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BeeTalk Review – What do we Know about It?

BeeTalk Review – What do we Know about It?
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Pros and Cons

  • BeeTalk offers an easy signup process, with no subscription fees
  • You get an ad-free experience on the platform, even with no subscription
  • The app is available for Android and iOS
  • All features free to use for all members
  • Feature-rich platform with plenty of functionality
  • Plenty of contacts with millions of users
  • Suitable for people living in or traveling through Asia
  • The platform has a low user base in the US and Europe
  • No options to boost your profile or posts
  • No desktop client available and comes as a mobile app only

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BeeTalk launched in 2018, gaining popularity as a newcomer to the online dating world. Since then, it’s amassed well over 10-million users, and it’s one of the fastest-growing social dating apps available online. The feature-rich app has plenty of functionality, and good design, with intuitive navigation and a clean interface, that help make new friends easily.

BeeTalk provides users with a UI that highlights your favorite social networks’ best parts, bringing them together in a single platform designed for dating and meeting new people.

Some of the themes we detected while using BeeTalk were the similarities between the WeChat “Discovery” method, the self-deletion feature of Snap and IG stories, and secret messaging that reminds us of Telegram and Viber.

BeeTalk focuses on marketing to Asian communities and countries. The app’s biggest user bases are in countries like Vietnam, Singapore, and Thailand. The US market only accounts for a minimum of 6% of the userbase. Therefore, if you’re in the Americas or Europe, this probably isn’t the right app for you.

However, if you’re traveling through Asia, on a trip or teaching English, BeeTalk is a great way to communicate with local communities and build friendships. The app focuses more on friendships and fun than it does on relationships and sex.

How Does BeeTalk Work?

How Does BeeTalk Work?

BeeTalk is a bit different from other social platforms and dating sites in how they operate. When signing up for the platform, you can’t start randomly introducing yourself to other people by spamming your profile or winking at hundreds of potential partners or dates.

BeeTalk will only let your initiate free messages and calls to people on your contacts list. You can’t contact any users that aren’t part of your contacts list. This model has its advantages and disadvantages. It keeps spam accounts basically non-existent and helps for better transparency on the platform.

However, it limits who you can reach out to, and you must put real work and effort into building your network on the app. That means you’re going to spend hours every week trying to build your reputation on BeeTalk, and we don’t know if that’s worth the hassle when you’re just trying to find a date.

If you want to meet new people, you need to send a contact request, like you would with a LinkedIn account. You can attach a personalized message to the contact request, enticing the other person to accept your friend request.

However, the other person has no obligation to accept your invitation if they don’t want to communicate with you. It seems like a large percentage of the user accounts are dormant from some user reviews, and many of your requests will end up experiencing no reply. Once again, that’s a time-wasting exercise that’s doing nothing but frustrating your platform’s experience.

BeeTalk gives you the option to enable your device notifications for all messages, calls, and friend requests you receive through the platform. BeeTalk also includes the unique “Whisper” feature, where the system automatically deletes your media, whether pictures or videos, 15-seconds after the recipient opens the message.

You can set the deletion time to your preferences in your settings, and this Snap-like feature is a new addition to dating apps that we don’t find in many other options.

You also can unfriend or block anyone on the platform that you find offensive or don’t want to follow you. You have total control over your account, and who you can communicate with through BeeTalk.

Registration – Is it Really Easy?

Registration - Is it Really Easy?

BeeTalk is a mobile-facing dating and friendship app. It’s not available in desktop client format, and you need a mobile device to complete the registration process. BeeTalk is available for both Android and iOS devices, and you can download it to your smartphone, tablet, or mobile device.

After downloading the app from your app store of choice, the app sends you a verification code to your device to verify your identity. After verification, BeeTalk gives you the option to import your contacts list and search for users on your friend’s list.

The BeeTalk platform is easy to use, and your dashboard has a clean and user-friendly feel. Set up your profile by entering your profile picture, change your username, and fill out some personal information to finish setting up your account.

What about Design and Usability?

What about Design and Usability?

The app’s intuitive design features the companies branded colors of yellow, white, and black, making the interface clean and efficient – not to mention, easy on the eyes. The designers seem to incorporate the best of their favorite social platforms. They bring it together beautifully in a user-friendly package for meeting new people.

The dashboard is clean, and you have five options for tabs, Chat, Video, Look Around, My Profile, and Discover. Each tab offers you different functionality and smooth navigation via the top ribbon on the page.

BeeTalk is a free service, and that’s impressive when you consider the amount of value on offer with this platform. However, you must pay for the fun somehow, and the platform runs ads on free accounts. However, there are minimal adverts on this app, and it’s reasonably uncluttered when it comes to marketers trying to sell you stuff.

BeeTalk also supports voice calls and Snap video uploads, which is an excellent connection to one of the more favorable social platforms suitable for dating.

Some of the unique features of BeeTalk include the “Join Clubs” function, where you can meet people in groups that conduct activities you’re interested in following. Join groups with the same interests as you and meet like-minded people that want to know you better.

