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ChatHour review – what do we know about it?

ChatHour review – what do we know about it?
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Pros and Cons

  • Simple and navigation friendly user interface
  • There are multiple chat rooms in which a user can join all or selected ones
  • The registration process is free and takes a few minutes
  • Email verification is mandatory for making a registered profile
  • You can enjoy most of the services free of cost; it is a good dating site for people on a restricted budget
  • You can create a private chat room and set it either for public or private
  • You can report and block users if you feel threatened
  • If you wish, you can delete the chat room you have created
  • You can delete your profile
  • Here nudity is strictly prohibited, and that helps in keeping the chatting non-explicit
  • The apps are available for both android and iOS
  • The guest users don’t need any registration, and they can open fake profiles
  • ChatHour site is mobile responsive, and the desktop version is not that chat and IM friendly
  • A user cannot view profile photos that good from the desktop version, as you can see from the app while searching contacts
  • You need to get emails on your mailbox directly, which means your mailbox address gets divulged
  • Guest users cannot use all services
  • You can add only a stipulated number of favorites in your profile.
  • It is not possible to retrieve your chat history
  • Users use only nicknames: it is not enough secured in terms of posting a fake identity

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ChatHour is a dating site where people can find their partner via online chatting initially. According to a survey, it is the 22nd popular dating site in the world users have found perfect for casual dating online. It runs on straightforward methodology, and users of 18 years and above can join the site as a member.

When it comes to the question of membership, ChatHour offers delightful leverage. The site is free to use. The interface has small chat rooms, and each of the rooms is topic-specific. You can join any of these chat rooms or maybe all the chat rooms to start chatting with the other users. You can select your chat partner depending on age, location, or interest in a similar topic so that you can take the chat on a personal level later.

If you love to talk to online friends and you feel delighted in extending your friend circle, ChatHour will work as a lively entertainment for you. The beauty of the site is that you can meet specific fiends apart from random users, which can help you find the right man/woman in your life for a fruitful relationship. The site is user-friendly, absolutely easy for your pocket, and it enjoys a worldwide exposure.

How does ChatHour work

How does ChatHour work?

ChatHour works on easy and worry-free methodology. The buzz word of this dating site is comfortable chatting with online friends. It is a virtual community that continues talking on the web on different topics, and the site houses different small chat rooms. Any user can start a new chat-room on the site. Join the room of your choice, start chat, make friends, and enjoy personal dating if you are interested in your chat partner and your location matches.

The site ChatHour gets interesting for its double benefits. It is unrestricted and an easy way to make many friends. Alternatively, you can find your soul mate from this easy way of chatting and enjoy a personal message with him on a manageable budget (no subscription fee, only you have to spend on the Internet).

Each chat rooms deal with different topics. The versatility is another attraction for this site. You can select your favorite topic and join a chat room. It is easier for you to find people of similar interest from here. The private conversation can take a chatting communication to one-step advance toward intimacy on mutual consent. It is always easy to start a relation online. If you don’t like it, you can come out without keeping any string attached.

Registration - is it really easy

Registration – is it really easy?

Yes, registration on the site the ChatHour is easy, hassle-free, and a quickie. On average, it takes 2-5 minutes, as said by the existing members. There is no provision to use your existing social media account. You need only a valid email address.

Once you offer your valid email address, the site will send you a link to your email address for verification. Once you verify the address, you become a member by signing in. Now you are eligible to join all the chat-rooms here on the interface of the site.

You can log in to the chat room without registration. You will be a guest here. Still, you will be able to join some free chat rooms, but not all the chat rooms the site has on its interface. It is fast and simple, and it is safe, too, because of the email verification step.

You cannot join through 3rd party app on ChatHour, and that is one of the advantages for the users that none of your personal information will be shared with the site admin.

What about design and usability

What about design and usability?

ChatHour is built on a simple and uncomplicated design that users have found a non-nonsense, with unusual intricacy, and easy to navigate. The site is menu-based, and users can follow the menu to get their job done. The color green is a shade that keeps the mind energized and lively. The design of the site looks enlivens with its minimalistic and straightforward layout.

ChatHour is a chat-based site, and it has different chat rooms, which are designed in different ways with a title about its topic. The chat rooms are the main attraction of this site, and the credit goes to the design, the chat rooms are easy to access and use. You can send messages, and you can add 50 profiles as your favorites. The site offers the facility of seamless chatting and that usability is all well maintained here. Anybody can use the chat rooms, and that simplicity is one of the best conveniences of using this dating site.

Let’s talk about profile quality

The profile is an essential part of the site ChatHour, and that is why the site has given access to its users for making the profile distinct. However, users can always edit their profile, and profile is not accessible by the public. The detailed-ness of the profile strictly depends on the users, which means it depends on you.

At the time of creating a profile, you have to answer the site on different fort sections.

  • The first section consists of information like your ethnicity, sexual alignment, what you are looking for on ChatHour, your social status, and the expected frequency of the use of the site.
  • The second section will contain personal information, for example, the first name, contact numbers, detail about other social media accounts, and other venues where you can be contacted.
  • The third section will contain a description of yourself or your special message for the profile visitors.
  • The last section will have minute details like physical appearances, interests, and achievements.

You can upload multiple photos; however, they gave it to be according to the specification maintained in the site. While basic details are for all, private snaps and details are accessible only for friends. However, making an attractive profile is the key to enjoy success and popularity on ChatHour, so you must invest some time to make it appealing.

