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SeekingArrangement Review — What Do We Know About It?

SeekingArrangement Review — What Do We Know About It?
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Pros and Cons

  • Men can create a free profile and send a maximum of 10 complimentary messages.
  • An extensive search filter makes finding compatible matches easy.
  • Women are free to join SeekingArrangement. College students registering with a .edu email ID get to enjoy premium membership automatically.
  • Sugar daddies and mommies have the massive option of sugar babies.
  • The interface is too bland.
  • There are a lot of fake profiles.

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Ever wonder what polyamorous dating sites or sugar dating websites are? SeekingArrangement is an epitome of these services. The site was launched in 2006 by Brandon Wade. The title is remade from Seeking to SeekingArrangement; the overall layout and logo are the same. The purpose is to cater to the needs of young women and men called sugar babies to meet older men and women called sugar daddies or mommies. These sugar daddies and mommies come up with financial assistance and guidance. Sugar babies have to provide long-term companionship in return.

SeekingArrangement restructures the concept of a perfect relationship. The platform is a haven for those who love to mix pleasure with business. You can find a relationship with the benefit of predetermined arrangements that suit your needs. The site provides a platform for successful persons who like to look after someone and also to young men and women who wish to be taken care of by someone else. The question is, does SeekingArrangement provide what they claim? Read the information to get an idea of how this dating platform works.

How Does SeekingArrangement Work?

SeekingArrangement Review

SeekingArrangement considers itself a unique free sugar dating site. But technically, male members can send up to 10 messages to others. Without upgrading their membership, they can’t read the texts. To find a sugar baby for themselves, they need the premium subscription, which has the following perks.

  • They can hide their status when online, along with the joining date and the country they live in.
  • They can choose to be discreet by skipping posting pictures, whereas standard members have to approve free photos.
  • They can hide their profile from appearing in search results.
  • Their pages show the upgraded status in search results.
  • They can list about three locations.
  • They get notified when a message is read.
  • They are allowed to use the advanced search filters.

There is also a Diamond membership that can boost your search results. But there are some conditions to upgrade to it. One is that a person must be a premium member for two consecutive months. The perks of Diamond status are exclusive and will make the experience amazing.

Users can register at SeekingArrangement for free. Keep in mind that the website is designed for rich men and women who can financially support their sugar babies. You can find sugar babies for both long-term relationships and casual dating. There are advanced search filters to find the best match.

There are thousands of profiles on SeekingArrangement, which is the reason that it’s one of the most popular platforms of its kind. Members can communicate with others through messages only. However, for sending and receiving text, user profiles should be completed; otherwise, they won’t be able to fully enjoy this feature.

Registration — Is It Really Easy?

SeekingArrangement Registration

The registration process at SeekingArrangement is quick and straightforward and requires little information. The first step is to enter your gender. Next, you have to describe the account type you are going to sign up with, and it includes three options.

  • Sugar baby
  • Sugar daddy
  • Sugar mommy

You have to fill in the field with the gender you are interested in having a relationship; it could be men, women, or both. You will be asked how much money you expect your sugar daddy or mommy spend on you if you are a sugar baby. If you are a sugar daddy or mommy, you are asked about the expected budget you are going to fork up.

You need to add your email ID for completing the registration process. There is also an option of the Facebook account, which speeds up the process. A college student is allowed to use their college or university email to sign up. It will also give them the luxury to upgrade to premium membership.

SeekingArrangement believes in face to face meetings, which is why the site doesn’t offer many communication options. This place is not the best choice for you if you want to interact with your date on a more intimate level. To create an impressive profile, connect your Facebook, Instagram, and other social accounts to your profile. It will reward you with a badge that will make it stand out from the rest. Also, it will not only show you as a serious member but also prove your account legitimacy.

You need to upload a profile picture for your account, which will be approved by the moderators. If they notice that the image is fake, it will be rejected.

SeekingArrangement has very tight security measures and gives priority to privacy and safety. For safety purposes, you can choose to have your profile or background reviewed by a third party company named Optimum Screening. The dating website claim that they have no access to any data that any user delivers to the background check company. If, by any chance, you fail to pass it, the platform will not reward you with a badge. Moreover, there will be no refund for any payment made during the process.

What About Design and Usability?

SeekingArrangement Design

The first impression of SeekingArrangement’s interface is a simple layout with minimal design. It may seem boring to some users, especially sugar babies. But keep in mind that the site is also used by many sugar daddies and mommies who are mature and not tech-savvy. The URL of the website is changed, which is confusing for some users. Anyone who types the old one will be redirected to the new page.

