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Senior Friend Finder Review – What Do We Know About it?

Senior Friend Finder Review – What Do We Know About it?
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Date with older guy 2%
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Beauty 91%
Popular age 23-24
Profiles 2.000.000
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Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Senior Friend Finder users sign up here as well:

Pros and Cons

  • Anyone can message and chat with members regardless of memberships;
  • There are a lot of active members on the site monthly;
  • People without a complete profile cannot talk with other members, which makes the site more secure;
  • Email support for all kind of members within two hours;
  • Fast reaction to the abuse reports;
  • Ease of registration and usage;
  • You can express yourself with videos, essays, and blogs.
  • No Android app for users of Android devices;
  • Limited languages support (English only);
  • Core features, such as searching via distance are only available in a paid membership plan;
  • A heavy in-app advertisement that affects site performance.

Senior Friend Finder is an online platform for seniors who want to meet new friends, potential romantic partners and even dating over 60. The site has more than 400,000 active members who are over 60 years old and enjoying their golden years. Seniors all around the world have been using this app to add new people in their lives.

This niche dating site is easy to use, even for people who haven’t used dating sites before. The signup process is straightforward, and you can browse profiles as soon as you get your account. Read on to find out more about the site and if this is the one for your needs.

How Does Senior Friend Finder Work?

Senior Friend Finder Review - What Do We Know About it?

To start searching for potential new friends, you need to set up your account and answer a very quick preference questionnaire. Once your account registration process is finished, go to the browse section and browse through the available members’ profiles. If someone special catches your interest, you can send them an email, add them to your network, send gifts, and voice messages. If you’re still unsure whether you want to contact a certain profile right now, you can add them to the hotlist instead.

As for now, the Senior Friend Finder is a growing community of thousands of active users. You can view photos, see other information in their profile, write to your blog, and message others, and chat with them. Think of this app as a Facebook for seniors only, with additional dating features. There is also a matching feature which will depend on your answers for the personality survey.

Senior Friend Finder is an app that is simple to use and has an active community. However, some of the core features are only available if you opt for a subscription plan. Besides, compared to major dating sites, the price and feature ratio is not that great. But as a niche dating app, it does its job nicely.

Registration – Is It Really Easy?

Users of Senior Friend Finder only need a valid email address to register their account. You need to answer basic questions such as your gender, the gender of who you’re looking for, your birth date (seniors only), country, and city. After that, you will need to give a valid email, a unique username, and a strong password. After the initial profile setup, you will be given a personality questionnaire to answer.

Answering the personality questionnaire might take a lot of time. There are optional questions and essays included in it. It is recommended to answer this questionnaire truthfully for a better matching result. Registering an account is a little bit harder for people with a joint account. Still, the initial setup without the questionnaire will only take about ten minutes. Once this process is done, you can start browsing profiles on the website.

What About Design and Usability?

Senior Friend Finder Review - What Do We Know About it?

The user interface and design of the website and app emphasize simplicity and ease of navigation. There are only minimal animations to keep the site running smoothly. Every menu is on the familiar zones and borrowed from the layout of other apps like Facebook. If you have other social media accounts, you will quickly figure out how to navigate the site smoothly.

Unfortunately, if you’re not using the app and instead opt for the web version, the font might be too small and hard to read. And since the site has a lot of members, the loading for profiles, or even just logging in, can be laggy. Besides, the site uses advertising to keep everything running, which affects the loading of the webpage.

Let’s Talk about Profile Quality

Although it can be time-consuming, answering the personality questionnaire is a recommended step. Besides, anyone with an incomplete profile cannot send messages to other users, so completing a profile is a must and not an option. Unlike other dating sites where only photos can be posted, Senior Friend Finder lets its users upload a video if they want to. With this, you can become more creative with your profile and introduce yourself to the community.

Your profile picture will be the very first thing that other users will see in your profile. It is recommended to use a clear photograph that says a lot about you. Use a speaking title to catch the attention of the users. The more people will see your profile, the easier it would be for you to find your match sooner.

Before publishing, content moderators of Senior Friend Finder review the profiles submitted to ensure a safer and more reliable online dating community. Unfortunately, the Senior Friend Finder team doesn’t conduct a background check for all its users, as they don’t have the capacity to do so. There are thousands of people that register online monthly. But they take security abuse seriously and will do anything to weed out wrong users. If someone in the app is getting abusive or sending you unwarranted sexually explicit content, you can send a report using this abuse form.

