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Three Day Rule Review – What Do We Know About It?

Three Day Rule Review – What Do We Know About It?
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Pros and Cons

  • You will get to decide whether to reject a match or not.
  • A real person matchmaker will find the perfect match for you based on your likes, dislikes, needs, lifestyle, and aspirations.
  • Your data are safe and secured.
  • You can choose the site for free and still get a match from the matchmaker.
  • The dating site offers the best help and support.
  • Your information is safe and secured and will not be shared with others.
  • The membership fee is quite high. But, for those who are serious enough to find their perfect match, this is worth spending for.

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The Three Day Rule is a dating site founded by Talia Goldstein in 2013. She started with it after quitting her day job to continue with her quest for matchmaking. The movie Swingers inspired the name of her dating app. In the movie, the characters waited for three days before they finally call the girl they just met.

From that day, the Three Day Rule grown into a professional matchmaking service, and it became popular. The dating platform has offices in eight other cities – Orange County, Silicon Valley, Chicago, Washington DC, New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and San Francisco. Talia is very passionate about what she does and makes sure that you get the perfect match.

To help you out on deciding, we have written this Three Day Rule review. We have mentioned all the details you need, like the price, the pros, and cons of using the app, how it works, and others.

Let’s get started!

How does Three Day Rule Work?

Three Day Rule Review

Three Day Rule has a clear view of who you are, understand your aspirations, desires, needs, lifestyle, and accomplishments. The website has a fantastic database of singles waiting for their right partner. To access the many features the site is offering, you need to sign up first. You can refer your friend if you are happy with the result. The site is very proactive about accepting the right individuals.

After you sign up, the Matchmakers will look for your perfect match. They would search within the database, network events like yoga classes, and even on the street. The site works hand in hand with other sites providing exclusive access to their network of singles.

You can choose whether to use the app for free, or you can become a premium member. Just like other dating apps, you only have limited access to a free account. You can only do little. The matchmaker will introduce you to any free members that meet your criteria.

The Three Day Rule recruit singles at events, and will consider any intriguing people they come across. Then, they ask these people if they want to join the dating pool. Once your matchmaker finds a potential match, the site representative will talk to that person to make sure you are a good fit.

They will send you a bio and a picture. It will become one of your official matches, even if you are not interested in meeting that person. But in case you accept the match, the contact information will be sent to you, and you will be the one to set the date. After the date, you will be asked for the feedback and the quality of your date.

Registration – Is It Really Easy?

Three Day Rule Registration

The registration process is quite easy. You just need to click the Get Started at the top right corner of the website. A new page will be opened where it will require you to supply your information like your first name, last name, profession, age, birthday, contact information, and others. You also need to provide a valid email address; the site will not share or transfer your information to third parties.

You need to agree with their terms and condition before you can access their site. In case of violation in terms, the site has the right to terminate your account. Users can register an account for free. If you want a matchmaker to actively search for your ideal partner, you will need to join as a paying client.

What About Design and Usability?

Three Day Rule Design and Usability

The Three Day Rule has a clean and straightforward design. Using the app is easy. You just need to click on the feature that you need. The features it offers are easy to understand and well-organized as they use various category tabs. The tabs are clearly labeled so you will know which tab to click.

The icons found at the topmost part of the site represent the different features and can be found on all the members’ profiles. Searching is very easy as they are arranged accordingly and displayed well.

When it comes to design appearance, the website has a simple but striking design. The pages have a black background, with some fonts printed in red, and others are in white.

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

Three Day Rule About Profile Quality

Your profile will be made available to the matchmakers, and they will search for your possible match. That’s why you will be asked for some personal information. Some may find this a lengthy process, but you have to complete it as you will be matched based on the information you provide.

The initial information you need to provide to access the free account includes your name, profession, birthday, contact information, occupation, and email address. Once you have completed this stage, you will be directed to a more comprehension questioning where you will need to answer some questions.

If you want the assigned matchmaker to look for your ideal partner deeply, you will need to join as a paying client. The matchmaker will assess you more to know who you are. They will check on your lifestyle, accomplishments, needs, and others to come up with your perfect match. Your profile will serve as your ticket in finding your future partner, so make sure to provide honest and accurate info.

The Mobile Application

Three Day Rule Mobile Application

You can access the site using the mobile browser as there is no app available in the App Store or Play Store. Use your mobile browser to visit the website and sign up there directly. You can join the group using your mobile phone without download anything. It is free, and if you decide that it is best to use the paid version, you can do so and easily convert your account to access different features that the site offers.

Safety & Security

Three Day Rule is after your safety, so they make sure that your profile will not be shared with others. They make sure that you will feel comfortable and safe on dates arranged by Three Day Rule and those that you arrange outside of Three Day Rule. When dating, you should keep in mind the best practices. Do not hesitate to contact your matchmaker if you have concerns and questions about your safety.

Your date should be safe and successful. The meeting in-person is quite exciting, and the excitement should last on future dates, too. But be careful and be mindful of the guidelines to help you stay safe all the time.

Your matchmaker can arrange a date in a public and populated place since it is your first date. Do not opt for a private, remote location or your date’s home. If you are pressured to do so, you can end the date and leave right away.

