website by sending them presents. The gifts are purchased with free coins awarded when logging into the website. The types of gifts you can send include flowers, cakes, and teddy bears. You can even gift someone a vehicle if you wish.

The Wooplus matchmaking platform additionally features the Moment tab where users can view other users’ activity. Users love liking and commenting on other people’s photos. This platform mainly targets big people of any age. The women here love taking delightful photographs; you will find most of their pictures on their profiles.

Generally, everyone at the Wooplus matchmaking platform is friendly. Messages get replied to fast, and the comments left on people’s photos get lesser attention. This makes it simpler to start communicating and meeting.

And for those that have paid accounts below are the features that they will enjoy at the matchmaking platform:

  • Unlimited messaging: They may send a message to any person, and they can see if they have seen it or not.
  • Playing additional card rounds: This gives users more matches daily.
  • More search filters: You can search for matches using filters like ethnicity and location.
  • See your admirers: Premium Wooplus users can see the people that like them. This helps in getting a match faster.
  • Rewinding the passcard: This feature allows going back to swipe again.
  • Restarting old matches: This helps in keeping the romance going.
  • Select: This feature allows users to pick from the highly searched and highest active users.

Registration - is it really easy

Registration – is it really easy?

  • New users are required to provide their private details and do a personality test.
  • The site makes it easy for users to finish creating their profiles as they keep using it. Once a user provides a little information, he/she is free to begin using the website. Questions will appear as people keep using the site.
  • Wooplus users are allowed to share many photos as they wish. Users can even view other people’s photographs without subscribing.
  • The whole sign up activity does not even last over one minute. The personality test section is also fascinating.
  • If you are a new user, you must specify your gender, the gender of the person you want to meet, and the things you like.

Registering at the Wooplus dating website is very simple because all that people have to do is tap on the options specified. Specifying your gender is a must, and their matches can see all the details that users write about their personalities. The personality test section is fun because all the questions asked are entertaining, as well as the responses. It is just like the question and answers section of the beauty contest. From the answers that people give in this section, you can know how funny they are. This section also helps users to determine whether a profile is real or fake. The serous users try as much as they can to answer all the questions in the personality test. Also, users are free to edit their profile details later as they keep using the site.

What about design and usability

What about design and usability?

The Wooplus dating website design simple and clear. Users do not need to be tech-savvy to know how to use it. It has many functionalities, and its charging times are not long since it is effortless. The site, however, needs to be improved a bit, especially at the Moments section. Users post their picture here the same way as in other social networking platforms. The images at the Wooplus dating app, however, don’t occupy the whole display. Because of this, they look small. But the design of the profile is unique. Users can effortlessly get all the details that they want at a glance. All symbols on the website are also simple to understand.

Let's talk about profile quality

Let’s talk about profile quality

  • User images on this dating platform can be viewed by anyone who has registered on the site.
  • Profile details are certified and fun to read.
  • All profiles at the Wooplus dating site are checked for authenticity. This helps in eliminating scammers and fake users.
  • Users’ pictures do not get barred; they are all visible on the profile.
  • The dating community on the platform is reliable, and most of the profiles have a lot of information.
  • Users can edit their profile details as they keep using the site.
  • Every user’s display photo is visible to everyone.

If you are plus-sized and want a serious partner, the Wooplus dating platform is the perfect one to join. It is rare to find empty profiles on this site. Even users who can’t provide their profile details when they sign up can always do that as they keep using the site. Though it is possible to find people who use pictures that are not theirs, most people here are genuine with what they share on the site. Another remarkable thing is that no profiles are shaming each other on the Wooplus dating site. Should there be any, they will get banned immediately. Reports about shaming others are taken severely on this platform.

The mobile application

The mobile application

  • The phone application is designed simply and clearly; starters will never have a hard time using it.
  • All mobile app functionalities have been explained, making it easy for users to know how to use them.
  • There is a Wooplus mobile app for Android and Apple gadgets.
  • This application will never require making payment to download. Users always download it without paying at Apple Store and Google Play Store.
  • This mobile service has all the necessary dating functionalities because there is no desktop version of the site.

Anything that users would like to do at the Wooplus matchmaking platform will be done on the mobile application. Whether it is signing up, sending texts, sending gifts, or anything else, users do it on the app. This application notifies people whenever a message has been received. Other excellent things about the app are that it has good-looking symbols, and its comment box and layout also look beautiful. There is even a section with question marks where people click whenever they don’t understand something. It is only the Moments tab that needs to be improved because it isn’t reliable enough. But generally, the Wooplus dating app is simple and light.

Safety & security

Safety & security

This is a safe dating platform. People are, however, advised to be cautious always. Should you notice any bad behavior on the site, use the report option to report the profile involved. Any suspicious activity on the website must be reported. Doing this helps in protecting not only you but all other members at the site. Do not ignore your instinct if you feel that something is not right about a certain user. Also, the Wooplus dating app users are advised no to share their private details with other users.

Pricing and benefits

The app can be used for free, or you can pay to enjoy more features.

Free user features include:

  • Messaging.
  • Searching matches.
  • Posting pictures.
  • Liking and commenting on pictures.
  • Uploading a display picture.
  • Modifying profile details.
  • Getting free coins for purchasing presents.
  • Poking users.

Premium features include:

  • Searching for a match using location.
  • Choosing matches from highly searched and very active users.
  • Seeing if other users have seen your text.
  • Many matches.
  • Getting back old matches.
  • Rewinding old match proposals.

The Wooplus dating app premium charges are as below:

  • One month: 14.99 dollars.
  • Three months: 29.99 dollars, this is equivalent to 10.00 dollars per month.
  • Twelve months: 59.99 dollars, this is equivalent to 5.00 dollars per month.

