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FCN Chat review – what do we know about it?

FCN Chat review – what do we know about it?
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Pros and Cons

  • FCN is all free! Joining is hassle-free because registration is not necessary.
  • You have the option of keeping your identity anonymous and can decide anytime to reveal your true self.
  • It is the fastest and safest way to meet and communicate with people through chat platforms.
  • You can share videos and images with your friends to keep your interactions more engaging.
  • You instantaneously know who is online with chat’s monitoring feature. In case your friend is momentarily offline, you can leave a message that he can see later and respond to.
  • Chat forums bring you closer to people who have similar personalities and preferences like yourself. That is a natural human tendency and is respected and encouraged in chat platforms.
  • Chatting in its written (or typed) form allows you to think before expressing yourself. You can form your thoughts more effectively to bring your ideas across.
  • FCN’s anonymous chat platform gives shy people equal footing with outgoing and boisterous persons. Most introverts shy away from any kind of gatherings, parties, and other live forums for fear of being ridiculed and bullied. With FCN chat forums, there is no need to feel intimidated by other people or be afraid of being rejected. All participants carry on at the same level of input and opportunities to express themselves.
  • FCN chat allows you to reach across the world and meet more people. That gives you more opportunities to find your true love. It also broadens your horizons and acquaints you with different customs and ways of life.
  • FCN chat rooms are always busy with people from more than 220 places like Asia, Canada, China, Europe, India, Ireland, Netherlands, Pakistan, the UK, the US, and more.
  • You can do both voice and video calls in FCN. These forms of chatting are more dynamic and effective in establishing and developing relationships than typical messaging. It is more fun and feels like you are right there with the person you are speaking with.
  • You can be sure you are interacting with a real person instead of a bot because all participants are screened via CAPTCHA.
  • Humans are social animals, so constant interaction with other people brings about a sense of well-being, and in some cases, better health.
  • With FCN, you will not run out of people to interact with. Every day, more and more new online participants join in and enjoy the experience.
  • FCN encourages interaction with people of all different orientations and beliefs. FCN dejects all forms of discrimination.
  • FCN has downloadable mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices. The features and performance of these apps are similar to the main website. That means you can continue with your chatting adventure and relationship building even though you are away from your PC or laptop, and on the go.
  • Due to the absence of registration and profile data, anyone can join, even those with dubious intentions.
  • Anonymity can be abused and could cause undesired consequences.

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FCN chat rooms offer single individuals around the world an opportunity to meet other people and develop a relationship. These chat rooms or informal dating sites are usually embedded in adult sites and restrict entry for people under 18 years old. However, there are existing chat rooms that are more open and do not require age testing or any other strict screening procedures. That means everyone with internet access can join in any of these introvert chat platforms.

Many of these FCN chat rooms started as innocent chat rooms that eventually grew into dating sites and adult sites. Some came into being in reverse, i.e., the adult or dating sites created them within their system as a communications platform to allow members to contact one another.

Chat rooms are one of the best venues in modern dating endeavors. It is practical, flexible, relatively cheap, and also fun. Its many features or platforms offer a variety of methods in searching for the right partner, starting, developing, and nourishing a meaningful relationship.

How does FCN Chat work?

FCN chat sites typically offer different platforms for meeting people via chat. They range from strict formal dating sites to very active and lively chat rooms with little or no member screening requirements.

The goal of these FCN chat sites is simple: get as many members as possible and let them meet by correspondence using the many forms of chat such as messaging, voice, or video.

As its name implies, the essential thing about FCN chat is that it is all free! We will discuss this further in the next section, and you will see why.

Registration – is it really easy?

Registration is effortless because there is no registration required to begin with. No registration, no fees, it is all free!

All you need to do is pass the CAPTCHA challenge to prove you are human and not a bot, before entering the website. Once you are verified, you come to the main site that offers a plethora of options in what type of chat you want to join.

