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Happn Review – What Do We Know About It?

Happn Review – What Do We Know About It?
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Pros and Cons

  • Gives an impetus to chance encounters by its "crossed your path" feature which lets you know which people you might have passed in your day
  • Sets up a profile fast
  • Users are attractive
  • Charms are worth the money
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Makes for interesting and exciting conversation if you have both passed each other earlier during the day
  • Might match people from the same workplace or the same company, so it is easier to verify a shady profile
  • Ability to like a profile secretly, so people won't know who liked them until they're interested in you too
  • Sensory overload due to too many users
  • Messages don't usually lead to actual dates because messages often get ignored
  • Small town singles don't "cross paths" with a lot of people
  • Matching is based only on the vicinity, and nothing else
  • Potential to make a commute awkward and uncomfortable if things go south
  • Matches depend on proximity and not personality, making it either exciting or extremely frustrating

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Happn is popular because of its unique idea of online dating. It shows you users that you crossed paths with recently. This concept is unique because it makes you aware of the connections you’re missing every day. It takes into consideration peoples’ preferences, who generally prefer going out with somebody who lives relatively near them. Not many people want to drive a long way to meet their date. The app is based on real-life encounters and preferences. It also lets you receive messages from the people you are interested in. The app also boasts an invisibility mode that allows users to hide their locations for some time.

Happn is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows. To fully experience the magic of Happn, however, you must subscribe to their premium membership.

How Does the Happn App Work

How Does the Happn App Work?

Happn uses GPS to track your location and work optimally. It uses your location to feed its feature, which tells you which suitable people you “crossed paths with” in real life. It lets you know where you “crossed paths” with people using GPS, so you know where you met the person suitable for you. Happn will list user profiles on your home screen, and you can click on them to view more. You can “like” a person if you like their profile and hope that the person “likes” you back when they see your profile. Once you both “like” each other, you can start a conversation. However, if waiting around for the person to like you isn’t your thing, then you can send a “charm” to the other person to attract their attention towards your profile. It sends them a notification that someone tried to “charm” them.

The main purpose of Happn is dating, of course. It might also be used to find an excellent old-fashioned friendship as well. Happn displays more personal information rather than any other music dating app, like the taste in music, your job, etc. This extra information makes Happn ideal for people looking for more than the occasional hookup. Want to choose the best dating app for yourself? Read our Happn vs Tinder review, and discover all pros and cons of these two apps!

Registration – Is It Really Easy

Registration – Is It Really Easy?

Happn starts working for you after you create an account. You have to make your profile that will be available to the other users to see. You can also sign up to Happn via Facebook. Signing up via Facebook verifies your account and then automatically imports your pictures and your basic information.

After creating your account, you are free to use your account to its fullest. Unlike other dating apps, Happn does not hold new accounts for approval and verification. It gives you the freedom to start using the app as soon as you complete the necessary verification procedure. You just need to set up a profile, fill in your details, and be ready to go!

What About Design and Usability

What About Design and Usability?

Happn comes with a really attractive design specifically created to find people you might like to date. It enables you to message people you’ve “liked,” provided that they’ve “liked” you back. It helps you set up a profile fast, provides detailed profiles of users, and has a great age demographic. Most of the Happn users are young, between 21-35 years of age, which includes a lovely and young community to interact with.

Happn shows you matched based on your proximity to the other member and provided that your preferences match the member. Unlike other contemporary dating apps, it shows you your matches based on the already-recognized criteria: vicinity and preferences of the user.

For security and safety purposes, you have the liberty to send other members a like if you like their profile. You are only allowed to message them if the other user has liked you back. Once you are mutually interested in each other, a message box opens up, and you can start texting each other.

To shorten and make the process more efficient, you can look at other members who sent you a like. You can then choose the members from the ones who have already liked you and start up a conversation and get a “crush” going. This feature, however, is only available when you subscribe to Happn’s premium membership.

“Hello” is another feature designed to shorten your wait for other members to like you and for you to like them back. “Hello” is not a secret option compared to like. A member can send a hello to anyone and tell them that they are interested in starting up a conversation.

Happn is available to users in more than three countries and gains a lot of attention in the dating app category. The app has a significant portion of the user base using it regularly, which makes it easy to imply that the app is sufficiently addictive. So far, more than 100,000 people have installed it. Happn has more than 10,000 daily users, and after its launch a few years back, that number has seen steady growth.

Let's Talk About the Profile Quality

Let’s Talk About the Profile Quality

Happn ensures a detailed profile of users that you’re interacting with. Setting up your complete profile is also really simple. You can choose to sign up to Happn and enter those details manually, but you can choose the easy way and connect your profile to Facebook. That does all work for you.

