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ThaiFriendly review – what do we know about it?

ThaiFriendly review – what do we know about it?
About Girls
Date with older guy 2%
Reply rate 93%
Beauty 95%
Popular age 20-22
Profiles 2.400.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • They have two million active users.
  • You have a payment option through PayPal.
  • They have a useful mobile app.
  • They offer free features.
  • They have very reasonable prices.
  • They have unverified women profiles.
  • The user interface is quite dull.

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Thailand is a tourist mecca that draws more than 30 million visitors yearly from around the world. However, not all of them come to visit the scenic spots, eat good food, or immerse themselves in Thai culture.

Some are there to enjoy the Thai hospitality that the country is known for. Many single foreign men arrive in Thailand, searching for romance. They’re hoping to build a long-lasting and meaningful relationship with a beautiful Thai woman.

As a result, the country has developed a thriving online dating scene, and one of the biggest and most popular is ThaiFriendly. It has now attracted over two million active online users, and it’s still increasing. It caters mostly to foreign men, mainly from Europe, Australia, and North America, who are hoping to travel to the country to meet the Thai woman of their dreams.

Most of these men are sincere about meeting the women in person should a long-distance romance blossom. ThaiFriendly offers an excellent platform where they can get to know a Thai girl first and gain their affection even from thousands of miles away.

As a dating venue, can it help you find the perfect Thai woman you’re looking for? In this review, you’ll find out what ThaiFriendly has to offer and if it’s worth your time and money.

How does ThaiFriendly work?

ThaiFriendly review – what do we know about it?

ThaiFriendly is a paid website, but it is also generous with a lot of free features that you would have to pay for in similar sites. It’s especially beneficial to new members who will have more free options to work with than what they will have if they join other dating sites.

Of course, you won’t enjoy as many perks as a premium user, but you’ll learn to appreciate the value of the free stuff they let you use. Later on, if things start to get serious with you and that special someone, you can always opt for more advanced features.

For standard members, who are mostly free users, they’re allowed to add the women they like in their favorites. They also have access to a primary search function. For starters, it’s better than nothing but doesn’t let users fine-tune their searches to come up with more specific results.

One of the most important features available for free is messaging. If you’re a pro at this game – or very lucky – you can arrange a date through messages without paying a single cent. However, standard members are only allowed to send messages between 10-minute intervals.

Another disadvantage of a standard account is that they can’t message the popular members, so they can’t reply if those people sent messages to them. Linking members and adding them to favorites are also free. Moreover, there’s no fee or limit for anyone when uploading photos in their profiles.

A feature that we don’t often see for free in several dating sites is the notification to show you’re interested in a woman. You can do it just by visiting the profile of a person you’re attracted to and clicking on her profile photo. A heart would appear on it, and she would learn of your interest in her.

While the free features are limited, they’re a bonus considering that most sites of this nature charge a fee for even the most basic access. If you want to enjoy the full extent of what the site has to offer, you’ll have to pay for premium membership privileges.

The good news is that when you take a look at the different packages they offer, they’re all quite reasonable.

Registration – is it really easy?

ThaiFriendly review – what do we know about it?

Joining ThaiFriendly is a free and painless process. You’ll have to register a new account if you want to enter the site and get a profile page. You can do this in one of two ways, either through a simple Facebook sign up or with your cellphone number. If you opt for your phone, you’ll receive an SMS with a confirmation code.

After that, there’s a simple form with various required fields to fill up, but make sure you have a valid and working email account ready. It’s crucial because they only verify accounts through emails. Keep in mind that you must have this done within a specified period, or else your account will get suspended.

The first thing to do is to enter a username. You must be careful and sure about this because only premium members can request a name change. After creating a password, there are fields for the email address, gender and preference, date of birth, height, and weight.

You can skip the other information asked, in the meantime, and fill them out later for your profile. The whole process should only take a few minutes.

What about design and usability?

