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TgPersonals review – what do we know about it?

TgPersonals review – what do we know about it?
About Girls
Date with older guy 1%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 91%
Popular age 20-35
Profiles 670000
About Site
Visit rate 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The app is free to use and install.
  • It is a treat to the LGBTQ community with a large number of users.
  • The unique features like " crush," "friend," are handy to sort out priorities.
  • It does not require email verification.
  • Very vocal about sexual preference.
  • Ads are minimal, and design is simple.
  • There are scammers in large numbers.
  • The paid membership is costly.
  • It only promotes hookup and casual relationships. If you want serious love affairs, this isn't for you.

TgPersonals is an online dating site specially designed for the LGBTQ community and LGBTQ college singles. This platform has been providing them with a safe space and casual dating since Mark Kasper founded TGPersonals in 1999. The idea of offering transgender people a safe space came into his mind when he was in college. He was laughed at by others because of his sexual preferences. So, he decided to do something for the LGBTQ community and launched an online dating site that can help people from this community find love or a fun night! TGPersonals is a free online dating site that was also decided to be kept free because Mark didn’t want anyone to pay hefty membership money for just finding love. Love should be found at free of cost. It is the best platform for transgender people—the owner dedicated this site for anyone searching for love. Therefore, the site is 100% free, and all the fantastic features that you are about to enjoy comes just out of love.

TGPersonals is not limited to transgender people; they also have a vast number of gay members. With LGBTQ upliftment and love accessibility, they also have space for straight men and women. Everyone here is looking for something casual, and you should respect it. Another fantastic feature that TGPersonals has to give you, they also provide double dates a night. Some couples are waiting for one more to join them and fulfill their wildest dreams. This site has very clear indicating and a straightforward approach about what they want from here. Their gender preferences are mentioned and clearly say they just want to have a beautiful night. If anything happens after that, it’s entirely your fate, who brought you here, and of course, TGPersonals gave you the platform.

The signing up process is straightforward, and the bio clearly states, they prefer a clean and honest profile. Members are open-minded, and anyone can join any group. Well, there are scammers, and if you are a little conscious about what you are doing, you won’t be scammed. If you catch anyone red-handed, you need to report the profile. It is better not to share your credit card details to anyone unknown. TGPersonals never charges a penny for anything.

Most of the member’s ages range from 20-35. This way you can expect a lot of teenagers. You don’t need any email verification for signing up. I just need some basic information about your sexual preference and you. TGPersonals emphasizes reading the terms of service carefully because if you don’t agree to it, you won’t be allowed to create a profile. They are very strict regarding their terms of service.

If you are looking for a promising night, you should go for TGPersonals because they pledged to make your nights memorable!

How does TGPersonals work?

Like every other dating site, you have to register and make an account in the TGPersonals community. Following the registration process, this process does not require email verification. You need to set a username that will be your profile name and secure it with a password. After that, you will be able to start communicating and interacting with anyone I’m like.

There are three fundamental ways in which you can interact with the members; you can say three different features that let you interact with members.

  • You can add them as your “Friends.”

To know the activities your friends do for the whole day, you can add someone as your friend. Their actions are mentioned on your dashboard.

  • You can add someone as your ” crush.”

When you like someone, you can add them as your crush. This will let them know about you. A notification will be can’t to their mobiles about your sorting of the profile to your crush folder. When they like you back, each of you will be listed in each other’s crush folder. You can start a conversation from there.

  • You can send them simple text messages.

While checking out profiles, you will see a button that reads this” send a message,” click on it and send them messages. This button is present on every profile. Just find it to begin your incredible journey.

TGPersonals also has a feature called “blog,” which allows them to post topics or write-up in the open forums. It is similar to blog posting, and you can do it about any subject you want as long as you maintain the guidelines you provide. You can share this blog and accumulate like-minded people to discuss it. It will help you get in touch with people whom you might find interesting.