Upon deciding which chat room or platform you prefer, you just need to put any name on the blank and hit the free chat now or chatrooms button, and you are all set!

This anonymous chatting is very popular and constitutes a significant portion of the chat population of FCN chat rooms. What’s more, chat rooms are gaining back its popularity primarily because of anonymous chat facilities like FCN. Some chat platforms even offer counseling or group therapy for people who are experiencing anxiety, depression, and other behavioral problems.

Another option for meeting or chatting with people is FCN’s random partnering. FCN will connect you with a random stranger to start a conversation. All you need to do is say hi and start talking. In case you find that the person is not really to your liking, you can just ignore his/her messages, and the system will connect you to another person. Keep this going until such time you find a suitable partner.

Registration - is it really easy?

What about design and usability?

FCN chat rooms are straightforward and have various exciting features.

Examples of chat platforms are random chat rooms, global chat, public chat forums, voice chatting, and modern private chat.

Let’s say you first enter the random or anonymous chat room, and you meet someone who interests you and vice versa. You can move to a private chat room and continue your conversation there while developing a possible relationship. Again, this is all free!

For a more personal interaction, FCN provides a video and audio chat interface. This feature is very similar to the video or voice calls on Android and iOS mobile devices. That makes the interaction a lot more fun and exciting, but it doesn’t stop there. FCN is currently developing the interface to include group video calls. Of course, that is if you don’t mind other people from joining your private conversations.

With FCN’s global chat, you can interact with many nationalities across the globe. Combine that with another exciting feature, the sharing of images and videos while chatting online. You can do this for free, no added or hidden charges because, again, their chat facility is free.

Imagine what relationships you can build with people from other parts of the world by sharing images that are unique to your country. Of course, the same applies to them. The interaction will be very stimulating and will allow you and your friends to develop more profound relationships.

Public chat forums are venues that you can join in and voice your opinion about a particular topic or share a common interest with the group. Open forums are also viable sources of possible relationships. The people you interact within the group already have a common bond, which you can develop into a more personal level. Remember the saying birds of the same feather, flock together, is never truer in group chats.

Voice chatting is similar to phone conversations and is free when you use FCN’s chat facilities. This feature is also a more personal interaction that can enhance the chances of developing your prospective relationship to a romantic one later on.

All that sounds terrific and seems easy as pie. Remember that chatting is a representation of what we do in real life. Similar to real life, relationships are not made overnight but developed through patience and persistence. You can’t expect that all the hi’s you send will generate excellent results. And, as in the random pairing described earlier, you continuously try until you find the right person.

FCN Chat What about design and usability?

Let’s talk about profile quality

As the chat platform is anonymous, you are initially not required to have a profile. However, as you get into more meaningful interactions and relationships, you begin to reveal your true self to those you are chatting with. Remember, the site does not require you to do this, but prudence requires honesty in developing and maintaining deep relationships.

FCN Chat Let's talk about profile quality

The mobile application

FCN has mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices and is straightforward to use. Similar to the main website interface, the apps contain simple yet aesthetic designs and layouts. The screens or pages are clear and uncluttered so as not to be confusing to the user.

Should you prefer not to download the apps, the FCN site is accessible via your mobile device’s browser? As you would be accessing the main FCN site, you would enjoy its full features.

Safety & security

FCN uses the SSL protocol for information security as well as other safety measures vital to the protection of private information and privileged data.

Furthermore, our moderators are monitoring the system 24/7, so any untoward or dubious activities will be identified and isolated right away.

At any rate, the FCN webpage contains strict rules and guidelines on online chatting. This regulation is regarding proper behavior, language, avoidance of any forms of discrimination, arguments, advertisements or solicitations, and general disrespect of other members. Any infractions will be dealt with accordingly, even up to the cancellation of the violator’s account. Remember that most internet activities are monitored and recorded, so the moderators can search for and use activity files as evidence.

