Paltalk review – what do we know about it?

Paltalk review – what do we know about it?
About Girls
Date with older guy 2%
Reply rate 87%
Beauty 91%
Popular age 20-23
Profiles 1.600.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Free of cost
  • No discrimination of users
  • Can be accessed across multiple platforms
  • Huge user base
  • Too many ads if you use it for free
  • Customer support could be better

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Paltalk is a popular dating site owned by PeerSteam Inc, who’s also the owner of other popular sites such as TinyChat, FirstMet, 50more, Pack, Firetalk, and Vumber. The functionality of this site works on the lines of the Instant Messenger’s mechanism if you’re more familiar with the work of those sites. The site offers video options as well as voice-over call functions where you can get access to it for free of cost, along with many other features. The members of this site come on to it and hope to interact with interesting people from every nook and corner of Earth. It functions mostly through text chat rooms and rooms with video functionality available where everyone can get on to it.

The site doesn’t discriminate on race, sex, gender and allows people of all communities to come under one umbrella. One of the advantages of the site is that it will enable you to work on various platforms. You can get access to the site version on either desktop or mobiles. And for the app versions, you’ll find it on iOS, Android and Mac on desktop services.

To spice up things, the room categories offered in Paltalk are limitless, and you can pick whatever suits your choice and style the most. It goes from Politics to Arts, Sex, or Entertainment, and you’ll be interested to know of more topics to talk about it. If you’re unsure of the chat room rules and regulations, there’s a rulebook provided on the site to help you with that. The site focuses on helping different people from different cultures and backgrounds interact with each other to find friends, casual flings, or proper dating.

How does Paltalk work?

Paltalk review - what do we know about it?

Being on Paltalk will remind you of your childhood if you remember back in the day when people just wouldn’t get enough of texting when it burst on the scene. Paltalk video chat is trying to wind back the block but, along with that, inject modern technologies in the new era. With new features, a sleek and user-friendly interface, fun chat rooms, and a uniform feature that functions efficiently across all platforms, Paltalk is one of a kind.

Since the site is primarily a chatroom, they promote active communication between the members. When it comes to messaging, there’s absolutely no restriction, and it’s free of cost, so even the free members can get most of the site’s accessibility. The sellable items on Paltalk are accessories such as badges, webcam shows, virtual gifts, and so on. If you’re a free member, you’re by default enabled to have to get webcam windows for free to view streaming from the other members of the site.

Paltalk allows communication to flow between the members since the site is more focussed on being a chat site. They do not discourage messaging options. Being a free member, you can access some of the features that are usually reserved for premium members. Paltalk sells random items on their site, which are based on the lines of virtual gifts. If you’re a free member, you can get the chance of two webcam shows for free viewing of the broadcast of other members.

The members are allowed to text each other across the globe except members who’ve applied restrictions to their settings that allow them to receive texts from their list of ‘Pals’ only. You can very much bypass that by sending gifts online. You can send virtual gifts to anyone, whether they’re online or not, and don’t have a message setting that restricts other members.

Registration – is it really easy?

Paltalk review - what do we know about it?

The owners of the site have ensured that the registration process is finished in a jiffy, not to let the members spend much time. It shouldn’t take you more than 2 minutes. It starts with providing a valid e-mail id then a catchy username.

A creative username is advised to help other people be interested in you, and you can stand out from the rest. This also helps create a good impression on other members coming to your profile for the 1st time. And, last but not least, a strong password. You’ll then receive a confirmation mail where you’ll have to go and confirm to proceed with Paltalk. This is where your real journey begins with the site.

You can wish to either log in through the web or app version. Once you’re in, you can start looking for chat rooms or members of your choice. Do note that you can only enter rooms through the app function. If you want any changes concerning your account or upgrading, it can be done only in the website version.

What about design and usability?

Paltalk review - what do we know about it?

The design of the Paltalk is structured well and enables users to access all the functionalities within site easily. You can play around with a wide range of stickers and online gifts on offer that can be used in most of the occasions, helping you communicate with personalities you come across. And guess what? Paltalk even keeps adding new ones periodically to keep the users engaged. Though it’s not compulsory to buy the gifts and sticker packs, it allows you to make conversations memorable, fun, and engaging while communicating.

The mobile, as well as the desktop variations, work productively and load quickly. This prevents lag while you’re on it. The quality of the webcam show is good, and the videos appear clear without disturbance.

There’s also the cool option of a multiple-window that allows several windows to open and enables you to chat in any chat rooms at the same time. If you wish just to be in one chat room, use the option of the compact mode. However, you’ll be happy with the entire design and functionality; it will provide you with the satisfaction of a smooth experience.

Let’s talk about profile quality

Paltalk review - what do we know about it?

If you wish to view a member’s profile, you can only do so by doing it in the Paltalk website version. It will show you the entire list of already existing rooms and the specific ones where they have signed up as members. You’ll also get to view the virtual gifts that they’ve received so far from other members. The more virtual gifts they have, the bigger is their popularity on the site.

If you want to understand a member better, you’ll not get it by only viewing their profiles. There are no personality questions that come into the registration process. So, the only way to know if someone fits your understanding of interesting or sexy is to directly talk to them. Direct communication is the most effective way of understanding a member, and it gives you deeper insights into each member’s personality.