Your profile contains only basic information – your picture, age, name, gender, job and education, last active date of visit, a short description of yourself, and the distance between you and the person looking at your profile. If you purchase Happn premium, you get the option to hide some of these details about yourself. You may upload up to 9 photos to your Happn account either directly, or by syncing your account up to your Facebook account.

We believe that providing useful information about yourself might reflect key aspects of your personality. It might also display your interests in a more expressive manner, which will help other Happn members to get to know you better. Members will take a look at your profile first, and then decide whether to like you or skip. Make sure your profile is a good one.

Although the app does not verify accounts, it might imply that it has a higher vulnerability to hackers and crackers who log into dating apps to scam other members. However, Happn allows users to report or block any suspicious activity or account they might encounter while using the app.

The Mobile Application

The Mobile Application

The mobile application is fascinating. It makes it harder for spammers and bots to create fake accounts to harass users who are there for the real stuff. Happn also makes it compulsory for you to have a Facebook account, which makes it infinitely tricky for hackers to get in. The Happn mobile application also connects to you better than other dating apps. It shows you people in real-time who you might have crossed paths with. Happn does not have a desktop app or a PC app.

The Happn app’s clear, minimalistic, and clutter-free interface makes it a very user-friendly platform. Even when you close the app, the Happn app will work in the background and keep tracking the places you visit and the members and matches you get along the way.

If you are concerned about your privacy, you can manually stop your location access from the settings of your device to restrict the Happn app from using your location services. It, however, might impair the app and stop it from performing adequately.

You also can choose to schedule invisibility when you do not want to cross paths with other members and do not want your profile to show up on their feed. Pausing your account is another option that you must consider if you are deeply concerned about your privacy. Breaking your account will stop your “crushes” from messaging you and will no longer track you.

Safety and Security

Safety and Security

Happn makes it necessary for you to have a Facebook account to set up a profile. It helps you create a detailed profile easier and faster. It also reduces the risk of hackers and bots trying to create fake accounts to harass Happn users. It is a secure app that keeps all your private data safe.

Happn matches users with people that they have physically run across during the day. It might make it uncomfortable for people who couldn’t make their “crushes” work to pass through the same physical locations every day, especially if they take the same commute to work or ride the same bus every morning.

Happn entertains a relatively younger audience of 18-25 since anyone over 18 can create a profile. Recent comments and other interactions on the latest servers of Happn tend to reveal that the app entertains a young audience, and people above 40 struggle to find matches. The market is demanding more significant progress in the old people category. We can only hope that this market continues to expand.

Pricing and Benefits

Pricing and Benefits

As with most dating apps in the 21st century, Happn comes with some in-app purchases and the premium option. However, unlike most other apps, it is not a hoax.

If you choose to go for the app’s premium version, members can get a list of the people who’ve liked them. You also get the option of invisibility, where you can choose to remain hidden from other users for a temporary period. You won’t match with anybody and won’t show up on anyone’s feed. Even if you cross them physically and basically, go off the grid and take a break.

Taking the premium option also gives you the liberty to hide from other people’s queues, choose to hide ads, and hide various components of your profile that you would like to hide, like your age, last active date, or your job.

If you’re not getting any crushes from the free version of the app, maybe it’s time to upgrade. A premium subscription can be an effective way to improve your chances of getting crushes from those local people you just met earlier in the day.

Help and Support

Help and Support

Happn has a dedicated team specially made to solve any technical glitches or errors you might have while using the app. It also takes your privacy very seriously. The Happn support option takes care of all your needs and solves any problems that you might face.



Is Happn safe?

Although many users have raised security concerns about the safety of the app, Happn is entirely safe for users. We make sure that no personal data gets misused on our side.

Is Happn a Real Dating Site?

Without a doubt! Happn is as real as dating sites get. It gives you the full experience of online dating in a simple yet impressive way.

Is Happn Free?

Happn is free for all users. You can create a profile and register for free. However, there are some unique features that you may have to pay for in the app.

Does Happn Really Work?

Yes! Happn is the real deal. You should check it out for yourself.



Happn is a cool dating app, and it is a welcome and refreshing change from stereotypical apps that leave your dating life nowhere. It is worth a try. However, you need to be mindful while using the app, making sure you don’t lose hope too fast!

Happn seems to have developed a lot as the number of active users of the app boomed during the last few years. It is a booming up-and-comer in the online dating industry, one that you should try. Given its location-based systems, it can check a lot of boxes for you, including vicinity, shared interests, and the “chanced encounter” fetish.

Since Happn works with location-based services, it will work better in places with a more significant population and density. It increases your chances of getting to “cross” more people who might suit you in a day. It might work a little less efficiently in places where the population is scarce.

If you’re looking to match with beautiful, attractive people from around where you live, connect with them over messages and finally go on that destined date.

Happn can make it happen for you.

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