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Tinder for PC: How to Download and Use Tinder App

Tinder for PC: How to Download and Use Tinder App

Tinder is a very popular dating app that allows users to find friends, like-minded people, and partners for sex and romantic relationships. With the help of the application, thousands of men and women have already managed to find their soul mates. This online dating service has several advantages over its counterparts, and its user base continues to grow steadily. This article contains up-to-date information about all the advantages and disadvantages of the app, as well as useful tips on how to use Tinder. In a couple of minutes, you will understand how to download Tinder for Windows PC.

What is Tinder and How to Use it?

Tinder was developed by programmers at Hatch Labs and released in September 2012. Since then, the application has been downloaded over 100 million times. The virtual dating service is user-friendly and truly progressive. Not surprisingly, Tinder has rapidly taken the lead among dating apps.


First of all, each user must go through the registration process. You can also log in via your Facebook account. Please note that the application automatically uses all data specified in the social network. You can easily update the information and only then log in to Tinder.

After that, you will be asked to upload a profile photo. A high-quality picture is an essential element of any successful account. Do not forget to open access to your profile for public viewing. Don`t want to share your age and contact information? It is enough to hide your data using the privacy settings.

The application operates on the principle of geolocation. A potential interlocutor will be selected from those people who are currently nearby. Work on your profile, as your popularity in Tinder depends on it. After completing the registration procedure, proceed to fill in your personal data. Pay special attention to the photo, as this is the first thing that other users will see. In addition, provide the most important information about yourself, but do not write your autobiography – almost no one reads long “messages”.

Principle of operation

Now, you can move on to a new stage and start looking for your first interlocutor. Use the “Settings” tab to select specific search options. You need to indicate the gender and age of a potential partner. You can meet only those people who live near you. Do you afraid of missing the perfect profile? Do not worry! A special notification will inform you about the search results in time. Look carefully at the photos and rate them. If you like a person, feel free to “like” them (swipe right). Otherwise, you need to swipe to the left. The main idea of ​​the Tinder app is mutual sympathy. You will not be able to chat with a person if they do not “like” you. You will get access to the chat if your sympathy is mutual and you have “liked” each other.

How to Create a Striking Tinder Profile

Before starting Tinder download for PC, you should learn some effective tips on how to make your Tinder profile page really impressive to attract as many potential partners as possible. So, take into account this advice:

  1. Add some photos to your profile page to grab people’s attention. Photos are the essential part of a profile because users will not swipe to the right in case they do not like your pictures. Upload at least 3-5 photos to present a positive self-image. For example, you can add two selfies, two photos of you doing things you love, and one picture with your friends or pets. Also, make sure you have at least one photo where you look elegantly and one picture in which you are dressed in casual clothes. Make sure you are present in all photos. You have only five pictures to make a good showing, so do not waste them on photos of your cat, sunsets, or your favorite food.
  2. Create an eye-catching avatar picture by wearing something red. Select a photo that shows your face clearly, so users recognize how you really look like. Whenever possible, choose a picture that conveys information about you, such as your sense of fashion or a favorite hobby. It is advisable to pick up an image in which you are dressed in red clothing (T-shirt or shirt). The red color will signal people to stay on your profile page longer. This is a kind of psychological trick.
  3. Do not post photos with luxury things showing your material standing. While you may think this will amaze people, it actually turns them off. Luxury things include brand jewelry, designer garments, fashionable shoes and bags, and high-priced cars. Such photos suggest that you are money-obsessed and that you have high demands. Even if this is not so, it can make users swipe left. Moreover, this can attract scammers and thieves. First of all, get to know a person better, and then demonstrate your expensive things. For example, do not post photos of you posing next to a Maserati or boasting your new Chanel sunglasses.
  4. Write a brilliant bio. Show what makes you distinctive instead of listing basic facts. There is no need to indicate where you study or work. Save the basic information for the moment of the correspondence. It’s better to provide details that will mark you out from others and give a more accurate description of who you are. You should create a profile that reflects your personality and lifestyle. Besides, make it clear why you are on Tinder. This will help you filter out candidates who are not suitable for you and attract those who match your dating goals.
  5. Design your bio in a conversational style to make it sound natural. Do not use abstruse phrases, and try not to add too many lists. Instead, write as if you are talking to a person over a cup of coffee. To make sure your bio is written in a conversational manner, read it out loud and consider if it sounds natural. Make edits until you achieve nice-sounding text.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tinder App for PC

Users highlight several advantages of the application:

  • Communication is based on the principle of reciprocity. You will get acquainted only with people who liked you too.
  • It takes a couple of minutes to find the first interlocutor. It all depends on the profile. You do not have to fill out a very long questionnaire – you just need to upload a high-quality photo and start your search.
  • Tinder for desktop PC allows you to use all the features that are available in the mobile version.
  • It is very convenient to use the app, the well-developed interface is understandable even for beginners.
  • Total absence of advertising.

Also, some men and women point out several disadvantages of the app:

  • It is possible to register on the service only via a Facebook account; authorization through other social networks is not provided.
  • You will not have a chance to return to the profile page you have just viewed, so do not rush to make your final choice.
  • Features that allow you to make your profile more popular are paid.

As you can see, Tinder is not perfect. Like all dating sites and applications, it has its drawbacks. But that does not bother its users – they are happy with numerous useful features of the app. If you are interested in more reviews, you can read about Tinder for PC on Reddit.

