Is the Best One-Night Stand Dating Site in 2022?
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What Is the Best One-Night Stand Dating Site in 2022?

What Is the Best One-Night Stand Dating Site in 2022?

Now everything is done online. Shopping, telecommuting, so why don’t you find a soulmate online too? One-night stand websites come in handy for this matter. Their advent has allowed us to meet several dozens of new people every day. You can swipe a few profiles and receive quality matches in a minute to communicate, video-chat, and go for a date with the help of free one-night stand websites.

What is more, with the onset of the pandemic, dating online has become even more popular. It must be said that virtual dating is a great alternative to meetings in public places which are currently closed. Thus, dating sites meet all our current communication habits. In just a few clicks, you will discover potential partners for the night or friends with benefits.

On one-night stand websites, things happen naturally as your research will be based on well-defined criteria, whether sexual orientation, age, and many other dating parameters by affinity. Therefore, wherever you are, you can meet like-minded people online. And if you are more of the shy type, the first exchanges on the net will help you get comfortable! However, to benefit from the best one-night stand websites, you should study a few reviews and explore which one suits you best. Thus, the guide reveals distinct features of top free and paid ONS sites as well as their prices.

What Are the Best Free ONS Dating Sites in 2022?

Over time, dating sites have multiplied. And if most require you to take out a subscription, some allow first exchanges at no cost. Be careful, however, with the operation of the best free one-night stand websites. They offer fewer anonymity opportunities, and you will generally meet more fakes here. However, they still work well for beginners or those who do not want to invest a fortune in online dating.


Well known in the world of online dating, Badoo does not ask you for any subscription to chat with other members. The platform has nearly 320 million users. There are many young people on the app. With the help of Badoo, you can meet people with similar interests in your location. Most of them will be students or young office workers since the app is open for all. The main advantage of this app is that most users seek one-night stands. It is unpopular for the Badoo audience to search for serious relationships.


  • $25 for a one-month subscription;
  • $90 for a three-month subscription ($30 per month);
  • $120 for a six-month subscription ($20 per month).


The second world’s most popular dating site is Tinder. You can access the platform via your computer or a mobile application. The platform uses a “matching” system which allows you to indicate your interest in another profile by sending it a heart. You should swipe the person to the right to show interest or to the left to dislike their profile. If the person you have liked swipes to the right as well, you receive a match. From there, the exchanges will be authorized by Tinder. The platform guarantees a “match” to more than 20 million members every day!

Prices (for those users under 28 years old):

  • $15 for a one-month Gold subscription;
  • $52 for a six-month Gold subscription ($9 per month);
  • $83 for a twelve-month Gold subscription ($7 per month)
  • $5 for a one-month Plus subscription;
  • $18 for a six-month Plus subscription ($3 per month);
  • $27 for a twelve-month Plus subscription ($2.3 per month).


Although less known than the two previous sites, Happn offers you a unique opportunity to find your soul mate or a partner for the night. The Happn platform works with a geolocation system that offers you profiles in a specific area. Do not panic. The safety of members remains a priority for them too. It is not a precise location that will be given to you. Completely free, the Happn dating app has over 40 million subscribers. And like on Tinder, only profiles that are of mutual interest will be able to exchange messages. Happn is widely used as one of the best and most popular one-night stand websites US.


  • $25 for a one-month subscription;
  • $90 for a three-month subscription ($30 per month);
  • $120 for a six-month subscription ($20 per month).


Bumble was created in 2014 by Whitney Wolf. For the co-founder of Tinder, it was a challenge to create a feminist version of the popular app. This dating site is free but also has a paid version. Bumble’s principle is more or less similar to that of other platforms: only profiles who like each other will be able to communicate. As always, the geolocation system allows you to filter profiles. However, on Bumble, the right to take the initiative goes to women. They can start a conversation and are on top of everything. If you prefer women who dominate, you should install Bumble. After all, women want sex and use free one-night stand websites too.