Aesthetic-wise, the site design and user interface aren’t anything to write home about. It serves its purpose well, but nothing stands out against the competition. Even if it’s rather plain-looking, what’s important is that it’s simple to use and stable. It doesn’t look too loud to be distracting and isn’t tasteless either.

Laid out in rows on the homepage are thumbnail pictures of members who are currently online. Start browsing from there, and if there happen to be some prospects that caught your eye, you can add them to your favorites. As you scroll down, it can start to get crowded after a while.

Standard members using the search would have similar random results. Premium users, on the other hand, have more advanced options and can refine their searches to meet their criteria. Aside from the basic search, the advanced search can filter members’ height and weight, physical appearance, their level of education, marital status, and if they have children.

Although it’s handy, the only drawback to the advanced search is that it doesn’t have a decent matchmaking algorithm. You’ll have to do the legwork yourself. There’s no recommendation list to discover a potential match, which is a bit of a downer. It’s not a deal-breaker by any means, but it’s a feature that online dating pros would miss, and those new to the scene may have found indispensable.

The results would show a gallery with member profile photos, along with their nickname, location, and age. A green square beside a nickname means they’re online. There’s also a badge that indicates new members who have only recently signed up with ThaiFriendly.

Anyone can view profiles, which are rather stark and dull looking, but quickly give a general idea about the people behind them. A little more information would help visitors know a person better at first glance. Here, it’s their pictures that become the most striking selling point of their profiles.

Everything is simplified, which makes site navigation pretty easy and intuitive. It will only take a few moments, especially for those familiar with other social media, to get the hang of using the simple user interface.

Let’s talk about profile quality

ThaiFriendly review – what do we know about it?

ThaiFriendly was designed to cater to western men looking to find a Thai woman. It’s first and foremost a dating website and not a marriage agency with profiles made by specialists and professionals. On this website, you’ll seldom see any studio quality photos, and most are simple selfies or candid shots.

Any member can view all of them for free. Not that the photos look horrible, but most of them are personal yet attractive, nonetheless. These types of photos feel authentic, and we think they’re a far more accurate representation of what you’re going to get in real life.

Another plus is that anyone can upload as many photos as they want, although there are strict rules enforced against nudity. The same goes for anything indecent, offensive, or illegal. ThaiFriendly tries its best to maintain a responsible membership within a wholesome and friendly environment. The photos have to be approved before they appear on a profile, and any troublemakers will be banned.

One thing to take note of is that the women don’t have their identities verified like the men. They are allowed to register and create a simple profile, chat with the men, and find the one they want to connect with.

Anyone can edit their profiles anytime they wish. Several personal details are somewhat lacking, to be honest, because the questionnaires to fill them out are merely optional. Only necessary information about the women is available in the “About Me” page. It may include a bit of their personality, and their dating views and preferences but nothing much.

As said before, their appearance is more of their selling point. Still, guys can get to know more about the ladies over time. From the women’s profiles, male visitors would have the option to add them to their favorites, send a message, and express their interest by contacting them.

Their profiles are mostly of the “best-effort” variety, but there are plenty of attractive Thai females on the site with the occasional ladyboys. Roughly a third of this site are women, and the rest are men, with many of them being ladyboys. If some are into that sort of thing, then it’s okay.

People can also block someone whom they sense is a scammer.

The mobile application

ThaiFriendly review – what do we know about it?

Compared to its desktop site, the ThaiFriendly mobile app is surprisingly a significant improvement and even more convenient to use. It’s 100% legit and isn’t malware, so it’s safe to use, and your information will remain secure. Members can download it on their Android or iOS devices from Google Play or the Apple Store.

The interface looks great even on a small screen, and navigation is smooth and easy. It’s easy to use ThaiFriendly from anywhere, and messaging is more user-friendly. Another thing the mobile app has going for it is a discount for the 1-month premium subscription. It usually goes for $24.95 for the desktop version, but they only charge $19.99 if you purchase it with the app.

Many of the regular site’s functionalities are there except that there doesn’t seem to be a way to access favorites. On the downside, users will soon notice that it’s mostly premium features that are available. However, because of the discount, it’s a good idea to use the app if you’re planning to upgrade to a paid account.

