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Swipe Review – What Do We Know About It?

Swipe Review – What Do We Know About It?
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Pros and Cons

  • Excellent geolocation features mean you can concentrate on getting to know accessible matches.
  • The straightforward, intuitive user interface makes compiling a list of potential dates a breeze.
  • Plenty of built-in safety features keep you safe online and in real-world dating.
  • Organized events give you a physical space to socialize with other singles without the pressure of a one to one meeting early in the relationship.
  • Creative search criteria help you find exciting potential matches from a large pool of people.
  • Excellent communication tools, like voice and video calls, facilitate forming relationships with other users.
  • Millions of users mean your perfect match may be a world away.
  • Free service is minimal, and you need the premium service to access all the exciting features.

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Swipe is a mobile app linked to the global dating site Match.com. Match.com is a market leader in the online dating business and comes up with regular innovative ways of getting single people to meet other single people for love and romance. Swipe puts all the Match.com functions into your favorite device so you can look for potential matches while commuting, eating lunch, or relaxing at home.

Investing in this one app gives you access to a massive database of potential matches in your locality and worldwide. Although the app is new, the parent website’s experience running a successful online dating organization dates back to its foundation in 1995. The Swipe app was updated in June 2019 to provide a significant website experience on a small device.

The Swipe app is open to all; any type of potential relationship is available. You have access to a vast pool of people who are looking for the same kind of relationship as you. The app aims to put you in touch with people like you for dating and romance.

Advances in mobile technology mean that some functions work better on mobiles than on websites, features like geolocation that let you know who is nearby and event invitations. You and your potential dates can respond faster to each other with the Swipe app.

Currently, 10,000 plus users have downloaded the Swipe app. But that doesn’t mean your potential dating pool is restricted because you have access to all the profiles on Match.com millions of them.

Swipe Review - What Do We Know About It

How Does Swipe Work?

Swipe connects to Match.com, but you can set up your profile and membership directly in the app. If you already have a Match.com account, you can download the app and start using it. Otherwise, you can download the Swipe app and either manually enter the profile information or autofill with a Facebook link.

Once you are in and registered, you get access to other members’ profiles. Your first introduction will be by photo. Online dating is a visual experience, and first impressions count. If someone’s picture appeals to you, you are more likely to swipe and express an interest. That is how you and everyone on the site react to the images.

There are millions of possible matches, but you have plenty of search tools to narrow down the list of potential dates. Geolocation shows you nearby members while you are at home, at work, or out and about visiting the shops or the gym. This search gives you a quick way of getting in touch with people you can easily meet in person. Then you can search according to criteria how well their information mirrors yours, physical appearance, and hobbies. It’s a massive database of possible dates, and there are many ways to identify people who appeal to you.

Communication with other members is only open to those with a paid subscription. The best tools, like video calls, are available to premium members. Maintaining tight control over the process keeps members’ identities private. A video call can only take place after establishing a relationship through messaging and talking. Either member can request a video call, but both member’s consent before this facility is enabled.

Premium members can voice call each other, but the call is over the internet, keeping mobile numbers concealed. Standard members communicate by messages, and premium members can see if their contact reads the email.

How Does Swipe Work

Registration – Is It Really Easy?

Registering with Swipe is quick and straightforward. You can register for free and complete your profile and then opt for a paid service later when you want to access all the features.

Details needed are straightforward email, birthday, general location, gender, and sexual orientation. After you supply the necessary information, you choose a username and password. Generally, your username shields you from people looking you up on Google or Facebook so you can choose what information to share with the other members.

There’s no email verification, and following registration, you transfer to the profile builder. Your profile’s minimum expectations are a photograph and up to 100 characters describing yourself to potential matches. Profile pictures do not go through an approval stage, but you want a decent photo to advertise your presence.

The profile details include as much or as little information as you want to share from your astrological sign to your favorite pet. Providing information for your profile is a balance between protecting your privacy and attracting potential dates. You can speed up creating your profile by using the information you already shared on Facebook.

What About Design & Usability?

The Swipe app is incredibly easy to use. You are presented with profile pictures and swipe one way for an interest and the other way if you don’t like what you see. As a free member, you can send likes but no messages.

Swipe currently supports eight languages, and more are likely to be added to this list as this app expands its range.

The design is fuss-free and uncluttered so you can navigate around and access all the available tools. The search options are varied with plenty of filters, letting you focus on fine-tuning your long list of prospective dates.