The site offers special functions to improve the standards of active communication within the chat room. If you’re a member, you’ll be presented with the features for free of cost or at minimal cost without entering into a paid subscription.

Virtual Gift – You can use this feature to send someone a gift as a conversation starter in a chat room. There’s also the option of sending yourself one in an attempt to gain popularity.

Sticker Packs – There is an ocean of options available to choose from, which will help your messages be more fun. It ranges from characters that are adorable to funny messages that may compliment the other members. The options are endless, and it’s up to you or your style of communication to pick the ones of your choice.

Group Chat Functions: You can use this option to either form or join another group chat room. If you form one, you can also create your rule book and be the chat administrator.

The mobile application

The mobile application is available for both iOS and Android devices and that both are available free of cost. The app offers a good experience to the user. The mobile and app versions are similar.

If you wish to open the site in your device’s browser, you can access all the functionality of the desktop version of the website. So, it doesn’t matter if you download the app or not; the good part is that you get many options to interact within the site.

Safety & security

Paltalk review - what do we know about it?

One of the most important questions before entering a dating site is the safety and security it provides. Firstly, it’s always advisable to go through the site’s safety features and do a little research for yourself. This helps you to understand the kind of protocols the site enables to protect members. If you come across suspicious behavior on the site, you can choose to go two ways.

The first option is to go to the profile of such a user and block them so that you don’t get bothered by such profiles. The second option is to report them to the site’s administration to ensure they don’t come across members and cause any kind of discomfort. Another security measure you could take yourself is to use a different e-mail address and not disclose your financial information on the site. It’s always recommended not to share private information until you trust the person enough.

Pricing and benefits

The four main subscriptions that the site offers are as below:

Prime membership: with prime membership, you get options of unlimited webcam shows with high definition guaranteed. You’ll also be given an option to browse the site with no ads, a gold-colored nickname, and a profile badge made for prime members.

VIP membership: with a VIP membership, you’ll find unlimited webcam access to live videos with a high definition and no ads, nickname in the purple color, and a profile badge. Another addition to the VIP membership is that you can see who checked on your profile.

Extreme membership: with Extreme membership, you get access to unlimited webcam videos with HD quality, no ads, and see who views your profile.

Plus membership: this membership gets rid of the ads, and you can see who watches your profile or broadcast.

The site also does its best in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility. From every subscription payment, one dollar is going for a charity named Rise Against Hunger, an international NGO that works for people residing in non-developed countries.

Credits on Paltalk are a currency of the site for buying gifts from the store. You can also earn points for getting Crown Status every time you receive or send a gift. The prices are in USD.


  • 25 Credits 0.08 USD/Credit, 1.99 USD in total
  • 110 Credits 0.05 USD/Credit, 4.99 dollars in total
  • 250 Credits 0.04 USD/Credit, 9.99 dollars in total
  • 520 Credits 0.04 USD/Credit, 19.99 dollars in total
  • 1,530 Credits 0.03 USD/Credit, 49.99 dollars in total
  • 3,250 Credits 0.03 USD/Credit, 99.99 dollars in total
  • 5,000 Credits 0.03 USD/Credit, 149.99 dollars in total
  • 9,080 Credits 0.03 USD/Credit, 249.99 dollars in total


Duration Per Month Total
Plus Subscription
12 Months 3.99 USD/Month 47.88 dollars in total
Extreme Subscription
1 Month 9.95 USD/Month 9.95 dollars in total
12 Months 4.99 USD/Month 59.88 dollars in total
VIP Subscription
1 Month 19.95 USD/Month 19.95 dollars in total
12 Months 8.99 USD/Month 107.88 dollars in total
Prime Subscription
1 Month 39.95 USD/Month 39.95 dollars in total
12 Months 29.99 USD/Month 179.94 dollars in total

Help & support

Paltalk review - what do we know about it?

You’ll notice that the support team is at your service during any issue with other users or if you need help with the navigation. The 24/7 team monitors the site’s activities with scrutiny to keep an eye for fake profiles and scammers. Overall, they do their job well but don’t be surprised if it takes some time to deal with your issue as usually, they have a high volume of cases to handle at all times.


Paltalk review - what do we know about it?

Is Paltalk safe?

Yes, it’s a safe site where standard security protocols are provided.

Is Paltalk a real dating site?

Yes, Paltalk is a real site that allows members from all over the globe to video chat and message each other. You can use it for dating or just to make friends and have exciting conversations.

How to use Paltalk?

All you have to do is register, find a suitable chat room, and get into a conversation. The service caters to those who are interested in new people and love to communicate with them.

Paltalk review - what do we know about it?

Is Paltalk free?

Yes, most of the features are available free of charge, and the app is completely free to download.

Does Paltalk work?

Yes, it works as long as you know what you’re seeking. The site is easy to use and navigate, and it’s available in three versions to make your experience better.


Paltalk review - what do we know about it?

Paltalk is an excellent networking site that enables people from all over the world to interact with each other. It provides multiple chat rooms that can gather people of similar interests and get them into video or text chatting on any topic whatsoever. If you like to chat and meet people of different cultures and nationalities but haven’t found a platform for it yet, Paltalk is a good opportunity for you. If you’re looking for anything other than this, you might be slightly disappointed even though most of the features are completely free. Try it with the free account first, and you’ll decide whether the platform is right for you.

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