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Bumble vs OkCupid: Which One Is Better?

Bumble vs OkCupid: Which One Is Better?

Online dating has changed recently, thanks to the vast usage of smartphones and other mobile devices. We are tremendously lucky to have access to such online dating apps as OkCupid vs Bumble, which are the best tools to find love, dates, or best friends without even leaving your comfortable area. Modern people enjoy swiping through millions of eye-catching profiles on their mobile devices with installed apps. It has nothing to compare with the old-school way of finding matches on your PC. More and more people find online dating comfortable, entertaining, and efficient in finding love partners. Young and single men and women find compatible dates through the OkCupid app, while the Bumble app provides excellent services for ladies, letting them make the first move. Please continue to read the post to find out the difference between Bumble vs OkCupid. You will learn which app is better for your lonely heart. It is time to flirt. What app should you install first? OkCupid vs Bumble have excellent reviews. So, we must go deeper into detail.

What Is the Difference Between Bumble vs OkCupid?

  • OkCupid is an easy-to-use and entertaining online dating application, which treats men and women equally.
  • Bumble is one of the best online dating applications for ladies who dream of getting empowered. It is a rare online space where men let women make the first move.

The OkCupid app appeared many years ago. In 2014, the enormous international online dating community discovered Bumble, which has succeeded in covering a considerable amount of online dating ground in recent years. Both apps are successful in the United States of America and outside. They are 100% global apps. However, the user database is more significant on the Bumble platform. It has more than 22 million registered members. So, it is the major player in the online dating space. Both apps get compared pretty fast. Many worldwide users consider Bumble an excellent alternative to OkCupid, and many members call Bumble the feminist version of OkCupid.

The principal mechanisms of the two dating applications are mainly identical. A member has to swipe left/right through millions of profile photos of single men and women. These actions help the apps to indicate your main interests and preferences in potential partners. As soon as two individuals have both swiped right on each other’s profile, the app notifies them and gives them the chance to interact with one another via text or video chat. At this point, there is the main difference between OkCupid vs Bumble. On the Bumble app, male users are not allowed to send private messages to women until she initiates a new conversation.

So, you’ve to decide for yourself which app is better for having a higher rate. You must decide what you look for on online dating platforms. Continue to read to discover which app is better for men and women. The detailed comparison will help you have an excellent dating experience.

Which One Is Better for Men?

If you are a single man, you may wonder, who wins: bumble vs okcupid? The truth is that it’s pretty tricky to answer that question for all the male users. If you value masculinity and like to make the first move, you should consider OkCupid. Bumble focuses on women and lets them initiate interactions. If you enjoy composing an eye-catching opening line and spending your time swiping on millions of singles, OkCupid might be the best application for you. Besides, OkCupid is mainly about hookups. Men are the ones who prefer sending messages first, and OkCupid gives you this opportunity. However, you should not think that you can’t use it for real dating. OkCupid is one of the oldest online dating platforms. Many years of experience help to understand the needs of people. The team focuses on both genders. You will find partners for the most compatible types of relationships.

Which One Is Better for Women?

If you compare either Bumble or OkCupid, both apps have a diverse target audience. The gender distribution is well-balanced. Bumble attracts female users because they feel safer here, and it is they who initiate a new conversation. It is a dedicated online dating application compared to the OkCupid experience. Typically, when you go on the Bumble app, you plan to find compatible partners to talk to and have fun. Your contacts on Bumble have all the chances to turn into something serious, romantic, and long-lasting!

OkCupid vs Bumble — Target Audience

OkCupid Has its own approach when it comes to the user database. It does not publish the number of matches or members on the platform. Instead of acting as a traditional dating site, it reveals the number of swipes occurring on the app’s platform. Currently, the users of the app generate around two billion views per day, one million dates per week, and more than thirty billion matches in total since the app was launched in 190 countries.

However, such a vast user database does not work in favor all the time. The principal concept of OkCupid is to encourage you to swipe through profiles of people that you may find interesting. It works perfectly for single men and women who live in the metropolitan area. If you are picky, you have to be ready to devote a vast amount of time to find your soulmate.

Bumble is a slightly less popular online dating app. It focuses on a specific target audience. A typical Bumble member is a young college graduate, who is smart, attractive, and has good manners. Indeed, you have fewer options compared to OkCupid, but you will save time swiping left on those individuals you’re not fond of from the very beginning.

The OkCupid app has two times more male members compared to females. It is the reason why some people call it a hookup space for hot guys. Single women can’t complain because they have a vast choice to find the man of their dreams.

Bumble has a 50/50 gender ratio, which proves that it is the app for real dating. Both male and female users have equal chances to meet a partner for romantic and long-lasting relationships. Do not think that you have fewer options compared to OkCupid. It is all about quality and not OkCupid’s quantity.

Registering on OkCupid, you will meet a wide range of other singles. There are members who are career-oriented, professional models, actors, comedians, etc. It is a mix of all types of people, professions, interests, and passions. You can find your diamond online if you oversee it.

