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TSDating review – what do we know about it?

TSDating review – what do we know about it?
About Girls
Date with older guy 6%
Reply rate 91%
Beauty 95%
Popular age 23-36
Profiles 42000
About Site
Visit rate 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Massive database with loyal members from all over the world.
  • A welcoming and friendly community for those who are curious about trans dating.
  • TSDating is not an obscene dating site. Establishing genuine connections with other members is possible.
  • TSDating has no mobile app yet. It only has a mobile version that you can access through your web browser.

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TSDating is an online dating website for transsexuals and their admirers. The site was launched in 2006 and has grown quickly as the years went by.

To date, TSDating is known to be one of the biggest dating sites when it comes to trans dating. It boasts of 42,000 loyal followers.

How does TSDating work?

TSDating allows members to create accounts for singles looking for a match or for couples who want to spice up their love life. TSDating encourages interactions among transsexuals, ladyboys, and their admirers.

Whether you are looking for relationships, friendship, casual dating, or some hookup fun, the TSDating community is very welcoming.


Registration – is it really easy?

When you sign up, you will be asked a couple of essential details. You need to give an email address that can be verified. Then, you should think of a good and creative username (6 to 16 characters). You will also be asked what password you will be using on the site (5 to 20 characters). You will also have to provide your date of birth to verify that you are at least 18 years of age. Like most dating sites, minors are not allowed to participate in TSDating.

You will be asked what your sex is and what sex are you looking for. The options for both queries are Couple, Man, Woman, and TS/TV/TG. After clearing out your preferences, you have to provide your location. Then, click on Create Account.

After that, you are good to go and can access the essential services that you can get with a free membership. As you can see, it takes less than five minutes to create an account in TSDating. Once your account is created, you are encouraged to complete your profile. The more information you put in your profile, the better are your chances of being matched up with someone who truly shares your passion and interests.

TSDating Registration - is it really easy

What about design and usability?

Upon first look, TSDating has a clean and straightforward layout. It has a contemporary interface that makes any user navigate the site easily. Its color palette of gold, red, and black is straightforward on the eyes. The style quickly gives you a luxurious and elegant vibe. You can tell from the start that this dating site is not as erotic or obscene as other trans dating sites or trans disabled dating sites.

When you reach the website’s home page, you will see an invitation to sign up next to the Log In box. Below them, you will see a short profile preview of some members. There are a couple of search boxes; one allows you to search members in your area, and the other will enable you to search by username.

Rapid Match is one of TSDating’s top features. It is a free feature that will display members that are from your area. If you are interested in them, you can click on “Like.” If you are not, you can click on “Pass” and move on to the next member. If you click on the “Like” button, that member will be notified. Your profile is automatically included in the Rapid Match system. When someone clicks on “Like” on your display, you will also be getting notifications. You can stop yourself from being included in the system by altering your visibility settings on your Settings page. You should stay on it, though, since the Rapid Match system boosts your profile to members that are located near you.

TSDating has the Flirt feature that you can access, whether you are a free or premium member. This feature allows you to send a flirty message to TSDating members to let them know that you are interested. To send a Flirt to other users, click on the Send flirt button below the main photo of the member you want to send it to. You will be given a drop-down menu. Choose the flirt that you want to send and hit the Send button. The Flirts will show up on the user’s inbox, just like email messages.

TSDating also has an IM feature. If the user you are interested in is online, you will see an “I’m Online Let’s Chat” indicator below their picture. All you have to do is click on it, and it will link out to a window where you will be able to send an IM. If you see that they are online, but there is no link, this must be because the user disabled their IM chat or have tweaked their Settings so that people from their Favorite list are the only ones allowed to communicate with them.

Like most dating sites, you can track members you are interested in by adding them to your list of Favorites. To add a member to your Favorites, visit the member’s profile and then click Save Him/Her to Your Favorites. It is located on their profile page, on the top area. To remove a member from your list of Favorites, you should visit the member’s profile. At the top, you will see a Remove Him/Her From Your Favorites option. You may notice a Not Interested box beside every name on the list. When you click on it, you will no longer be able to communicate with the person.

TSDating also offers customized Search so that you do not waste your time scrolling from one profile to another. With the use of filters to narrow down and specify your needs, you only get relevant profiles appearing in your search results.

TSDating What about design and usability?

Let’s talk about profile quality

The profiles in TSDating are highly detailed. If a member fills out their profile, it gives you more than enough information to assess if you would click together or not. The profile details go beyond necessary details and physical attributes. There is additional information that shows your personality and taste. TSDating believes that they need to get as much information from you as possible to help you get the best possible Match.

If your answers are rejected when you are completing your profile, there are several reasons why this happens. You may have used abusive or offensive language, which is not allowed on the site. You may also have added contact information like a phone number email address, or home address. These details are also not allowed on the website for your safety.

When you upload a picture, a team member from TSDating will have to approve it before it publishes it to the site. This step is to ensure that there will be no lewd and inappropriate photos on the site.

You can edit your profile any time you want. Tweaking your profile from time to time may give you different matches and capture other members’ attention.

You can also choose to have your account deactivated. When this happens, you can re-activate your account again later. Once your account is disabled, nobody will be able to view your profile in TSDating. You also will stop receiving messages from TSDating members.

