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Dating4disabled – What do we Know about It?

Dating4disabled – What do we Know about It?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 90%
Popular age 29-35
Beauty 45%
Profiles 800 000
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Visit rate 6.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • You have access to a variety of communication tools within your user dashboard.
  • Forums, chats, blogs, and instant messaging services are available
  • The site offers you easy navigation with a user-friendly interface and powerful search tools
  • There is a vast network of disabled individuals on the site, for all states across the US
  • The site has plenty of resources for new users
  • The admin team scans all profile photos for authenticity and does an excellent job keeping fake profiles off the platform
  • The site features adverts on the free version
  • The free version has limited functionality

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More than 61-million Americans live with a disability – that’s one in every four people. People who experience a disability often find that they lose their self-confidence when it comes to dating. Very few organizations focus on bringing disabled people together to make new relationships and find new love.

However, Dating4disabled is a new dating site dedicated to assisting disabled singles in finding a romantic interest in their lives. The site isn’t only for finding a love interest in your life. You can use your account to engage with other people in the disabled community, building your network.

The platform focuses on providing disabled people with a place to find a long-erm relationship. It’s not a hook-up site by any means, so don’t expect that from it when signing up. The site has thousands of profiles available for browsing, complete with photos and personality bios.

You get access to all the features you would expect to find in a community chatroom, including advanced search options and filters. You can upload carousels of photos and enjoy the several chat options and messaging apps from within the site’s interface.

Dating4disabled recently launched a new feature where members can start a blog on the site. The blog allows members to communicate their life experiences, building more social proof that they are genuine and not fake profiles.

The site also includes access to several forums where you can browse topics that interest you. Take the time to get to know other users that share the same opinions and interests as you.

How Does Dating4disabled Work?


When you signup with Dating4disabled, you have the option of selecting your interest in using the platform. As mentioned, not everyone is looking for love on this site. Some people might want to make new friends, and others want to find life partners for some company as they get older.

You need to be clear on your objectives when creating your account and posting content on the site. The options for relationship objectives you have when signing up for the platform include the following.

  • Activity Partners
  • Find a Date
  • Make New Friends
  • Find a Long-Term Relationship Partner
  • Look for Marriage
  • Write to a Penpal

Dating4disabled is a site dedicated to dating, but it caters toward other relationship-building activities as well.

After registering, you create your dating profile and choose how you want to use the site. There is plenty of functionality on offer. Complete your dating profile to show people your interests, and don’t forget to include plenty of photos in your gallery.

The site also has a new member guide that helps set up your account and start with exploring the functions.

If you don’t put up any pictures, you can expect most people to skip over your profile. Your profile allows you to post four pictures, so make sure you use them to your advantage.

The site offers you one-on-one private chat with other members and a general chat for discussing trending topics and meeting other people on the site.

The forums are active. There are plenty of users, with dozens of forum categories and thousands of helpful posts on everything from favorite book titles to the best recipes to cook using fresh garden veggies.

You have the option of opening a blog module on the site. If you enjoy writing and want to express yourself to the disabled community, you have a platform to do it on this website. Talk about anything you like, but make sure you keep it within the community guidelines.

The instant messenger service works within the app, and it comes with privacy settings to control what people can see on your profile. Create a blacklist of people you want to block from accessing your profile and check out the monthly newsletter for your community’s events.

The support on the site is excellent, and you can opt-out and cancel your membership at any time.

Within the platform, you have functionality that helps you search for users by name and usernames, IDs, gender, location range, or country. The search engine will bring you results of all the people currently online. Keep checking back to see new members in your area.

The site also offers you a set of advanced search tools that will refine your perfect partner. Choose your search preferences from any of the following criteria.

  • Their background, current relationship status, the number of dependents, language, ethnicity, religion, education, job, or income
  • Physical appearance – Body type, height, and weight, as well as hair and eye color
  • Personality – Smoking and drinking habits, relationship goals, hobbies, and interests
  • Disability information – Mobility issues and life challenges
  • Choose to show only results from members that have profile photos
  • Save your advanced search preferences for future searches

As you grow your network on the site, you can start sorting your new friends and relationship partners into lists.

The system works like LinkedIn or Facebook, allowing you to create friends lists, including filtered lists such as those members that contacted you, members that added you to their friend’s lists, and members you blacklisted for whatever reason.

Registration – Is it Really Easy?

Dating4disabled Registration

Registering for Dating4disabled is free. You can create a free profile and start using the site. However, you’ll find that the free account leaves you with minimal functionality on the site.

