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BGCLive review – what do we know about it?

BGCLive review – what do we know about it?
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Date with older guy 20%
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Beauty 90%
Popular age 20-25
Profiles 600 000
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Visit rate 9.0
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Pros and Cons

  • BGCLive has a very engaging community. One of its unique features is its interesting forums and discussion pages where members can interact.
  • BGCLive profiles are highly detailed. You will undoubtedly know a lot about a member just by looking at their profile.
  • The free account is a complete experience, but the premium account gives you more control, too, in terms of blocking, sleuthing, and message control. Upgrading to a premium account will not be a waste of your money.
  • No iOS app is available yet.

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BGCLive is a gay social dating site that accommodates multiple facades for those who love to be in new surroundings but prefer to have a mellow approach when it comes to doing personal encounters with their matches. As a gay social dating site, it caters to lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and transgender people.

There are over 600,000 members on BGCLive, but 90% of those members are male. Even if it is promoted as a dating app for LGBT members, there is no denying the fact that BGCLive’s most active members are gay men. Although the site has a wide range of ethnicity, most of its members also belong to the African American and Hispanic communities.

BGCLive is an inclusive dating site that welcomes anyone who wishes to be a member to join. No matter what your preferences are, you will surely find a match.

BGCLive review - what do we know about it?

How does BGCLive work?

BGCLive uses social mechanisms similar to that of Facebook and other social media sites to encourage interaction among its members. This feature is what makes it stand out from other traditional dating sites.

It is more than entering the physical attributes that you are searching for in a potential date. It does more than giving you a list of possible matches. BGCLive is a more engaging dating website.

Registration – is it really easy?

Registration is easy, and it is a process that you can complete in 15 minutes. In the signup page, you will need to enter some registration details. The required information would include your username, password, valid e-mail address, your first and last name, gender, and race. Other optional details are your zodiac sign and preference or orientation. The choices under preference or orientation will be gay, bisexual, bi-curious, and straight.

Just like all dating sites, minors are not allowed to register. You will have to be at least 18 years old to be a BGCLive member. If a minor is found, their ISP will be contacted. The parents of the minor will be informed that their child has been using an LGBTQ dating website.

Registration - is it really easy?

What about design and usability?

The desktop version of BGCLive is very old-fashioned. Some people would compare it to MySpace. It may seem that outdated, but this may because BGCLive prioritizes functionality over design.

BGCLive has its forums and discussion pages that make members communicate with each other and bond over topics they are interested in. This element gives the dating site a significant engagement compared to other dating sites. You can also get a lot of educational materials and knowledge from these features when it comes to dating, sex, and health.

Members are also able to showcase their writing prowess through the Stories tab. Here, you can search what stories friends have written and bookmark your favorite stories. You also get to subscribe to your favorite authors and see which ones are the most popular. There is also a list of top accounts and easy access to all the stories you have posted in BGCLive. You can also search for stories by category.

If you write a story, you will be able to check out the number of viewers. Members will also be able to rate your tales by giving it a thumbs up or thumbs down.

In the forums page, there are tabs for the threads that you have started. There is a tab that keeps tracks of those that have quoted and mentioned you. There is also one that shows you the threads that your friends started or posted in. In the Forums settings, you will get to see the statistics of your activity in the forums.

You can also post video blogs in BGCLive. Under the page Video Blogs, there are tabs for all the most recent videos. There is a tab called My Video Blogs to help you keep track of the ones you have posted. There is also another tab that keeps track of your friends’ videos, and another for the video blogs that you subscribed to. Just like in the stories, video blogs can be rated by giving a thumbs up or down. People will also see how many subscribers you have.

Under the Health page, you get access to information about HIV. It also gives a link that you can access if you are interested in taking a free STD test. You will also get a list of other health-related sites on this page.

Connecting and chatting with potential matches is easy with BGCLive. Every dating site these days has a first chat option available, and BGCLive is no exception. In BGCLive, you can send text messages to other members and use the chat features to send flirty BGCLive messages.

If you own a business, you can use BGCLive as an advertising platform. This decision will be a beneficial move if your business caters to the Hispanic and Black gay or bi community. If you place an ad in BGCLive, you will have access to a stats page that will monitor how your ads are doing in real-time. You get to see the number of clicks you get in your ad and the time of each lick. Realtime monitoring will help you manage your ad campaigns better. Several advertising plans will fit your budget that you can pay weekly or monthly.

