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Tinder Free vs Paid

Tinder Free vs Paid

Tinder free vs paid: What to choose? Let’s make things clear and understand what is more advantageous. Before starting discussing Tinder subscriptions, let’s find out what Tinder is and how it functions.

Tinder is an inimitable service for dating that unites millions of people from all over the globe. It is one of the most demanded apps in the world. This platform is not like other free dating portals that offer access to the database of users’ profiles even without enrollment. The thoughtful functionality of Tinder allows its users to approach online dating with responsibility – the platform enhances the chances of finding a person with who you can start building bonds with.

By registering on Tinder, you fill out a minimal questionnaire (age, distance to a potential partner, name, a few words about yourself if desired, and a photo).

The main feature of Tinder is that the subscriber can initiate interacting only with the person with whom mutual sympathy was established – for this, two people need to like each other. Only after that there will be an opportunity to write a personal message and become friends. This is a good feature, since it allows you to avoid irritating proffers from people who are not of your interest, and enhance the chances of meeting the very person. Tinder uses geolocation to select the matches who live near you. However, you can change your location if you apply a

Passport/Swipe Around the World special feature. Not all users can use the Tinder special features.

Like many other dating platforms, Tinder offers free and payable services to its users. Free users will be somewhat limited. The majority of cool dating features will not be available for them. Premium users can employ the platform’s dating possibilities in full. They will get plenty of unique features offered by this platform. Tinder offers three premium subscriptions to their users. They are Gold, Plus, and Platinum. Tinder Plus, Tinder Platinum, and Tinder Gold vs free Tinder subscription means getting the following options:

Free Services

  • Tinder download and installation
  • Registration and profile creation
  • Adding profile pictures
  • Right/left swipes
  • Finding potential partners who live near you
  • One super like in the day

Payable Services

  • See users who liked you
  • Instant matching
  • Unlimited number of likes
  • Unlimited number of swipes
  • Rewind your swipe
  • Find people all over the world
  • Access to Top Picks feature

Free subscribers obtain a basic set of features. Premium users get more chances to find a perfect partner. That is why it is recommended to upgrade your subscription to a premium. Though the prices for premium services on Tinder are above average, they worth every penny spent.

Tinder Plus vs Tinder Gold: Choosing the Best Subscription

Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold are the payable subscriptions available on Tinder. Let’s compare the advantages of both subscriptions and decide on a winner in a Tinder Plus vs Tinder Gold competition.

The Plus package includes a minimal set of premium features that are suitable for finding a potential partner.

Options that are included in the list:

  • Unlimited likes. The user can like an unlimited number of photos of other members.
  • The possibility to rewind the previous swipe. Owners of free packages have only one attempt.
  • Boost. Tinder Boost gives the user the opportunity to be one of the best profiles for 30 minutes. This feature increases the chances of getting a match.
  • No ads.
  • Also, account editing is available: hide information that the user does not want to show to the visitors of the profile.

Gold is an improved version of Tinder premium subscription. Tinder Gold wins in the Tinder Gold vs Tinder Plus comparison, because Gold package has several additional features. They are: viewing the guests and new TOP profiles. The owner of such a package can make his/her profile more popular to get more likes and matches. Owners of the Gold subscription can view all the pages that are offered. There may be confirmed accounts of stars, athletes, and bloggers among them. Options included in the Gold package are:

  • The user will be able to find out who put a super like.
  • The user gets access to top profiles, unlimited likes, swipes.
  • The “Swipe Rewind” function is unlimited.
  • Full-fledged profile management (you can limit access to some information).
  • The user gets access to the “Location” function – you can view profiles of people around the world.
  • There is access to the visibility settings – the user’s profile will be shown only to those to whom he/she has put a like.
  • You can turn off advertising.

Now let’s compare the prices and see what subscription wins this time in the Tinder Gold vs Plus competition.

