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Maiotaku review – what do we know about it?

Maiotaku review – what do we know about it?
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Date with older guy 3%
Reply rate 95%
Beauty 97%
Popular age 20-30
Profiles 1300000
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Visit rate 9.5
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Maiotaku users sign up here as well:

Pros and Cons

  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Registration is free.
  • The accounts are verified accounts.
  • Registration is completely hassle-free.
  • The color and font of the site are awe-inspiring.
  • It is easy to explore the site.
  • There is a forum, and the matchmaking algorithm is unique.
  • Everybody can join the forum.
  • The free account holders can enjoy almost all benefits.
  • Premium users can enjoy some exclusive benefits from this social community.
  • Besides working as a dating site, Maiotaku is a good option for anime lovers to make friends with similar interests in anime collection.
  • Both male and female otaku can use the website for searching their partner as a user database. It comprises male and female in 1:1 ratio.
  • The site is right for only anime lovers.
  • The free profile holders cannot enjoy all the privileges.
  • The site is a one-person show, and that is why it lacks the support infrastructure to a great extent.
  • The premium members hold prominence on the site.
  • The payment option is not mentioned on the website for premium profile owners.
  • There is no customer care number for the site.
  • The matching is based on the profile, but only a personal message facility is available for the premium members.
  • Anime categories are not yet completed.
  • Creating a photo gallery benefit for the free-users is limited.

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Maiotaku is one of the best dating sites for anime lovers. Don’t you find it interesting? Yes, it is all about like-mindedness. Anime lovers can understand each other’s enthusiasm perfectly as they have similar passions. Maiotaku site creates a perfect communication platform for anime fans, where it is easier to find and date.

What is unique about Maiotaku? The Spokesperson of the site describes it as the “OkCupid for anime lovers,” and a common platform where similar minded people can exchange their mutual interest in anime movies and other anime products. No inhibition, no criticism, or frowning! It’s a specific art-lovers community who breathe anime, dream anime, and love to discuss it. It is a social network and dating site for okatus. You may join here if you love to make new friends in okatu-community and find your special friend from the same community.

An anime enthusiast builds the site, and his name is Ryan Kopf. He launched the dating site in the year 2009, and presently he is the owner of the website. The site a significant user base, and the site admin maintains it pretty well. The site’s goal is to make specific anime lovers community and spread love and fraternity among the users.

How does Maiotaku work?

Maiotaku works on a unique matching system. At the time of joining, a user gets a request from the site to list all the anime in his/her stock and then match the profile of other okatu based on the age, anime stock, answers, and location.

This matchmaking helps in finding a like-minded partner for the users. Furthermore, the site works as a social community where the common factor between all the users is the love and passion for anime. The users can search each other, contact one another, and lave public comments and participate in Maiotaku forums.

The site promotes Otaku Dating. The friend/contact request gets auto-generated whenever an Okatu attends the same anime convention and enjoy viewing the similar anime. Evert users can rate your favorite titles, and share them with the other users.

The unique matchmaking software works as an analysis maker for each okatu on the site. The site’s algorithm finds other Otaku with similar anime fascination, and the suggestion starts with those nearest to you according to the geo-location. However, the same interest and a well-matched overall compatible personality matching are also considered. As a user (okatu), you can view the profiles of other companionable Otaku, and even you can send them a personal message or leave comments for them. Healthy communication and interaction are always welcomed in this social community.

How does Maiotaku work?

Registration – is it really easy?

Yes, there is a formality of registration, but it is free and takes only a few minutes. You have to create a username, you have to provide a valid email address, and you have to create a password to keep your account protected.

In case you forget your password, there is a provision of help and support to retrieve your lost password.

Once you submit your joining request, you will get a link in your mailbox so that you can verify the email you have provided. This is helpful for account verification and prevention of opening fake accounts.

There is no age upper-age limit to join the site, which is a social community, but the site prefers the minimum age as 18 years only for the users. People from any corner of the globe than join the site after registration; however, the common point is the user has to be an anime lover and enthusiast.

The instant benefits of completing registration on the in Maiotaku are the following:

  • A user will get to share unlimited cosplay pictures.
  • Meeting other fans becomes accessible, and you can make new friends.
  • You will get a friend’s suggestion so that you can plan for the dates.
  • The site will ask you to list your anime conventions and become visible to other okatu.
  • You will get to track your anime progress.
  • Browsing your OtakuMatch suggestions will be open for you.

Maiotaku Registration - is it really easy?

What about design and usability?

