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Chappy review – what do we know about it?

Chappy review – what do we know about it?
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Popular age 18-34
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Pros and Cons

  • The Chappy dating app is free! There are no annoying trial versions with limited access. The app will not require you to pay monthly fees to upgrade your membership status, so you can gain access to features you should have in the first place.
  • Chappy has millions of members, half of which comes from the UK and the US. It is expanding worldwide at a phenomenal rate because of its features and accessibility.
  • Chappy has many unique features, foremost of its ability to adjust matching preferences. That makes the app great to individuals looking for a casual engagement or a serious relationship.
  • Chappy is a mobile app perfect for the millennial age group that makes up the majority of the app’s registered users.
  • Chappy uses a unique and effective roulette-type matching method that uses your profile information to recommend various matches. Then, by using the famous “swiping” feature, you can either accept or decline a suggestion by swiping right or left correspondingly.
  • The app’s design is aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly. It provides an intuitive operation due to a well-thought-out arrangement of functions, buttons, and tabs. The screens and displays are clear and uncluttered to provide ease of navigation.
  • Chappy protects its members and the safety of information privacy by employing various security protocols. Any member can report or block suspicious users via the internal reporting facilities of the app. That is further to the intrinsic safety protocol of allowing contact between members only after successful matching, which in itself mitigates unwanted rude correspondences.
  • Chappy is available only as a mobile app, and there are no indications of the creators coming up with a website version in the foreseeable future. While technically not a big issue, some users (a few older members) would still prefer the larger screens that desktops and laptops provide.
  • Contact and correspondence only occur after the establishment of successful matching. That may dissuade other users from joining as it could be a hindrance to fully utilizing the dating app.

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Chappy is a gay dating app that caters to individuals looking for either a serious relationship or casual fun. It is the fastest growing gay dating software with about 2 million swipes per day. Chappy had its brand-new image in the middle of 2018 when the shareholders of Bumble, another popular dating app, took over the former’s helm. Since then, Chappy has been Bumble’s certified counterpart for gay dating.

Chappy is reality star Ollie Locke’s brainchild, in wanting to create a comfortable and safe dating venue for gay men. Locke was looking for a different approach in gay dating that veers away from the typical awkward (even compromising) presentation to which existing gay dating sites subject their members. In essence, he wanted to establish something with emotional value, and where a member has the freedom to choose his match preferences. Locke wanted to do away with too much physicality as the main criteria for creating dating matches. As a consequence, he required strict monitoring of all member profiles to avoid unwelcome offensive images.

Chappy is available only in limited areas, but its administrators are working on releasing it globally in a few years. The app has a 100% gay membership base, with more than half of that coming from the UK and the US. A vast majority of the members are gay men belonging to the 18 to 34-year-old age range.

Chappy provides the flexibility of customizing their matching preferences, ranging from a casual night meeting to a relationship-building date.

How does Chappy work?

Chappy generates recommendations based on your profile using its roulette-type random matching feature. The app also works on the principle of swiping, much like Tinder or its Chinese clone Tantan. A rightward swipe means a “like or acceptance of a match suggestion, while a left swipe means a pass.

Let’s say you like a recommended profile and swipe right, and that same user swipes right on your profile, you will both get a match notification. Both you and that particular member are in each other’s inboxes, which means you can start having conversations. That’s the only way for members to contact one another by being a successful match. That feature can be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on user preference. The creators incorporated it as a safety measure to mitigate unwanted behavior, but primarily to ease the connection’s icebreaking stage. As a match, you presumably share many similar interests and ideas on which you can build a relationship.

One cool feature is the Chappy Scale. As the app’s top showcase, the scale categorizes your matches into Cute, “Not Sure, or “Sexy. “Cute refers to serious-relationship searchers, while on the opposite side, “Sexy is the fun and casual daters. Lingering in the middle of the two extremes are the undecided “Not Sure who may sway either way with just enough encouragement. This unique Chappy feature is beneficial to members in setting their expectations.