Your likes are collected in one file so you can keep track of them. Premium members can also see who has liked them. You can opt to match with another member by clicking on the “match me” option, and you can boost your visibility for an hour. Activating the boost function puts you on top of the list to match and discover searches for sixty minutes.

Communication tools include sending messages, instant messenger, MatchPhone, and browsing incognito. MatchPhone lets you voice call another member but keeps your phone number confidential. Stealth browsing mode allows you to look at other members’ profiles without alerting them that you have been checking them out.

After you get to know another member, you can take part in a video call if both of you are willing. Swipe deploys plenty of flexible communication tools so you can interact with other members.

The user interface provides seamless performance on a mobile phone. The profile pictures are full screen and with plenty of details. You choose how you get your notifications, and you stay in control.

What About Design & Usability

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

Your profile is all about you and influences how other members will see you when searching, matching, and considering which way to Swipe.

You have space for twenty-six photos on your Swipe profile page. The advice is to use attractive and bright images for your profile, preferably taken under natural light. You write your profile summary, and you supply all the information in the depth that you are happy to share with the public. You have the option to take part in personality quizzes and matching games to round out your profile and increase the chances of matching with another member.

When you run a search, other members’ profiles will present with a percentage compatibility score. The amount of matching on Swipe depends on the level of detail you and your match provided. The profile also shows if that user is currently online and last logged in to their account. This detail is a useful feature as it allows you to pay attention to people who are more likely to respond to your messages because they are regularly engaging with the site.

On the principle that opposites attract, you can search for members who do not match your profile (reverse matching). All the profiles provide enough information for exciting combinations of possible pairings according to specific and random search criteria.

The Mobile Application

Swipe is a mobile application that lets you handle your online dating life from your phone. Mobile phones change the way we interact with the world and other people. Swipe means you can use small slices of time during the day to search for potential partners and start communicating when you have five minutes of free time.

You can stay on top of messages and notifications and spot potential opportunities to attend singles events in your area. Swipe allows you to fit the ongoing search for your soulmate into your daily life with minimum effort.

Physical meetings for the first time are always anxious for you, your family, and friends. You can opt to nominate three contacts to be your back up during your first date. You get an automated message at regular intervals to check that you are safe and well. Failure to answer or a negative reply results in a call for help message to your three contacts. Nearly all first dates pass without any issues, but a backup plan gives everyone peace of mind.

Swipe is available for android or iOS and downloads in seconds.

Swipe’s Safety & Security

Swipe benefits from Match.com’s safety features and has plenty of unique security functions compared with other dating websites. You can expect and get all the standard encryption of data and secure payments.

A significant concern of any dating sits is that you can attract persistent and unwanted attention from another member. Swipe has some nifty features to help stop you from being bothered in this way. You can browse in incognito or Zen mode. When you go incognito, you can look at profiles without advertising your presence, except to members that appeal to you. Zen mode means only members who match your criteria can send you a message. Both these features help you to stay in control of who you contact and who can contact you.

When you use your phone to talk to another member, your number stays private as the call routes securely through the internet, and video contact needs your consent. Physical meetings are another risk to your safety. You can set up a date check, with automated messages, to check in with you during that real-world date.

Finally, any online interaction can attract scammers and fraudsters. The free service does not allow you to send messages making Swipe unattractive to scammers. Moderators check profiles for suspicious activity, and you can report any member’s inappropriate behavior with the click of a button.

Swipe's Safety & Security

Pricing & Benefits

The free service is limited. It gives you access to Swipe. You can review other members’ profiles and send likes to indicate interest. The free service is an ideal way to explore and discover if Swipe is right for you.

You can subscribe through the Swipe app or Match.com. The subscription fees and packages are different for sign-up through the website and sign-up through the app. Compare the current deals to make sure you get the paid service at the best available price.

There are two levels of paid service, standard and premium. The standard service lets you send messages and keep an eye on who is visiting your profile. The premium service gives you all the features: stealth browsing, voice, and video calls.

Pricing starts at $20 per month for the standard plan and $40 per month for the premium plan.

You can pay by credit card or PayPal, and your subscription will automatically renew unless you cancel it.

Help & Support

The resources of Match.com support Swipe, so you get excellent customer service to resolve any problems swiftly. Getting in touch is straightforward, but generally, few issues crop up because the Swipe app runs smoothly.