Inform your friend or family member about the date, the location of your date, when you will return, and who you will be with. You can ask some of your friends to be in the same place during your first few dates. Make sure your cell phone is charged and with you all the time. Have a backup plan in case something goes wrong. If you are not happy or uncomfortable on your date, it is okay to end it early.

Keep your personal information protected. You should never give sensitive personal information like credit card numbers, bank information, social security number to someone unless there is a reason for doing so. Never share your home or work address with someone you just met.

Three Day Rule will never ask for your password and username. They will never share your information with anybody. If you find someone violating Three Day Rule’s terms and conditions like sending offensive messages or emails, asking for money or donations, or behaving inappropriately virtually or in person, you can email the Three Day Rule support and report them.

Your safety and security will depend on your vigilance and quick action. Do not hesitate to contact them if you experience any suspicious activities.

Pricing and Benefits

Three Day Rule Pricing and Benefits

Getting listed in the Three Day Rule database is free. You just need to fill out the profile online and then wait to be matched with the premium members. However, if you want a matchmaker to search for your ideal partner actively, you will need to join as a paying client. There are two membership packages that you can choose from:

  • $5,000 fee if you want to have 3-6 matches for three months
  • $7,500 fee if you want to have 6-12 matches for six months

The two packages include two dating coaching sessions and a photoshoot with a photographer. Three Day Rule also offers Dating Strategy Services, which include a 50-minute session through Skype. You can buy 1, 2, or 10 sessions for an added fee.

First, you need to fill out the online contact form. Next, a matchmaker will be assigned to you, and you will have an in-person consultation in the city. The primary interview lasts for an hour, and you will provide some information about yourself and what you are looking for and, eventually, a long-term relationship.

Your account will be introduced to any free members on the list who meet your criteria and contacts from your matchmaker network.

The Three Day Rule matchmakers recruit eligible singles at parties and approach people that are quite intriguing when they come across and ask them if they want to join the dating pool. Once the matchmaker identifies a potential match, she will meet with that person to make sure they are a good match.

The bio and picture of the person will be sent to you for your evaluation. It will be counted as an official match, even if you reject it. If you said yes to the match, your contact information would be exchanged, and it depends on you to schedule the date. Your matchmaker will collect feedback on the quality of the match after your first date.

Help & Support

Three Day Rule Help & Support

When it comes help and support, the Three Day Rule has one of the best services. The company is aware that you are not an expert in this kind of platform, so they partner with several organizations to protect you against abuse and violence. The websites and numbers to call are found on their Safety Tips pages.

If there is a problem concerning your dates and matches, the matchmakers will assist you. You can contact them directly, or you can call the support center. For general concern, you can contact them at support@threedayrule.com, or you can call them.

To email them scroll on their page down and click the Contact icon and choose whether you want to message them, or you can call them using the number provided on the contact page. The support staff will answer and take all your concerns. You will receive an email in response to your concern.

Another option is you can discuss things with your matchmaker. Your matchmaker will be glad to help you with your concerns and provide solutions.


Three Day Rule Q&A

Below are some of the popular questions most people would like to know before joining the Three Day Rule:

Is Three Day Rule Safe?

Yes, it is safe. Every person who wants to joins the Three Day Rule is evaluated and assessed. With the prices of premium membership, who would spend a lot on a dating site if they are not serious in finding a partner? The site will not share your information with others. In case of suspicious activities, malicious acts, and others that may bridge the site’s terms and conditions, you are free to report them to the admin, and they will handle the situation appropriately. Your profile is very secured and safe with them.

Is Three Day Rule a Real Dating Site?

Yes, it is. This dating website is real based on the reviews and testimonials of previous users who are now with their partners. According to Corey and Wendy, who got married in 2017, the Three Day Rule is so unique. It is the smart way of getting into an important decision in their life.

Monica 32 testimony says if you are searching for a dedicated matchmaker, he named Quin as one of the best. The lady listens to her client’s interests, values, and lifestyle to find someone that can match her.

These testimonials and more proof that the site is real and truly provide results, unlike others that would give matches that do not work at all.

How to Use Three Day Rule?

The Three Day Rule site is easy to navigate and understand. By simply clicking the tab you need, you can go to the page that will help you. Although the membership fee is quite high, the way it could change your life once you meet your future lifetime partner is priceless.

Is the Three Day Rule Free?

You can join for free, but to be able to access the different features, you need to be a paid member. It could be hard for others to pay the fee, but for some, it is okay to pay if it will provide the best result.

Does Three Day Rule Really Work?

Yes, it is. You can read the happy couples’ testimonies that, if not because of the Three Day Rule site, they would not be able to meet their partner. It only proves that Three Day Rule works.


Three Day Rule Conclusion

After reading our review about the Three Day Rule, are you know convince that it is the dating site you need? If still in doubt, visit their website and check out some of the testimonies posted by their previous users who found love using their service. As compared to other dating sites that provide you potential matches using the technology, Three Day Rule uses real people called the Matchmakers to help you find your perfect match.

They will also arrange your first date, and if you find the person attractive, you can continue with the next date, or you can stop it right away. Make sure you decide intelligently. Sign up and find out for yourself if the dating site works.

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