Each club has specific membership rules enforced by its admin team. Some clubs may have limited memberships, and you’ll have to enquire with the admin before joining.

The “Look Around,” and the “Radar” functions on BeeTalk show you people in your area, making contact suggestions of people that meet your qualifying criteria for personality and interest preferences. The Radar function allows you to check on profiles that are within a certain distance from your location.

For instance, if you live in a city like NYC, adjust the radar settings to include all the 5-Burroughs or just the one you live in.

The Flip function on BeeTalk is like the Tinder roulette-type contact suggestion list. You swipe to your right, and the users like your picture using the Flip feature. You both then go into each other contact lists.

We like the “Whisper” mode available on your BeeTalk profile. With this cha box feature, you can choose to have your message or video upload “self-destruct” in anywhere from 1 to 15-seconds. You set your preference in your in-app settings, and then all your messages comply with this request. This feature also offers users end-to-end encryption of all their communications and videos.

The Discovery tab is a great way to get out into the BeeTalk community and start engaging with the platform. There are dozens of forums and threads in the Discovery section, all with people commenting on a range of topics.

The “selfie” and “Introduce Yourself’ threads are two of the most popular ways to promote your new account and get more people interested in following your account. There are several forums and chatrooms where you can join the chat and start asking questions or post content.

Let’s Talk about Profile Quality

BeeTalk has excellent profile interfaces. All members can see other members’ profile photos and bios, and you can follow a profile to keep up with any updates on the person’s account. The profile features a “Buzz” tab that acts as an RSS feed to the user’s newsfeed.

Profiles and bios don’t have much detail. But you get what you want from your platform experience without it being too minimalist. You can alter your profile information at any stage and change or delete any of your photos or video clips.

All user profiles on BeeTalk feature few details regarding personality and interests. It’s more of a visual platform where users can get an engaging view of their activities, habits, and interests, instead of reading about them.

Let’s face it; bios are for influencers that want to sell you stuff, you don’t need anything but images when you’re trying to find a prospective date or a new special friend.

Your profile features your photo gallery at the top, followed by your friend and follower counts. If you contribute to anything in the Discovery section, it will feature in your profile.

The profile does display basic information, such as your name, age, location, work, school, zodiac sign, and such. You change this information or choose what you do and don’t display on your profile.

You also get a status tool that allows you to speak what’s on your mind and tell your network that you’re changing topics or what you want to engage in right now.

The Mobile Application

The Mobile Application

BeeTalk is only available to new users as a mobile app. You can find it available for Android and iOS devices, and it’s free for download. Unlike many other dating apps that offer you a free version, BeeTalk provides you with a free product that works.

With BeeTalk, there is no option to upgrade and no VIP experience. What you see on the platform is what you get. Given that the registration is free and there’s no subscription fee, we would think that this platform would be crawling with trolls, marketers, scammers, and fake accounts. However, there are few fake accounts on the platform and plenty of active communities.

The only real drawback from installing the app is that it’s not very well-known in the US and Europe., If you want to get the most out of BeeTalk, you need to live in Asia.

The mobile app is fantastic, and it’s so feature-rich that it can take some time getting used to all the functionality. The “Videos” tab provides a newsfeed function, and the BeeTalk platform places a significant emphasis on video sharing.

View your friend’s video files and check out the top trending and recent videos uploaded from the user near your current location. Check out the discover tab and the different forum categories. Introduce yourself to the BeeTalk community, post a recent selfie, hang out in the gaming lounge, or check out several other threads.

The app is free for download on the Google Play and Apple App Stores, with phone push notifications for new messages, no ads, and easy user navigation – this intuitive dating asp gets top marks.

Safety & Security

Safety & Security

Safety and security on the BeeTalk app are legit. We still recommend that you run a VPN when using this service on your phone. However, there’s nothing to worry about, as you never have to hand over any form of payment details, such as your credit card number.

You can set up clone accounts or fake accounts on this platform quite quickly, so it is surprising that there aren’t more fake accounts trying to contact new users. As we mentioned, it probably has to do with there being no real monetary incentive on the platform.

Considering that BeeTalk doesn’t run any ads, we don’t know how the developers make any money from this model.

Pricing and Benefits

Pricing and Benefits

As mentioned, BeeTalk is a free dating app that’s available for download right now. Go ahead and download it to your smart device, set up a profile, and start browsing singles. The best part? You can do it all for free.

There is no option to upgrade your account, and you have no subscription model or VIP upgrade available. What you see is what you get, and everyone is operating on the same level playing field. That’s a refreshing model that we don’t see on offer from many other dating apps or websites.

Help & Support

Help & Support

BeeTalk doesn’t have much in the way of customer service. It’s a free app, and the developers aren’t very forthcoming with support request responses. You can request help from inside the app, but you just get an FAQ page for self-diagnosis.


In this section, we’ll look at whether BeeTalk is the right dating app for you. These frequently asked questions should give you more information on the platform before you decide to sign up.