TGPersonals How does TGPersonals work?

Registration – is it really easy?

Registration is one of the worst processes that come when we talk about online dating. It takes time and asks a lot of questions. Additionally, you have to provide your email address too! Isn’t it disgusting!?

With TGPersonals, you don’t have to worry about time consumption because it takes about 5- 7 minutes to register.

First of all, you have to install the app from the Android or iOS app store. The app is named “transgender.” Install the app and open it when completely installed. Create your account using your name and provide a password. Yep, the password should be firm and unique. Once you’re done, you will be able to come to the next step, where you have to set up a profile. Provide a profile picture and get ready to answer the questions. The information TGPersonals will gather general information, like name, age, location, sexual preference, body type, relationship status, etc. This is where you set your dating preference and make way for future dating. After you are done providing all the necessary information, TGPersonals will ask you to agree to their terms of service and read it thoroughly. If you neglect the community guidelines, you will be banned from using the website. When you are done, the registration process will complete, and you will be able to start text messaging any member who matches your criteria.

What about design and usability?

The design of the app is outdated, but the approach is quite simple. The background colors are soothing and attractive. Features are accumulated on the taskbar for the desktop version. The desktop and the mobile phone version are similar to each other. All the action bars are acceptable through the website pages.

When you get messages in your inbox, you will see the reply button with every message. The messaging feature is effortless. You can provide lots of pictures on the website. Also, you can create a folder and upload your photos.

TGPersonals What about design and usability?

Let’s talk about profile quality

The profiles are straightforward about their needs. They are very vocal about what they want from their dates. In the bio, you can mention your desires, sexual preferences, things that you want others to know, etc. Profiles contain pictures and a gallery too. You can view the gallery for free of cost. The profiles are merely just to view and have interactive features on the left sidebar. The profiles contain the necessary information, including your locations, zip code, age, gender, etc. Can choose profiles that you can add as your friends, crush, or just message them.

The profiles look incomplete because most people do not fill out the information about themselves and prefer to go public with the blogs. The blogging feature is unique to TGPersonals, and the members utilize the feature to its fullest. They generally use the open platform to interact with members rather than using personal messaging. Only when they like someone, a private messaging feature is useful to them.

The mobile application

TGPersonals is available on the iOS and Android devices along with the website version. You can download the app directly from the app store. The app download cost is zero. Also, creating an account on this dating app is free of charge.

The mobile apps feature is similar to the desktop version. The features are all arranged on the top bar. The mobile app is just 10mb and does not require a huge space. This is an 18 or 18+ dating app that is specially designed and launched to help the LGBTQ community. When you go for the search results, they are arranged in a linear pattern. You will receive ads, but they are non-invasive. You won’t be bothered by the ads. The mobile app is almost compatible with any device. The colors used for the background are eye-soothing because everything is blueish. When you start searching for matches, you will see a roulette type diary that will ask you whether you want to message them, friends, or add them to your crush list. These features are also available on the web version. The mobile app is more convenient and compact than the website.

TGPersonals The mobile application

Safety & security

Aren’t we all concerned about the safety and security of our personal information? TGPersonals makes sure that no one feels unsafe using their website. To ensure that, they take precautions and have a tight security policy that can help keep the profiles safe. That is why they have mentioned their terms and privacy policies at the very moment when you are creating your profile. They help you know the rules and guidelines accurately so that you can abide by them; they make you read the policies.

If you don’t follow the rules, they might ban your profile for hours or a lifetime. They might even remove your profile from the platform. With their unique feature of blogging, you can post anything keeping the community in mind. Nothing vulgar should be posted on the blog.

When you think a profile is suspicious or a scammer, report the profile. If anyone ever misbehaves or assumes or uses abusive language with you, you can block the profile or report it. They will take action against these profiles immediately. In this way, you will not only help yourself but also other fellow members from the hands of these abusers and scammers.