Tinder Plus under 28

Duration Cost Per Month Total Price
One month $9,99 $9,99
Six months $5,83 $34,99
Twelve months $4,58 $54,99

Tinder Plus over 28

Duration Cost Per Month Total Price
One month $19,99 $19,99
Six months $10 $60
Twelve months $6,67 $80

Tinder Gold under 28

Duration Cost Per Month Total Price
One month $14,99 $14,99
Six months $8,83 $52,99
Twelve months $6,92 $82,99

Tinder Gold over 28

Duration Cost Per Month Total Price
One month $29,99 $29,99
Six months $18,83 $112,99
Twelve months $ 12.50 $149,99

The prices on premium services on Tinder are above average. You can save if you purchase a more prolonged subscription. Tinder Plus is cheaper in comparison with Tinder Gold. So, Plus package wins in this Tinder Plus vs Gold competition. However, you can save if you use a Tinder Gold promo code reddit. It will give you a chance to save 10% when purchasing a Gold membership on Tinder. In this way, you can even the odds in the Tinder Plus vs Gold Reddit competition. It is recommended to choose a Tinder subscription plan based on the dating purposes you have.

Tinder Platinum: The Advantages of the Subscription

Tinder Platinum includes all the above-mentioned features with several extra features. They are:

  • Priority Likes. This new feature makes your Likes and Super Likes be seen faster by a potential partner, before the Likes of users who don’t have this fantastic feature.
  • Texting before match
  • See Likes you have put

Tinder Platinum includes the largest set of features. But what about the prices. Let’s compare Tinder Platinum vs Gold prices to find out what subscription is more advantageous.

Tinder Platinum under 28

Duration Cost Per Month Total Price
One month $14.32 $14.32
Six months $8.35 $50.10
Twelve months $5.97 $71.64

Tinder Platinum over 28

Duration Cost Per Month Total Price
One month $17.99 $17.99
Six months $10.50 $63
Twelve months $7.50 $90

Gold membership cost more in comparison with the Platinum one. So, it is more advantageous to purchase a Platinum subscription. Besides, you can save if you purchase a more prolonged subscription.

Tinder Unique Features

The platform offers plenty of unique features available for payable subscribers. They can diversify the user’s dating experience, and enhance their chances of getting the most suitable matches. Let’s take a closer look at the most popular features:

