Tinder Taglines for Guys
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Best Tinder Taglines for Guys

Best Tinder Taglines for Guys

In the modern era of the rapid development of digital technologies, it has become easier to find love. Even with an abundance of online dating sites, millions of people download Tinder to search for the “right one” – whether for life or one night. One of the most important aspects of finding a partner in the Tinder app is proper taglines. So today, we are going to tell you about the best Tinder taglines for guys and share some worthy tips on how to get instant right swipes.

How does Tinder work?

The success of the Tinder app among singles is directly related to the convenience of its interface. You create a profile, post photos, add descriptions to them, and then go to the list of the offered matches, where you view other people’s profiles. Swipe right – like, swipe left – skip. When both people agree in their sympathy, a match happens, and users have an opportunity to start communication which can turn into something more. The main algorithms of the dating application are as follows:


After another swipe to the right, Tinder reconfigures the algorithms to select more and more suitable partners for you. The application features a facial recognition system that detects the ethnicity, hair, and eye color of those you have already liked. Accordingly, if you like mainly blondes, then you will come across brunettes less often.


Tinder analyzes your profile for keywords related to preferences, tastes, and activities. So, if you are not too lazy to fill out a profile and write good Tinder taglines indicating things you love, you will get more matches based on your interests.

Educational level

Once coincidence in appearance and interests are identified, the algorithms explore your educational level. The app evaluates such factors as sentence length, use of words longer than three syllables, and vocabulary depth. Yes, the app reads your messages.


Location is not a key parameter for profile selection. Even if you designated a maximum search distance of 10 km, the application will occasionally offer you those users whose other characteristics match your preferences, regardless of the distance between you.

Demographic differences

Any of your characteristics, be it gender, age, or interests, brings you points. And the more points you have, the higher the chance of getting into the feed of a person to whom you will be hypothetically interesting. For example, younger girls may appear in the feed of successful, well-educated men over 30. The developers justified such an approach with internal empirical observations.

How to Create the Perfect Match

There are ways you can outsmart Tinder’s algorithms. So, here’s what to do if you want to find your dream partner quickly and easily.

Determine why you need Tinder

The most successful matches happen to people who know what they expect from dating apps and from each other. All this is important to indicate in the profile. After all, as we have already found out, Tinder takes into account absolutely all text information, analyzes it by taglines, and suggests the best matches based on this data.

Don’t swipe everyone

Each of your like and dislike is a signal for algorithms. If you swipe right one and all, your feed will turn into an unorganized stream of completely different profiles, including those that you don’t like at all. Probably, such an approach will increase the number of matches, but will they be of high quality? We don’t think so.

Swipe, but not often

Tinder’s algorithms, even though they are automated inside and out, can still get confused, especially if you constantly like the most diverse profiles. Therefore, if you use the app on a daily basis, limit yourself to a small number of swipes. If you find suitable profiles among them, concentrate on them, instead of constantly looking for new ones and doing what is called “collecting matches”. Well, if you didn’t manage to find an interesting profile today, don’t despair and come back tomorrow.

Be honest and specific

The more realistic your profile description is, the more likely you are to find the perfect match. Embellishments or outright lies will do no good for you as the algorithms will select profiles that do not suit you at all.

How to Write Good Tinder Taglines for Guys

If the first milliseconds of being in the application were not in vain and you captured a person’s attention, then after scrolling through your photos, he or she will want to know a little more about you. Tinder gives you 500 characters to tell about yourself. It’s better to limit yourself to half of them, but in no case leave the field empty: it turns out that this reduces your chances of success by 80%! So, how to come up with a good Tinder tagline?

Try to avoid clichés. Old jokes or boring biography facts will not work in your favor.

Write what exactly you are looking for. Seeking sex is okay, as well as looking for a serious relationship. Save time for yourself and others and specify in your profile why you use the app and what you want to find. If you search for friends or language practice – feel free to indicate this.

Tell what you do in life. It’s enough to briefly mention that you are a doctor or a marketer. Thus, your interlocutor will know that you have common topics of conversation or what questions would be interesting to ask during communication.

Write about your values – this is an important filter. If you are a feminist/pro-feminist, football fan, an adherent of some religion or political movement – indicate this so that people who aren’t ready to share your values won’t even swipe you.

Specify how you would like to meet. If you are very busy and can go out only for a cup of coffee at lunch or aren’t ready for sex on the first date, it’s appropriate to specify this. For example, you can write that you are ready for a lot, but the first meeting is only for coffee and communication.

Provide an opportunity for the first step.The marketing concept of CTA (call to action) is quite relevant in the Tinder tagline. Add a call to action to make it easier to start a dialog with you in case of a match. It is difficult to continue a conversation after a monotonous “Hello,” and not everyone can come up with interesting conversation starters. Make life easier for others with a phrase like “If you don’t know how to start, ask me about my plans for the evening”. Or you can say, “Write where you work, and I will know that you managed to read my bio to the end”.

What Not to Write in Tinder Taglines for Guys

Well, shock content: if you write rude, offensive, or aggressive things about the opposite sex, speak ill of the physique, age, or nationality of other people, you look like an ignorant hater. Unbelievable but true. If instead of swiping right, you only cause the desire to hit you, you are using the application for purposes other than intended. And phrases like “If you don’t know what a sapiosexual is – pass by” also count. Instead of a negative point of view, focus on what you would like to see in a potential partner and write about it.

But you know, there is another phrase that no one wants to see – “Don’t waste my time”. Unfortunately, using this tagline (or something similar) is just as common as photos with an expensive car (most likely someone else’s). Why, instead of writing something friendly and interesting, do so many men seem to think that announcing the over-importance of their precious time on a dating app will set them apart from the rest?

