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Muzmatch Review – what do we know about it?

Muzmatch Review – what do we know about it?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 25-35
Profiles 2.000.000
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Visit rate 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Brilliant experience and app designing
  • 2 million people from all age groups, sexual orientations, and backgrounds can be found here
  • More than 50,000 successful marriages have happened through the platform
  • Very supportive customer and member executive teams who respond very fast
  • It is among the best dating and marriage apps of the decade
  • Keyword searches are not available
  • There is an auto-reply feature which is not quite commendable as it misleads users into believing that they got a real message

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Life is hard, and struggling through it alone without someone you love by your side is quite pathetic. That’s when Muzmatch comes into the picture. Companionship demands are different for different people. Some people want a permanent date for a relationship or marriage, and some others wish for a casual date. When it comes to creating a pious bond, not all dating websites can be trusted.

Muzmatch is one of the most trusted dating platforms around the world. Though it primarily deals with Muslim sanity, relationship, and marriage, but, it is still quite genuine in matters of other religions. It is prevalent in countries like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, France, Somalia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, and other south Asian countries. Over two million people are on this platform, out of whom 50,000 people are married through its app, and many more than 1 million have found love in people. Muzmatch has an app, as well as the website. Every detail about them would be discussed in this Muzmatch review.

How does Muzmatch work?

Muzmatch Review - what do we know about it?

The working procedure of this app is quite simple, and it defines the user interface on its own. It starts with the necessary process of registration. You sign up and start creating your profile. Unlike many other platforms, you don’t need to give out too much information to register on Muzmatch. It does its work with minimal inputs from you. Putting up pictures and preferences helps the platform connect you to someone who best suits you. Upon matching, you may go for a date, get into a relationship, and also married to start a peaceful family life, or have asexual relationship, cause Muzmatch is known as one of the best asexual dating sites.

It aims at making satisfactory matches. It works on the swiping mechanism making it simple and easy to use. You have full control over whom you want to speak to on Muzmatch. You can start talking for free only if it is a two-sided selection, i.e., only if you like each other.

Registration – is it really easy?

Muzmatch Review - what do we know about it?

The procedure of registration is more simplified and user-friend, unlike many other dating platforms. Muzmatch doesn’t demand excessive information. It is quite basic and takes hardly 5 minutes to set up a profile. Later you just need to add your picture to make it more appealing. You have two options available to register, the Muzmatch website or the Muzmatch app. Both of them are equally good for the cause. Following is the detailed procedure

  1. Download the app or open the website through the browser.
  2. Click on the ‘sign-up’ option.
  3. Fill up your necessary details like name, location, gender, email address, etc.
  4. Select your sexual preference and make your profile appealing by adding your picture.
  5. The images, along with your profile, will be verified.

The verification process is unique. To ensure that the picture uploaded isn’t too old, it demands a real-time selfie video that displays the face from all angles and proves that the image is genuine. It is doubtful to find a fake profile on Muzmatch as every account goes under detailed verification.

What about design and usability?

Muzmatch Review - what do we know about it?

The app is well-designed with vibrant colors and is visually pleasuring. The user interface is very well-defined in itself. It is so user-friendly that even the first time users don’t have any problem press necessary buttons to find their perfect partner. It is appropriately planned and well-executed. The website and app are professionally designed and stand up to the expectations of people.

  1. Brilliant experience and app designing.
  2. million people from all age groups, sexual orientations, and backgrounds can be found here.
  3. More than 50,000 successful marriages have happened through the platform.
  4. Very supportive customer and member executive teams who respond very fast
  5. It is among the best dating and marriage apps of the decade.

Muzmatch is the platform of choice for effective matchmaking for more than two million people in almost 190 countries around the world. It is well maintained and organized to help the people using it. There is no drawback to the layout of the website. The chat section is easy to access, sending pictures, voice notes and videos are also a part of their technological advancements. Every intricate detail has been taken care of so minutely that finding out flaws in its interface is quite hard. It is known for its dedicated services and user satisfaction. Not only has it been the subject of appreciation in many countries, but it also has made itself gain a position in the list of top-rated marriage and dating apps around the world.

Let’s talk about profile quality

Muzmatch Review - what do we know about it?

The sincere answer to this question is that it is more detailed than many dating websites that we’ve seen previously. First, when you sign up, it is either by giving an email address, Facebook, or phone number. After this, your profile is successfully created. These include basic things like name, nationality, date of birth, and then general yet essential elements. General yet crucial things are the ones that vary in people and qualities that people adore. These include interests, hobbies, stories, sexual preferences, and criteria for an ideal date.

The best part about the app is the verification process. Muzmatch has made it possible for many people to find their soulmate, as all the profiles found on the website or app are genuine. Most of the people on Muzmatch are quite straightforward, and you don’t have difficulties in figuring out if a particular person is right for you. There is a hundred percent guarantee by the Muzmatch team regarding the authenticity of users. Their advanced sorting mechanism eliminates inactive and non-verified ID user profiles, ensuring that you only talk to genuine people.

The mobile application

The most effective way to be present on Muzmatch is through the mobile application, which is finely crafted for fast and efficient communication. The need for this app arose because many web browsers do not support message displaying features when it is closed. The app ensures to notify you of everything that might help you.