Is BeeTalk Safe?

Yes, BeeTalk is a safe platform the use and experience. The community is safe, and there are no instances of fraudsters and scammers trying to rip you off. We think this comes from the fact that this is a free platform, and scammers don’t see it as offering any value to get money out of people.

Is BeeTalk a Real Dating Site?

Yes, BeeTalk is a real dating site, and you have a good chance of finding a date if you live in certain Asian countries., Unfortunately, BeeTalk only has around 6% of its userbase in the United States and Europe. Therefore, unless you’re living or traveling through Asia, you probably won’t get much value out of the BeeTalk mobile app.

How to Use BeeTalk?

Using BeeTalk is easy. Download the app to your mobile device, create a free profile, and start browsing singles near you.

Is BeeTalk Free?

Yes, BeeTalk is entirely free to use. There is no upgrade option, and the best part is that there are no ads in this app. Considering its free, that’s a strange move, and we wonder how the developers are monetizing their work.

Does BeeTalk Really Work?

Yes, BeeTalk does work out for many people that want to find someone to date on the platform. However, as mentioned, you’ll probably have the best success with the app in Asian countries like Singapore, Taiwan, and Malaysia.



BeeTalk is a fantastic free dating app that’s an excellent choice for anyone living in Southeast Asia. However, if you’re American or European, you will have a hard time finding matches on this platform. We recommend it for Americans and Europeans traveling through parts of Asia and want to date local people willing to show you around.

This app is free, and it comes with an ad-free experience that makes it one of the best platforms for dating available online.

Fonzi Marquez
Fonzi Marquez
Fonzi Marquez
MS, RD & Writer
Fonzi is experienced and well-known psychologist, dating and relationship advisor, he likes traveling, yoga and Indian culture overall. He is real professional!
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by Allyson Oct 15, 2021
I'm an open-minded bisexual guy and adore tests. I'm definitely not monogamous, no less than at present. Frankly, my way of living is much from traditional sociable norms, so I usually really feel lonely actually among friends or closest friends. Many of them occur wedded, and I also'm going stir ridiculous as soon as I really feel their substantial appearance. Therefore, definitely, it's really challenging to come and spend time with like-minds during the time you inside a big area, wherein folks are as well bustling in order to make latest relationships. Very, this type of chaos is the reason for signing up for our site. And simple feel is seamless. We were able to see individuals who wish exactly the same abstraction and understand my favorite hope to stay no-cost, without engagement, pledges, several this additional hooey. One more great things usually there I've came across some bi-curious folks. I like the functionality from the web site since it's really plenty of for initial telecommunications. Maybe, anybody would like even more advantages, but in my estimation, you need to get a date when you need in-depth partnership. While searching pages, we learn several clear ones. If only someone could pay additional care about their own position on the webpage. Talking about the site's show, all things are acceptable. No troubles with log in, communications, etc. help services is useful and is particularly readily available night and day. I'm very happy to collect an online location for my preferences and fantasies. It's really cool whenever community willn't demand the standards but is for a passing fancy webpage.
Minnie Nelson
by Minnie Nelson Oct 15, 2021
Our site is ideal for me personally. As I'm a tad sick and tired with swiping, they became a middle ground for my specifications. I don't approach any serious interactions today, but I won't hightail it after I fulfill my favorite prefer. This page willn't stress myself and allows receiving all features of excellent relationship. Besides, i prefer it app comes in handy to work with, if it is about routing or transaction. Evaluation are typical, and I also don't grudge revenue for since I have get the very best importance for prices they need. I've currently fulfilled some reasonable people and get hot times. Besides, I communicate with many consumers to talk, chuckle, and go over a variety of subjects, like sex. I believe that I am throughout my group since the group is quite genial. Folks don't assess your, mainly because it might be assuming you have picked up some one in a bar.
by Lara Oct 05, 2021
I accompanied this incredible website just the previous year and received a fantastic knowledge. Now, You will find a qualified and mind-blowing partner, and we're close collectively. I'd advocate the application because i've mastered from drive enjoy which will work. We observe that many of us frequently whine about no games, believing that they merely spend time and cash. However, I should observe that whenever people cannot look for someone, they often boot her downfalls to additional elements. Tasks, relation, online dating sites, quite simply, you can find anyone responsible. Continue to, you shouldn't disheartenment, and each and every thing will be acceptable. One example is, it required just about 7 days in order to reach my personal partner.
Sarah Patton
by Sarah Patton Oct 04, 2021
Very high perceptions. I've discovered plenty of nice and fascinating people and a few freaks . that's a norm if you are using the internet. Some matches had not been throughout my locality . that's why we kept good friends. I ought to point out that this service offers many resources in order to make other customers bear in mind you. For starters, it's room enough to provide your very own page and offer enough information regarding your appearance and identity. Next, chatting try ok. Generally, your use whole online interaction and can come a night out together any time once you are prepared meet your preferred in the real world.
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