Waplog Review – what do we know about it?

Waplog Review – what do we know about it?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 92%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 18-30
Profiles 326000
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Visit rate 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • a universal dating platform without restrictions by country and region
  • many opportunities for search and communication
  • free messaging without purchasing a VIP membership
  • inexpensive VIP subscription
  • beautiful and bright design
  • convenient mobile application on iOS and Android
  • detailed profiles
  • a significant gender gap - only 35% of female profiles versus 65% of male ones
  • somewhat overloaded navigation
  • duplicate options
  • advertising pop-ups until you pay for a subscription

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Waplog is one of the most popular online dating platforms on the Internet. The site combines the features of a full-fledged social network and a dating site for men and women. You should try this platform if you want to find a serious relationship, a short flirt, a one-night stand, good fellows, and best friends sharing your values and interest. You can search for a couple of the opposite sex or same-sex since the platform does not restrict users in their freedom of choice. The advantage of this site is its relatively inexpensive paid subscription, a broad search field both in your country and around the world, as well as free messaging. Register on Waplog and communicate with other users on your computer, and through the mobile application!

How does Waplog Work?

How does Waplog Work

Waplog has almost everything that you could see on other dating sites. The presence of functional design, a message exchange service, the ability to send non-verbal sympathy signals, viewing photos, and reading a piece of rather detailed user information. This is not a niche site, like other popular platforms you could use, and many users perceive it as a Facebook-like dating site. Along with standard liking and flirting options, the platform offers a simple search for a partner of the opposite sex or your gender, as well as friends of interest. Waplog opens immediately in your native language, in accordance with your IP address. Although the platform is initially English-speaking, in France, it will open in French, in Poland in Polish, in Japan in Japanese, and so on. If needed, you can change the language, selecting an appropriate option on the left top side of the main screen (see drop-list). Before registering, scroll down the site to find instructions, users’ tips, and learn more about your capabilities and benefits of membership

Waplog has all the same options as both standard social networks and dating sites:

  • filling out a profile, adding your personal photos;
  • the lead where you can share your opinions and thoughts;
  • viewing other people’s profiles, searching for and choosing the right candidate for friendship and dating;
  • search for friends and partners with more precise parameters;
  • likes and adding other users to your Favorites;
  • message exchange.

The work of Waplog involves quick registration and creation of your account with verification and registration through Facebook. To verify your profile, you can provide data from your main social networks – Twitter, Facebook, Google, Instagram, or using your current phone number. Interestingly, Waplog does not imply automatic matches in parameters so that you can use a free search for suitable candidates. The system automatically offers potential partners, choosing them by age and location. You can use both free features and also buy a paid subscription, which is relatively inexpensive.

Registration – is it really easy?

Registration - is it really easy

Waplog offers an easy registration on the site. If you don’t want to waste your time, click on the “Facebook” button so that the system automatically transfers you to the platform, loading all your personal data from the social network, such as photos, age, location, etc., and so on. The standard registration procedure involves the creation of your unique username and password. Use Latin letters and numbers without spaces. As a rule, it is quite challenging to come up with a unique login since different variations of your name and surname may be already taken with a high probability. Enter your email and create a password, and then click Next. Choose your gender, as well as day, month, and year of birth from the drop-list.

This completes the registration on Waplog. A letter will come to your mailbox, offering you to confirm your registration by clicking the button. If you do not find letters on the site, go to the Spam: email services often filter messages from popular dating sites as unwanted. Click on the “Confirm” button, and you will immediately find yourself inside Waplog, being able to start filling out the profile.

What about design and usability?

What about design and usability

The Waplog platform’s design is bright enough for the purple color of the cap and beautiful graphics. Inside the profile page, you will find familiar architecture and standard layout of controls. Your main photo is located in the upper left corner. Below there is a column with the main options of the site:

  • Make friends;
  • Popular photos;
  • Suggestions;
  • Messages
  • Favorites
  • Requests of friends;
  • Visitors
  • Notices;
  • Likes;
  • Comments and suggestions.

On the top panel of the profile, there is an icon for new messages, searching for friends, an alert bell-like icon, and an image for setting down your profile. In the center of the page, you will see a selection of users who may suit you, chosen by age and location. A green dot on the profile snippet means that the user is online, and a blue shield with a white checkmark indicates that the profile is verified. Above the selection of your potential interlocutors, there is a field for entering data for search.

You can select the location option so that the system picks you up as a candidate according to your living space. For an advanced search on Waplog, you can choose a country and region, as well as the candidates’ gender. The system automatically selects people closer to you by age. Still, you can disable this option by removing the slider next to the search field. If another user is interested in you, you can easily view his profile, scrolling through photos, and then send him/her a message. However, you will not be able to start communication without verifying your own account using a mobile phone, email, or social networks. Go through the authentication procedure – it is not long and complicated, and usually, it takes you a couple of minutes.