If you want to get the best out of Dating4disabled, then you have to take the subscription membership and pay to use it. When you think about it, paying a subscription isn’t that much of a train smash.

Subscriptions keep the riff-raff and the trolls out of the forums and the message boards. Without the subscription fee, the website would experience overrunning with trolls, marketers, and ad bots wanting to scam you out of your money.

With Dating4disabled, you have to pay a fee, but you’ll consider it a bargain when you look at the value on offer on the platform.

However, the registration for the site is straightforward, and there are no outlandish problems with registration. Some individuals might have an issue with filling in some personal information, such as the religious data. However, overall, it’s an easy signup process with no hassles.

What about Design and Usability?

Dating4disabled Design and Usability

The site offers you a user-friendly interface. As soon as you long-on, the system scans your location to see which other users are online near your location that meets your preference settings. The system brings up all your matches, and you can reach out to them and initiate a conversation.

Dating4disabled relies on the texting model, where you send someone a text, and they reply in the same manner. Texting is simple and effective, and you’ll see who’s online, just like you do with your regular texting app on your phone.

We would like to see modern technology come to life here. This subscription service isn’t exactly cheap. Integrating a face-time style chat would be tremendously helpful to find a new partner and a means of cutting down of fake accounts and people lying about their appearance.

Let’s Talk about Profile Quality

Dating4disabled Profile Quality

Dating4disabled gives you a great platform to build a high-quality profile. You get to add four pictures to your profile, and we recommend using all that real estate to promote yourself. Dating4disabled is an established community, and if you want to stand out and attract new people to you, your profile must shine.

Take some time to browse around the site and look at other people’s profiles. Read the language they use in their bio and look for a personal spin on it that you can use when writing your profile. Many people resort to using professional writers to write their profile.

If you have a problem with writing, then sure, go ahead and hire someone to write your profile. However, by copying what other people are doing, you can build a profile that works. However, make sure you put an authentic spin on your bio.

People don’t want to read a cloned post, and they’re likely to skip over your profile if they think you are copy-pasting generic stuff onto your bio.

The more generous you are with the information on your profile, and the better you are at completing your account setup, the more people you attract, the more likes you get. As a result, more people will start wanting to notice you and meet you online, building your reputation on the site.

The Mobile Application

Dating4disabled Mobile Application

Dating4disabled offers a website desktop experience for people that want to browse the site at home on their desktop or laptop device. The site also provides you a mobile app available for download on the Android or Apple App Store.

Download the app to your device and get Dating4disabled on your smartphone or tablet. The app doesn’t have all the same functionality as your desktop version, but it does the job.

We prefer setting up our account using a desktop, and then monitoring our account and messaging through the phone app. Blogging is also better through the desktop version.

The application offers you the convenience of talking your dating on the road. If you’re going to a new town for the weekend, you might want to meet up with some friends you met through the app.

The mobile application for Android and iPhone allows you to take your relationships on the road, making friends and contacts in every corner of the country.

Safety & Security

Dating4disabled Safety & Security

When people think about signing up for a dating website, one of the things they have in the back of their minds is the site’s security. The signup process asks you for personal information, and you don’t want it to fall into the wrongs hands.

However, Dating4disabled runs a tight ship, with end-to-end encryption on all its communications services, and an SSL certificate to keep the site secure.

However, as far as using the platform goes, Dating4disabled does its best to ensure it removes all faker and malicious accounts from the platform as fast as possible. They recommend you send them tips about fake accounts or adverse experiences you have with accounts on the platform.

Due to the subscription model with this site, there are very few fake accounts out there. However, if you start receiving unauthorized marketing messages, report them to the admin team immediately.

Disabled people are at risk of people preying on them and taking advantage of them through the site. Before you ever arrange to meet someone that you found online, make sure you take the necessary precautions to stay safe from predators.

The site has an excellent service page discussing how to protect yourself on a physical meet up with someone you meet on the site.

Pricing and Benefits

Dating4disabled Pricing and Benefits

As mentioned, there are free and paid memberships available when joining Dating4disabled. When you take the free membership, you get a profile and four uploads to your picture gallery.

When you sign up with the free package, you don’t get the ability to read messages from other members. However, at the beginning of the month, the site issues all free members with a gift point, allowing them to read one message – which is kind of a waste of time.