Maiotaku is a fan-made site, and the love for anime of the website-designer is prevalent everywhere. The interface is straightforward and user-friendly. It is navigation friendly, and that is why exploring the site is handy for all users, tech-savvy, or non-tech savvy. The design is elaborate enough. The fonts are easily readable, and the best part of the site is its use of colors. The black background and white-colored fonts are perfect for reading even in the darkness. The website can directly take you to its Facebook page, and you can share your anime updates directly on your page.

The usability of the site as a social community and dating support has earned popularity in its niche. Maiotaku is now globally famous for its database of anime lovers. People who love anime and looking for a like-minded individual can find this site useful for finding a community. Both men and women enjoying a single status can use the website for finding their partner. Other than finding dating partners, the users (Okatu) can use the site for making new friends, getting updates about the latest anime conventions, etc.

Here you can search for an anime database as well as you can search for a user database. The available categories include popular, newest, action, adventure, comedy, daily-life, drama, fantasy, harem, horror, mature, mecha, mystery, romance, school, sci-fi, sports, music, history, and the categories are growing every day.

Maiotaku What about design and usability?

Let’s talk about profile quality

The profile speaks a lot for this anime dating site. Therefore, you should invest some time to make it as your profile will be your online representative. You gave to mention your anime convention along with your age, location, and gender. The site wants a brief description of you so that the other okatu can understand your mindset’s flair.

Free users can share a limited number of pictures, but there is no limit for premium members. The sure appreciates the use of cosplay pictures. There are profiles for men okatu and women okatu, and the newest users are found listed on the interface for the quick search. However, paid premium members are displayed prominently than free members.

The profile quality of Maiotaku is impressive. Anime lovers are happy to share their info for the other users so that they can exchange their minds and ideas with each other. Besides finding partners, the site can help you make good friends with a similar hobby and outlook. The profile speaks of the recent activities of the users you are searching for and his last logging time. This is an excellent way to find active users while searching.

Maiotaku Let’s talk about profile quality

The mobile application

Maiotaku has not introduced an app yet. However, the site itself is mobile responsive. Users can browse it from their mobile and enjoy all the benefits the site offers to its members. However, the users are happy with the users’ experience, and they have clearly stated their delight about the level of mobile responsiveness of the site.

However, there are several 3rd party mobile apps that users can use to access this dating site from their mobile.

Safety & security

Maiotaku is a safe site. The community is an exclusive one, and most of the users are from a good background. Hence, they maintain decorum in their communication and display of profile, messaging, etc. If any breach of safety and hampering of dignity is observed and reported, the site admin immediately takes the abuser’s decision. If anyone is found to behave rudely or harass one or more than one community member, the site reserves the right to ban the person permanently from the community without showing any reason.

The site’s data is protected, and the website does not sell any of its user’s data to any 3rd party. The site has clearly described its privacy policy, and every user should go through it before joining the anime lover’s community.

Although the site admin takes the best care to keep the virtual ambiance bug free, the site requests all the users to maintain their safety on the interface while exchanging information with the other users.

Maiotaku The mobile application

Pricing and benefits

Maiotaku is free to join for all its users. Okatu community offers most of the benefits for all its users, and it’s all fun. But the site has some extra benefits for its premium members.

The cost of premium membership is quite reasonable, and presently it is $3.5/month. Under the premium membership, the profile holders get some exclusive benefits like

  • Better picture sharing facility
  • Overviewing recent matches in detail
  • Enjoying better exposure in the crowd of profiles
  • Scope of sending virtual gifts to the crush you have newly found
  • Seamless User experience without the interruption of advertisement.
  • Viewing nearby matches for finding a potential dating partner.
  • The facility of sending private messages to new friends.
  • Enjoying the privilege of getting more highlights at the time matchmaking profiles.

The premium users of Maiotaku get the best benefits of smooth user experience. They get the priority offers from the site when new features and facilities are introduced. Joining this community is fun, and the premium users can get to enjoy more fun at a peanut price, which is the best part of getting premium membership here.

You have to contact the support for the payment options for premium membership of your profile.

Maiotaku Pricing and benefits

Help & support

The site offers support for its users in maintaining their premium user experience. Maiotaku does not have a dedicated customer care number, but it provides online support to support and help. The site maintains a FAQ page, and most of the problems are solved there in simple instructions. If someone wants to avail of some support, which is not mentioned, the contact section will help them in getting the required help.

However, the site Maiotaku does not have an employee on the payroll. The users and patrons work here as volunteers.

That is why, sometimes, support and help take some time to offer responses and assistance online. It is easy to contact the admin. You have to mention your username. However, it is always good to search the Help page first before sending a help-request.