The Mobile Application

The Senior Friend Finder app is available for iOS devices and can be downloaded via the Apple Store. This version of the app has all the updates and new features, which you might need a premium subscription to get access to. As a mobile app, this makes it easier for people to meet and build a relationship together. You can check your messages and see who checked your profile on the go.

The Senior Friend Finder is a part of a group called the FriendFinder Networks, one of the largest online dating communities. Still, the app is not yet available for Android users. Instead, Android and PC users can access the platform by using the mobile-optimized website, which can be found here. Go to your PC or mobile browser and use the website there.

If you really want the best experience out of this mobile application, avoid using it during peak time, when most site users get online. This can be a great opportunity to meet people, but not a great experience if everything is slow. Peak hours depend on the city where you currently live.

Safety & Security

Senior Friend Finder Review - What Do We Know About it?

The app uses the Fraud Detection Algorithm to prevent any fraud before it can take place inside the community. Transactions and payments are carried out via VISA and Master Card. Online payment is preferred since it is more convenient and safer than mailing money or check. But that doesn’t mean that they won’t receive checks or cash. You can do that by emailing them to the address provided on the site.

Fraud and abuse are things that cannot be predicted completely by any computer algorithm or even humans. That’s why if you became a victim or are currently targeted by an abusive or fraudulent person, reporting them using the abuse form is necessary. This way, the profile will be banned from the service and cannot trick other people again. And never give your payment information to someone you just met.

Overall, Senior Friend Finder is still one of the safest sites out there for senior dating. The site itself uses Symantec by Norton with every transaction. Just take note of the online caveats of these dating sites.

Pricing And Benefits

Senior Friend Finder Review - What Do We Know About it?

Senior Friend Finder is a free app for senior dating. However, the standard account is kind of restricted, compared to other dating sites out there. You really need the premium account upgrade if you want to get a chance and catch a date. There are three packages available for the Senior Friend Finder app: free, silver membership, and gold membership.

In a free account, the members can have the following features:

  • Search the community for profiles using the standard form;
  • Have your name present in the “online users” list (only up to 10 matches per day);
  • Emails are viewable for 30 days only;
  • Hotlist profiles are limited at 200;
  • Support usually answers within two days.
  • Limited viewing of profiles
  • Limited video greetings
  • Use of chat rooms
  • Use of the instant messaging feature

For only $22.94 a month ($33.93 for three months), you can gain access to the Silver Membership club. Users under this membership can get the full list of features offered in the free membership, but with additional perks:

  • View the first five photos of all members;
  • View the videos from any profile;
  • View past polls and results;
  • Search within a specific distance;
  • Telephone support and faster content review;
  • Search members via username;
  • Online list for up to 20 matches;
  • Emails are stored for up to 60 days;
  • The hotlist is capped at 500;
  • Email technical support answers within 24 hours.

Finally, the best package is the Gold Membership, which comes at $34.94 per month. You can save some by paying for three months at once; it would be just $44.70. You have all the benefits from both free and silver membership, but with additional services and perks that other memberships don’t have:

  • Up to five times more views than other membership plans;
  • Super-search members using the priority form;
  • Get more information about members in your network (such as ICQ, AIM, YIM, and MSN IDs);
  • Access to extra-large size and higher definition photos;
  • Priority for telephone technical support;
  • Members online list for more than 30 matches;
  • 120 days for email, 1000 hotlist members, and technical support within 12 hours.

Help & Support

Senior Friend Finder Review - What Do We Know About it?

As for now, the customer support for Senior Friend Finder includes telephone, email, and postal mail. Each member has access to the email support, but not all have access to a telephone, which is only given to members with paid membership. If you have a general question, you can visit their Help Index for the commonly-asked questions.

All members can use the Senior Friend Finder Feedback Form to communicate any inquiries or problems to the management. This includes problems with your account, billing, mail, password and usernames, chats and instant messaging, magazines, and other technical problems. Make sure to include your email address so the folks at the customer service department can reach out to you for solving your problems. You can also use this form to report abuse or fraudulent activities that you experienced.

Another way to reach out to the customer service is via postal mail. If you want to send your letters traditionally, make sure to include an email or a return address so that the staff can reach you back. Send your suggestions, problems, and issues, upgrade requests, and billings in this address: Various, Inc., 910 E. Hamilton Ave., Sixth Floor, Campbell, CA 95008, USA.



Are you new to the online dating industry? Do you have some common questions which need fast and concise answers? We made a list of things that are frequently asked in the Senior Friend Finder community. If you cannot find your questions on the list, you can always visit the Help section on the site, a comprehensive database that answers all the app questions.

