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Mobifriends Review – What Do We Know About It?

Mobifriends Review – What Do We Know About It?
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Date with older guy 4%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 89%
Popular age 28-32
Profiles 352 340
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Visit rate 9.4
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Pros and Cons

  • A simple menu-based user interface, which is easy to explore
  • Easy and down-to-earth matchmaking algorithm that produced a faster result.
  • Registration is free.
  • Mobifriends offers lots of facilities for users.
  • It is a free dating site, but it is well protected
  • You can chat free: Video-messenger is a definite advantage.
  • You can fix a date with a like-minded partner
  • You can make new friends here and can share hobbies.
  • Tri-language support is a plus.
  • Popular worldwide with huge user-base.
  • Mobifriends tracks the location intuitively.
  • The profile is vivid, and that's a boon.
  • Profile photos are scanned for authenticity.
  • A user can upload up to 10 photos in his/her profile.
  • The multipurpose of the site is well explained on its interface.
  • There is good support from site moderators.
  • Community rules are quite strict.
  • You can block annoying users.
  • The Mobifriends free app is a definite advantage with Cell-ID, Wi-Fi, and GPS location detection facility.
  • There are separate profiles for making friendship, flirt, and serious relation; hence users can add contacts in a pre-determined way.
  • The site will offer Multilanguage support soon.
  • The signing-in facility with the Facebook account is a definite advantage.
  • It's completely free hence no discrimination.
  • The website supports mostly European users.
  • Mobifriends is not that usable for non-English English and Spanish speakers.
  • The IOS app is still not available.
  • Only ten photos can be uploaded.
  • There is no place for third-gender community people here.
  • There is no way to filter profiles who are serious for relationship.
  • Video chat is available only from the desktop version.
  • It is not possible to register on Mobifriends if the moderator blocks a profile.
  • Interruption of similar site's add is annoying on the interface.

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Mobifriends is an amicable virtual platform to meet new people. If you are looking to make new friends across the world or look for a single to start a new relationship, the site will work perfectly for you. The site was introduced in the year 2005 and was owned by Mobifriends Solutions, on behalf of Lluis Carreras, Co-Founder & CEO, and headquartered in Barcelona.

The site Mobifriends is widespread all across the world. Here, you can chat free, you can flirt, you can date, and you can find your soul mate. Want to see your girlfriend or want to chat with people of a similar mindset from other countries? This virtual platform can help you to enter a social community; you will cherish it in many ways. Social networking in a friendly way on a safe interface is quite difficult to find, but while you are using Mobifriends for your partner hunt, it is safe and convenient in many ways.

Plenty of dating sites are available in the online world. But all dating sites are not worth exploring. Mobifriends are sites that combine aesthetics, pleasure, fun, excitement, and digital convenience to enjoy fun and make an online relationship with safety and privacy! Isn’t you intrigued to join the platform, especially if you are a sport and fun-loving persona? It’s the tight choice, dude, but before you act, take a look at some of the other site points you have shortlisted in the online dating category!

Mobifriends Review - What Do We Know About It?

How Does Mobifriends Work?

Communication and fraternity are the buzzwords of Mobifriends’ convenience. The site offers a huge user interface where people can join as users and interact with each other. Like other dating sites, users can join a chat, message each other, and make friends. The users can use the English language or communicate in Spanish (Espanol and Catala) language here. The site moderators have claimed that new language support will come soon.

The site is exceptionally user-friendly. People with limited knowledge of online communication can use Mobifriends without any difficulty. The site allows you to make friends, share hobbies, chat with people using the same interface, discover and add friends, arrange for dating, and explore singles. In a word, the site allows a user to enter a new virtual community and know each other to share bond and affection. In this course, if someone wants to share some unique relations with other users according to your choice.

Here as a user, you can search other users via stalking to their profile. You can do video chat via the private chat rooms, and if wanted, can find your love online. You can send Mobis, (which are funny animated messages) to the other contacts to make the conversation more lively and interactive.

You can use features like what you are looking like to get the best success on this digital platform.

How Does Mobifriends Work?

Registration – Is It Really Easy?

User registration is one of the essential steps for you if you want to enjoy the privilege of communicating on Mobifriends. Fortunately, it is an entirely free process. It takes hardly 4-5 minutes. You have to submit a valid email address, and then you have to verify the email address you have provided. This is an easy way to verify a profile, and at the same time, it is safe for users to stay away from the fake profile holders.

Doing registration as a Mobifriends user can be simpler if you are one of Facebook’s existing users. Integrate your Facebook Login ID here on the Mobifriends, and the account will import all your Facebook profile details to get your registration process done. It will take hardly 1-2 minute-time to complete the registration here. You have to create a user name and password to make your profile complete.