Since no extensive profiles are existing in the database, that in itself provides some level of security. Your private information is kept among yourselves and the immediate peers you interact with.

In case you suspect that one of your contacts is acting suspiciously, you can always contact the FCN support team or moderators. They will immediately investigate the issue and resolve it as expediently as possible.

Of course, in addition to all FCN’s security measures, it is also advisable on the user’s or member’s side to be careful in sharing personal information. Given that FCN does not require registration and a thorough gathering of data for profile keeping, it is recommended that discretion be applied on a case to case basis.

Here are other important points to consider while joining chat activities:

  • Be careful of anything you say and do, as all activities are recorded and will be used as evidence.
  • Be mindful of the things you share in public, like pictures and videos that could prove damaging to your reputation.
  • Never put information about your children on the net. Examples are school addresses, social clubs, and sports activities.
  • Should you experience bullying, report the incident immediately to FCN moderators.
  • Be aware of phishing and professional scammers that are after your valuable information.
  • Keep important objects away from your monitor viewpoint. Persons with hateful intent can use these.
  • Remind your children to be careful at all times when dealing with strangers.
FCN Chat The mobile application

Pricing and benefits

FCN is free. The only investments you make are the time and effort you spend on the chat rooms. Of course, there is that regular monthly contract with your internet service provider and power costs. But as far as the FCN site is concerned, it will not cost you any additional charges to use and enjoy its facilities.

Help & support

FCN has professional support staff and moderators available round the clock ready to assist you in whatever issue, problem, or query you might have.

FCN Chat Safety & security


There might be some items you’re still concerned about, so this section will help you figure things out.

Is FCN safe?

Yes. Aside from the security protocols in place, FCN’s moderators are always on the lookout for unsavory behavior. Any reports from members are regarded with utmost urgency and are dealt with expediently. Again, FCN advises its members to be cautious in sharing personal information, and to always use discretion in dealing with anyone.

Is FCN a real dating site?

FCN is primarily a dating site that utilizes chatting in all forms to meet and correspond with people. The site’s primary goal is to provide its members with the means to create and maintain a meaningful relationship via chat platforms.

How to use FCN chat?

FCN members join in by simply nominating any name and joining a particular chat room of their interest. As members identify themselves with certain groups or individuals, they can move on to private chat rooms and develop their relationships further.

Is FCN free?

Yes, the name says it all! You can be assured that there are no hidden costs or charges as you use the different features and platforms available on the website.

Does FCN really work?

Yes, it does. Chat forums are the best venues for meeting various kinds of people. You are free to express your ideas and opinions, provided you adhere to the rules of correct behavior. You then form deeper relationships with like-minded members, then eventually pair off with deeper emotional bonds with other individuals.

FCN Chat Pricing and benefits


FCN chat is the perfect venue for meeting other people. It is free and requires no registration to be a member, just enter any name and immediately join a particular chat room. It provides free access to many forms of chatting, like messaging, voice, and video.

FCN chat provides you with a venue for expanding your horizon and learning about other customs and traditions. It accommodates many languages and is open to more than 220 countries around the world. You can post videos and images for free while chatting with your friends, to make exciting and meaningful interactions.

FCN is accessible through Android and iOS mobile device apps. The presentation in those apps is similar to the main website’s and features bright, uncluttered screens.

FCN provides safe and secure handling of information while maintaining a dedicated support team available 24/7 to answer or respond to any problem, issue, or query of its members. The team also serves as moderators that ensure proper protocols and behaviors in chat rooms, acting on violations with expediency and promptness.

FCN guarantees that all members are real, full-blooded people and not bots, through the CAPTCHA challenge posed to every aspiring member.

Finally, FCN encourages interaction among different persuasions, orientations, and beliefs. FCN discourages all forms of discrimination.

All in all, we recommend FCN as a viable site for starting, developing, and maintaining a meaningful romantic relationship.

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Simran Pillarisetty
Simran Pillarisetty
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