“Please don’t waste my time. If we have a match and you don’t reply to a message, why are you here at all?” “I’m here not to make friends”, “Not interested in endless correspondence. Let’s meet and see if we match each other” – these are real taglines of men who seem to think that such excessive haste makes them more attractive.

Look, it’s okay to value your time and spend it only with people you really like. But when it comes to online dating, it’s important to make sure both of you feel comfortable and interesting with each other before you meet in real life. But if you are going to dictate to other users what they do and how then we will reveal one secret for you – your time is no more valuable than someone else’s.

Rori Sassoon, relationship expert and author of The Art Of The Date, shares the same opinion: “It’s okay to know what you want – the main thing is how you tell others about it. When a guy says, “Don’t waste my time,” he is either taking the search for a new relationship very seriously or wants to have sex quickly – both cases are unlikely to encourage anyone to get to know this person. It is obvious that no one wants to waste time in dating applications, especially with a guy who comes across as a very impatient person.”

Sassoon suggests, “If you really want to specify something like that in your profile, try to do it in a smart and witty way.” The whole point of the Tinder tagline is to tell whom and what you are looking for. Believe it, if you just write that you need a surfing buddy, someone with the same hobby as yours, or a person who will take things from the top shelf for you, then you will find a partner or friend much faster. Dating apps are just a way to strike up a conversation that might go nowhere, or maybe this is where you’ll find someone who matches your interests and values. And if you’re not sure what you want, maybe you should ask yourself who is wasting whose time here.

Examples of Best Tinder Taglines for Guys

Still don’t know what to write in your bio? Don’t be discouraged – we have a lot of ideas. You can use the following Tinder taglines for guys or come up with something similar. The main thing is to choose a line that reveals your personality traits and dating goals.

  1. I can open cans, reach the top shelves, and kill spiders. I’m terrible at golf and not very good at math, but I have other positive qualities.
  2. I’m a gentle and experienced conversationalist, a positive and deep lover. My achievements: visited 15 countries, jumped with a parachute 54 times, spent 3 months on a camping trip, piloted a helicopter for 40 hours, learned to cook at the age of 5.
  3. I’m a scientist, and I work in Vancouver. I love sports, video games, travel, and nature. I’m the guy you want to show your mom. She will love me. We will start a relationship. I’ll marry her. And now I’m your father.
  4. I’m looking for a girl of any gender and age.
  5. Do you like nature and cats? Are you ready to spend hours discussing Coelho’s works and reading poetry? So you don’t match me. I’m looking for a crazy girl who is ready to set off on a journey with me at any time.
  6. I’m a neurologist, and I know how to treat osteochondrosis and stroke. This is not interesting to you now, but let’s see what you say in 30 years. A romantic relationship with me is an investment in the future.
  7. Curly-haired student and corporate slave (reluctantly).
  8. Will someone have sex with me? Do not offer a threesome. If I wanted to disappoint two people at once, I would go to visit my parents.
  9. I love traveling, surfing, let’s have sex, beautiful places.
  10. I’m actually looking for an electrician to change the meter. But since things with electricians are not going well here, I will be glad to meet a cute, charming, and cheerful girl whose range of interests goes beyond the “Cosmopolitan”.
  11. For girls over 30: I’m an ambitious anesthesiologist and want to start a family. For girls under 30: I love to hang out and also breed Labrador puppies.
  12. Tired of endless questions about grandchildren? I’d like to present you with a project: groom for an hour. I will meet your family and make a lasting impression. In a couple of days, I will fake my tragic death. Nobody will think about grandchildren for another two years.
  13. On dates, I feel like a fish to water – I’m constantly silent, and my face is dull.
  14. I don’t smoke or drink. I don’t party every weekend. Yes, people like me still exist.
  15. They say that I’m far from ideal. But I have a different opinion: I think that the ideal is far from me.
  16. I rent an apartment with a coursemate. Sometimes, I create a fake female account here, meet him, and promise to come for sex. Then, I happily watch him selflessly polishing our apartment.
  17. I’m raising 6 cats. Therefore, if you don’t piss in slippers, I already like you.
  18. I’m looking for a girl who will break my bed, not my heart.
  19. I’m looking for someone who will fuck me as hard as possible right in front of my intolerable roommate until he feels embarrassed and moves out.
  20. I’m the best startup of 1995, according to my grandma.
  21. Hello everyone! I want to meet an attractive girl with a good sense of humor. I love walking under the stars, dining in cozy restaurants, and… sex on the first date.
  22. Looking for a bad boy? I admit it – I’m bad at everything.
  23. I develop leadership qualities so that in the event of an accident on the bus, people entrust me to break the glass with this cool hammer.
  24. I’m going to work as a proctologist, so you already know what my favorite position is.
  25. I want to grab a bottle of beer and flirt awkwardly.

Final Thoughts

Dating apps are the best way to find friends or the love of your life. Tinder is especially popular with millions of men and women from all over the world. And each user wonders how to create the best profile to stand out from others and find a partner as quickly as possible. A good Tinder tagline can attract like-minded people and weed out those who are not right for you. So don’t be lazy to write a few lines about yourself. At the same time, it’s better to indicate why you hang out on Tinder and whom you want to meet. Be honest in your intentions – this greatly increases your chances of finding the right partner for romantic relationships or casual sex. Feel free to use our examples of the best Tinder taglines for guys, or you can get inspired by these catchy phrases and come up with something unique. Good luck finding what you want on Tinder!

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