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Date Me Review – What Do We Know About It?

Date Me Review – What Do We Know About It?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 76%
Popular age 25-29
Beauty 62%
Profiles 25 430
About Site
Visit rate 7.1
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Easy signup
  • Suitable for both men and women, gay and straight
  • Available in 20 languages
  • Flirt with singles at any time of the day
  • Mobile app available on both Android and iOS
  • Find singles in your area
  • Thousands of profiles
  • Free account
  • No option to upgrade for additional features
  • Ads included in the desktop and mobile app
  • The app only lists the distance to person, not the country of origin
  • Some scam profiles on the site

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So, you’re single, and you want someone to share the couch with you while you watch “The Bachelor” and devour a pint of ice cream. That’s great; all of us want a successful relationship, but how do you find a partner that shares your interests?

Dating sites are a popular option for many people to experiment with meeting potential partners. Each of the sites has a unique offering, and some are more popular than others. Some dating sites are scams, and you can end up in a “catfish” situation where someone cons you out of your hard-earned money. So, how do you know which popular dating site is the real deal?

We decided to go to the trouble of reviewing the site for you. After all, with so many options available, we’re sure you don’t have the time to search through all of them.

Date Me is a new dating website that promises to find you your perfect partner. Is this site legit? Can you find the date of your dreams using a website or mobile app? Let’s unpack the offering from Date Me and see if it’s worth creating a platform profile.

How Does Date Me Work?

Date Me Review

Date Me is a secure website using https protocols, and it offers a desktop and mobile interface for users. Essentially, you register on the platform using your laptop, PC, or mobile device. Create a profile using your vital information and interests and start browsing for a partner on the platform.

After setting up your account and profile, you can meet men or women from countries all around the world. The app or desktop client lets you know how far away the other person is from your location, allowing you to decide if it’s worth your time to pursue it.

You get access to filters that let you wade through the results that match your personality and interest. For instance, if you enjoy spending your time chilling out at home watching TV or reading books, you probably won’t be interested in a guy that likes the social scene and attends parties every weekend.

Filters help you sort the chaff from the wheat, allowing you to find people that are a good match for you. After signing up for the platform, you can view the private photos of the person you’re interested in dating.

When you have the Date Me app or desktop client available on your device, you can search for dates at any time of the day. If you’re lying in bed late at night, thinking about trying to find someone, then start searching. You can use the app and view profiles at any time of day.

There are thousands of other users on the site, and you can bet there are people up at night looking for love in the same place you are. Regardless of the time of the day, you’ll find someone to start flirting with on the Date Me site or app.

Use Date Me to flirt with potential partners or line up a list of guys or girls you think might match you. Reach out to the person from within the app or desktop client and start chatting on your laptop or phone via onboard text messaging.

Date Me is available in over 20-languages, with established networks in countries around the globe. Find and flirt with singles in your neighborhood right now.

Registration – Is it Really Easy?

Date Me Registration

Registration with Date Me is quick and easy. If you’re using the desktop client, you can sign up using your Facebook profile. That makes things much easier for you when setting up your profile.

New members must completer a short questionnaire on the home page and then create their account. The platform asks you for your first name and asks you to create a username for the site. As a result, you can remain somewhat anonymous on the site if you want.

Fill in your birthday, complete the partner profile, and you’re ready to use Date Me. You can do all of this in less than 60-seconds, and the Facebook login is so fast that you’ll be ready to search singles in your area in seconds.

The amount of data the site requires is minimal, and they don’t ask you for any credit card information or your social security number. Signing up is free, and there are no premium upgrade packages available.

What About Design and Usability?

Date Me Design and Usability

Date Me has a great site design. The simplistic and minimalist feel of the home page inspires you to take action and sign up with Date Me for a free account. After logging into the site, you get the option of visiting your profile to make changes or viewing potential matches in your area.

The site displays your potential matches in tile format, allowing you to click on profile pictures that you think might be a good match. Read through your prospective date’s profile to find out if they are someone that you think would be worth dating, and then reach out to them from within the app.

The site won’t redirect you to any other landing pages, and you get to start a conversation with the person you’re interested in dating. Remember, just because you’re interested in the person, doesn’t mean that they’ll feel the same way about you.

However, you can cast a wide net with Date Me and initiate conversations with as many people as you want. Converse with your potential dates, and build lists of candidates that you think might be possible choices for good partners.

Overall, the site and app are very user-friendly, and it’s easy to navigate through your profile and your prospective partner profiles. Using the filters is easy, and it’s a simple setup process that takes minutes.

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

Date Me Talk About Profile Quality

Profile quality on Date Me is good. It’s not outstanding, but it’s adequate. You can create your profile with your username, and you don’t have to leave your real contact details anywhere on the app. If people want to reach out from you, they do everything from within the app itself.

You get to add a profile picture and start a gallery of your pics. Add your interests and passions, and then talk about the kind of partner you’re looking for on the dating circuit.

Pro tip: Always be honest in your profile and with what you want out of your relationship. If you’re just looking for hookups, then don’t start tiling about how you want to form a long-term relationship. Being honest ensures that you start a relationship that meets the satisfaction of both parties involved.

When browsing through your matches, you can click on the tile pictures to view that person’s public profile. The transitions in the desktop and mobile app are excellent, and there’s no hanging or crashing if you swap quickly between profiles.