The mobile application

The mobile application

ChatHour has two apps, one is for android users, and the other is for iOS users. Both the apps are accessible from the site as well as from the Google store and App store, respectively. Both the apps are free and work well exactly like the desktop version, but on the app, you can send direct and instant messages. Via the app, users can see the thumbnail of the profile picture of the other uses, which is easy to search the user base available for chatting.

Usability and design-wise, the app version of ChatHour are easy to use compared to its desktop version. The app presents more organized features and all through the readable fonts on the user interface you can expect from the app. It is easy to use.

However, the site is mobile responsive. You can cruise the site via your mobile browser, and you can use it anytime on the go.

Safety & security

Safety & security

If you are concerned about safety and security, ChatHour is a safer dating site. Here the support team is active and keeps the user profile under proactive monitoring so that certain unwanted situations like aggressive display of nudity or purposeless adult content display can be controlled.

As a profile holder, you can post several photos here, but the snaps have to be a specific size range and must not contain any nude shot. If you find that your contacts have used profile picture displaying nudity, you can report the profile, and immediate action will be taken.

You can flag a person’s profile if you find it offensive. But if it is found that you have done it purposefully, there is a chance that your profile may get suspended too.

In case you want to change your user name, email address, you can do it from your account. If you want to delete your profile photo, you can do that without asking the site moderator. You can edit your profile as many times as you wish.

Pricing and benefits

Pricing and benefits

ChatHour is all free. Regardless you want to enjoy the chat facility of the dating site as a guest or as a registered user; you don’t have to spend anything. Signing up is free. However, registered users can enjoy some more facilities than a guest (non-registered user) user.

The free services of ChatHour includes

  • Registration
  • Joining a chat room/you can join more than one chat-room
  • Send an instant message
  • Send mail communication to other users
  • Search users on the site
  • Create a chat room of your own
  • Upload photos ( more than one)
  • Add to favorites profile
  • View favorites at one go
  • Send friend requests
  • Check who is online for chatting/messaging
  • Report a member by flagging.

However, guest users cannot join all the chat rooms. They can join only some chat rooms, which contain a limited chatting facility. Only a registered profile holder can open his/her chat room. Guest users cannot enjoy that privilege.

Help & support

Help & support

ChatHour is user friendly. The smooth and simple design is easy to explore for any users.

The chat rooms are easy to join and easier to locate as the topic names each chat room.

The technical support team is there to take care of the safety of the users. However, it is good to maintain the prescribed online safety features like not sharing personal details, clicking on any external links, etc. to stay safe.

You can block a user if you feel abused or bullied.

In case you want technical support, you can always contact the moderators for online help.



Is ChatHour safe?

Yes, the dating site ChatHour is safe. However, you have to maintain your online privacy while speaking to a stranger. You should not share your details or financial details with any other. You must not use any explicit snap to go against your compliance with the rules of the site.

Alternatively, if you face any community issue, you can contact support and be given online assistance. Hence you can count the site as safe.

Is ChatHour a real dating site?

ChatHour is not about arranging to date conventionally. It is a worldwide spread social community, where every user can contact others by chatting and via chat room. There is the scope for private messaging also.

This is an excellent way to find like-minded adults online, and in case you feel attracted to any of your contacts, you can start talking to him personally, one-to-one basis.

Here you can search contacts by age, sex, and location wise so that you can turn the online dating into the personal face to face meeting, etc. In that way, it is a dating site in reality.

How to use ChatHour?

It is easy to use ChatHour. You have to make a profile here. You can chat as a guest user, or you can create your registered profile. You have to join chat rooms, one or many depending on your interest. The chat rooms are named on their discussed topic. You can start your new chat room and add contacts there. The site runs on chatting and personal messaging. If you love to chat with strangers, ChatHour is an excellent place to enjoy messaging online.

Is ChatHour free?

Yes, ChatHour is free for use. Whether you use the site as a guest user or as a registered profile holder, you will get to use most of the services of this dating site. Yes, there is a fine line of difference between the guest users and registered uses. Guest users cannot create chat-room, and also they cannot join all the chat rooms.

Is ChatHour really works?

Yes, the site ChatHour works for finding like-minded friends. If you love to make your friend circle expanded across the world, and you love to create your chat room to attract many like-minded contacts online, this site is the ideal option for you to avail of membership. If you want to enjoy online chatting under a secured ambiance but without spending money online, ChatHour is one of the best options for you.



ChatHour offers a friendly community for all its users. It is a dating site where you can enjoy chatting across the world while the site is safe for most of the members. Moreover, you can use it free of cost, which is an additional privilege. The availability of the apps (both android and iOS) is another advantage of joining this site. All types of users are available here, and multiple chat rooms are found under different topics, which is again an attraction for the users.

Yes, it’s not a dating site in the conventional term. But the site offers a seamless advantage to find a soul mate utilizing an amicable process of responsive chatting, which is perhaps the best way to cherry-pick a partner from the list of friends. The site is simple to use, and a supportive team assists it in the happy and tension-free user experience of the participants. Free dating site and reliable support and security are a rare combination, which is found here in ChatHour, and that is one of the prime reasons you should join the site today. It will take a few moments to get registered, but the happiness of joining the community will surely be long-lasting!

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