  • $13 for a one-week Premium subscription;
  • $23 for a one-month Premium subscription;
  • $47 for a three-month Premium subscription ($15.6 per month);
  • $140 for a life-time Premium subscription.


Every day, new profiles of potential partners are offered to you on Once. The platform has a subscriber base large enough for everyone to find someone who suits them. And in case of mutual interest, you can communicate with your match for 24 hours. Once offers completely free access to its members. You can, however, refine your search for true love by using the paid features.


  • $25 for a one-month subscription;
  • $90 for a three-month subscription ($30 per month);
  • $120 for a six-month subscription ($20 per month).


Unlike other platforms where dating is not always safe, Oufla offers you an opportunity to find true love. The platform created in 2008 has forged a reputation among the best dating sites. Moreover, registration and use of the application are completely free! A great alternative that will make it easier for you to find your soul mate.


  • $30 for a one-month subscription;
  • $9 for 5 credits ($1.8 per credit);
  • $20 for 15 credits ($1.33 per credit);
  • $30 for 30 credits ($1 per credit).


Looking for a sex partner in your area? FreeMeet provides you with a fine-tuned search option depending on where you are. If you want to make your search even easier, you can use the other criteria in the application. Many opportunities make this app one of the best sites for ONS in 2022.


  • $11 for a one-month subscription;
  • $27 for a three-month subscription ($9 per month);
  • $45 for a six-month subscription ($7.5 per month).


As its name suggests, JeContacte offers the opportunity to discover profiles for all tastes. Whether for a romantic, friendship, or other relationship, you’ve come to the right place! This completely free site allows you to create an ad that other members will see. You can then communicate with the profiles that liked your ad. This platform is one of the most popular one-night stand websites Canada.


  • The site is completely free.

What Are the Best Paid ONS Dating Sites in 2022?

While best free one-night stand websites are very popular, paid platforms have a reputation for being more serious. Indeed, members who are forced to pay a subscription will be more involved in their quest for a sex partner. This step will ensure that you only see verified and safe profiles. Zoom on the best ONS dating sites in 2022 that you should pay for.


Aimed at singles of different ages, AttractiveWorld allows you to meet people for all kinds of relationships. The choice of profiles with whom to exchange is made according to certain criteria and affinities. Registration on this dating site is completely free. However, most of the features needed for dating are paid.


  • $35 for a one-month subscription;
  • $75 for a three-month subscription ($25 per month);
  • $78 for a six-month subscription ($13 per month).


The EasyFlirt platform gains 100,000 new members per week. As the name suggests, it is for singles looking for easy love and sex. Registration for women is completely free. Also, the platform allows you to communicate via message or video chat for a better exchange. To ensure a pleasant experience, EasyFlirt offers different features and search options to make your partner’s search easier. This platform is one of the best one-night stand websites for those who enjoy exclusiveness and different subscription levels.


  • Bronze subscription is $31.99/month;
  • Silver subscription is $32.99/month;
  • Gold subscription is $34.99/month.


Meetic is perfect for safe and anonymous sex partner search. Thanks to its anti-cybercrime commitment, there is no risk that you will have a bad experience in your search for love. Created in 2007, the Meetic dating platform has a total of 6 million subscribers. It is, therefore, one of the leaders in the field of online dating even though the competition is fierce.


  • $42 for a one-month subscription;
  • $107 for a three-month subscription ($35 per month);
  • $113 for a six-month subscription ($18 per month).


eDarling is the premier dating site for singles looking for a stable and secure relationship. Based on the Big Five Personality Traits model, this platform will offer you a profile that meets your requirements. Thus, only profiles with affinities in terms of center of interest and personality will be linked. In any case, if you are looking for insurance to make a safe meeting, you have come to the right place with this site. eDarling is one of those one-night stand websites whose audience is vast and mature.


  • $196 for a three-month subscription ($65 per month);
  • $270 for a six-month subscription ($45 per month);
  • $359 for a twelve-month subscription ($29 per month).