Pricing and benefits

TGPersonals is an inline dating site that helps connect the LGBTQ community. Transgender women, men, ladyboys, shemales, trannies, sissyboys, crossdressers, s, and others are the main target customers for TGPersonals. Also, they have space for gay and Straight Males and females.

The best thing about TGPersonals is that they provide such amazing features but do not cost a penny. It is free to download from stores and even fees to use. They have agreed to make love and dating free because you cannot buy love with money. Therefore, every little thing you enjoy here is free of cost. Go ahead, books a date night!

  • Registration is free.
  • Basic matching is free.
  • Messaging users does not require money.
  • Posting and commenting on Blogs is also free.

Every feature is free on TGPersonals.

They also have a paid membership. You can either choose the paid or the free.

  • $29.90 for Plan Membership – 1 month
  • $68.70 for Gold Membership – 3 months
  • $101.40 for Gold Membership – 6 months

TGPersonals Pricing and benefits

Help & support

TGPersonals makes sure that all of its members get support and help immediately when they need it. We have tried to help you by mentioning every little detail possible, but if you need extra support or help, you should visit TGPersonals official website. You will get their helpline number and email too. They typically reply within hours or take about a day.


We have sorted out some of the questions and answers that might come in your mind. Scroll down to check below.

Is TGPersonals safe?

It is very safe because they do not even need email verification. You can say, TGPersonals face a lot of scammers, but you must save yourself from scammers. Don’t take any step without research. Search their profile, and if you feel they are real, you should go for it. Also, to be safe, you should never share your credit card details with anyone because TGPersonals do not require money in any form. If any member asks you for money or redirected to any link from any profile that asks money, don’t share your credit card details there.

Is TGPersonals a real dating site?

This is an online dating and hookup site for the LGBTQ community. It is like a heaven for transgender people. Also, you will find gay men and string Men and women who are searching for each other. If you’re looking for anything serious from this site, you are on the wrong website. This site is strictly for casual, dates or hookups for LGBTQ. Every profile has a bio where you can mention your criteria like, if you want sex, you wrote about it; if you wish to love or friendship, you have to say it. In this way, it makes it easier for members to choose a date for them.

How to use TGPersonals?

You have to install the app and create an account. Once you do it, you will be able to access all the exciting features TGPersonals has to provide you free of cost.

Is TGPersonals free?

It is free to use, from installation to account opening, TGPersonals is free. The features mentioned above are all free.

If you wish to subscribe to a paid version to gain more features, here is your payment list,

  • $29.90 for Plan Membership – 1 month
  • $68.70 for Gold Membership – 3 months
  • $101.40 for Gold Membership – 6 months.

Does TGPersonals really work?

Yes, it works best if you fall under the LGBT community or the transgender community.

How to use TGPersonals?


TGPersonals is an online dating site that is a blessing to the LGBTQ community, especially transgender people. If you’re looking for a serious relationship, this isn’t your dating site. It is strictly for hookups, casual sex, and dates. You will be able to see each profile and read their bio to check their needs; for example, if anyone needs a partner for sex, they will mention it.

Security is pretty good; the poles are attractive; it’s free to use, and you can sign up for a paid version; the member sorting feature is handy and unique. If you want to have a fun night, you are welcome to board by TGPersonals. The good thing is, you can enjoy a safe, clear, and transparent process of dating.

