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Ardent review – what do we know about it?

Ardent review – what do we know about it?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 91%
Popular age 20-30
Profiles 200.0000
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Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Fast and sleek website
  • Artificial intelligence used for matching
  • No cost for registration
  • Potential physical dates up for grabs
  • Strong support team to help members
  • Limited options for matching
  • Fewer member database
  • Unpopular due to use of AI
  • Not available in iOS

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If you’re tired of the swipe, if you’re bored of the usual dating hassles you go through waiting for a match, you must go for Ardent. It’s an artificial intelligence-based app that works on producing high-quality matches based on parameters like attractivity, personality, interest, and background. The concept of Ardent is path-breaking in the dating industry as it’s never been seen before. It aims to find genuine chemistry between two people who are looking for casual and serious relationships and avoids the pain of going through swipes that other dating sites usually work on. Their concept revolves around the fact that even though technology has pushed us forward, we still rely on it to connect people, and the average person remains lonely as ever. Ardent aims to stop that and find matches for everyone based on artificial intelligence through a scientific algorithm devised on facial recognition. They claim that once you’ve filled out the details, you’ll be getting one match/one day on an average to help you find the love of your life. Even though most of the information on this site is similar to a normal dating site, the stand-out point is the technique of matching if you’re up for a bit of sci-fi in the dating world, attempt Ardent.

How does Ardent work?

Ardent is a state-of-the-art dating site that works on artificial intelligence. Their team aims to help singles between the ages of 21 and 35 find partners for either long-term commitments or marriages through AI. The site has the following step-by-step features through which it functions with the help of AI.

How does Ardent work

Facial Analysis

The suite owners have built an AI that understands features from the faces. The facial analysis could predict whether the two concerned users had attractiveness in physicality at a 75% success rate and then pair them.

Personality Analysis

The personality analysis takes two parts into account. One is the result of the personality test, which is taken directly from the user, and two, the user’s behavior, which is then tested by the system. Accordingly, the match would be based on the preferences of the personalities and analyzed subsequently.

Background Analysis

The site uses social backgrounds and tries to triangulate the location accordingly with parameters such as occupation, education, etc. They would then collect information from the user’s curated content (could also be from their social media accounts) and use hobbies, interests, etc. The data is then tagged between the two users, and compatibility would be shown to both the matches if it exists.

Background Analysis

Match Limitation

It limits the number of matches that users achieve in a day. This process is done to focus more on a given match. By doing so, it gives more time to users to learn and understand more about their match. It also encourages them to make more conversations. On the other hand, too many matches at a time will only overwhelm users. It will also lower the chances of finding the right match.

Match Expiration

Once a user’s match comes, it would expire after a few days, depending on how active the user is on the app. This could also be a motivational factor for users to chat with their matches at the earliest and plan out dates to meet.

Registration – is it really easy?

If you’re keen to register for Ardent, it’s quite a straightforward and direct operation. More often than not, you can finish the complete procedure from start to end within 15 minutes. So, how do you get started? Go to the Ardent sign-in page, and from there, you can tell the site some details about you and the kind of match you want to meet. The site will ask you for gender identification of yourself and the type of matches you want. After you’ve completed that section, you’ll be asked to give unique email id and password. You can also choose to keep as creative an Ardent username as possible. Try and keep it short and sweet and, at the same time, fun so that you can rank high in the member search bar.

The last step is to fill out as much basic information as possible such as age and location. After finishing your Ardent login, you can start matching away!

Registration - is it really easy

What about design and usability?

Ardent’s design has been made in such a technologically advanced way to eradicate humans’ manual interference. Hence, the concept revolves around the extensive usage of AI to help them out. The interface is sleek, and it’s one of the smoothest UI experience you’d get from all the dating sites. The tab’s functionalities have been made extremely easy, and for a user, it’s like a piece of cake to go through all the tab with ease. The baby’s pink and white theme color gives a classy appeal to the look and feel of the app and the site. If you look app’s at the design s’ profile page, it’s been made in such an easy way that it helps understand what the users have in terms of their personal information in elaboration.

Let’s talk about profile quality

The people who visit Ardent and sign up are general users looking for long-term relationships or marriages. Hence, the quality of the profiles has been made of the highest quality. There’s quite a bit of detailing to all the information that is shared by the users. It’s also generally advised to punch in as much information as possible so you can stand out from all the members to find a match of your choice and preferences based on their set algorithms. If you look at a sample profile, you’ll notice that all the information regarding choices, preferences, personal information such as age, gender, and location are all presented in an orderly manner. One of the advantages of this site is the amount of information you get to process about another member before making a move to talk or chat with that user. This helps in a greater understanding of the type of personality you’re going to come across and will help you choose that you do not want to continue with.