Once your registration is done, you can now make a user profile on the Mobifriends interface. It’s completely transparent and real-life fun!

Registration - Is It Really Easy?

What About Design And Usability?

The design of the website Mobifriends is simple and menu-based. You can explore the site easily without any major glitch. The site uses its location tracker, hence it is easier for a user to state his/her location and it adds authenticity about the profile.

The landing page is exceptionally functional. You will get to see the registration tabs. The fonts are 100% easy to read, and the colors are lively and sparkling. The design and graphics are quite entertaining, and that makes the user experience a smooth-sailing here. If you want to enjoy a quality online dating experience, Mobifriends will never deprive you.

In terms of usability, Mobifriends is the just perfect dating site you can trust. It’s pocket-friendly, but it has excellent usefulness. Regardless you are looking for some online friends, or you want to discuss your hobby or enjoy a virtual company of exciting singles, this dating site is a one-stop solution for you. You will never be bored here. You can use the site anytime, anywhere, as users are available worldwide around the clock. You can rightly assume that Mobifriends never sleeps.

What About Design And Usability?

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

Needless to mention that on Mobifriends, your profile is of the highest priority. It is your online presence for the other users. You have to select and upload a profile picture and fill up the basic data. But the site never shares your phone number or email ID to other users, so your privacy will be completely safeguarded.

You have complete liberty to make your profile private or public. Also, the level of elaborateness is your personal choice too. Only Mobifriends suggests keeping the description and other details about profile accurate and detailed so that other users can get to know something productive about you as a friend. The more there will be clarity about you, the better will be your profile popularity. You can edit your profile as many times as you want to edit. However, you may upload more than one photo (up to 10 photos); however, the site dies not to indulge violence, nudity, and other antisocial approaches via the profile pictures.

Let's Talk About Profile Quality

The Mobile Application

Mobifriends offers two apps. One is suitable for Android users, and the other one is compatible with IOS users, which is on the way for publication. Presently the app Mobifriends is available in Google play store to download at free of cost. You can download the apps from the website as well. They are almost the same as the desktop version and completely safe for interaction.

However, Mobifriends is a mobile responsive dating site. Without downloading the app, you can browse the dating site from your smartphone’s web browser and experience it.

The IOS version of the Mobifriends app will be a free app. The presence of these apps makes the users happy and satisfied with the dating site and its functionality.

The Mobile Application

Safety And Security

Whether you plan to make new friends or search for your life partner, online dating sites are not that easy place to find out your price/princess, but Mobifriends is safe. You have to stay safe and need to create and describe your profile so other users will get attracted. Hence information should be properly shared here, but you must not use personal information for other’s convenience. You can read the safety advice of the site, which users can check and remember for their and community benefits.

In terms of security, the site respects the users’ privacy and keeps their data at the most prevented measure. The site views and collects major personal data for making the site experience better for all its users. The site moderators try to maintain the best-secured ambiance on the site. Still, you have to play a vital role in that you should not buy/share/guess other’ sothers’ personal information for personal/other commercial use, etc.

Safety And Security

Pricing And Benefits

The site Mobifriends is a free site where you, as a user, can enjoy free dating facilities. You can send free messages, you can send virtual gifts, and you can join the personal chat in the private chat room. You can send other users mobile, and all these premium communications are done without spending any money altogether.

The site does not charge any subscription fee from its users. The users can use all the services, starting from taking care of the plants to video chats free of cost, which is a great benefit for young users.

The site Mobifriends offers real-life dating and friend-making opportunities, and that is free of cost.

Pricing And Benefits

Help And Support

The site Mobifriends offers strong support and helps the users. In case they face some problem, the help and support page of the website will give you all the details. The FAQ page is quite elaborate, and the users can consult all the questions for finding the solution to their problems. Suppose you are not finding the solution to your problems using the Mobifriends or finding any difficulty blocking an abusive user. In that case, you may convey the problem for the profile management to the help and support center. You can contact the concerned person via the contact tab on the site.

The site supports healthy interaction and a healthy ambiance of the virtual community. Suppose someone reports that any of the users are using a rude comment, racial expression, obscene video, or disturbed mentality expression. In that case, he/she can ask for the support and help from the site moderators.

Help And Support


Is Mobifriends Safe?

Yes, Mobifriends is safe. The site is free, but it is well monitored for maintaining a safe online environment. Both the desktop version and the app tracks location runs an email verification or integration of the existing Facebook account. That is why it is difficult to open a fake profile here. The site admin checks the profile description with the activity and also the accuracy of the loaded photos; hence users can easily anticipate that their co-users are real people, unlike many other free dating sites. Regular observation, strict community standard, blocking facility have made this site Mobifriends safe for its users.

Is Mobifriends A Real Dating Site?