Amie Katelyn
Amie Katelyn
Amie Katelyn
MS, RD & Writer
Amie is our dating hero, and she knows everything about how to make relationship between people better! She has excellent skills that she uses to make people’s life better!
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Customer reviews
by Rosie Jan 14, 2022
This specific service caught the focus. I loved its layout and design. We tested how it works over at my Android-powered smartphone, and everything ended up being okay. I believe like a duck to liquids on this site. Primarily, i've fun online, due to an enormous visitors with a positive outlook towards like and relationships. Would you like only sexual intercourse? Welcome. Do you really require relaxed matchmaking? You'll come across a great deal of options. Are you going to begin dating? Decide to try the chances. I suppose all things are possible with this platform.
Mitchell Bennett
by Mitchell Bennett Jan 07, 2022
Through this excellent website for fulfilling lots of incredible someone. These days, when both women and men are really bustling and also have virtually no time to note romantics as a border, it is difficult to run into a person to bring quality experience collectively. However, in this internet site, it comes accurate. It's a rather time-saving as well as simple method of getting times and revel in living.
by Irvin Jan 01, 2022
Five performers for the design and style and direction-finding. The format let us to receive any choice in used and enjoy conversation without repositioning through perplexing backlinks and keys. To phrase it differently, this dating site assists you to focus on someone rather than the site itself. We have an outstanding set of contacts and revel in every time of my favorite go browsing.
by Kaia Dec 28, 2021
The bottom line is, my favorite knowledge about this application continues outstanding, and that also additionally means their particular customer support. I love top-quality fits because so many ones are always almost good for myself. Therefore, we don't have got to waste time to check out a needle in a haystack while browsing the countless pages.
by Jesus Dec 21, 2021
I signed up with the app a year ago while having already found my a special someone within a month. Some people whine about a lot of the amount of time they need to see a romantic date. So, I presume i used to be most happy. I've a paid subscription to view all possibilities on the internet site rather than to confine myself personally to any types of discussion. Besides, I found myself very active, searching communicate with as many individuals as it can. Of course, i am talking about solely those which might just about suitable for me personally. My page possesses a number of great pictures, i was 100per cent straightforward about our desires. I used to be not looking for engagement, but I was prepared for new has and sensations. I never ever smooth over my favorite beauty, being, and identity. My page am finished and, once I began chatting, i did son't say the other consumers wanna discover. I don't understand without a doubt if it would be my mindset towards online dating or perhaps just chances that helped us to succeed on this internet site. In any event, many thanks for this a valuable program.
by Christian Dec 17, 2021
I prefer this application oftentimes as soon as I wish chat or see somebody to shell out a decent moment along. Recently, I've got my own primary time, and it is incredible. Before witnessing friends actually, you chatted and found several popular things, indicating out preferences, personalized attributes, and in some cases some hobbies. Perhaps, our very own on the internet love was essential for our profitable real-time date. Most of us still comminicate on the web and definately will venture out on the weekend. We don't carry out any ideas and attempt to be happy at the moment. This page assisted lots.
Michael Fernandez
by Michael Fernandez Dec 14, 2021
Later on we commemorate our basic 90 days with somebody I've came across on this particular dating website. It is often an excellent time. Like many some other daters, as far as I see within product reviews, a massive number of meets hasn't been bombing the membership. But this individual, i came across among various other tips, would be exceptionally amazing and seemed best to my favorite requirements. We winked and obtained like in reaction. Most people interacted using the internet for some time to be certain the two of us correct real individual that ask for online dating. Today, we are a small number of. Almost nothing big since I have needn't deactivated your levels nevertheless. Nevertheless, no one knows what's going to wait united states later on.
Cecil White
by Cecil White Dec 04, 2021
We subscribed on this internet site yearly and a half in the past, and that I got straight down awhile. Too, I had been thrilled to have many suits each day, which made me expect greater. Shortly, I met a pleasant individual, seen the biochemistry and connection between all of us, and also now we get on really right now. I might point out that the premiums subscription costs are fair and low-cost.
Ernest Cook
by Ernest Cook Dec 01, 2021