BGCLive review - what do we know about it?

Let’s talk about profile quality

The profile is very detailed. You will learn a lot about a BGCLive member through their profile page if they took the time to complete their profiles.

Under the Basics section of a profile page, you will see details such as age, gender, city or region, country, sign, and education. You will also see information about physique such as height, weight, build, and waist.

Under the Preferences section of the profile page, you place the position you prefer and orientation you desire. You also see sexual preferences such as the endowment and girth (measured in inches) that you favor. You can also input if you want a cut or uncut look. You can also explain in detail what type of look you wish under this section. You have the option to indicate your HIV status under this section of your profile too. This segment will also inquire if you are interested in dating transgender people.

There is also a Lifestyle section in the Profile page. Here, you can share your fashion style and your hairstyle. You can also state in this profile if you drink or smoke. This section in the profile also allows you to indicate if you have tattoos or unusual piercings in your body. You can also share what kind of spirituality you believe in.

The profile section also has a Teams section where you can share more info about you through hashtags. For instance, if you are an avid fan of Beyonce, you can put in #Beyonce.

Your profile page will also show your recent visitors, friends, and mutual friends that your visitor has with you. If you do not want other members to see this information, you can turn off this section through your Account settings.

The mobile application

The BGCLive app is only available for Android users. There is no app available for Apple users so far. But Apple users can still be members of BGCLive by accessing the BGCLive website on their computers.

The BGCLive may seem old-fashioned compared to other dating apps. The good thing about it though is that it is fast and easy to navigate.

The mobile application

Safety & security

BGCLive is a relatively safe dating service. Your full name, phone number, address, or other external contact information will is on display on the website.

Just like other dating websites, you must be proactive in ensuring your safety. BGCLive will not be able to prescreen its members, so they also will not be able to assure the accuracy of their profiles. It will be your responsibility to verify the information in a member’s profile.

Pricing and benefits

BGCLive offers free and premium accounts. The free version of BGCLive allows you to do a lot. It will be enough to make you feel like you are already getting a complete experience.

But the Premium account gives you so much more to work with on the site. If you get a premium account, BGCLive will require users to provide you with access to their images so that they can view your profile. You will have no ads on the site and app. You will be able to visit the profiles of other members in stealth mode, meaning your profile won’t be recorded as a recent visitor. Being on stealth mode also means that you can use the site while appearing as if you are offline.

BGCLive allows members to rate each other. If you had low ratings from other members, you probably would not want others to see that. Getting a premium account allows you to erase ratings given to you by a specific user.

Upgrading to a premium account also gives your profile priority in BGCLive. This item means that when you send a member a message, your message will show on top of that member’s inbox. Seeing your message first will raise the probability of getting more responses.

A premium account also gives you the option to block users. You can do this based on their gender, race, age, position, and other features on their profile. This way, only members that you prefer will get to see your profile and communicate with you.

Aside from blocking users, you can also reveal hidden users. When a user visits you in stealth mode, you will still see that they visited you.

Upgrading to a premium account also allows you to do more in terms of messaging. You can send a message to multiple friends at the same time through group messaging. You could also undelete messages that you have deleted. Another useful feature that comes with a premium account is the power to cancel out sent messages as long as the receiver has not read it yet.

If you are fond of participating in BGCLive’s forums, being a premium account holder will allow you to block specific members from participating in threads you created. It will also enable you to bookmark forum threads that you are interested in.

As for the premium membership, a month will cost you USD 4.99. A full year’s premium membership will cost USD 19.99. This price is a bargain compared to what other dating apps charge for their premium accounts.

All payments will be discreet. Instead of seeing BGCLive in the bill, the purchase will be shown as CCBill to protect your privacy.


Help & support

The site has a Contact Us page that you can use to contact BGCLive’s administrator or support. If you have any problems, concerns, or reports, just use that page to send your message. A customer representative from the company will get back to you through e-mail as soon as possible.

BGCLive also has a BGCExpert tab on the site. Users can ask questions about the website, and other users can respond. Users compete to provide the best answer for the query for points. Points will be given for helpful responses, and the most points go to the user who offers the best solution. The person who asked the question gets to choose which answer is best. This section can be beneficial for those who are new to the site or for those who need immediate answers. For more pressing concerns, it is best to consult the BGCLive’s admins.


