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Shaadi Review — What Do We Know About It?

Shaadi Review — What Do We Know About It?
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Pros and Cons

  • Shaadi provides a pop-up system that takes you through the registration process
  • Shaadi tool gives you instant notification of new messages
  • Arguably, India's top provider of matrimonial service as ascertained by so many website visitors
  • Powerful search tool with numerous filters
  • Rigorous signup and verification procedure
  • Advanced matchmaking algorithm
  • The site has too many ads
  • Shaadi caters only to heterosexual couples

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It can be quite challenging to find the perfect One; for this reason, Shaadi was designed to give indian singles luck and courage in exploring the dating scene. Shaadi is a matrimonial platform that serves mostly India, then the UK, Canada, Australia, the US, and Singapore. It has over 150 centers in 87 Indian cities, making it easy for both the children and their parents to check potential matches with Shaadi’s relationship expert. It takes its visitors through a thorough verification process to give an idea of what to expect on the platform. The simplicity of the user interface makes it less annoying and stressful.

The specifics of those who use Shaadi can be narrowed down to men looking for serious and long-term commitments that often lead to marriage. The service is recommended for ladies who seek life partners, as there are more male users than females. One can choose from millions of registered participants, including the mentally/physically challenged and those with HIV.

Shaadi caters to only heterosexual couples; if you register as a male, you will get female suggestions and vice versa. With about 5 million matches that have resulted in marriages, this matrimonial site is ranked among the best in India.

It gives users the option of searching for other members using the available filters. The standard parameters include location, income, physical appearance. Its advanced search covers skin tone, caste, country of residence, and whether or not the account was created by the individual, sibling, or parents.

How Does Shaadi Work?

How Does Shaadi Work

As far as dating is concerned, the world has advanced. In the past, one needs to go to a public place, talk to some people, arrange a date, and start going steady. But things have changed, people can find dates virtually anywhere, even from the comfort of their homes. All they need to do is join a dating platform.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how Shaadi works.

  • Setting up an Account

Creating an account is usually the first and essential step when joining any dating platform. It can be done in the browser or the app. Shaadi’s registration process is very long and thorough to verify one’s identity and keep out fakes. Shaadi requires users to provide details, including name, location, age, educational background, and many more.

  • Editing Your Profile

Most of the information members provide during registration is displayed on the profile page. They can choose to add or edit it anytime.

  • Swiping

After registration, users start receiving matches on their homepage according to the preference they specified on their profiles. Shaadi lets users say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the suggested user. If you do not like these recommendations, you can use the search tool to find a partner.

  • Matching

When two users like each other, the match is formed. The next step is for both members to start a conversation. With a premium membership, one can instantly text any person, but a free member can only send interests to someone they like. They will have to wait for a response to be able to message.

Registration — Is It Really Easy?

Registration — Is It Really Easy

Here are a few things you need to know about the signup process at Shaadi.

  • Registration at Shaadi is longer than most dating sites due to the thorough verification process. The latter also helps to provide a safe dating environment for the members.
  • The site requires one’s biodata and residency, location, career, annual income, educational background, faith, race, physique, and lifestyle.
  • Shaadi allows people to create an account for someone else. Though this may seem like an invitation to a lot of fake profiles, the dating site has a rigorous verification procedure that requires members to enter a one-time password they will receive on their mobile phone number. Furthermore, users have to upload some documents for identification.
  • The final step is to link a social media account and upload some images. However, the photos will remain unavailable to other members until Shaadi’s administrators approve it. The extended signup procedure is perhaps the website’s greatest feature, which ensures its users’ safety.

What About Design and Usability?

What About Design and Usability

Shaadi’s simple design features a two-color combination. The platform also uses beautiful pictures and several other multimedia elements for users to feel what Shaadi entails. The simplicity of the user interface contributes to its intuitive usage, despite many features and information it offers. It also resolves the issue with slow internet, as its main functionalities are text-based.

Shaadi has an elegant flow, giving a rich user experience. Unfortunately, the ads can distract and frustrate the audience.

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

Let's Talk About Profile Quality

Thanks to the robust registration process, Shaadi profiles give comprehensive info about a member. Free accounts can also see it except for the contact details, which are only available for paying visitors. The profiles display data about a user’s educational background, location, age, annual income, astrological sign, career, physique. Shaadi also has a gallery of pictures, which have been reviewed before open for public view.

Furthermore, Shaadi has a feature called ‘Hidden Images’ that is only accessible to premium members. It is important to note that there have been several reports of fake profiles looking very similar to the real ones. These reports are surprising, considering the rigorous verification process one has to go through during registration. The best thing to do when encountering any of these fake profiles is to check out verification icons to ascertain their authenticity. Members can also report them to customer support, who will review it and take the necessary actions.

The Mobile Application

The Mobile Application

Shaadi mobile app is perhaps the site’s best-designed product, available for Android and iOS devices. It’s elegant and fast, with a smooth interface, making it easy to use. It retains most of the desktop version’s functionalities, such as the search panel, matches, smart search, and chats. It has the standard swiping mechanism and doesn’t offer any innovative features. The paying members can instantly communicate with their matches, and the “Surprise Me” tool is activated by shaking the phone. Push and live notifications keep members updated on their journey to finding their perfect half.

Safety & Security

Safety & Security

Nowadays, an online scam has become very popular. Consequently, Shaadi adopted a thorough verification process during registration. The verification icon determines how legit a profile is, following so many reports of fakes looking like the real ones. SSL protocols encrypt end-to-end communication between members.