This app is actually real, and I'm life proof of its effectiveness. I cannot grumble about that application as it gave me the latest goes with my living. Thus, I've happy to join they and have so much enjoyable. Obviously, it consists of certainly not really been without unsuccessful suits, but In my opinion this is often very an all-natural system. You should not obtain it all-in a point in time, and a few weeks of messaging is generally essential to organize a meetup.
by Kyle Nov 24, 2021
After a few weeks as well as one some other big date on this site, I ran across someone that stocks your key principles and likes identical techniques because I fancy. We both like snowboarding and walking, and after this, we enjoy our very own routines collectively. I am keen to recommend this application, and I'm not just shy to discuss the online dating sites experience in public.
by GRIFFIN Nov 23, 2021
Close tool from all standpoints. I experienced many good and bad experience previously, and some folks also pennyless my personal heart. I'm 46, and it's difficult to me to meet individuals web for going out with. This app tends to make all user-friendly and all-natural. Anytime I happened apon it 1st, I was happy to witness plenty available choice and a pleasant-looking screen. I like these types of a method and, besides, i'm safe there. I don't have got too many associates because I'm hectic during my everyday activities. I favor to create my personal mall interior ring, this website produces all ventures for comfy interaction.
by Summer Nov 16, 2021
I happened to be rather cynical that would proceed everywhere, but will see a thing substantial on this web site. My good friend is into internet dating, and I've just accompanied this site amusement. Well, okay, seriously talking, Not long ago I planned to establish that online dating sites does indeedn't do the job and say to him or her afterwards, “There you're, pal, I told you so.” But i must say i obtained online flirting addictive and established talking with actually intriguing characters. I have brand-new neighbors and also some people. So, I'm going to get a romantic date off-line and savor brand-new activities.
Steven Larson
by Steven Larson Nov 10, 2021
I was pleased to get hold of a number of different individuals on the website that have a great deal in accordance using my appeal and customs. I attempted different applications before, and I also should declare that the grade of the accommodate is more preferable below. That's exactly why I'm really astonished to determine numerous damaging feedback involving this website. I then found that users publish negative opinions even on the most useful applications. In doing so, they often times reveal their particular frustration and emotions without indicating particular weaknesses associated with application. Extremely, I think they merely cannot see people who would complement them acquire upset about their loneliness. Ergo, we must discover how to sift these assessments. This great site is useful, but, needless to say, it is not a miracle treatment. I'm pleased to easily fit into town to get fantastic dates. Maybe, I'm only significantly less choosy than the others, but normally, I reckon I'm fortunate. Several other everyone might require a longer period to track down like-minds. Nonetheless, I'd recommend this great site for any types dating because their market is definitely diverse, and individuals have become effective. Directly, i will constantly discover anyone web to speak and flirt. Besides, the application does perfectly, and direction-finding is pretty simple. These required options are inside the selection right in forward of your eye. I'm yes online dating sites hasn't ever been easier.
by Kerry Nov 04, 2021
As a novice associate, i truly savor encounter. It's an easy task to make friends, if you tends to be effective and appreciate various other people. It's fun. Whether I'll discover simple excellent fit? I don't treat nowadays. A couple of great times will do for me personally thus far, and I'm looking and looking for more adventures before centering on a potential wife. I ensure this incredible website happens to be properly perfect for my favorite targets. The city try ok, and no one attempts to create using your skin. Hence, I believe comfortable getting online a lot of fun as well as my friends. We become some things to share with you, and also the goes I've grabbed happened to be really amazing. Extremely, I'm very happy with my own ongoing, and an affordable price was an extra.
Sarah Rivera
by Sarah Rivera Nov 04, 2021
Magnificent dating website! I joined it just the past year and also, since next met a few pals with positive. In addition, we chat with numerous individuals from my favorite list. Communicating is very good, as a chat windows is very convenient. Customers become open-minded, welcoming, and productive. We have specific preferences, with no a person judges me. Hence, I feel absolutely safe and comfortable.
by Jamari Oct 26, 2021
Neat dating internet site! I joined it just the previous year and for the reason that consequently found two friends with advantages. Furthermore, we chat with numerous users from the best list. Communicating is excellent, as a chat opening is really handy. People is open-minded, pleasant, and active. I have particular choice, with zero 1 judges me personally. Extremely, I feel absolutely safe and comfy.