Let's talk about profile quality

The mobile application

Ardent has a mobile application, but unfortunately, it’s only available for Android. The owners are also trying to make one for iOS. The overall experience for us, as good as the app’s functionality, was of great quality. The features and functionalities of both apps and the site are similar, except for a couple of differences where the app ranks slightly higher. The advantage of the app also is that it takes very little space on your device. We noticed that the Android app is ranked 3.7 out of 5 with our research, and that speaks highly of the owners who’ve done a good job in making a sleek, fast and smooth app to help members find their matches. The difference between the desktop and the app is not much. It all depends on your device’s availability and the privacy you get from using the device instead of the app, which might have people looking over your activities.

The mobile application

Safety & security

The one question which is there on everyone’s lips – How’s the security? We strongly suggest that before you try this app or registering for the site, you should take up research and look for yourself the safety features that the site has provided on their home page. You should remember that no site offers a 100% guarantee about the safety of the people that you meet on it, and it’s entirely based on your choice and the research you’ve done about the site. The site owners claim that all the personal and financial information that a user types into the site is protected completely and not shared with a third-party member. You should consider using a separate email id for Ardent. This is so that it does not hinder your work/personal life balance and stay away from prying eyes and notifications you might get from this site. Also, avoid sharing any personal or financial information when you’ve just started chatting with an interesting member. This could be a hoax or scam you’re not aware of and immediately report it to the support team. They ensure that such members are immediately deleted or deactivated from Ardent.

Safety & security

Pricing and benefits

Is Ardent free? It’s usual for dating sites to advertise their free trial period, and then after a while, the subscription packages start to kick in. Technically, it’s free to join. If you’re a free member, you’ll find it challenging to get the most out of the site. You’ll come across many restricted areas and fewer options to navigate through when it comes to matters of great importance, just chatting with other members. If you’re someone who gets irritated by ads in the free membership, Ardent is also the same. To avoid the hassle of going through these annoying ads, you might consider going for the paid version. Here is where you can start connecting through your matches and figure out if it works for you. Since the Ardent mechanism works slightly differently than other sites, you might find yourself with many dates after matching. Since people who usually join this site are either looking for a long-term relationship or marriage, you should feel free to pick what you want and decide accordingly. The best way to go about this is to check out the packages of other sites, and if you still free, Ardent is worth it; you might not end up being disappointed.

Help & support

One outstanding aspect of Ardent is the continuous support they provide to the members. Unlike other dating sites where usually, no one pays attention to customer service, this site and app take it seriously. They have a 24/7 support team that’s constantly working to ensure all the issues and troubleshooting problems the members face are being dealt with timely. This also gives members a satisfaction that the site you’re into is legit, which is not the case with other sites. However, do not be surprised if you come across instances when your issue/query takes time to process since the team works around the clock answering tones of queries. You can either email them through the home page or click on contact us to get through any of their moderators to help you out. The site owners have claimed that while filing up all the personal information at the start, they provide the best of the best security to avoid any kind of leak with third party merchants.

Help & support


Is Ardent safe?

Yes, Ardent is a safe website that protects the members’ data and offers thorough security for all the members.

Is Ardent a real dating site?

Yes, Ardent is a real dating site, and it’s been functioning well for the past few years.

How to use Ardent?

After you log in with your email id and password, you need to create a profile. Once it’s complete, the software will look for facial recognition and, accordingly, provide you daily matches in order of your choice and preferences that you filled out in your profile information page.

Is Ardent free?

Yes, for registration, Ardent is completely free. However, if you intend to unlock the messaging benefits, you need to buy a paid membership.

Is Ardent works?

Yes, Ardent works if you use it the right way and have enough money to buy a subscription. Although it works on a different concept compared to others, it’s allowed people to match each other.

How do I know the members of Ardent are real people?

Ardent has a strict registration in place, which also involves taking social media accounts. You might come across an odd scam or bot, but mostly, all members are real.

How do I know the members of Ardent are real people

How does Ardent deal with scam and online dating fraud?

The site’s security has been given the highest priority, so the owners have done well to implement strict protocols to ensure no fraud occurs.

What can I do if I forgot my login email and password?