Many features are automatically complaining about a member and blocking their access to you. You can contact help and support from inside the Swipe app to resolve your issue by a fellow human being.


In case you still have some questions, there is a list of FAQs below. It will most likely be helpful in making the right decision.

Is Swipe Safe?

Swipe pays attention to members’ safety with plenty of features to protect data and people. You benefit from anonymity right up to the point where you arrange a physical meeting. Then you can use the safe dating system to give you and your friends peace of mind. You exercise control over who views your profile if this is important to you.

Is Swipe A Real Dating Site?

Swipe is an app provided by an international online dating company Match.com. Both Swipe and Match.com are genuine products you use to get to know other people for romance and friendship.

How To Use Swipe?

You can download Swipe from the Google or Apple Store in the usual way. You can create your Match.com profile in Swipe or on the website. After you have registered, you can check out other members and start to send likes.

Swipe lets you search and discover potential matches, collate a list of likes, and communicate with convenient mobile technology. Swipe is useful to any man or woman looking to make friends, socialize, and possibly find a partner for life.

Is Swipe Free?

The free service is limited and lets you see if there are potential matches available. You need a subscription to get to know and talk to other members.

Does Swipe Really Work?

Swipe gives you people who match your criteria and live nearby. Swipe works to build your social network both online and in the real world. If you are looking to meet other singles and people to have fun with on a casual or serious basis, Swipe works for you.


Apps give you all the features of a website with a tap on a screen. Swipe gives you access to millions of people in a safe, secure space on your mobile phone. Time is a precious resource, and Swipe lets you grow your social life in those slices of available time in a modern way. The Swipe app gives you access to one of the world’s biggest online dating sites at a similar cost and on a much smaller device.

Whatever you need from online dating is provided smoothly and efficiently by Swipe. From creative searches, group events, and safety features, Swipe offers a complete package of benefits and features that you can access from your phone. If you are looking for love or a good time, you can find it with Swipe.

Simran Pillarisetty
Simran Pillarisetty
Simran Pillarisetty
MS, RD & Writer
Simran is our dating hero, and she knows everything about how to make relationship between people better! She has excellent skills that she uses to make people’s life better!
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by Declan Oct 11, 2021
I'm an open-minded bisexual person and appreciate tests. I'm definitely not monogamous, at the least now. Seriously, my favorite lifestyle is far from old-fashioned societal norms, and I also commonly feeling depressed actually among members of the family or best friends. Many of them were attached, and that I'm supposed blend nuts right after I feeling their particular substantial styles. Hence, naturally, it's really difficult to select and go out with like-minds after you inside a big town, in which folks are too bustling which will make newer joints. So, such chaos is why for signing up with this page. And the experience is actually seamless. We were able to locate those who wish the same matter and comprehend my personal need to remain free of cost, without willpower, promises, and this various other hooey. An additional great factor would be that there I've fulfilled some bi-curious users. I really enjoy the functionality with the internet site since it's very plenty of for original communications. Perhaps, people need more perks, but also in my estimation, you must get a date if you need extensive connections. While exploring users, we noticed most bare type. I wish individuals could spend most awareness of their unique profile on the webpage. On the subject of the site's overall performance, all things are okay. No troubles with visit, emails, etc. Support service is beneficial and its readily available 24 / 7. I'm happy to see a virtual spot for simple wishes and fantasies. It's awesome once the area shouldn't impose its values but is on a single web page.
Lorraine Johnson
by Lorraine Johnson Oct 06, 2021
The dating site is straightforward, and course-plotting is easy. We access an adequate many basic facts and experience for people that appear popular with me personally. In all honesty, I do take pleasure in located on our site. We possibly couldn't hit my own present buddy till now. Still, i came across some interested men and women to talk to. I feel complimentary and peaceful while communicating with these people. I firmly make this request website to any or all who's going to be wanting close company, regardless of the particular connection.
by Østergaard Oct 01, 2021
I want different daters to know that this particular service 100percent performs optimally without tips. People that certainly hunger for to find in touch with special someone won't feel dissapointed about their option if enrolling in the platform. The main thing just isn't to quit. I've currently found the beloved, therefore we are presently happier. Personally I think arousal and balance, hence ways loads. Very, we're crazy, and in fact is never too-late for folks of various age groups and criteria. I will suggest our site, hence simply sample.
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