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Phrendly review – what do we know about it?

Phrendly review – what do we know about it?
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Pros and Cons

  • You can earn cash while flirting and having fun.
  • Because people have to pay to interact with you, you can expect that anyone who initiates a conversation is genuinely interested.
  • It gives you a chance to give back to the community by supporting a charity.
  • It’s only offered in Canada and the USA.
  • It can be expensive if you plan to flirt with a lot of people.

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Phrendly is a website and app that connects men to attractive ladies without the pressure of meeting up in real life. Everything happens online, and it stays online. Because of this, it is the perfect avenue for men who have no time for commitments but occasionally crave the attention of an attractive woman. Phrendly is also the best way for people to practice their flirting and conversational skills.

What makes this dating site unique is that you can make money using it. All you have to do is flirt and have fun talking to people online, and you can earn cash that you can keep for yourself or donate to a charity.

With these two significant features, Phrendly is a unique app that stands out from its peers.

How does Phrendly work?

Phrendly review

As mentioned above, many people join Phrendly because it gives you the capacity to earn cash while you flirt online. It’s not a scam! As it turns out, Phrendly gives you different ways to make money on their site. You can do this by merely chatting, answering phone calls, or video calling. Take note, though, that Phrendly will take a cut out of everything you earn on their site.

If a Phrendly member is interested in you, they will have to buy you a virtual drink to communicate with you. Your reply to their message would be a “sip.” So, when all your sips consume the drink, they will have to buy another bottle if they want to continue the conversation. It’s just the same way when people buy you drinks in a bar to let you know that they are interested. Every virtual glass has a monetary value. So, the more bottles you get, the more money you can earn.

You can earn $0.35 for every chat message that you reply to within 24 hours. Take note that the money will be coming from the person who initiated the message. So, if you do not want to be the one doing the spending, make sure that you do not message anyone first. That is unless you are interested in the person.

For video and phone calls, you will be paid via drinks (a drink equals $10). The person who calls you will be paying for the request. You get to keep 70% of all your drinks’ monetary value while Phrendly will be getting 30%. The longer the call lasts, the bigger your earnings. You will be able to choose your rate for every drink. Phone calls have a default rate of eight minutes each glass.

On the other hand, video calls have a default rate of six minutes each drink. These default rates are the lowest charges that you can set. Of course, there is a limit. Fees cannot exceed $48 per hour for phone calls and $66 per hour for video calls.

You can also earn money from the gifts that you receive from interested Phrendly members. You will be able to keep 90% of the gift’s monetary value—the gifts in Phrendly costs as low as $5 and as high as $100.

If you are wondering how you would cash in your earnings, you will have to go through a verification process. It means that you will have to furnish a social security number. This prerequisite is for tax purposes. Before you can withdraw, you need to earn a minimum of $10 to request a payout. Phrendly will deposit your earnings directly to any US-based bank account or send you a monthly check. You can be paid out anytime, and your cash will be deposited about ten days later. You can also choose a monthly payout where your earnings will be collected on the first of every month. For payments, they will be released on the first day every month.

If you feel charitable, Phrendly gives you the option to donate a portion of what you earn to a charitable institution. Currently, Phrendly supports nine charities. These are Doctors without Borders, Foundation Fighting Blindness, Animal Welfare Institute, Brady Campaign, Scholarship America, Planned Parenthood, Children’s Health Fund, Environmental Defense Fund, and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. These are all legit charities with admirable advocacies and programs. Helping out any one of them is a fulfilling role.

Registration – is it really easy?

Phrendly Registration

Registration in Phrendly is effortless. You can register in three ways: your e-mail, your Facebook account, or your G+ Google account.

You will then be asked to choose your display name. You can use your real name or not – that is up to you. Then, you need to provide a strong password for your Phrendly account. Choose a password that is unique but easy to remember.

The next step will be to connect your mobile phone number. Take note that when receiving texts and calls from Phrendly members, your number is hidden to protect your privacy. Once you enter your phone number, a text message containing a verification code will be sent. Enter the verification code to complete the verification process. In this step, you will find out that this dating service is only available for people from the US and Canada.

Like most dating sites, the minimum requirement for age is 18 to be a member of Phrendly.

What about design and usability?

Phrendly about design and usability

When you go to their homepage, you can see how warm and welcoming the site is. The colors are mostly pink and gray, making it very fresh and attractive to the eyes. You will be able to see testimonials on their Home page and a quick explanation of how Phrendly works. If you have any questions, just go to Help at the bottom part of the Home Page, and you will find an extensive Help Center.

Phrendly allows you to show someone you are interested in by giving them a star. Upon clicking the star icon in their profile, located on the upper corner to the right, Phrendly will let them know that you are interested. There will be a quick message prompt to encourage them to send you a message. To see if anyone clicked your star, all you have to do is check the star icon on your Phrends list. It may be accessed in Messages.

Phrendly has a Featured Phrends program that helps members get noticed. Phrendly members who participate in this campaign get more attention and can be featured in Phrendly’s ads and social media posts. Being part of this campaign will prioritize your profile on the site and help you garner more attention. If you aim to earn money through this site, being part of the Featured Phrends program will significantly improve your income.

Phrendly also has a Tell-A-Friend program where you can get paid for recommending Phrendly to your family and friends! This referral program allows you and your friends to earn more free credits than just registering. You will be given a referral link, and the people you refer must register to Phrendly through that link so the both of you can get your bonus credits.