Bumble’s target audience consists of men and women with serious and high-paying jobs. They are beautiful people with engaging personalities. You’ll find your perfect match there.

Interface and Usability

Both apps, OkCupid vs Bumble, have excellent user interfaces. You start dating as soon as possible. They do not bother new users with a complicated registration process or lengthy questionnaires. You do not have to write a long list of your relationships and partners’ preferences, as some old-school dating apps/sites still do. When you fulfill a profile on both OkCupid or Bumble, you will not find much space for expressing your personality. The apps are beyond appearance and look. OkCupid asks a person’s name, gender, age, email, and preferred location and age range, while Bumble asks for a person’s name, photos, and age. You should indicate what type of relationships you are interested in: dates or a network of friends with common interests.

You can install either Bumble or OkCupid on your Android or iOS mobile devices. The mobile interface of OkCupid deserves our appreciation and admiration. It applies both new approaches of Bumble, and old-cool stalwarts such as eHarmony or Match. OkCupid is proud to have an intuitive interface where you see a big user’s picture and must swipe right if you find a person or left if you want to continue your search. It is of a brutal and shallow nature, but many users can prove its effectiveness. The term “swipe left” is known even among people who do not use online dating apps.

The matchmaking mechanism of OkCupid has depth, and you just need to study it more attentively. As a rule, OkCupid allows people to make new connections only when both members like each other. Only a mutual match activates the messaging feature. By the way, there is a “Super Like” feature, which you get for free once a day. You can use it to reveal a person you like, your sincere interest and willingness to know each other better. If you receive such a request like this, you can go to a person’s profile and check the essential details there. It is always nice to read a brief bio description section and check additional profile photos.

The principle of Bumble’s work is a bit different. You know that there are tons of horror stories about online dating. They mainly concern abusive men who behave creepily towards ladies. When a man is searching for a woman on the Bumble app, the only thing you can do is to like her profile. A woman has the right to respond or just ignore a new friend request. As soon as a man has made a new connection, he has the right to send an icebreaker for free to encourage a woman for further communication. If you do not see the reaction from the woman of your dream, it’s over. It is one of the main reasons why there are so many lesbian members. They can use the app more freely without facing such gender restrictions.

Bumble has more detailed profiles, where people can upload photos, write a brief self-description, and state their criteria for relationships and potential partners. You can mention preferred body characteristics, education level, politics, pet ownership, etc. Both OkCupid vs Bumble let their members bolster profiles by linking Spotify or Instagram accounts.

Both apps encourage members to meet strangers over the online space. They take safety very seriously. OkCupid allows you to share your profile with friends. You do not do it for a laugh but rather for safety. When you go on a real date, you must let your friends know who you plan to meet and where to find you in case of any emergency. They offer many safety features, such as photo verification in real-time, sharing time/location, and even integration with the safety service known as NoonLight. Bumble offers one extra layer of safety to your positive online dating experiences. Women can filter any unwanted interaction with men they do not like or trust.

Pricing: Which Service Is More Affordable?

When you compare the pricing policy of Bumble vs OkCupid, they are free to download on any mobile device. You can like profiles and exchange private messages with people worldwide without purchasing a premium membership. Both OkCupid vs Bumble offer additional paying features to monetize the dating platforms.

The starting cost of premium membership on OkCupid is around 20 USD. You get access to the following apps’ features: an unlimited number of swipes, the option to undo left-swipes done by accident, super-likes, and your profile boost.

The starting cost of premium membership on Bumble is around 10 USD. You get access to the following app’s features: unlimited swipes, the possibility to view people who liked you, etc. Among other features, you can enjoy extended matches and the right to reconnect with expired Bumble matches.

Pros and Cons

What are the pros and cons of OkCupid?

The user interface looks modern and simple. The audience is more focused on one-time hookups rather than long-lasting relationships.
You get addicted to its fun swiping feature. There are many ways to spend money in an impulsive manner.
You can access the basic app’s features free of charge.
Registered members can communicate via a video chat.

What are the pros and cons of Bumble?

The app is famous for its safety and privacy features. Many profiles look messy and lack details.
You can enjoy the dating experience via a free version. The friend-finding option needs some significant improvements.
The user interface is up-to-date and inclusive.
You can have fun via a video chat feature.

And the Winner Is?…

Bumble vs OkCupid play as equal competitors. They’ve many similarities in terms of functionality, design, user interface, safety, and pricing policy. OkCupid attacks millions of single men and women worldwide to register. Indeed, some of them find serious partners; others find hot hookups. But you must be really patient with some people who try to match with you. After our in-depth analysis, the winner is Bumble because it focuses not on the number of users but the real dating experience. If you want to find a partner for long-lasting relationships, consider creating an account there. You will have a positive experience without being harassed. It is a safe platform that protects women and teaches men to respect their privacy and rights as equal. It is such a pleasure to communicate with well-educated, engaging, and polite people who have common interests shared in their profiles.

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