In terms of seriousness, Parship brings you the assurance of meeting a verified member. Thanks to this rather particular dating site, you will be able to refine your search to find a person who meets your requirements based on personality criteria. If you find personal traits important in your sex partner, you should try out Parship and its compatibility test. The only disadvantage that we found is the high price that is above the market average.


  • $123 for a three-month subscription ($41 per month);
  • $162 for a six-month subscription ($27 per month);
  • $249 for a one-year subscription ($20 per month).


Be2 joins is not only one of the best one-night stand websites but also one of the safest. Here, you select the profiles that best suit you according to the criteria you will establish during the search. The steps will therefore be easier to carry out to find the love of your dreams. Moreover, there are hardly any fakes on the platform. Besides, most people prefer to stay anonymous and blur their profile pictures.


  • $173 for a three-month subscription ($58 per month);
  • $209 for a six-month subscription ($35 per month);
  • $383 for a one-year subscription ($32 per month).


With eHarmony, all singles have a chance to find love or a sex partner. However, the online dating platform favors profiles located in the United States. Thanks to the seriousness of the profiles presented there, you can envisage a serious and stable relationship or find an adequate friend with benefits. eHarmony is among the most popular one-night stand websites US.


  • $861 for a two-year subscription ($36 per month);
  • $550 for a one-year subscription ($46 per month);
  • $395 for a six-month subscription ($66 per month).

How to Choose a Dating Site in 2022?

The price is undoubtedly the main criterion that pushes us to opt for a dating site. However, other parameters must be taken into account to ensure the success of your search for a soul mate. Now that you know the details of the most popular paid and free one-night stand websites, there are a few more important things to know:

  • First of all, remember what profiles you are searching for and the target audience of the site. This step will allow you to determine if the latter will allow you to meet people who are suitable for you.
  • Before signing up, find out about the rate of active members within the dating site. The more profiles there are on the platform, the more likely you will find a person who matches you. In addition, the male to female ratio plays an important role in your search to avoid stumbling upon a site with few available profiles.
  • Whatever site you use, check the features you’re offered. Which ones are free and which ones paid? Are these tools limited or available without limits? All this must be taken into account to avoid any missteps.

Serious one-night stand websites above all services allow you to enjoy a great browsing experience. You should choose platforms with regular customer service. Likewise, remember to check the conditions of use of your data.

How Does a One-Night Stand Dating Site Work?

Thanks to the wide user base, one-night stand websites in the UK allow people to meet each other to have a good time in the short term. Registration is done under certain conditions. In particular, it will be necessary to present various personal information, including age, gender, sexual orientation, profession, and geographic location.

Dating sites make it easy for members to find the person they can communicate with. Posting a profile photo is mandatory. Besides, some platforms allow you to download more photos to boost member visibility. During the communication, members can then send each other messages, snapshots, or video footage.

For some platforms, registration is done by completing a personality questionnaire. This opportunity reduces the search field to that of people with the same requirements. Everything will then depend on the features that members benefit from, whether paid or free. In addition to desktop versions, one-night stand websites now come in the form of apps. Many people find dating applications easier to use as they allow quick contact with other members.

Why Choose a Paid Dating Site Over a Free Site?

Some people are glad to invest in online dating because they value their time and want to find a partner quickly. Others pay for the subscription because they enjoy the privacy of the paid sites. Another category of people prefers free dating sites and believe that finding a partner for the night is possible for free. So which site to choose: a paid or a free one? Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the two types of platforms.

What Makes a Free Dating Site Offer?

Thanks to free dating sites, you will not have to pay anything to take advantage of all the platform’s features. Since registration, the tools are available to you, and you do not have to purchase the subscription. This approach is particularly great if you haven’t used one-night stand websites before. You can first use the site, see its best features and then decide whether you want to stay.

A large number of singles use free one-night stand websites to find a partner. Therefore, you will have a better chance of meeting interesting people since many members prefer this kind of site. Be careful, however, since it is not uncommon for free dating sites to have trouble verifying all registered profiles. Unfortunately, this situation presents a risk of fake members or scammers.