Users can see all the features in an organized manner, which makes navigation and the overall layout user-friendly. All the icons and fonts are readable, as well as displayed in a clear view. The instruction for every feature is pretty straightforward, which eliminates any complications. You can visit the site, and it will take only minutes to grasp the layout and elements on the screen.

SeekingArrangement has a good speed of loading web pages, even with slow internet connections. However, the app loading speed is better than the site; they are both available in seven languages. Namely:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • Portuguese
  • Simplified Chinese

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

SeekingArrangement Profile Quality

The information users give at the time of the registration automatically becomes part of the SeekingArrangement profile. It has lots of fields that people can fill to create an impressive page that stands out from the rest.

These fields are optional and do not require mandatory answers. Still, it is advisable to fill them all to give an impression of a serious member and find the hottest sugar baby or richest sugar daddy or mommy. SeekingArrangement encourages its members to complete their profile by rewarding them with account boosts, such as improved site coverage.

Users can upload their pictures for free, but they need to be approved by the moderators before posting. Once your photographs get accepted, you can label them as private if you want to hide them and public for the visitors to view them. There are particular text boxes that users can have as private. For profile pictures, there are two galleries: for public and private view. You cannot access other members’ private photos unless they allow you to do so. Visitors can ask to see your recent activity on your profile. To hide your current events, you have to upgrade your membership to a premium level.

The Mobile Application

SeekingArrangement Mobile

Considering the modern trends of the online dating world, SeekingArrangement has a mobile app for the convenience of its users. It is similar to the desktop version of the website. Yet, it’s still a great addition to the dating services. The design of the program is well-organized and user-friendly. Easy navigation highlights the polite behavior of the moderators towards the older members. Most of the sugar daddies and mommies are in their 50s and 60s and don’t keep up with modern technologies.

The font size and the images are of high quality and full size. The layout of the app is simple, and the features are accessible for users through a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.

The application uses GPS service for searching and matching purposes. For the safety of the members, their exact location is not disclosed to others. It shows your city and country only. A lot of SeekingArrangement users were dissatisfied when the app was removed from the App Store. Apple claimed it promoted prostitution. Even though the statement is against the rules of the site, SeekingArrangement proudly declares itself as not an escort agency. They also encourage their members not to have a relationship where you’re paid for a date. However, Google doesn’t have any issue with the program, and people can download it for free from their virtual stores.

Safety & Security

SeekingArrangement Safety

SeekingArrangement claims that they don’t share any private information of their members with a third party unless the user misses several payments. At the time, the financial or banking information of the participant is shared with a collection agency. SeekingArrangement discloses in its terms and policies that they have the right to expose your data if required by law.

The dating website collects general data about its members and shares it with its partners. To provide a secure environment, all the communication on the site is SSL-encrypted. You can always read the rules and procedures if you have any further queries about SeekingArrangement’s policies or security measures. You can also contact the customer support for additional assistance.

Pricing and Benefits

SeekingArrangement Pricing

SeekingArrangement has several levels of membership.

  • Standard attractive membership
  • Standard successful membership
  • Premium attractive membership
  • Premium successful membership

Standard Attractive Membership Free Services

  • They can register for free;
  • They can create a profile;
  • The can search for matches;
  • They can view girls’ profiles but cannot send or read messages;
  • They can post a message if their profile is 100% complete, verified, and confirmed.

Premium Members Services

  • They can have more privacy options such as browsing site anonymously;
  • They can appear offline;
  • They can hide their date of joining SeekingArrangement.
  • They can read message receipts and also get a notification when someone reads their message;
  • They can opt to ignore alerts from people who do not fit their preferences;
  • They don’t have to see irritating ads;
  • They have access to advance search filters;
  • They can use the filter to highlight their inbox.


  • One month is 19.95 USD;
  • Three months — 14.95 USD per month and 44.84 USD in total.

Diamond Membership Designed for Sugar Daddies and Mommies

Besides the premium subscription, SeekingArrangement offers another VIP membership called Diamond membership. The VIP upgrade is meant for sugar daddies and mommies. There are specific terms and conditions for those who want to switch to the Diamond package. The criteria are:

  • The sugar daddy and mommy should be a premium membership holder for a minimum of two months;
  • Sugar daddy or mommy must pass the background check.

Sugar daddies or mommies have to complete these conditions to upgrade their membership to the Diamond level.