Maiotaku Help & support


If you have any hesitations left, check out a Q&A section. Maybe, we have already answered your question.

Is Maiotaku safe?

Yes, the anime dating site Maiotaku is safe enough. The site moderators take their best effort in keeping the site secure. However, the profile demands to share personal information for better matchmaking, so the website expects the data from the users. But users should stay safe and behave safely while using private messages etc.

If the Okatu can maintain his/her online presence safely, the site will never pose any threat to the users.

Maiotaku Is Maiotaku safe?

Is Maiotaku a real dating site?

Yes. This is a good and safe dating site for anime lovers. It is a community of anime lovers and is spread worldwide, incusing users of the different age ranges. As it is a vast social community of like-minded people, there is a chance that singles can find their soul mate by participating in standard programs, forums, etc.

How to use Maiotaku?

It is quite simple to use the site Maiotaku. This is a virtual community for anime lovers. Here an anime enthusiast has to make his/her profile before joining the interface. The registration process is free and takes a few minutes from the users. The site applies a unique matching for the friend suggestion of each otaku. The filter of partner search considers factors of anime liking, age, location, preference, etc.

Based on the matchmaking algorithm, personal messaging, etc. interactions, users can search for their partner, as well as the community, maintaining its integrity.

Is Maiotaku free?

Yes, the site is free to join, and the facilities are mostly available free of cost. But there is the provision of upgrading the free profile into premium membership. Premium members can enjoy some exclusive privileges, which free users are not entitled to get.

Is Maiotaku really works?

Yes, it works. The site is limited for the anime lovers; hence here, the users are not general members of society, or they gave something common between them. If we believe that like-minded people can make a good match, the community is an excellent platform for finding like-minded partners and friends. Here people often raise a question that I want to delete my account as I have found my partner. This question explains how effectively the site works for its members.

Is Maiotaku really works?


Anime dating is getting popular as new-age dating. For the simple reason, Maiotaku is earning its vast popularity. Already the site has a large number of members from all over the world, and it is increasing. Besides, huge fan base, the maintenance, algorithm, and the user experience of this safe site attracts its users.

Maiotaku is community-specific, but it is professional and respectful to human relationships. The site maintains a clean and humane ambiance on the interface that makes the users comfortable here. If you love anime, or are an anime enthusiast, a collector, and want to connect with a similarly minded community to know more about your passion/hobby, joining Maiotaku is the right decision for you. If you are not looking for your soul mate here, it is certain that you will get to expand your friend list. And who knows that one of your best friends from Maiotaku may turn your life partner in the future? Join today at the site and enjoy the fun!

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This page is ideal for myself. As I'm a tad fed up with swiping, it was a middle ground for your wants. I don't strategy any significant dating at this time, but I won't run away as soon as satisfy my favorite romance. This great site does indeedn't force me personally and let getting all great features of excellent romance. Besides, i prefer that application is really convenient to make use of, whether it's about navigation or cost. Rate is average, so I do not grudge bucks in their eyes since I have have the best appreciate for fees they might require. I've previously satisfied some respectable persons and take horny times. Besides, we communicate with several customers to speak, make fun of, and discuss different information, contains love. I'm that i'm in my own league since the society is very friendly. Visitors don't determine your, since it maybe if you've got found some body in a bar.
by Sheldon Oct 06, 2021
This page is ideal for me personally. As I'm slightly sick and tired with swiping, they got a middle floor for my favorite desires. I don't structure any big interaction today, but We won't escape when I satisfy my favorite really love. This website shouldn't pressure myself and permits receiving all great features of standard relationships. Besides, I enjoy that the application is really convenient to make use of, whether it be about routing or charge. Discount are typical, and I do not grudge bucks for since I have have the best price for rates they need. I've already fulfilled some decent individuals and obtain very hot schedules. Besides, I communicate with several consumers to speak, make fun of, and reveal various posts, like gender. I'm that I am in my own category because the neighborhood may be very genial. People don't assess a person, the way it could possibly be for people with obtained some body in a bar.
Jacob Davis
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I want various other daters to know that this service 100% performs optimally without strategies. People that undoubtedly want to obtain touching someone special won't feel dissapointed about his or her choice as soon as enrolling in the platform. The main thing will never be to give up. You will find previously came across my beloved, and we also are currently satisfied. Personally I think arousal and peace, understanding that implies plenty. Very, the audience is in love, and in fact is never too far gone for individuals of all ages and requirement. I suggest our site, thus simply take to.
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