Is BGCLive Safe?

BGCLive has rules on its Terms of Agreement – you get to read this during your registration. If you encounter any predatory or offensive behavior from one of the members of BGCLive, you can always report this to the admin.

Any threat or unsafe behavior is more likely to happen outside the dating app. This likelihood is when you are meeting a match for the first time. Make sure to be alert and take the necessary precautions when you decided to meet up. Always meet in a public place and let somebody know where you are going and who you are meeting.

Is BGCLive a Real Dating Site?

BGCLive is a real dating site. Most of its active members belong to the northeastern part of the USA. It may be harder to look for prospects in the same area as you do if you live somewhere else.

How to Use BGCLive?

BGCLive is like a social networking app. You have your profile, and you can post updates to let your followers know what you are up to lately. You do not have to be actively looking for a match on the site. There are forums and discussion groups that you can join in. If you are the type who loves a smart conversation and the exchange of ideas, BGCLive is an exciting dating site for you.

When you search for members, you can locate them by name, distance from you, and zip code. You can even narrow the search results by the categories in profiles such as sexual orientation, endowment, zodiac sign, spirituality, etc. You can tick a lot of boxes to narrow down the search results.

How to use BGCLive?

Is BGCLive Free?

You can access BGCLive for free. You can register without charge and start using BGCLive within minutes. You are not required to upgrade to a premium account to get the full experience of using BGCLive.

Later on, when you feel the need to do more, you can always upgrade to a Premium account. This aspect will give you more control when navigating BGCLive.

Does BGCLive Really Work?

BGCLive is useful for gay men. This truth is because a majority of the members are such. You will most likely find people more interested in casual dating and hookups at this site. But since the forums and discussions can bring out what a person is genuinely passionate about through conversation, it is also possible to find something more serious.


BGCLive may seem old-fashioned at first look, but we encourage you to see past the outdated format.

BGCLive is a fun and interactive social and dating website. The profiles give you more than the usual information – enough to assess if a member could be a potential match physically and sexually. You also get to see a member’s intellectual side by seeing how they interact through a forum. You will certainly not be wasting your time on this site.

Simran Pillarisetty
Simran Pillarisetty
Simran Pillarisetty
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Customer reviews
Matthew Ford
by Matthew Ford Oct 18, 2021
Superb tool for people who are not afraid of dating online and available dialogues. The app was well-organized and also has many signed-up customers. Messaging is not hard, and all of other available choices are easy to access and realize. As for me personally, I've previously found a buddy with who our personal biochemistry is truly hitting.
by Rømer Oct 13, 2021
I'm widowed and really craved for another potential at appreciate. Give thanks to this page for facilitate since I have grabbed our hope. We don't generate a lot of long-range design and just enjoy one another. We date, tour, and discuss a wide range of work. This is the best thing in the associations. I really like simple partner and hope that our very own relationship will establish and drive to the next stage. Many people are searching for partners at union internet based firms, and typically, that type of things is actually stressful as you think products in shop windowpanes. This software is not the same. You'll begin with speaking and end in the chapel. This service membership have a pretty good technical foundation. I prefer this site typically to my computer, but often We talk to individuals and check your activities from your iPhone. No problems whatsoever. I've noted no pests . all is helpful, without errors. As soon as log on, i personally use this site given that I want without interruptions and frustrating reloads. I really hope it stay by doing this, therefore preserve excellent. If only everybody good-luck since our has discovered me.
Joshua James
by Joshua James Oct 09, 2021
The dating site is easy, and direction-finding is easy. We access an adequate lots of insights and understandings for customers that seem appealing to myself. To be truthful, i actually do delight in due to being on this great site. I couldn't come across the latest buddy yet. Nevertheless, I recently uncovered multiple interested visitors to communicate with. I feel free and casual while talking with these people. I urge this site to all or any that's selecting close companionship, no matter the variety of connection.
by ANTHONY Oct 04, 2021
Very good thoughts. I've discovered a good amount of nice and interesting individuals and a few freaks . that's the norm whenever you're on the web. Some fits had not been within my locality . that's why we kept buddys. I ought to point out that this service gives several methods to help make different customers bear in mind we. To begin with, it's room enough to provide your very own member profile and provide enough information regarding your appearance and fictional character. After that, messaging are fine. Normally, we use full online communication might become a date anytime if you find yourself prepared to fulfill your favorite in real life.
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