Is Senior Friend Finder Safe?

All dating apps have some sort of risk, and Senior Friend Finder is not an exception. However, the team is working hard to cut down malicious profiles even before they can use the site. Before anyone can use their accounts, they need to be approved by the site’s moderators’ team. All the data and information that you provide are stored securely on the servers.

Is Senior Friend Finder A Real Dating Site?

Yes, Senior Friend Finder is a real dating site, but you can also consider it a site for forming new friendships with other people. In fact, it is one of the most active communities for senior singles who want to get a second chance in love. The app is already featured in several publications such as The New York Times, CNN, and The Wall Street Journal.

How To Use Senior Friend Finder?

First and foremost, you need to make an interesting account and answer the personality tests. Browse the site for potential partners (with restriction, if you’re in a free account). If someone catches your eye, take the initiative and send him/her an exciting message. Another option is to get active in chatrooms and meet someone that shares your passion.

Is Senior Friend Finder Free?

Senior Friend Finder is completely free to use for iOS and browser users. However, it is recommended to get paid membership for a better chance of getting a match and access to core features.

Does Senior Friend Finder Really Work?

A lot of users are happy in making new friends or meeting new partners in the app. In fact, users stated that their friends or partners are helping them translate little chat abbreviations that they don’t know before. The community is vivid and responsive, so whatever you’re looking for, you’ll surely find the fun time.


Senior Friend Finder Review - What Do We Know About it?

Senior Friend Finder is one of the best services in dating category, even if you might need to pay extra to get the most out of it. Its active community, as well as its convenient matchmaking, outweighs all the cons for a lot of users. With its unique offerings such as magazines and blogs, it helps many seniors get entertainment and friendship online easier.