TSDating Let's talk about profile quality

The mobile application

Sadly, TSDating does not have a mobile app. The good news is that it has a mobile version that you can access through your phone’s internet browser.

Safety & security

TSDating has a robust Privacy Policy because they firmly believe in protecting you and the data you share on the site. You can be assured that TSDating will not sell your information to other companies or any individual.

In their FAQ page, you can see a statement that says TSDating does not install adware. If you are receiving pop-ups coming from TSDating, it may be because you, or someone else using your computer, visited a site that installed them on your computer. TSDating gives three adware suggestions to help deal with the problem.

TSDating The mobile application

Pricing and benefits

You can sign up for free in TSDating and get a basic free membership. With the free membership, you can get the general features you would usually expect in a dating site. The free membership allows you to create a profile and upload your photos. You will also be able to send Flirts and receive IM. You can add members that you are interested in, to your list of Favorites, or your Little Black Book. The free membership will also allow you to use the Rapid Match feature. Basically, with a free membership, the only form of communication you will be able to initiate is to send Flirts. But the free membership will give you enough idea as to whether a premium membership is worth it.

You also have the option to upgrade to a Premium Membership. With premium membership, you will be able to access more features on the site. You will be able to send and receive unlimited messages and send IM. You will also be able to access the live chat feature and join chat rooms and forums. With a premium account, you will be able to see complete profiles and all of the photo albums of the member you check out. You can add and watch videos too. Browsing through the dating app in incognito mode and knowing who visits your profile is also one of the most desired premium features. The premium account gives you access to the full matchmaking service of TSDating.

To get a three-day subscription to all the premium features, this will cost you $7.95. It is a good option if you are still unsure about committing to a full subscription. The premium account will be at $29.95/month. If you feel like you would be staying a long time with TSDating, you should get the 3-month subscription worth $39.99. This option is a cheaper deal since it means you only pay $13.33 per month.

You can pay for your premium membership via online check, credit card, or debit card. To view your billing history, you should log in to the site and check your account settings.

If you are unable to go past the join form while getting an upgrade, make sure that your entries do not contain any foreign characters other than the usual punctuation marks. You can also check your browser’s cookie settings and make sure that the settings are not higher than medium-high.

TSDating Pricing and benefits

Help & support

For help and support, you can send an email through the Contact Us page on the website. In the Contacts Us page, you will be asked to leave your name and your email address. Under Subject, there is a drop-down menu where you should choose a category. The categories are General Issues, Cancellation, Fraud Report, Premium Membership, and Other. Then, there is a space where you can leave your question or comments. If you are a paid upgraded member and have some questions or concerns, you can also call 1-888-837-1572.

TSDating believes in open communication and wants members to have the best possible experience with their service. Because of this, you can be assured that a customer representative or someone from the TSDating team will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you feel like another member is harassing you or you simply do not want any more interaction, you can use the Block option. To block a member, visit that member’s profile then select the Block Him/Her button. When this happens, they will no longer be able to contact you. Of course, it helps to report any suspicious and violent behavior to the admin so that there will be no other victims.

TSDating Help & support


Is TSDating safe?

TSDating is a relatively safe dating site. Extra measures were made to ensure that every member is protected through the Privacy Policy. Any kind of contact information is not allowed in your profile, and this is for your safety. Proper conduct is also monitored throughout the site, and you can read more about it in TSDating’s Terms of Agreement. There is no need to feel worried about your security and privacy while using TSDating.

You can also report any TSDating member who exhibits questionable and disturbing behavior. This step is a better option than merely blocking them so that other members will not fall victim. A reported TSDating member could have their account suspended, depending on the gravity of the situation.

Is TSDating a real dating site?

TSDating is a legit dating site. It is renowned for being one of the first trans dating sites online, and it has gained a loyal following.

Is TSDating safe?

How to use TSDating?

If you are the type who finds trans dating exciting or is curious about trans dating, TSDating is the best dating site. It is an excellent place to explore without having to deal with narrow-minded people.

You should take advantage of the site’s features (IM, Chat, Flirts, Email) to connect with other members. Upgrading to a Premium Membership means you get more ways to initiate contact with members that you are interested in.

Is TSDating free?

You can become a TSDating member for free and enjoy the basic features. But if you want to make the most out of this site, you should upgrade to a premium membership.

Does TSDating really work?

TSDating has a vast database, but you should know that more than half of its members are from the USA. Nevertheless, TSDating still has members worldwide – no matter where you are, you will surely be able to find members near your area. This dating site has allowed for quite a number of people to meet their matches by the thousands. It is most likely that you will be able to find your Match here too.

How to use TSDating?


TSDating lives up to its reputation as the leading trans dating site in the world. It has all the features that you will need to find the best trans match. No matter what you are looking for, may it be real love, friendship, or casual hookups – you will be bound to find a prospective match from this site.

TSDating is very responsible when it comes to taking care of its members. The TSDating team reviews pictures before they are published to the site to ensure they are appropriate. Posting of contact information in your public profile is not allowed for your security. Members on this site are more mature compared to other trans dating websites that can be too erotic. Here, TS/TV/TG members are treated with respect. This fact is why it is possible to find a genuine relationship here. Overall, TSDating is an excellent platform that will give you promising results.

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