Yes, besides a thriving social community, Mobifriends is a real dating site. Here the site maintains an exclusive section for dating enthusiasts. There is no point in finding dating partners here out of similar activities or utilizing private chatting. The interested singles can register their profile under the dating section, which will correctly explain their purpose.

Mobifriends offer a feature “what are you looking for.” Besides other activities like sharing info, discussing hobbies, dating is a separate purpose that users can select. This specification makes it a real dating site.

Is Mobifriends A Real Dating Site?

How To Use Mobifriends?

Mobifriends dating sites can be used via desktop or from your mobile. The users can download the free app, and it will work the same as the desktop version. IOS users can browse the site using their mobile browsers with the same smooth user experience. Here users need to register their profile, which is a free process but needs either Facebook account integration or a valid email address. Here users can chat with each other, send Mobis, enjoy video chatting, etc. to take their relationship at an advanced level. Once you join the site, you can explore it according to your plan.

Is Mobifriends Free?

Yes, Mobifriends is a free dating site. You don’t have to spend any money or don’t have to make any on-site purchase to enjoy all its communication benefits. The site offers a plethora of benefits for all its users, and the users can enjoy all these benefits.

Is Mobifriends Really Works?

Mobifriends work no matter if you are interested in enjoying its benefits of making new friends, setting dates, or simply enjoying the online company of other likeminded people here. There are different reasons for users to join the site, and if you can use the site properly, you can get a good result from here. Your profile and related data are safe here as the community maintains its decorum and ethics by the admin rules.


Mobifriends is a newer dating site that has a lot to offer for its users. It is a free site, but unlike other free sites, it is not an open community without any restriction on communication quality. The users’ base is quite high here and spread all over the world, and here people can enjoy the online company of similar minded people if exactly they are not searching for their dating partner.

The design and usability of Mobifriends deserve special mention. Community members have to be more than 18 years of age, and each of the site’s profiles is verified, which is a great advantage.

If you are not sure about starting a new relationship but are open to a recent change in your life, you can begin your life’s unique journey with Mobifriends. Finding new friends and enjoying new companies on similar interests and fascination will be easier for you here. Try it; you will surely love the dynamics of this new social community and dating site!

Simran Pillarisetty
Simran Pillarisetty
Simran Pillarisetty
MS, RD & Writer
Simran is our dating hero, and she knows everything about how to make relationship between people better! She has excellent skills that she uses to make people’s life better!
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Customer reviews
by Jasmine Oct 19, 2021
Outstanding tool for those who are unafraid of online dating sites and open dialogues. The application try well-organized and has a lot of signed-up customers. Texting is not difficult, several additional options are simple to use and discover. As to me, I've already found someone with who our personal chemistry is absolutely clicking on.
by HOLT Oct 15, 2021
I'm an open-minded bisexual people and like experiments. I'm not just monogamous, about now. Frankly, simple way of life is way from traditional friendly norms, and I also commonly really feel lonely even among friends or nearest relatives. Many of them materialize to be married, and I also'm moving blend nuts as soon as I become their substantial appearances. Very, needless to say, it's rather challenging to see and go out with like-minds whenever you inside a big city, where people are too hectic to help make unique links. Hence, these chaos 's the reason for becoming a member of website. And our practice is definitely smooth. I managed to come across people that want exactly the same facts and discover our need to keep complimentary, without persistence, pledges, and this different hooey. An additional awesome factor is the fact that there I've came across some bi-curious individuals. I prefer the functionality from the website since it's really enough for initial communications. Perhaps, a person desires way more rewards, in my personal opinion, you must get a date if you like in-depth partnership. While searching profiles, I noticed numerous empty sort. If only men and women could pay out much more attention to their appeal on the website. Talking about the site's capabilities, all things are all right. No troubles with join, information, etc. assistance provider works well and is available around the clock. I'm content to create an online spot for simple preferences and fantasies. It's awesome when the community doesn't inflict its prices it is on a single webpage.
Jane Mills
by Jane Mills Oct 10, 2021
The dating internet site is straightforward, and navigation is easy. We access an ample amount of facts and understandings for consumers that seem popular with myself. Really, i really do love located on this site. I possibly couldn't run into the newest buddy yet. Nonetheless, I found two curious visitors to keep in touch with. I feel cost-free and relaxed while communicating with these people. I might suggest this site to any or all who's looking good company, regardless of style of partnership.
Paul Miller
by Paul Miller Oct 04, 2021
The dating site is easy, and course-plotting is a breeze. I access an ample lots of knowledge and observations for people that seem attractive to me personally. Really, i really do love due to being on this website. I couldn't hit my favorite existing pal yet. Nevertheless, I stumbled upon a couple of interested folks to get in touch with. I feel free and peaceful while talking to these people. I suggest this page to all or any who's going to be wanting good friendship, whatever the sorts of union.
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