Safety Points Regarding Tinder for PC

Tinder, unlike most other dating apps, exists only in the mobile version. The official website of the service is an information resource where you can download the application, read stories of happy couples, and learn about the team of creators and employees of Tinder. You cannot register on the site and start looking for a partner; you can do this only after installing the application on your phone or tablet or downloading Tinder for PC Windows 7, 8, 10. Remember, the only official website of the app is

The following sites have nothing to do with the original Tinder application and serve more to make money from naive users since the profiles existing on these sites are mostly created by robots:


Please note that they all have the same interface, and the date of creation goes back to 2008, while all 4 domains were purchased only in 2015. The specified number of registered users is more than 15 million, which is also a fraud.

Be careful – these services may be dating sites, but they are probably very dubious and work according to the same scheme: you register by entering your nickname and email, and then you are asked to confirm the reality of your profile from your email. But the message will not come to you, no matter how much you ask “Send again”. This is done so that the user ultimately chooses the activation option “via SMS or with a bank card”. As you have probably guessed, you will not receive any SMS either. This means that there is only one way out – to pay for registration on the site with your bank card. The reliability and safety of these sites are questionable, so think twice before using them.

How to Download Tinder App for PC

For those who prefer using applications on a computer or laptop, there is a special utility by means of which you can install almost any mobile application on a PC. Since there is no official version of Tinder for the PC, and there is no way to start dating on the official website, you can install the application through BlueStacks. So, Tinder app download for PC can be performed by following the instructions:

  1. Download and install the BlueStacks emulator. It does not take up much hard drive space, and the installation process is fairly simple and traditional. However, a computer may need at least 4 GB of RAM to function comfortably. BlueStacks works with any operating system, so you will even manage to download Tinder for PC Windows 10. First of all, let’s figure out how to download and install BlueStacks:
  • Download the emulator, or rather, its installer.
  • Run the file. You will see a small window showing the progress of the installation.
  • Accept the terms of use of BlueStacks, and click on the “Next” button.
  • The next step is choosing an installation path. By and large, it makes little or no difference.
  • Now, you need to allow the emulator to access the network and the store. This is done by filling the appropriate checkboxes. Click “Install”.
  • Wait for the installation to complete; it usually takes 1-2 minutes.
  • Complete the process by clicking on the “Finish” button.
  • That’s all – you just need to customize the settings. Select the interface language, enter your Google account or register a new one, and finish the BlueStacks installation by entering your name.
  1. Download and install the Android version of Tinder. This can be done both on the official website of the service and in Google Play. The BlueStacks emulator works only with Android applications, so there is no point in downloading versions for iOS or Windows Phone;
  2. As a rule, the emulator associates itself with .apk files. So the user just has to double-click on the needed file as usual. However, you can specify which file to launch for installation directly in the emulator using the “Open” or “Find” buttons;
  3. Tinder will be installed in the emulator running environment. Installation is quick and automatic. At this time, you do not need to perform any additional actions.
  4. Now, you can safely use the Tinder dating app on your computer.

There is another way to install Tinder dating site for PC via BlueStacks:

  1. Install Play Market on your PC or laptop. The saved file can run on any version of Windows.
  2. Create a new Google account or enter the existing data.
  3. Type in the name of the desired application in the special search box.
  4. Begin the installation process.
  5. Unzip the file and open it.
  6. That’s all, enjoy the app!

Best Sites like Tinder for PC

Today, it is possible to find hundreds, if not thousands of dating sites offering services to find a life partner, sexual encounters, easy communication, like-minded people, and even fellow travelers. But if you are looking for sites similar to the Tinder website for PC, pay attention to the following dating platforms:


This is a reliable dating site for those who do not want to download Tinder for PC. The service operates in 25 countries of the world. eDarling positions itself as a resource where each of the 13 million users is guaranteed the protection of personal data and the authenticity of the profiles of the selected partners. Matching occurs automatically based on the results of a psychological test, which includes 283 questions.


  • Approximately equal ratio of men to women
  • Wide geographic coverage
  • Free psychological profiling
  • Convenient site navigation
  • Compatibility analysis
  • Personal data protection


  • The test takes 30-40 minutes to complete and cannot be skipped
  • Communication with other users is available only when purchasing a Premium membership
  • There is no possibility to set your search parameters


The user base characteristics of this site are no less exciting than those of Tinder. For 2020, the site numbers more than 38 million girls and guys, with more than 20,000 thousand users actively communicating every day. MyLove dating site is very popular among both men and women. Moreover, there are users of any age and social status. Therefore, finding a partner for a serious relationship or simple communication is just a matter of time.


  • Over 38 million users
  • Registration without SMS and phone number
  • Free dating
  • Catalog of games and applications
  • Application for Android and iOS


  • To get access to all the features, you need to pay for the VIP status

This is a multi-purpose dating site – you may find a soul mate, best friend, or partner for romantic relationships. The resource is quite young but promising – it is already used by more than 43 million people around the world. This means that you have a better chance of finding a worthy partner here, not only from your country but also abroad. This service also pleases its members with free registration (although you still have to pay for premium services) and photo moderation. Also, you can log in via social networks.


  • Thousands of verified profiles for free
  • The selection of candidates is carried out based on individual user data
  • Each profile is thoroughly checked by the site moderators
  • The quick response of support service
  • A real opportunity to find a partner from another country


  • No advanced search
  • Not the most user-friendly interface

Final Thoughts

Tinder is a unique application that allows users to make new acquaintances, look for interesting people, and communicate on any topic. You can find a crowd of remarkable people with whom you will make friends or even start love relationships. Hundreds of thousands of satisfied guys and ladies enjoy all the benefits of the app every day. But now, computer and laptop owners have a chance to download Tinder for PC. We’ve shared two simple ways how you can do this. Go ahead and experience all the benefits of Tinder for PC first-hand!

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