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PoF vs Match — Which One Is Better?

PoF vs Match — Which One Is Better?

Many single men and women face certain troubles when it comes to making the decision on which dating platform to use. A detailed comparison of Match vs PoF will help you make the right choice and achieve the desired result in online dating. The in-depth comparison between the most popular sites gets based on the most critical criteria. By the end of this review, you will have a clear idea of what you need. Let’s get started comparing Pof vs Match right now!

There are many reasons why single people consider using online dating sites/apps. You are unhappy being single due to a recent breakup after a long-lasting relationship or even marriage. It’s not a secret that modern people use online services due to a lack of time to go on real blind dates. A smart dating strategy can improve your chances of finding the kind of partners you look for.

Your goal is to find a dating site with advanced search and messaging features. A significant advantage of both PoF and Match is that you can access the services on both a PC or a mobile device. Both versions show excellent results in terms of functionality and safety.

People come to the online dating world when they look for marriage. If this is your goal, you should visit PoF first. Match attracts people with serious intentions and those who are interested in hookups, new friends with common interests. Both websites can complete each other and make your dating experience really fun. Please continue to read the post to see how both websites complete and complement each other.

What Is the Difference Between POF and Match?

The comparison of PoF vs Match is challenging because both platforms are popular and have a good reputation in the online dating market. The only difference is the pricing policy. PoF is a free dating site, which mainly focuses on being a safe online meeting point for different kinds of people. Match offers an excellent mix of people with varying interests, but you have to pay to access the main features.

PoF and Match can get you married or find a long-term partner. Match offers all kinds of dating; Christian dating, gay/lesbian dating, senior dating, etc. Also, it attracts single men and women who enjoy meeting people without applying commitments. Some members have only hookup ambitions.

The sensitive point of PoF is its safety. You know that it is a free platform with millions of users. You just have to take care not to become a victim of scammers or people with bad intentions.

Which One Is Better for Men?

If you are a man tired of being alone all the time, you should pick up Match. It is one of the best online platforms for meeting interesting people who meet your relationship criteria. There are all types of people. Some women have serious intentions to meet a partner and create a family together, while other ladies want to meet new people, date handsome men, and enjoy time together. There are many members who are looking for long-lasting relationships. Men are known for lacking patience and free time. That is why it is convenient to apply search filters and make the search results more precise. Write to some women and see where things will lead you. Most men choose a paid membership for 6 -12 months. There is no risk, thanks to the site’s guarantee and refund policy. The experience and numerous reviews of thousands of users prove that the site works and gives excellent results within a short time frame.

Which One Is Better for Women?

After combining Match vs PoF, it is evident that PoF is better for women. It is more affordable for ladies. The variety of young and successful men on the platform will not leave female members indifferent. You can access search and matchmaking tools free of charge. It is a safe platform for finding partners for long-lasting relationships or even marriage. The site has a reporting option. Women can use it when a male member starts to harass them or show disrespect. The admin is ready to protect its female users. So, if you face any issues, do not hesitate to notify the admin for further investigation and blocking a user. Such a smart approach helps clean the online community from potential risk.

PoF vs Match — Target Audience

Let’s see who has the better audience, Plenty of Fish or Match.

Who are Match’s members:

  • 96 Million registered members.
  • 48% are male members.
  • 52% are female members.
  • 25% are the members who are under 30 years old.
  • 48% are the members who are 30-50 years old.
  • 27% are the members who are more than 50 years old.
  • More than 79% have a higher education diploma.
  • More than 70% do not have bad habits.
  • Around 45% have kids who live with them.

Match started providing online dating services in 1995. It has around a million profiles. Unfortunately, some profiles are inactive on the platform. It makes it very challenging to find out the precise demographics. The only way to check is to start browsing people’s profiles and read their self-description. You will meet people of different sexual orientations, interests, professions, and life goals. It is an enormous pool of potential dates and marriage partners.

  • 100 Million registered members.
  • 55% are male members.
  • 45% are female members.
  • There are no members who are under 18 years old.
  • 35 % of members are 18-35 years old.
  • 40% of registered members are 36-49 years old.
  • 24% of users are more than 50 years old.
  • The majority have a diploma from a higher educational institution.
  • The income is 30-60,000 USD per year.

The website has more than a hundred million users. Every day, around 4 million active users visit the site for dating. There are millions of lonely people on the platform to choose from. You can meet people of all religions, ethnicity, and races. There is no discrimination on the platform. Everybody is welcome to join the community. If you compare Plenty of Fish vs Match, the first site is a bit more attractive to the younger generation.