As you can see, Waplog is a reasonably useful and functional site. Although, some users find it overloaded with options and repetitive features on one screen. You can try the mobile application, which has a more simplified and convenient design.

Let’s talk about profile quality

Let's talk about profile quality

Waplog offers a fairly high profile quality that is easy to manage. If you want to see your profile and change the settings, click on the upper right corner and go to the “View profile” or “Account settings” section. In the profile settings, you can add a lot of relevant information about yourself:

  • basic information – your name, date of birth, interests, relationship status, education, height, eye color, hair color, favorite music, favorite TV shows, films, and books;
  • profile photo;
  • notifications;
  • blocked users;
  • privacy policy;
  • cookies.

As the system works on automatic algorithms, immediately after registration, you will see the icon of new notifications and a welcome letter from Waplog. In the “Suggestions” section, you will quickly see 7-10 new candidates proposed by the system for dating and flirting. If necessary, you can use your native language (set by default according to the location of your IP). As well as switch the profile to English, French, German, Polish, Japanese, etc.

After filling your profile with photos and information about you, you can start chatting. If you are a woman looking for a man, then you will not have problems finding a suitable candidate for communication. Since the gender ratio prevails significantly in favor of men: 65% of male users versus 35% of female profiles on Waplog are noted. Nearly 6 million users are in the United States, and many other nationalities and races can be seen here.

The Mobile Application

The Mobile Application

Waplog has a mobile application that is quite popular on the App Store and Play Market. The application works on iOS and Android so that you can download it to your iPhone, Samsung, Siemens, Nokia, and other devices. The Waplog app architecture is slightly different from the design of other dating applications as the icons are not arranged in a column, but placed one next to the other. The app has a brighter design using more colors. All functions are identical to the desktop version, so you will not encounter difficulties using your phone. Here you can also download all your Facebook information and make conversations with other users in live chat.

Safety & security

Safety & security

Waplog is a reasonably safe site for users, although there are a certain number of fake or unfilled profiles. This is a reality that you have to put up with and use additional security settings in the “Settings” section of your profile. If necessary, review the Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and Cookies Policy. Please note that the service can collect your data for commercial purposes. So you should not use your working email and share photos with other people without permission. Please use your own pictures without graphics, cartoons, and provide your real name according to the Terms of Use. The site administration can terminate your membership in case of violation of these rules: adding photos with nudity and pornographic content, as well as fake pictures from the Internet.

Pricing and benefits

Pricing and benefits

Waplog is one of the few dating and communication systems that allow you to send and receive messages for free. In contrast, other dating platforms require additional fees for such an option. You also do not have to pay for registration, fill out a profile, and search and live chat. Fee-based services allow you to boost your profile features, disable ads, and see that your messages are read. It is a relatively small difference, but the cost of a VIP subscription is relatively cheap. For one month, you pay $ 9.5, for three months – $ 24, and for 12 months – $ 57. The longer your subscription, the cheaper the cost of one month. So, with an annual VIP membership, you pay less than $ 5 per month.

Help & Support

Help & Support

Waplog has standard user support options. If you have any problems using the site, paying for a subscription, receiving notifications, and other technical or legal issues, you can write a letter to [email protected] waplog.com and wait for a response within 24 hours. You can also click on “Feedbacks & Suggestions” and write your message to the administration of Waplog on the pop-up form.


Waplog is a fairly clear and intuitive site. However, if you can’t answer your question or have some tech issues, please read the following short answers to the most popular questions below.

Is Waplog Safe?

The platform has the same security options as standard social networks and dating sites: support service, Security Policy, and cookies, as well as the ability to block users who violate your privacy and send spam or abusive messages to you. Support service is a full-fledged working site so that you can write your message on [email protected] waplog.com.

Is Waplog a Really Working site?

Yes, Waplog is a real dating site that unites the entire world community. You can chat here and find friends, partners for flirting and dating, as well as a serious relationship. Use the site from your computer and smartphone through a mobile application.

How to use Waplog?

How to use Waplog

Register in 2 minutes, fill out a profile, and start chatting! You can choose your region, as well as search for friends and partners for flirting. Send and receive messages for free

Is Waplog free?

Waplog is one of the few platforms that offer free messaging without buying a paid subscription. But you can expand your capabilities for only 5-10 dollars per month.

Is Waplog really works?

Waplog is a full-fledged platform that combines the functions of a social network and a dating site. The site has been operating since 2010, uniting during this time millions of people from around the world.


Waplog is one of the most popular interactive platforms for dating and messaging, flirting and finding friends, short dating, as well as serious relationships. If you want to find a friend, boyfriend, or girlfriend in your area or meet friends from another country, feel free to register on the site and fill out the profile. Waplog offers many convenient features, so do not miss them!

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