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Customer reviews
by Uriel Jan 11, 2022
This dating website meets your needs flawlessly. It is actually developed for older people seeking passionate on the web communications and horny dates. Whether it be ideal for relationships: we don't learn. But i do believe you will want to seek a niche website aimed at things like this. Our site will truly operate if you possibly could enjoy life and enjoy as they are. My experiences ended up being successful, funny, and constructive generally. I plugged some poor individuals, however their existence isn't the site's failing. Keep in mind that, you may have more possibilities to meet up with tugs not online.
by Rylan Jan 08, 2022
This dating internet site suits simple specifications completely. It is developed for people selecting enchanting using the internet interactions and beautiful times. If it is worthy of relationships: I don't recognize. But i do believe you really need to seek out a distinct segment site focused on such things. Our site will really move if you possibly could enjoy life and adore as it is. The feel am rewarding, amusing, and good generally. I obstructed some poor consumers, nevertheless position is not the site's failing. Believe me, you have got many possibilities in order to satisfy tugs brick and mortar.
by Alice Dec 29, 2021
Everyone loves this app. I believe peaceful and harmonized when working with its tools and creating associations with other group members. You will find a lot enjoyable and enjoyment, stay safe and secure, and don't feeling as well blue easily cannot render another owner to love me quickly. That is certainly all we can easily actually want, isn't it?
Jerry Reyes
by Jerry Reyes Dec 27, 2021
Simply speaking, my own exposure to this application is superb, understanding that furthermore signifies his or her customer support. I enjoy top-quality suits because so many of these will always be pretty much perfect for me personally. Therefore, I don't should spend time and search for a needle in a haystack while exploring the endless pages.
by Caroline Dec 21, 2021
We signed up with the app just the previous year and have now already fulfilled my favorite special someone in 30 days. Most people grumble about so much of some time they want to have a night out together. Extremely, I presume I was extremely lucky. You will find a paid agreement to get into all possibilities on the internet site instead to confine me personally to virtually any sort of relationships. Besides, I was really active, searching consult as many people as possible. Without a doubt, I mean solely those whom could possibly be more or less appropriate for myself. Our member profile features a number of awesome photos, and I had been 100% truthful about simple objectives. I used to be certainly not looking persistence, but I used to be offered to new has and sensations. We never smooth over my beauty, existence, and characteristics. Simple visibility ended up being completed and, while I established chatting, I didn't say any alternative customers should discover. I don't determine indeed if this ended up being my own frame of mind towards online dating or just opportunity that helped to me to be successful on this web site. Anyhow, thank you for this sort of a successful platform.
Kevin Williams
by Kevin Williams Dec 18, 2021
I have been through a rather dirty breakup after several years of severe matchmaking. I've just unearthed that my favorite sweetheart were cheat on myself continuously. After ninety days of depression, my buddies prompted me to sign up for the site. The two told me that would make it possible to develop my self and tend to forget concerning most harmful. Extremely, I've recorded on the internet site and produce a page. I ought to point out that I took a very careful and accountable method of the character description and don't bypass a tab. I also affixed some of my very best photo. At the start, it was not supposed potentially for my situation since I couldn't beginning texting anybody consistently. Spotty and clichéd messages you should not depend. Then, we produce many buddies to talk and talk about various stuff. I experienced a good experience for simple attitude and ego. Without a doubt, it has been good to listen to other people that i'm gorgeous, hot, brilliant, etc. Eventually, our rubbing turned into most explicit, and I seen that i'm currently open to date once more. Therefore, I got a night out together with one of the most popular I've cushion on this site. Everything drove without problems, and also now we had a good time. By doing this, We established achieving other people both on the internet and traditional and gradually getting additionally your earlier agonizing dating. Online dating sites replaced my entire life for any greater, and this site got an essential role in this transformation.
by ROJAS Dec 16, 2021
I take advantage of this app regularly as I need talk or satisfy you to definitely devote a good time collectively. Lately, I've got my personal primary day, therefore was amazing. Before seeing both in reality, we all chatted and found several common situations, which means out choices, personalized specifications, or even some pastimes. Perhaps, our very own web relationship continues vital for our winning real-time day. Most of us continuously communicate on the net and will eventually get out on the weekend. I don't make some designs and attempt to be at liberty today. This page helped to most.
by Harlow Dec 08, 2021
Becoming a member of this dating site was actually the greatest thing that have ever happened to me inside relationship. However, I'm small and perhaps not too practiced several different senior daters. Anyway, my favorite perceptions include glowing. There are a lot very hot someone on this internet site! In some cases, we also don't send out information but simply savor pics. I have several no-strings-attached dates, and all of them were cool and diverse. I'm into relaxed matchmaking in the meantime. I do think it's a tad earlier for me to invest in someone. I adore studies and always keep our face available. I'm constantly ready to decide to try new things in dating, and also this web site may help plenty in realizing simple objectives and needs.
by Anika Dec 03, 2021
This application is definitely real, and I'm lifestyle evidence of its ability. I cannot complain with this app because it gave me the latest schedules during lives. Very, I've delighted to become they and have now such enjoyable. Of course, it has got definitely not been without failed games, but I reckon this is exactly rather a natural system. You cannot get it all-in a moment in time, and a few months of messaging is generally required to plan a meetup.
by Renee Nov 28, 2021
Really like this specific service. We manufactured arrangements to fulfill individuals for a coffee and in some cases an event. I presume it go quite really. We have certainly not chosen so far concerning the then schedules, but I'm on my technique to find the one which is actually special. Okay, need me luck, people.
by Joshua Nov 19, 2021
I prefer this app as it doesn't bother me personally with complicated quizzes. To tell the truth, we don't have confidence in compatibility dependent on several surveys since anyone utilized to lay pretty usually. For my situation, It's more straightforward to chat and ask questions, producing dialogs all-natural. This web site gets the performance I want to understand simple internet based associates best before-going out and about.