Interface and Usability

In this section, we’re going to see who has a better user interface, web design, and usability, match or plenty of fish? Match has an eye-catching web design. There is nothing complicated in navigating the site, even for beginners. Newly registered members get used to the interface pretty fast. The design, illustrations, and color combinations motivate people to date and set a particularly romantic mood. The Match team spends a lot of money improving all the layouts on both website and mobile application. The process of navigating and accessing the main features seems easy and straightforward. If you prefer to use the app, install it on your smartphone rather than on your laptop.

Comparing Match or PoF in terms of design and visual appeal, it is essential to mention that PoF has an amazingly stylish website. Many members describe it as simplistic and easy to use. The developer does the best to simplify the design to make your online dating experience pleasant and stress-free. Also, such a simple design guarantees better speed. However, let’s admit that PoF design is less inviting than Match. It is not surprising because the site is mainly free to use. If you are focused on dating, you will not even notice this point. You can enjoy free dating and a short trial period to enjoy the platform without ads. However, there is nothing to compare with the paid version of Match with its advantages and advanced features.

Pricing: Which Service Is More Affordable?

Premium Plan on the Match Platform:

  • 3 Months costs around 15 USD per month.
  • 6 Months costs around 12 USD per month.
  • 12 Months costs around 9 USD per month.

Premium Plan on the POF Platform:

  • 2 Months costs around 20 USD per month.
  • 4 Months costs around 13 USD per month.
  • 8 Months costs around 11 USD per month.

PoF is a well-known online dating site, which you can access free of charge. Although, the site offers a premium paid version to boost your experience. You can access all the needed online dating features free of charge, but you have to be patient with the advertisements, which fulfill the site. If you are ready to become a premium PoF user, you should think about how long you plan to use the platform and choose the right duration plan. The more extended period of usage, the cheaper the price is. You will eliminate all the boring ads and get access to extra features to make your online dating experience fun and more efficient.

Match claims to be a paid online dating website. The developer is honest with the members and does not hide any fees. If you are not ready to pay a high price, you should consider signing up for the six-month subscription plan, which will cost you around 12 USD per month. The price is worth paying due to the vast value that the website offers to its clients.

Key Features

If you compare Match vs PoF, the last one is a simple and straightforward online dating website. It offers basic features that most dating sites and apps offer. As a newly registered member, you can compose a profile, undergo the assessment test on the critical relationship needs, upload eye-catching photos, watch extended profiles of interesting personalities, and try the test for predicting relationship chemistry. Every member has the right to purchase a premium membership to deactivate ads and view whether your private messages were read.

Many singles wonder, “is Match better than PoF?” Match is the standard online dating site with efficient features, but you have to pay to access them. One of the best premium features is MatchWords. It works the same as the keywords that we use in search engines. It is a powerful matchmaking tool to find the most compatible partners for love relationships. Every premium user can access the search tool with many advanced filters. You will go through many potential matches with the preferred characteristics.

Match offers the most efficient features. It implements some innovative ways to find other singles from all parts of the world. You can apply numerous filters through profiles of potential matches. You can specify many relationships and partner criteria. The site has a familiar “swipe” feature on singles who can be potentially interested in you. The best thing about Match is the six-month guarantee to find a compatible partner using this online dating service. If it does not happen, the site will give you monetary compensation for the six months.

Pros and Cons

What are the pros and cons of Match?

It is a well-known website for single men and women who look for love and marriage. You can send private messages only after purchasing a paid membership.
The site has more than twenty years of successful matching experience. There are many fake or inactive profiles.
You can access potential matches via a free mobile application.
The user database counts more than eight million singles worldwide.
Automatic matchmaking mechanism.
Reporting/blocking feature to stop unwanted interaction.

What are the pros and cons of POF?

It is one of the first dating sites for single men and women who look for love. Some users include fake information in their profiles.
Messaging and other essential features are free of charge for registered members. The design needs some improvement.
You can find compatible matches thanks to Online Personality Assessment.
There is an automatic sign-out feature for extra security.
Easy and fast signing up process.
Many young members look for dates and friends.

And the Winner Is?…

The detailed analysis shows that the winner is Match. You should try the Match website if you are interested in meeting single men and women from all around the world. You can find partners for one evening or those who search for more serious relationships with commitments. It is a fun and reliable dating and meeting point with an excellent reputation on the market. Browse people profiles, start messaging, and see where things go in the near future. PoF can get considered as a similar alternative. It can be an option if you are not ready to purchase a paid subscription plan. However, your money investment into Match is worth every dollar. Besides, it is affordable for most working people with stable money income. It is better to subscribe to a minimum six-month premium membership plan to achieve the best dating results. Match offers both new and regular clients exciting discounts if you create an account and subscribe to the official updates. After comparing the features of Match premium membership and PoF updates plan, it is evident that Match breaks all the records. Do not forget that free dating platforms can attract people with bad intentions. Especially women should take this point into consideration while dating online.

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