Overall, it’s easy to set up your profile in minutes. Snap a selfie or upload your modeling photos – and start searching for dates.

Pro tip: When uploading your profile picture, stick to a natural selfie-style photo. Professional modeling photos may look like stock images, and some users might shy away from contacting you because they think you’re a spam bot.

The Mobile Application

Date Me  Mobile Application

Date Me offers you a mobile application available for both Android and Apple devices. Visit your app store and download the Date Me app for free. The app is a great way to browse for potential partners when you’re out and about. Pick up your phone when you have a minute and browse through your date requests and messages on the platform.

The app makes dating convenient. Having it available on your phone means you can flirt with your prospective dates wherever you are in the world. Mobile applications are changing the way we interact as a species. The advancement of technology over the last 10-years is starting to bear fruit in our daily lives.

Previously, if you wanted to meet someone, you had to visit a social venue and try your luck. Now, you have a list of singles in your pocket. All you need to do is open your phone, and sort through your “little black book” of interesting singles on Date Me.

Essentially, this mobile app provides you with a connection to a network of interesting individuals that share your passions and interests. There’s less time involved with qualifying your partner. How many times have you been on a date with someone, only to find that they aren’t the right person for you?

Going back to the drawing board for a new partner can feel frustrating; however, it’s easy with the Date Me app. If someone doesn’t work out, you have a phone full of other candidates.

Safety & Security

Date Me  Safety & Security

The Date Me website and app are secure. The website is using an https certificate, ensuring that all data transfer on the platform is private and secure.

However, while the platform does look secure, there are plenty of users on the app store talking about fake accounts on the site. Fake accounts are an issue for dating sites. Some users might post fake profiles and use then to entice money out of you.

If you do find a profile with what looks like a stock image, run it back through a reverse image search to see if you’re dealing with a real person or a scammer. Never give away your personal details online until you are confident that you are comfortable that you have an idea of the other person’s identity.

Before arranging your date, ask the person for their Facebook profile, and check to see if they are a real person with real friends. Some scammers can be incredibly cunning, so watch out, and never comply with requests for money.

You might have some security concerns about meeting a date that you’re flirting with online. That feeling is entirely understandable. Take a friend along with you to the date and ask them to sit at a table opposite you. After your date arrives, they can hand around until they see you’re comfortable, and then leave.

Pricing and Benefits

Date Me  Pricing and Benefits

Date Me is Free for use! Yes, that’s right – now you can find the partner of your dreams, and it won’t cost you a cent! However, to generate revenue, the mobile app, and the site run adverts. Ads are annoying, but hey, you’re getting a free dating service.

There is no option to upgrade to a premium membership, but there is plenty of utility in the free app. The Date Me app currently has over 1,600-likes on Facebook, and you can find them on both Facebook and Twitter.

However, there are some reports of users requesting that you send them money on this platform so they can date you. However, never send anyone any money – these are scammers looking to take advantage of your newbie status on the site or app.

Help & Support

Date Me  Help & Suppor

If you run into problems on the Date Me website or app, you can reach out to the support team for assistance. We found that the customer service was excellent, and we had replies to our messages within 24-hours.

Overall, the support is adequate, but you shouldn’t encounter any issues with the platform or your profile. Date Me offers a stable website and mobile app, and you can reach out to the support team from your account dashboard.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about using the Date Me site and application for mobile.

Is Date Me Safe?

Yes! Date Me is a safe website. There are some concerns about fake profiles on the site, so never arrange to send people money. Only meet up with people when you are sure you can confirm their identity.

Is Date Me a Real Dating Site?

Yes! Date Me is a real dating site loved by thousands of singles all over the globe. The site has a Facebook page with over 1,600-likes, and a Twitter account. The site allows you to connect with other singles and arrange dates with prospective partners.

How to Use Date Me?

Using the Date Me site and app is easy. We recommend you sign up with the mobile app, as it’s so user-friendly, and costs nothing to download to your device. Set up takes seconds, and you’re ready to start meeting singles in your area.

Is Date Me Free?

Yes! Date Me is a free dating website that aims to bring singles together. The app and the desktop client both contain ads, but the company must make its money somehow, we suppose. There is no premium upgrade, although there are rumors that the company might introduce a paid version in the future.

Does Date Me Really Work?

There are hundreds of testimonials on the Facebook page. Read through the accounts of how people met partners using Date Me and went on to create lasting relationships. The filter function on your partner results makes it easy to narrow down your choices.


Date Me  Conclusion

If you’re tired of sitting home with no love interest in your life, then you need to get back out there on the dating circuit. Meeting people is one of the best parts of being human. Discovering love in a new relationship is what life is all about, and Date Me makes that happen for you.

Date Me is one of the most user-friendly dating sites we could find online. After signing up for the platform and chatting with a few people, we found that it’s full of potential partners worldwide. The platform is easy to use, and you’ll find the straightforward navigation of the dashboard and messages refreshing.

We do have some concerns about the number of fake accounts on the platform. However, the admin team assures me that they are always reviewing profiles, and they take down any fakes that they find. The admin team also requests that you bring any spam accounts or fake profiles you find to its attention.

Overall, we think that the Date Me site is a surprisingly good dating app. Should you download it? Well, that’s up to you. Check out some of the other dating site reviews we have and decide about the site that’s right for you.

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