Chappy recently reported that an increasing number of its members set their preferences to “Cute, which denotes a shift to more serious pursuits of dating. That is quite a departure from the popular concept that gay dating sites or apps are only for individuals looking for casual flings.

How does Chappy work?

Registration – is it really easy?

Registering on to Chappy is probably one of the easiest methods in signing up for a dating app/site. All you need is one click to link your valid Facebook account, and Chappy will do the rest for you automatically. The app acquires your photo and information from Facebook and syncs them as your Chappy photo and profile. You have the option to change your picture by clicking on it on the profile tab. Remember, you cannot leave a blank profile photo.

What about design and usability?

Chappy’s design provides its members with a fun and convenient mobile experience. It has a minimal but pleasing aesthetics perfect for the mostly millennial membership base. The design smartly incorporates Chappy’s brand colors of varying shades of salmon pink that denotes sensitivity and sensualism.

The app’s interface offers ease of accessibility via a convenient dashboard that requires a single tap. At the top of the screen, you will find a slider that you can use to adjust your match suggestion preference. At the screen’s bottom, there are three icons:

Profile icon – links directly to your Chappy profile and serves as access to account settings.

Chappy icon – denotes the app’s main feature, the roulette presentation of the resulting matched profiles based on your preference settings.

Message icon – displays the mutual connections and provides access to communicate with said individuals.

How does Chappy work?

Let’s talk about profile quality

A Chappy membership profile contains very little details about its owner. The default view shows the profile picture (or gallery if there is more than one photo) taking up almost the whole screen with the member name and age occupying the bottom-most portion. As you scroll down, you will notice the “About Me paragraph, which the member wrote personally. You can also see an indicator showing the proximity (in kilometers) of the particular member from your location.

Your Chappy profile and Facebook account are tightly synchronized with each other. All information and pictures in your Chappy profile come from Facebook. You can delete photos you don’t want to include in Chappy, change your profile picture, as long as you don’t leave it blank. If you’re going to change your Chappy name, you will have to change your Facebook name. Chappy expressly set this arrangement up for authentication reasons, to avoid fake accounts from occurring.

How does Chappy work?

The mobile application

Chappy is currently available only in the mobile app form, and we have no information if the creators have plans to launch a website. The app’s features are perfect for a fast-paced, on-the-move lifestyle that fits most mobile device users’ profiles. Chappy utilizes the device’s GPS to select users/members who are located within your vicinity and are compatible with your search preferences. It is Chappy’s goal to have all its members feel comfortable and safe while using the app. It aims to provide a genuine and profound experience for all its subscribers.

Safety & security

Chappy has many security protocols in place to ensure the protection of information privacy. Its registration method of requiring and subsequent synchronizing of Facebook accounts to its membership profiles minimizes the occurrence of fake applications.

During registration, Chappy requires the applicants to confirm the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use documents to ensure adherence to the rules. In cases of violation, Chappy administrators put sanctions on the offending account, which may even lead to suspension.

To further protect its members from dubious and abusive users, Chappy has the “Block and “Report buttons. These facilities can be found at the “Show More tab on the offensive member’s profile. Another way of blocking an abusive member is by tapping the “three dots icon on your chat screen and selecting “Block.

How does Chappy work?

Pricing and benefits

One of the best and most unique features of Chappy is being completely free!  You get to enjoy all of the dating apps’ fantastic features without bothering about monthly fees or charges. Very few dating apps can boast of that feature. No wonder millions of gay men prefer using Chappy to find their match and partner.

Help & support

Chappy has a dedicated professional staff ready to serve the needs of its members. Its moderators are working 24/7 to help with any query, complaint, or concern a member might have.

Chappy’s administrative staff maintains and monitors all facets of the operation to identify any glitches or unusual activities.  They act quickly and decisively on any observed infractions and suspicious users’ reports resulting from members using the reporting or blocking utilities.

Chappy Pricing and benefits

Pros and cons of the Chappy


Is Chappy safe?