Check the cost of your membership on the Dating4disabled site. The paid membership unlocks all the other functions and features of the website, making it a much more enjoyable dating experience. As of our last check on the site, memberships costs and privileges are the following.

  • Read all the private messages you receive
  • Members can read your messages
  • One month subscription is $14.95
  • 3-months at $13.30 per month
  • 6-months at $11.65 per month
  • Annual subscriptions cost $10.00 per month

Dating4disabled accepts all major credit cards and PayPal payments as well. You have the option of canceling your membership and your account at any time.

Help & Support

Dating4disabled Help & Support

Dating4diabled runs a tight ship, and the support team is there for your inquiries. You have the option of reaching out to the email support desk with your problems. A friendly consultant will get back to you within 24-hours with an answer to your request.


If you’re still wondering if Dating4disabled is the right platform for you, check out this FAQ. In this section with go through the critical points you need to know before using this service.

Is Dating4disabled Safe?

Yes, Dating4disabled is entirely safe to use. Both the desktop and mobile apps have encrypted communications, and SSL certificates backing the site. You don’t have to worry about the site sharing your information with advertisers, and there’s no chance of losing your relevant data.

Is Dating4disabled a Real Dating Site?

Yes, Dating4disabled specializes in finding a new love for disabled individuals. The site works with all sexual preferences. However, if you don’t want a romantic relationship, you can still use Dating4disabled to find a life partner or meet new friends. You can do so much on this site, and it has one of the largest online disabled communities in the world.

How to Use Dating4disabled?

Signing up is a smooth and seamless process. You need to spend some time building a durable profile, but everything runs on autopilot to your settings after you finish. Navigating the platform is easy, and you have everything you need at your fingertips through the mobile app.

Is Dating4disabled Free?

Yes, Dating4disabled offers free accounts. However, the free version is practically useless, and it’s just a taster of what you can expect from the free version. At only under $15 a month for the subscription fee, it’s an expensive service. However, you get plenty of value for money.

Does Dating4disabled Really Work?

Yes, Dating4disabled is a legitimate dating platform where people can meet to start a new relationship. There are plenty of success stories talking about how people met the love of their life on Dating4disabled.


Dating4disabled Conclusion

Dating4disabled is a great site to use to meet other people near you that have a similar condition. If you’re looking to start a relationship, build a friendship, or meet new people, then Dating4disabled has it all.

Simran Pillarisetty
Simran Pillarisetty
Simran Pillarisetty
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Simran is our dating hero, and she knows everything about how to make relationship between people better! She has excellent skills that she uses to make people’s life better!
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Louise Stokes
by Louise Stokes Oct 15, 2021
I'm widowed and also craved to have another possibility at absolutely love. Thanks a lot our site for facilitate since I have grabbed your want. We do not create way too many long-lasting campaigns and simply enjoy 1. We all date, traveling, and talk about a wide selection of activities. This is basically the gorgeous thing in all of our dating. I like my personal mate and hope our personal love will build up and proceed to the next level. A lot of people are searching for couples at relationships internet based companies, and most likely, that kind of issues is actually disturbing due to the fact feel just like items in look microsoft windows. This app is unique. You can begin with communicating and end up in the church. The service features a beneficial technical qualities. I personally use this site largely to my laptop computer, but occasionally We keep in touch with consumers and check my favorite strategies from our new iphone 4. No problems in any way. I've took note no insects . anything is useful, without glitches. Whenever I join, I prefer the web site providing i'd like without disruptions and annoying reloads. I'm hoping it keeps like that, therefore preserve good quality. If only everybody good-luck since my own has found me personally.
by Deacon Oct 10, 2021
The dating site is easy, and routing is easy. We receive an adequate few realities and understandings for people that seem appealing to myself. In reality, i actually do really enjoy located on our site. I possibly couldn't come across my favorite existing buddy till now. Nevertheless, i discovered a few fascinated men and women to correspond with. Personally I think free of cost and calm while chatting with them. I would recommend this incredible website to any or all who is looking for excellent camaraderie, regardless of style of relationship.
Dennis Cox
by Dennis Cox Sep 30, 2021
Needs additional daters to understand that this specific service 100% performs optimally without methods. Those that really want in order to get touching a special someone won't be sorry for their particular options any time enrolling in the working platform. The crucial thing just to quit. You will find previously came across simple loved, and we are now delighted. I believe arousal and relationships, and also that implies most. So, the audience is in love, and it's really never too late for everyone of every age group and requirements. I would recommend this page, therefore simply is.
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