If you forgot the password for Ardent, you could click on the ‘Forgot Password.’ From there on, you need to go to the email id, which was used to register for Ardent and retrieve your lost password after getting a link from the site.

I am experiencing technical problems. What should I do?

You can immediately report it to the authorities by either writing an email or calling on the available toll-free number.

I am experiencing technical problems. What should I do

Do people find success on Ardent?

Yes, people who tend to use paid subscriptions and have put out a lot of information on their profiles tend to find Ardent’s success. If you’re expecting matches on a free membership, it’s highly unlikely.

How is Ardent different from other sites?

Ardent works on an artificial intelligence algorithm that allows matches to go through software like facial recognition, characteristics identification before allowing two people to hit up for a match.


Ardent is not your typical dating website and offers users a completely different and unique experience when it comes to match-making. Their algorithm works more in a scientific way than the one-to-one human way, which makes things tricky. It looks like a work-in-progress app that still has a long way to go before competing with the giants in this dating industry. Some of the right things they’ve done are allowed free registration, kept the interface squeaky clean, and used classy colors to give an overall sensual feel to users who were logging in for the 1st time looking for some fun.

Before joining this site, though, you must research some of the facts on your own to understand better whatever this site has to offer in terms of security, pricing, features, and quality of profiles. Put together, Ardent stands out for its unusual use of artificial intelligence in the dating space where mostly, swiping and the usual match-making functionalities are available. However, just like other apps, you need to pay to subscribe to some of the app’s basic functionalities, and that may not work in your favor if you’re looking for fun. However, if you’re looking for a serious and long-term commitment, you’ve come just to the right platform. Do allow yourself some time before you hope to find the love of your life!

Sim Sibanda
Sim Sibanda
Sim Sibanda
MS, RD & Writer
Sim is one of the best relationships and dating expert in the industry, she helps thousand of people to solve their problem, and we really glad to have such professional in our team!
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Customer reviews
by Darren Oct 15, 2021
Excellent solution for those not afraid of dating online and open dialogues. The software is definitely well organized and has now many signed-up users. Messaging isn't hard, and all sorts of additional options are super easy to receive and discover. Concerning me personally, I've currently realized a colleague with who our personal biochemistry is truly pressing.
Marcus Lewis
by Marcus Lewis Oct 13, 2021
I'm an open-minded bisexual people and like experiments. I'm not monogamous, about these days. Truly, my own traditions is much from standard sociable norms, so I usually feeling solitary also among friends or near close friends. Most of them materialize to be joined, and I'm heading stir insane once I feel their important styles. So, of course, it's quite challenging to discover and spend time with like-minds once you live-in a big town, wherein men and women are as well hectic to make newer contacts. So, these a mess 's for signing up with this web site. And simple event are seamless. I was able to find those who decide equal issues and discover my personal desire to remain cost-free, without desire, promises, and all this more hooey. Yet another fantastic thing is the fact there I've satisfied some bi-curious parents. I really like the functionality belonging to the website since it's rather adequate for original connection. Possibly, anybody wants more benefits, but in my opinion, you should get a date if you would like extensive conversation. While exploring pages, I saw lots of blank ones. If only consumers could pay out extra focus to their presence on the internet site. These are the site's efficiency, all things are okay. No troubles with log on, communications, etc. help service works well as well as being offered 24/7. I'm happy to have a virtual place for your desires and fantasies. It's really cool after the group don't enforce its principles it is about the same page.
by Hailey Oct 09, 2021
We signed up with our site a year ago and got a great knowledge. Today, i've a trusted and mind-blowing companion, and we're great with each other. I'd suggest the app because i've learned from lead knowledge that is effective. I notice that people typically complain about no games, thinking that they merely spend your time and money. However, i ought to note that when anyone cannot discover a person, they generally boot her failures to additional issue. Career, family, paid dating sites, quite simply, often there is person at fault. However, you shouldn't give up hope, and every little thing would be fine. Like for example, it required nearly 7 times to meet my favorite lover.
by SamanthaSykes Oct 01, 2021
I'd like other daters to know that this service 100percent does its job without techniques. Those that genuinely need to have touching a special someone won't be sorry for their unique decision as soon as applying for the working platform. The main thing just to stop. We have currently found our beloved, therefore are pleased. Personally I think arousal and equilibrium, as indicates a ton. Therefore, the audience is in love, and it's never ever too late for those of every age group and specifications. I recommend this great site, extremely simply decide to try.
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