  • Tinder Boost is a great feature that puts your profile to the very beginning of the swipelist for thirty minutes. This means that more potential partners will be able to see you. Thus, you will enhance your chances of getting matches. In theory, with Tinder boost you can obtain up to 10 times more profile’s views than usual.
  • Super Boost. Get even more chances to meet your perfect match. The function enhances the chances of your profile to be seen 100x during rush hours.
  • Super Like. Every subscriber can obtain one Super Like per day for free. You can send it to any person you like. Premium users have more Super Likes per day. Super Like is the blue star icon. Clicking on it, you make the person know that he/she is of a special interest to you.
  • Passport/Swipe Around the World. The matches you get depend on your location. By using this feature, you can change the location to your preferred and find people who live in other parts of the world.
  • Rewind. You can change your mind and want to rewind a person’s profile you have swiped left. By using this feature, you can undo your previous action. This feature is an excellent indicator that in Free Tinder vs Paid Tinder rivalry the advantages of the payable subscription are obvious.
  • Top Picks. With the help of this feature, you will be shown the top profiles selected especially for you. This can save your time and accelerate the process of a perfect partner finding. It is recommended to indicate the true parameters of a person you expect to find to allow the app to find the really best matches for you.
  • Traveler Alert. It is a special feature for the representatives of the LGBT community. This feature notifies the LGBT community representatives about places dangerous for them when they travel. The alert will appear as soon as they reach the dangerous place. The notification will pop up on the app and the user can choose whether to hide his/her profile on Tinder or not while he/she stays in the dangerous place. If a user chooses to show his/her Tinder profile, such information as sexual preferences and gender identity will be hidden from other users until the person leaves the dangerous area. The Traveler Alert features can be employed by both iOS and Android device owners.
  • Noonlight for Tinder. To protect its users, Tinder collaborates with a personal safety app, Noonlight. That is a panic button a user can apply in case of emergency. By using this feature, a user can share the information about when, where, and who he/she is going to date with. If something is wrong, the person can send an inconspicuous distress signal via the Noonlight integrated app. The Noonlight will alert the emergency services to track the person’s location.
  • Photo Verification. Fake profiles and scammers who create them is the biggest problem the users of dating apps encounter. To protect its users, Tinder performs a photo verification to minimize the number of forgery accounts and make your staying on the platform safe and pleasant. By using this feature, all the users can pass through a self-authentication. The users need to provide a series of real-time selfies to pass through the verification successfully. Tinder moderators will compare these selfies with the already uploaded profile pictures to make sure that the person is real.
  • Other users will know that you have passed through a self-authentication because Tinder will display a blue tick on your profile page.
  • Swipe Night. It is something like a choose-your-own-adventure story game. Users need to swipe the profiles of other people left or right. At the end of the story, members who liked each other mutually will be matched together. The Swipe Night is available on Sundays at 18:00 (local time).
  • Tinder U. This feature was created especially for the university students. It helps them to find each other. Those who select this feature can display their school colors to find the profiles of their classmates. Tinder U also allows you to find students from other universities.
  • Read Receipt. This feature helps you to know whether a person you had sent a message to has read it or not. Your potential partner will not know whether you have turned this feature on or not once you enable it for a dialogue. Read Receipts can also be acquired in batches of 5, 10, and 20.
  • Passions. This feature allows choosing up to five of your favorite things from the roster. This will be highlighted on your profile to attract more users with similar interests to visit your profile page.
  • Vibes. By applying this feature, you will need to answer several questions that range from your personal characteristics to your musical preferences. Answering these questions, you will get more chances to find the most suitable partner.
  • AYS? Are you sure? (AYS?) feature will ask whether to send a text to another user when it detects harassing or offensive lexis on your message. The feature constantly improves and now it is still at the testing stage.
  • Block Phone Numbers of Unwanted Matches. When you register on Tinder, you need to provide your valid phone number. Block Phone Numbers feature allows blocking mobile phones of people you don’t want to be matched with: your family members, colleagues, exes, and so on. Moreover, this feature allows blocking a person you don’t want to be matched with again.
  • Hot Takes. Users can have a dialogue before they have matched. Both persons will be provided with a topic they need to give their opinion on. They will need to choose a one answer from multiple choice answers. They will see the answers of each other and will be able to discuss them. This game can be played every day starting from 6 pm to midnight.
  • ID Verification. This is not obligatory to do but it is recommended to pass through ID verification to confirm your age of the majority. Remember that only users who have reached the age of 18 can register on the platform.
  • Work Mode. This is a special feature that can be used if you employ this dating ap on your office desktop during working hours. When someone comes to your desk, the Tinder icon will immediately be changed into a fake project management tool.
  • Tinder provides its users with an enormous set of unique features. Most of them are available to only premium users. So, it is better to purchase a premium subscription. It is up to you to decide what premium package to choose – Gold, Plus, or Platinum. All of them have their advantages. However, in Tinder Plus vs Tinder Gold and Platinum rivalry wins Tinder Plus when it comes to the price affordability. Still, the number of features you will get within your Plus package is less in comparison with the Tinder Gold and Tinder Platinum.

    Let’s Sum It Up!

    Tinder is a widespread dating app with millions of subscribers from all around the globe. The app uses geolocation to select the potential partners who live near you. To start employing the app, you need to register and create an account first. The enrollment is simple and fast. You only need to provide some of your personal information and upload several nice photos to your profile page. Remember that registration on Tinder is allowable to only users who have reached the age of the majority. This app is suitable for both iOS and Android devices. You don’t need to pay to download and install the app on your mobile device. The app offers its users a modern matchmaking feature and an enormous set of special features that make this app unique. Not all special features are available to free users. The app provides its users with free and payable subscriptions. Free users are somewhat limited. Paid members have more chances to find their ideal partners in the shortest possible time.

    Paid subscriptions are called Plus, Gold, and Platinum. They are available for the period of one month, six months, and twelve months. All of them have their own advantages. Tinder Plus is cheaper in comparison with Tinder Gold and Tinder Platinum. However, it offers a fewer number of features. Tinder Gold and Tinder Platinum have an enormous set of features. However, you will have to pay more to use these subscription plans.

    All in all, it is up to you to decide what subscription plan to choose. Choose your own winner in the Tinder Gold, Platinum Tinder vs Tinder Plus rivalry.

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