There are also some tips on how to stay safe while using the platform. They include the following:

  • Do not carelessly give up personal details. The places one visit, locations, birthdays, and other information should remain private.
  • Shaadi advises its members to report suspicious activities, including those that are illegal and aggressive. The customer support department is always happy to review these situations. The platform also has a tool for blocking annoying, abusive, or fraudulent users.

Meeting in the Real World

Members are advised to apply caution both on Shaadi and when meeting in the real world. Here are some helpful safety guidelines for offline dating.

  • It’s a smart approach for users not to reveal their place of residence until they know each other better. Make sure to take a ride to the meeting place and back home.
  • On the first date, it is advisable to have your date in a public place: a restaurant, coffee shop, or a museum.
  • Unfortunately, people are not always respectful and kind. Thus, it is vital to take extra precautions when meeting someone, especially if it is the first date. Drink less than usual, and never leave any drinks unattended.
  • Ensure to inform someone about the location and time to check if you are okay.
  • Make sure to keep money somewhere besides your wallet so you can have some cash in case your purse or bag gets lost.
  • A self-defense weapon may come in handy, especially if you are going on your first date.

While online dating may be enjoyable and fun, we always recommend to stay alert and use common sense.

Pricing and Benefits

Pricing and Benefits

Shaadi offers both free and paid membership. The features available to you will depend on the option you are willing to choose. Check what services are included in each of them.

Free Services

  • Users can search and browse through members
  • Create and update profiles, surf, and search for the partner among registered visitors
  • Show interest in other users
  • Members can access Shaadi blog
  • View pictures of others

Premium Services

Shaadi took the extra mile while developing this dating platform. Besides the typical premium features of regular dating sites, it provides additional tools for its paying members to help them find the right person. Blogs, how-tos, news, and videos on success stories make the matrimonial website more engaging. People can also employ committed relationship experts to manage their profiles for them.

Below are some of the perks accessible to paid subscribers.

  • Smart Search
    It allows users to filter profiles using numerous criteria, like lifestyle, educational achievement, income, and other sensitive information.
  • Who Visited My Profile?
    In the “Recent Guests” tab, people can see who visited their pages. If both parties like each other, it is considered a match.
  • ShaadiTV and ShaadiLive
    Extra tools are available for users in the form of online ShaadiTV videos (https:/www.youtube.com/user/shaaditv) and ShaadiLive blog posts (http:/blog.shaadi.com/). Visitors can find inspirational stories, ways to make a good video, and tips on relationships.

In addition to all the above features, paying members can also do the following:

  • Access the contact details of other users.
  • Initiate a conversation with anybody on the platform.
  • Check out hidden pictures.

At which cost does the premium membership come?

  • Gold — three months $32.33/ month, $97.00 in total
  • Gold Plus — three months $39.67 / month, $119.00 in total
  • Diamond — six months $24.50 / month, $147.00 in total
  • Diamond Plus — three months $31.17 / month, $187.00 in total
  • Platinum Plus — twelve months $22.42 / month, $269.00 in total

Select Shaadi

Shaadi also offers personalized matchmaking service called ‘Select Shaadi,’ which gives you access to a committed advisor, uniquely selected profiles, and arranged matches. Its pricing is as follows:

  • Three-month subscription costs $599
  • Six-month subscription costs $899

Compared to other matrimonial websites, the costs are above average.

Payment System

Members can pay for their subscription with the following options:

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Direct Debit
  • Cheque

Users can get a refund within 30 days of subscription, given that they have sent a minimum of ten interests, and there is no single acceptance to communicate.

Help & Support

Participants can contact the Shaadi customer support via landline (1860 200 3456) and live chat on the website. They also receive requests on https://help.shaadi.com/hc/en-us/requests/new. The Help center provides various assistance, including technical issues and other possible problems. Users can ask questions about which subscription plans to choose and how to cancel it. They also review reports of suspicious, annoying, or abusive members.

The customer support team is always available to help with any issues that may arise.


As with many sites, people sometimes get skeptical about the legitimacy of profiles and the platform’s safety. In the section, we will answer some of the frequently asked questions about Shaadi.

Is Shaadi Safe?

Shaadi is popular not just for the numerous success stories but also its reputation in maintaining a safe dating environment for its community. There have been several cases of fraudulent profiles that look almost exactly like the real ones. For this reason, the moderators developed verification icons to make sure a person is real.

Is Shaadi a Real Dating Site?

Shaadi is a legit matrimonial site with members from all over the world, including India, the US, Canada, the UK, and many more. The members are single individuals, widowed, or divorced. It is also open to mentally/physically challenged people as well as those with HIV infection.

How to Use Shaadi?

First of all, you have to create an account. Registration may take longer due to the extensive process of verifying a member’s details. Once everything is approved, you will start receiving matches. There’s also an option of looking for members using the available search options. It is important to note that different membership types determine the features one can access.

Is Shaadi Free?

Some of the features, such as registration and creation of profiles, are free. However, to access premium perks like initiating a conversation, users need to become paying members.

Does Shaadi Really Work?

There are a few negative reviews, but the numerous positive feedback makes it negligible. Shaadi has a record of five million matches that have led to marriages. Free members can only reply to messages sent by paying subscribers.


Shaadi is a website for people with serious intentions, especially those between the ages of 25-40. The registration may seem long and tedious, but it is necessary to keep off fakes and approve only those looking to find a partner.

Shaadi welcomes everyone, including mentally and physically challenged people, and those who have HIV.

The features accessible to free members are exploring profiles and looking for interesting individuals. Shaadi’s premium perks, like messaging, are available only to paying members. Without a premium membership, one cannot initiate a chat. Free visitors can send interest or reply to messages from paid subscribers.

In general, Shaadi is the best place for those dedicated to finding a like-minded partner, provided you follow the right approach.

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