Yes, it is. Chappy’s creators put various safety protocols in place to ensure the security of information privacy and its members’ protection. Furthermore, the Terms of Use and Privacy Policies ensure member adherence to the rules and regulations.  More importantly, appropriate sanctions are available for immediate application in the event of any occurrence of infractions.

Is Chappy a real dating site?

Chappy’s millions of members will attest to the app’s authenticity. Chappy is the exclusive gay dating app of the Bumble group of companies, and we are sure its shareholders will swear by its legitimacy.

How does Chappy work?

How to use Chappy?

Chappy is available only as a mobile app, and as such, it is perfect for the millennial generation that makes up a vast majority of its membership. You register by merely linking your Facebook account to your profile. Chappy will use that information to come up with match suggestions you can accept or decline by swiping right or left accordingly.

Is Chappy free?

Yes, it is! Chappy is one of the few dating apps or sites that can truly claim to be free. You can enjoy all the privileges and have full access to the app’s features without upgrading your membership status for a “modest monthly fee.

Does the Chappy dating app work?

Yes, it does. Again, the app’s vast membership base attests to Chappy’s effective approach and method in pairing up or matching individuals with similar relationship preferences. People from all over will not continue their membership with Chappy if it doesn’t work for them.

Furthermore, various dating site/app reviews include testimonials appreciating and praising Chappy’s being instrumental in the success of their search for their perfect partner.

How does Chappy work?


Finally, a completely free dating app! A decidedly annoying feature of most dating apps/sites is the free registration that comes with a primary membership status with limited access to functions. Most of the time, the basic features only allow you to look or watch, nothing more. Those apps/sites require their members (as if there’s a choice) to upgrade for a “minimal monthly fee to use features that should have been included in the first place. Well, not for Chappy.

Kudos to Ollie Locke and Chappy’s creators and the current Bumble shareholders for deciding to offer Chappy as an honest to goodness free dating app. Also, for creating a venue for gay gentlemen to choose their preferences in looking for a partner freely.  Chappy is far different from the usual notion of typical gay dating. Because it is true to Locke’s original objectives, the app indicates a predominantly serious characteristic of relationships currently desired by its members.

Chappy is also successful not only because it is free but for the well-designed layout of its features and functions. The tabs and buttons are arranged intuitively to provide ease of navigation and general user-friendly operation.

Chappy being in a mobile app form, takes advantage of its target age group, the millennials, as these individuals embody the fast-paced on-the-move norm of modern society. The adaptation of Tinder’s swiping motion in choosing profiles to accept or decline is a smart move, as this feature is very popular among dating app enthusiasts.

Another wise move is making Facebook accounts as the main prerequisite of signing up for Chappy. That assured authenticity of applicants to some level, as well as provide ease of the registration process.

As far as membership protection and information security, Chappy has placed many security protocols for these objectives. Chappy has facilities available to members for blocking or reporting other users who are misbehaving. The current Chappy administration is stringent concerning adherence to the membership rules and has put sanctions in place for application if need be.

One feature that seems a bit controversial is the inability of members to connect with other users unless they both get a successful match notification. Some may consider this as a hindrance to meeting other people and has specific merits. However, the high chances of getting matches due to a broad membership base negate this argument. Furthermore, the feature is a precaution set up to prevent undesirable instances of rude behavior. More of an advantage, the feature conveniently puts you and a match at a stage past the icebreaking point. Since both of you have similar interests to talk about and share, it is convenient and straightforward to use that benefit to develop a relationship.

Finally, Chappy is developing continuously to reach and serve other gay male populations of the whole world.  Chappy’s administrators maintain that their focus is on creating meaningful relationships through communication, and a recent Chappy report states that the app is slowly achieving that objective. Figures show that more and more preferences tend towards the “Cute end of the “Chappy Scale, which means its membership is gearing to more meaningful relationship goals.

All in all, we like the overall image that Chappy is projecting. We feel that the app lives up to that image. Chappy has become a proper venue for the gay male population to seek meaningful relationships outside of mere physicality. And regardless of an individual’s objective of having a one-night affair, or a lasting relationship, Chappy is the perfect venue.

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