Free dating sites do not require specific commitments from you. It is, therefore, possible to register easily. Here again, however, the risk of finding false profiles should be taken into account. Indeed, this lack of commitment can lead some people to use the platforms in the wrong way.

What Does a Paid Dating Site Offer?

The quality of the profiles is higher. Indeed, people active on this kind of platform are involved in their search for a partner. Therefore, the risks of encountering fake profiles are lower.

The best one-night stand websites available for a subscription offer an involved community. Every month, members of the paid dating site will pay a fairly substantial subscription price. An investment pushes them to be diligent in their search for a partner. And so, the singles you find on this type of platform will be as determined as you are to find a relationship that suits them.

Security. Paid dating sites offer you a better guarantee of security and discretion. With these, the risk of your data being disclosed is reduced. Enough to make the experience even more interesting if you want to keep your quest for love a secret!

How to Use an ONS Dating Site?

Using one-night stand websites is easy. Although you may feel like you are overwhelmed by this adventure, it only takes a little planning to make your experience truly enjoyable. Follow our advice!

  1. Seduce from the first step

Your profile will be the first thing other members see. To attract more matches, remember to treat your description with attention while adding mystery to your profile. Put the odds on your side by being creative.

  1. Upload pictures

As with any chat platform, dating sites will ask you to add a photo of yourself. Again, consider choosing a shot that highlights your attractive traits as a person. Do not use old or group photos.

  1. Adopt a nickname that describes you

While some will opt for their name, it is always recommended to present yourself under a nickname. This adds an element of mystery to your profile and keeps your anonymity. However, remember to choose a nickname that defines you.

  1. Pay attention to the description

The description of your profile is important to refine your suggestions. One-night stand websites use the information you provide to select members who might be compatible with you.

  1. Don’t forget the questionnaires and tests

Like the presentation text, questionnaires and tests on one-night stand websites allow you to build your profile with precision. Don’t you want to have more accurate matches?

  1. Adopt a reasonable attitude

Finding a partner on a dating site is nothing ordinary! Since you haven’t seen the person yet, could you get to know them first? So, it’s not about jumping to conclusions too quickly or saying you’re in love on the first encounter.

  1. Sort

Each member is unique. And if you are one of the popular users, requests for communications will rain! So, to avoid wasting your time, establish selection criteria to know which profiles will be the most interesting for you.

  1. Keep it cool

Above all, do not hurry! In this quest for love, things are done a bit blindly. The first step will, therefore, be chatting online on the dating site. Then, once you are truly confident in the person, you can share your number and other information to proceed with the communication.

  1. Be careful!

Before any meeting, take the time to gather as much information as possible about your future partner! In particular, consider giving them a call or making a video exchange to avoid making a mistake in your choice. Then, arrange your first meeting in a public place to avoid any unpleasant surprises!

Why Register on a Dating Site?

You now have all the cards in your hand to choose the best one-night stand websites, whether paid or free. But why create a profile in the first place?

  • The first idea that must come to your mind is obviously to find a great sex partner. This primary interest drives users of all dating sites for women or men, regardless of your sexual orientation.
  • If you are looking to meet, only for one night, and therefore without future plans, you should register on a dating site created for this purpose. Of course, you can also try your luck on classic sites, but in this case, you will need to be clear about your intentions from the start.
  • Some sites are also dedicated to extra-marital encounters. Privacy protection is taken seriously here.
  • You also have dating sites for couples or, more broadly, for libertine people. You will be able to search for profiles of couples for a swinger party or a single person to organize a threesome, for example.

As you can see, one-night stand websites come in many shapes and sizes. One thing is sure: you should use them with caution and stay safe. Whatever platform you choose, free or paid, there is always a risk of your data being stolen or your identity revealed. To get maximum joy and find a great partner, you should choose only trusted one-night stand websites, for instance, mentioned in this guide.

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