The payment can be made through the options below:

  • Mobile phone.
  • PayPal.
  • Credit Card.

More Wooplus matchmaking platform benefits

Besides the above features that all non-paying and premium users enjoy, users also have a chance to take part in discussions at the site. This is where they talk about their experiences and trending topics. This platform has helped not only in fostering romantic relationships but plutonic ones too.

Help & support

Help & support

All users at the Wooplus dating site are supported by a wonderful team of customer care representatives. The support representatives are experienced in taking care of client needs. So, any time you get stuck or need to confirm something, feel free to contact them using the contacts indicated on the website.


Is Wooplus safe?

This is a very safe dating platform. Inappropriate acts are not tolerated here, and anyone who violates the app policies gets banned from using the app services.

Is Wooplus a real dating site?

Yes, it is. The app has over three million users, and most of the users are real, sincere people. Users also get verified via email and Facebook. This helps in eliminating fake users.

How to use Wooplus?

The matchmaking platform is easy to use. Users just require to join and create their profiles. A profile contains users’ details and their preferences. The app functions by matching a user’s details and preferences with that of other people. All people whose details and likes match become visible to one another when searching.

Is Wooplus free?

This application is normally downloaded and installed without paying. Many of the features don’t require payment.

Is Wooplus really works?

Users create detailed profiles on this platform, and the profile details are used to get perfect matches. The users whose preferences match become visible to one another when searching, and they can message each other. This is how one ends up finding a partner.



The Wooplus matchmaking platform has proved to be a safe platform for big-sized individuals to find singles who are willing to start a long-lasting connection with them. Many of the platform members are after serious relationships, and so far, many users have met their life partners here. If you are looking for someone to date and eventually marry, consider joining the platform. Also, it is not only a romantic partner that users will meet here. It is also possible to meet long-term genuine friends.

Another good reason why people should consider the Wooplus matchmaking platform is because it is interactive, simple, and people of varying ages are available. This platform is even more engaging because it gives a few of its features a playful feeling. What’s more, the profiles at the platform are quite detailed compared to all other matchmaking sites.

Highly detailed profiles enable people to know what other users want, which also makes it simple to meet a partner. The Wooplus platform even makes it easy for users to complete filling their profiles. This is achieved by allowing them to provide additional profile details as they keep using the app. All users here also like sharing their pictures, and others can like leaving comments on them. If you are plus-sized and scared of not finding true love, you should join the Wooplus dating app; your partner is there waiting for you.

Simran Pillarisetty
Simran Pillarisetty
Simran Pillarisetty
MS, RD & Writer
Simran is our dating hero, and she knows everything about how to make relationship between people better! She has excellent skills that she uses to make people’s life better!
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Tiffany Jones
by Tiffany Jones Oct 16, 2021
I'm an open-minded bisexual individual and like tests. I'm not just monogamous, at the very least presently. Truthfully, my own living is much from old-fashioned cultural norms, and that I frequently feeling depressed even among family relations or closest buddies. Many occur partnered, so I'm went blend ridiculous while I become their significant appearances. Therefore, definitely, it's quite difficult to look for and spend time with like-minds at the time you reside in a huge city, wherein people are also active develop brand-new contacts. Very, such in pretty bad shape 's for signing up for this incredible website. And simple encounter is definitely smooth. I was able to come across people that decide the same abstraction and understand our aspire to stay free of cost, without determination, promises, and all of this additional hooey. One more fantastic things would be that there I've met some bi-curious people. I like performance of the web site since it's really enough for original connections. Possibly, someone would like a lot more rewards, but in my opinion, you should get a night out together if you wish detailed conversation. While exploring pages, we spotted most bare your. I wish customers could pay a lot more care about the company's presence on the website. Regarding the site's overall performance, all things are okay. No problems with sign in, communications, etc. help tool is useful and it is available 24/7. I'm happy to become a virtual spot for our preferences and dreams. It's awesome once the community does indeedn't enforce the worth but is on the same webpage.
by CRANE Oct 10, 2021
This page is ideal for me personally. As I'm a tad sick of swiping, it turned a middle floor for the needs. We don't approach any serious associations nowadays, but I won't run away anytime I fulfill my own like. Our site shouldn't stress me personally and enables receiving all great features of good quality relationships. Besides, I enjoy that it application is really convenient to use, be it about direction-finding or amount. Pricing happens to be average, i typically grudge cash to them since I get the best benefits for expenses they require. I've already found some reasonable people acquire horny goes. Besides, we content with a few consumers to chat, make fun of, and negotiate different matters, contains love. I believe that I am within my group ever since the community is extremely genial. People don't evaluate your, mainly because it may be when you yourself have acquired individuals in a bar.
by Ava Oct 06, 2021
The dating internet site is easy, and course-plotting is easy. I use an adequate amount of truth and information for individuals that appear attractive to me. In all honesty, I do take pleasure in located on this web site. I couldn't experience the existing good friend yet. Continue to, i discovered some interesting folks to speak with. I believe free and calm while chatting with these people. I would recommend our site to everyone whos searching for good friendship, no matter what the version of union.
by Nylah Oct 05, 2021
Really good impressions. I've discovered many ready and intriguing customers and a few freaks . that's a norm while you are on line. Some meets weren't in my area . that's why we kept close friends. I should state that this service provides lots of technology to make additional owners note a person. Initial, it's room enough to create your very own visibility and provide sufficient information regarding the way you look and fictional character. After that, messaging is actually ok. Typically, a person use whole online communications that can also become a date anytime whenever you're prepared encounter your chosen in real life.
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