Let’s talk about profile quality

Phrendly talk about profile quality

Completing your profile is a must in Phrendly if you want to stand out. The first thing you should do is take a photo with their GIF booth for your profile GIF. This feature is more fun and eye-catching than a static picture. Make sure you fit in a lot of your personality in your GIF. Take note that you cannot delete a GIF in Phrendly, but you can always retake them. One good thing about having a profile GIF is that members can be assured they would not be catfished and that the people behind the profiles are real.

The next thing you should focus on is your Greeting. Write a sentence or two to describe yourself. It is like an About Me section but shorter. Make sure to write an attention-grabbing Greeting. It will help you make an excellent first impression to anyone who checks out your profile.

The next things you have to fill out are your ethnicity, languages, and time zone. You will be asked to take a Personality Quiz – the results will be displayed in your profile. The quiz has only ten questions, and you can finish this in less than 3 minutes.

Phrendly also has a relationship speed meter where you can indicate where your comfort zone is. This way, members who initiate contact with you will know what you are looking for.

You can set your profile to Public or Private mode. When you go Public, Phrendly members can see your profile when they look for members, and they can initiate a chat with you. You will also have more chances of earning money with a Public profile than a Private one. When you choose to go Private, your profile will not be seen in Phrendly, and no one, not even your Phrends, can contact you. Only those who have an on-going chat thread with you can contact you.

Take note, though, that you have to set your profile first in Public so that the Phrendly team can review it. Otherwise, your profile will not be activated on the site. Once your profile is approved, you can interact with other members. If you are not ready for interaction just yet, you can set your profile to Private once it has been approved.

The mobile application

Phrendly mobile application

The mobile app is available for Android phones. The download size is 48 MB. You need to have an Android system of 4.4 and above to make the app work on your phone.

The app has a simple layout and is very easy to use. The purpose of every button is clear. You definitely will not get lost using it.

You can customize your profile and GIFs using your phone, so if you feel that you are looking good, all you have to do is capture a GIF easily using your phone.

For now, Phrendly is not available in the Apple Store.

Safety & security

Phrendly Safety & security

Your security and privacy are a priority in Phrendly. The site uses SSL, which encrypts all data digitally as they are transported from you to the system of Phrendly. Once the site receives the data, web security measures take place. Even Phrendly employees have limited access to members’ information. As a site that handles cash, you can expect it to have the latest firewall and security to protect all your data.

Pricing and benefits

Phrendly Pricing and benefits

When you register an account, you instantly get a $5 credit bonus as a welcome gesture. You can use this to start flirting immediately! You have to shell out money to buy drinks and start interacting with someone you are interested in. Do not worry if they do not reply! Phrendly will only start charging you for every reply you receive.

Help & support

You can contact the Phrendly team through e-mail at support@phrendly.com for your reports or questions. This team will address your concern the quickest way they can. Make sure to include your display name when contacting support so that they can easily find your profile.


Check out some answers to questions you may have before start using a site.

Is Phrendly safe?

Like most dating websites, Phrendly is generally safe. But keep in mind that you are solely responsible for anything you post and how you interact with other Phrendly members. If you have a bad experience with another Phrendly user, you can easily block them so that they can no longer contact you. Any contact information you shared while registering is hidden.

Is Phrendly a real dating site?

The tag line “Real relationships, only online,” says it all. If you only want to do some online flirtation, Phrendly is the dating app for you. It is the site for people who love the online part of dating – no expectations, no meetups. If you do want to go beyond that, this may be hard to achieve. Exchanging of contact information is not allowed – doing so can cause an account suspension.

How to use Phrendly?

If someone catches your interest in Phrendly, give them a star to let them know that they caught your eye! Then, buy a drink and start a conversation. If you like your interaction, then you should get the conversation going. If you think it is not a good match, all you have to do is stop the conversation.

Make sure your alerts are turned on so that you can respond right away to conversations. Remember, the faster you respond, the higher your profile will rank in the browse order. The site rewards those who are active and replies immediately.

It is the best site to practice on your flirting and conversational skills. If you are someone who needs to muster up the right amount of courage when approaching the opposite sex, Phrendly is an excellent training ground for you.

Is Phrendly free?

Registration is free, but if you want to initiate contact, you have to spend money on drinks. You are paying for every interaction that you start on the site. If you can get a lot of attention without initiating contact, you will enjoy using it because you are earning money effortlessly.

Does Phrendly really work?

Phrendly is not a scam. As for the money that you can earn through Phrendly, some members can make over $1000 each month.

But if you want to meet up in real life, chances may be slim unless your chat mate wants the same thing. However, you have to keep in mind that Phrendly matches are meant to stay online. They do not allow the exchange of contact information.


Phrendly Conclusion

Phrendly is the ideal dating site for online relationships or those who prefer to flirt without the pressure of commitment. If you are just feeling lonely and want attention without commitments, this is the perfect dating site.

Most of the men using the app are men who aren’t ready for a serious relationship. They are usually focused on their careers, travel a lot because of work, or single dads who want to focus on their kids. These are men who are too busy in real life to go on an actual date. But despite this, they still crave interaction and attention. Phrendly can give them just that.

Some people might question the need to spend money to interact with members of the site. But when you think about it, you spend more money when you show any interest in someone in real life. The system of buying drinks in Phrendly helps you focus on making more meaningful connections and interactions with someone you are interested in.

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