by Gilbert Nov 19, 2021
I found myself honestly shocked to determine this type of a functional dating application. I've really been signed up for each year currently. After a few ordinary dates, I stumbled upon my favorite finest fit. It simply happened a couple of months in the past, and we're however feel good against each other. I'm not really lookin beyond that immediately. Nevertheless, I will be pleased if the dating produce. Hence for now, I'm pleased and want to give you thanks to this particular software for delivering usa along.
Craig Johnson
by Craig Johnson Nov 09, 2021
The smartest commitment I've ever produced are joining and employing this excellent website. I'm matchmaking right now, and with thanks to the application for these luck. We're together for a month and had a phenomenal efforts together. Hence, i suppose Having been lucky to meet up with my buddy because the entire steps is tremendous on the webpage. All their solutions provides you with the possibility of ascertain loads concerning companion before getting the main meeting. Using the internet communicating is really useful to purchase a person who meets your expectations and fantasies. Simple presence on this site lead a lot of fun and ventures to my life. So, I'd suggest it to any or all everyone wanting high quality suits.
by Valentina Nov 06, 2021
As a novice representative, i truly relish the feeling. It's very easy to it's the perfect time, provided that you were effective and respect more customers. It's fun and exciting. Whether I'll locate your great match? I don't look after currently. Two close schedules is enough personally to date, and I'm searching and awaiting even more ventures before focusing on a potential wife. I observe that this site is absolutely ideal for my personal dreams. The community are ok, and no body attempts to come using your body. Very, i'm safe using on the internet exciting combined with my buddies. We become some things to share with you, along with dates I've acquired were truly amazing. So, I'm satisfied with my own pub, and an affordable outlay try an advantage.
Valerie Burns
by Valerie Burns Nov 01, 2021
Our encounter up to now is 100per cent wonderful. This really is outstanding app with easy texting. Technical support is also cool. As soon as we ignored a password and had to readjust it. Okay, really, almost everything would be resolved in a short while. I've already got some lovers to speak with, but I'm perhaps not in a rush to meet people brick and mortar. I'm experiencing the process up to now because correspondence using my faves is actually awesome even changes me personally about regularly. Good cost, lots of very hot profiles, and course-plotting is definitely easy. I enjoy such a simple and effective way of on the web hookups.
Lois Murphy
by Lois Murphy Oct 29, 2021
I enjoy this particular service. After are a signed up individual for about two months, I stumbled onto brand-new family, generally there is not to whine about. The interface lets you establish a unique account with several appealing photograph. In the event that you don't feel they necessary to complete all other farmland, you could miss any of them. I assume that pics would be the a key point in the remainder you can reveal while messaging and chatting. We don't bring a partner for internet dating now, but I'm on my way. I reside in a rural community, and several fights were far from me. However, considering my current favorites and our very own internet based communication, i'll go forth soon. Anyway, the application works, along with community rocks. We refused some freaks, but I've satisfied not one person very horrible about prohibit these people from calling me personally.
Jessie Harvey
by Jessie Harvey Oct 22, 2021
The net dates about this site have grown to be an excellent and attention-grabbing practice for me. It does work properly for my own self-esteem and enables making newer relationships. They may not be associations however but check guaranteeing. Furthermore, it's beautiful to me to stop the frost and talk with folks from any region I enjoy. Checking kinds was participating, sometimes. It's always interesting to see just how someone prove while looking for intimacy.
by Boone Oct 15, 2021
Superb service for people who are not afraid of internet dating and open dialogues. The app happens to be well organized and includes most signed-up customers. Texting is simple, and all of other choices are super easy to receive and read. Concerning me, I've currently located a pal with whom our very own biochemistry is actually pressing.
by MariaOsborne Oct 12, 2021
Website is great for myself. As I'm a tad fed up with swiping, it came to be a middle crushed for simple goals. We don't approach any severe dating now, but We won't escape as soon as see the enjoy. Website does indeedn't pressure me and enables getting all bells and whistles of quality relationship. Besides, I enjoy that this software is really convenient to utilize, whether it is about direction-finding or pay. Costs is actually ordinary, i never grudge income in their mind since I have have the best advantage for fees they might require. I've currently achieved some reasonable persons and obtain very hot schedules. Besides, we message with several owners to discuss, make fun of, and talk about numerous subjects, most notably love. Personally I think that I am within my category since area is extremely pleasant. Consumers don't evaluate an individual, mainly because it just might be if you've got picked up people in a bar.
by Tania Oct 07, 2021
Website is fantastic for me personally. As I'm slightly sick of swiping, they was a middle soil for my favorite goals. We don't organize any really serious associations at this time, but I won't run away as soon as I fulfill my favorite romance. This website doesn't force me personally and makes it possible for getting all features of high quality a relationship. Besides, i love it application is really handy to work with, be it about course-plotting or transaction. Price was typical, and I also you shouldn't grudge dollars in their mind since I have the best worth for rates they require. I've previously fulfilled some good individuals and acquire horny times. Besides, we communicate with a number of individuals to discuss, make fun of, and discuss various subject areas, such as gender. I feel that i'm during my category because the group is extremely pleasant. Customers don't assess a person, simply because it could be if you have acquired people in a bar.
Jason Dixon
by Jason Dixon Oct 03, 2021
Very good opinions. I've found a good amount of nice and fascinating everyone and a few freaks . that's a norm whenever you are on the internet. Some fights had not been inside place . that's why we kept good friends. I will claim that this service provides a lot of resources in order to make different customers bear in mind an individual. To begin with, it's enough room to construct their profile and provide adequate information about the way you look and fictional character. After that, texting is definitely ok. Generally, a person access complete online correspondence might obtain a night out together anytime while you are all set to encounter your favorite in real life.
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