Help & Support

SeekingArrangement Help

The customer support service of SeekingArrangement is very efficient. You can contact them using their email address provided on the website.


Is SeekingArrangement Safe?

SeekingArrangement is a safe dating website. It offers strict security measures by verifying users’ accounts. Even the pictures have to be approved before displaying them publicly. The site makes sure there is no fake profile roaming about by doing a background check through the agency of third parties.

Is SeekingArrangement a Real Dating Site?

SeekingArrangement is not a traditional dating website where single men and women meet compatible matches and go on a date. It’s a sugar dating platform where young male and female members called sugar babies are seeking mature or old sugar daddies or mommies. These sugar daddies or mommies support their sugar babies financially in return for long-term relationships or companionship.

How to Use SeekingArrangement?

SeekingArrangement How to Use

SeekingArrangement is a sugar dating site where sugar babies and sugar daddies or mommies seek each other for mutual benefit. You can join it for free, and men have to pay for a premium membership to enjoy full features, whereas females are free to avail of the full functionality. You can find your match in the respective category by using extensive search filters. Once the partner is found, both parties can send a message and arrange a date.

Is SeekingArrangement Free?

SeekingArrangement is a free service for sugar babies; sugar daddies or mommies have to pay for the premium membership to send and read messages.

Does SeekingArrangement Really Work?

SeekingArrangement Work

SeekingArrangement has many success stories of enjoying a mutually beneficial relationship. Some of the sugar babies only accept short companionship. Sugar daddies or mommies sometimes seek partners who can accompany them to an event. SeekingArrangement will surely help find a compatible match.


SeekingArrangement is an online sugar matchmaking website where young men and women find partners who can support them financially. These partners are called sugar daddies or mommies who are older and financially independent. Sugar daddies or mommies agree to provide their support to sugar babies in return for their long-term commitment or companionship. The website’s signup process is quick and easy, but the profiles are extensive to find perfect matches. Members can use advanced search filters to look for partners who suit their preferences. The layout is simple, user-friendly, and easy to navigate. If you seek a sugar daddy or sugar baby, SeekingArrangement is the best in the industry.

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Tamara Bennett
by Tamara Bennett Oct 15, 2021
I'm an open-minded bisexual individual and really love studies. I'm certainly not monogamous, a minimum of at present. Actually, my personal way of living is significantly from traditional public norms, so I frequently experience unhappy even among friends or best pals. A lot of them happen to be married, and I also'm went mix insane whenever I feeling their own significant looks. Hence, of course, it's fairly challenging to line up and spend time with like-minds whenever you stay a big area, exactly where people are also active to generate newer links. Extremely, these in pretty bad shape 's for signing up for this website. And our skills is definitely seamless. We been able to get a hold of those that want exactly the same situations and discover my favorite need to keep cost-free, without contract, anticipate, several this additional hooey. Another fantastic thing is the fact that there I've satisfied some bi-curious people. I really like performance of this web site since it's fairly sufficient for first interactions. Possibly, anyone need a lot more incentives, but also in my estimation, you should get a date if you like detailed relationships. While searching kinds, we noticed several empty kinds. I wish people could pay out much more focus to their own appeal on the internet site. Regarding the site's show, all things are fine. No problems with log on, communications, etc. Support program is useful as well as available 24 hours a day. I'm happy to see an online place for my personal preferences and dreams. It's great after the society doesn't inflict their ideals but is on a single web page.
by ROSE Oct 08, 2021
I accompanied this website just the previous year and had gotten a great practice. Now, We have a trusted and mind-blowing spouse, and we're excellent along. I'd advocate the application because I have discovered from lead experience which it is effective. I observe that lots of people usually grumble about no fights, believing that they simply spend time and cash. Continue to, i will be aware that when people cannot look for a person, they frequently start his or her downfalls to additional points. Job, family, adult dating sites, in other words, often there is person accountable. Continue to, you should never disheartenment, and every thing are going to be okay. Eg, they took me almost 7 many months to generally meet my own mate.
by Emma Oct 04, 2021
I would like additional daters to understand that this specific service 100per cent does its job without methods. Those that really need to acquire in contact with someone special won't regret their unique preference as soon as becoming a member of the platform. The crucial thing will never be to quit. You will find currently achieved my favorite loved, and we are currently happy. I'm arousal and balance, and therefore suggests most. Thus, our company is crazy, and it's really never ever far too late for those of any age and demands. I would suggest website, therefore simply test.
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