by Reign Oct 21, 2021
My favorite sex life was not very abundant before I've signed up with this application. The thing that modified immediately while I signed up and begin texting those I've appreciated on the site. Obviously, some individuals rejected myself, but that's maybe not a problem. Preference are different, as things are mentioned. Typically, I've got quite correct fits that allowed me to create a number of contacts. One of those truly obtained under our facial skin. Within a month or more of conversation, most of us had gotten all of our basic date. As each and every thing got tip-top, we've planned the other go out soon enough. This indicates I've gripped simple finest complement.
Elizabeth Marshall
by Elizabeth Marshall Oct 19, 2021
I'm an open-minded bisexual person and love experiments. I'm certainly not monogamous, about at present. Actually, my personal life style is way from conventional social norms, and that I commonly feeling lonely also among friends or closest friends. A lot of them seem to be married, and that I'm heading mix insane anytime I feeling the company's significant appearance. Hence, of course, it's rather challenging to locate and chill with like-minds after you stay an enormous area, where people are way too hectic which will make unique connections. Hence, this type of a mess 's for signing up with this great site. And my personal enjoy is actually smooth. We managed to come people that wish identically facts and understand our want to remain cost-free, without determination, guarantees, and this some other hooey. Yet another cool factor is that there I've came across some bi-curious users. I really like the functionality belonging to the website since it's fairly enough for initial correspondence. Maybe, some one wants even more incentives, however in my personal opinion, you need to get a night out together if you wish in-depth communication. While searching pages, we determine numerous clear your. I wish men and women could pay more focus on their unique presence on the internet site. Regarding the site's results, everything is ok. No troubles with visit, emails, etc. Support provider works as well as being readily available 24 / 7. I'm very happy to see an online area for simple preferences and dreams. It's awesome whenever the neighborhood doesn't force the prices but is on the same webpage.
by Hazel Oct 15, 2021
I'm widowed and extremely craved to gather another possibility at appreciate. Appreciate our site for help since I have my intend. We really do not produce way too many long-range strategies and just enjoy friends. All of us evening, vacation, and discuss many techniques. This is actually the best part of the interaction. I favor the partner and hope our romance will establish and go right to the next level. People are looking for partners at wedding web services, and usually, that kind of factors is definitely embarrassing because you seem like items in specialist windows. This application is unique. You might start off with chatting and end up in the ceremony. This service membership features a smart techie environment. I prefer your website mainly to my computer, but often I talk to owners and check the tasks from my favorite iphone 3gs. No problems at all. I've mentioned no bugs . each and every thing is useful, without glitches. Once I log in, i take advantage of the internet site provided that Needs without disruptions and aggravating reloads. I'm hoping it keeps as planned, therefore look after top quality. I wish everybody all the best ! since my has now discovered me personally.
Denise Horton
by Denise Horton Oct 09, 2021
We signed up with this web site just the previous year and acquired a fantastic experience. These days, I have a reliable and mind-blowing companion, and we're good with each other. I'd advise the app because i've read from immediate practice that operates. We see that some people frequently whine about no fights, thinking that they simply spend time and money. Still, i will remember that when folks cannot come somebody, they often start their unique disappointments to external elements. Tasks, relatives, dating sites, to put it differently, almost always there is someone responsible. Still, you should never lose hope, and every single thing will likely be okay. Like, they required just about 7 weeks to meet up the partner.
by Blaine Oct 01, 2021
I would like different daters to find out that this service 100percent performs optimally without techniques. Those that undoubtedly need to get touching a special someone won't rue her solution whenever applying for the working platform. The main thing seriously is not to give up. You will find already achieved the loved, and also now we are satisfied. Personally I think arousal and harmony, as indicates lots. Hence, we've been in love, as well as being never too late for anyone of various age groups and obligations. I would recommend this web site, thus only check out.
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