Safety & security

One thing that ThaiFriendly always emphasizes is that they take anyone’s privacy seriously. The latest security protocols and measures protect the website and are continuously updated.

Those who are thinking of joining can be sure that the site won’t share any private information with anyone else. Whoever becomes a member of ThaiFriendly also has the responsibility not to divulge sensitive details about themselves to others.

Members can report anything suspicious going on, or people who are violating any of ThaiFriendly’s policies. Users can simply visit the profile of the errant member and click on the “Report profile” button. Moderators will be quickly alerted and begin to investigate the offender.

There’s also a “Block user” option on everyone’s profiles that would prevent a member from appearing in the search results of another. Once blocked, an individual can no longer find the person blocking them on the site.

Pricing and benefits

ThaiFriendly review – what do we know about it?

Unlike other sites that have credits every time a feature is used, you only pay ThaiFriendly real money when buying one of their all-inclusive premium packages. The cost of a premium package would depend on the duration.

Duration Total Price
1 Month $24.95
3 Months $49.95
12 Months $99.95

As you can see, the longer the duration, the less it will cost you per month. A one-year subscription would only set you back $8.33 per month, which is just a third of a one-month deal. That is why buying a one-year premium membership is highly recommended.

As mentioned earlier, ordering the one-month subscription from the mobile app will only cost you $19.99.

With a premium account, you’ll have access to the following features:

  • Advanced search
  • Unlimited messages
  • Chat
  • The ability to see the lists
  • Highlighted profile
  • The ability to browse anonymously
  • The “lists” feature will show you stats on who noticed you, visited your profile page, and the number of favorites or “winks” that members gave you.

Aside from credit cards, payments can also be through PayPal or Bitcoin. If it’s your first time to join, you’ll also get a 14-day money-back guarantee, if you end up unsatisfied with your experience.

Help & support

ThaiFriendly review – what do we know about it?

The support team at ThaiFriendly is very responsive, and they usually give a reply after several hours. They can be reached by email at help@thaifriendly.com.


Are you wondering if this service is right for you? Check these FAQs.

Is ThaiFriendly safe?

As far as security and guarding your private information is concerned, ThaiFriendly does well to protect you. However, there’s always a risk that you can come across fake and fraudulent accounts that may be out to scam people. With millions of users, they don’t verify the women’s accounts, but ThaiFriendly tries its best to identify and weed out as many undesirables as they can.

Is ThaiFriendly a real dating site?

ThaiFriendly is one of the biggest and most popular dating sites offering the opportunity to meet beautiful Thai women. With more than two million active users, one-third of these are women from Thailand who are mostly between 18-35 years old.

How to use ThaiFriendly?

ThaiFriendly review – what do we know about it?

ThaiFriendly offers a platform for users to contact other members for free. Regardless of your membership subscription, you have the means to pick your favorites, notify people you’re attracted to, and begin messaging them from day one. Affordable premium packages allow you to chat and send an unlimited number of messages and provide a more advanced search when looking for a potential mate.

Is ThaiFriendly free?

You can join ThaiFriendly for free. Many of the features are free, including messaging once every ten minutes, and there’s a basic search. They are limited compared to premium account versions. You can also upload whatever amount of your photos that you want. Picking other people as favorites and notifying them that you’re interested is also free.

Does ThaiFriendly really work?

In a short period, ThaiFriendly convinced over two million romance seekers to join its website. It has become a popular and giant platform for western men to get to know and date beautiful Thai women. It continues to grow with a daily average of 1,000 new users.


ThaiFriendly review – what do we know about it?

Even if ThaiFriendly is a relatively new dating website, it has managed to attract over two million members, proving it’s a legit operator in the online Thai dating scene.

Both standard and premium users can begin messaging the Thai girl that won their attention right off the bat. The number of free features it gives to people who are new to the site is quite generous. It’s no wonder then that it had created such a massive following in only a few years.

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