Muzmatch app is one of the few ones that can readily be found on both Android and the iOS platform. It can be downloaded from Google Play Store or their website in android and on the app store for IOS. The only drawback, the app is the advertisement displayed on it most of the time. This problem can easily be tackled by taking a premium membership, which is value for money.

Safety and security

Muzmatch Review - what do we know about it?

Safety, security, and privacy are the essentials in every dating website or app. But, Muzmatch has taken this threat management to the next level by deploying Cybersecurity experts at every part of the communication node. Here, the user must draw the attention of the authority towards it. This contribution is highly valued and helps the app to develop.

Reporting inappropriate behavior is very simple, and you would get a response from the member service executive team very soon regarding the problem. Muzmatch app is like a family, and growing together is the thing that matters the most. Routine checks are still carried out to throw out inactive members and the once who don’t obey the company policy. There is a safety guide regarding online dating provided to the members who are new-comers in the field of online dating. Many members are involved in fraudulent and illegal activities. They are either taken care of by the cybersecurity officials or are reported by the users of the platform. Both of them are equally effective and are given equal importance. Online dating is risky and should be done carefully to avoid the rising of an unnecessary problem. Many times, people have to suffer for the actions of other people, but, in the case of Muzmatch, things are pretty exciting and different.

Pricing and Benefits

The pricing is neither too high nor irrelevant in the case of Muzmatch, like other online dating websites. Though the Muzmatch app allows you to go through, like, and match with people, it doesn’t allow you to initiate a conversation without the premium membership. It is relevant because it is certain that once you get into this app, thinking of relationships and commitment, you are sure to find the girl of your dreams here. It is also for security purposes and server maintenance. The premium account subscription charges are as follows:

  • 1 month= $29.99 (offer price $28.99 for the first month)
  • 3 months= $60.00 (offer price $58.55)
  • 6 months= $90.00 (ULTRA SAVER PACK with offer price $85.00)

The premium is worth the price as it gives you the freedom to do many things and also provides you with a sneak peek into the user interface. It gives you the liberty to see people who viewed your profile and actions they took with it. You can also see people who liked your profile and check their profile to decide whether to like them or not. It also allows you to go to a person whom you’ve rejected by mistake and select them again. You can deliver and receive messages from anyone, and that’s quite commendable. Muzmatch has three payment methods which are well secured. They are safe and guarantee that there is no involvement of 3rd party software or services. These three modes are:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • PayPal

Help and Support

Muzmatch Review - what do we know about it?

As mentioned earlier, Muzmatch has a very cooperative and supportive member care executive team that deals with every problem that has possibly arisen. Any app, people, functionality, and technical issues that come to the eyes of this executive team are dealt with very effectively.

If you ever face any problems regarding anything, you can always feel free to drop a mail at their email address. You would get a reply very soon, and that’s because Muzmatch believes in customer satisfaction.

Reporting a problem is even more straightforward on the Muzmatch app. The placement of the Settings icon is done in the top left corner of the app. Click it, and you’d find a dropbox with various options. The second option from the bottom reads ‘customer support.’ Click it and report any problem you want. The team would look into the matter, solve the problem, and let you know of the outcome. It is hard to find such a fast-responding support team nowadays, but Muzmatch is breaking the limits.


Muzmatch Review - what do we know about it?

How to deactivate a Muzmatch profile?

Muzmatch profile can be deactivated temporarily and permanently. Temporarily deactivation is the disabling of the profile, and it can be done by hiding your profile. Nobody can find or connect to you in your absence. Permanent disabling is done by deleting the account, and the option can be found in variants>settings>account settings>delete the account.

Who can join Muzmatch?

Anyone can join Muzmatch provided that you are 18 or above.

Is the verification of the profile necessary?

Yes, it is. It ensures that people are not tricked online by fake profiles, as dating is a susceptible matter.

Is Muzmatch adequately secured?

Yes, it is counted among one of the most secure online dating and marriage platforms.

What kinds of members are possibly found on this platform?

Members on Muzmatch look for marriage, serious relationships, or casual relationships.

Is Muzmatch safe?

Muzmatch is undoubtedly one of the safest and most trusted online dating and marriage platforms. It has a loyal fan base and is well-reputed. It has strong cybersecurity teams to deal with illegal activities or scams taking place on the platform. You can find a couple of stories of almost 45,000 users on marriage and 25,000-30,000 users on the relationship. The platform is genuine, and the 2 million active users speak for it.

Is Muzmatch a real dating app?

Muzmatch is a real dating app. It has been featured in esteemed organizations and media houses like London Evening standards, GQ, BBC, TechCrunch, Men’s Health, Financial Times, and the New York Times. It was won many awards regarding its contribution towards weddings and dating in the Muslim community. It has been ranked 3rd as the best dating and marriage app of the year 2019 by TechCrunch and the most innovative app campaign award in the year 2018 by BBC.

How to use Muzmatch?

Muzmatch Review - what do we know about it?

You can use Muzmatch very effectively to your advantage by keeping it real and answering the asked questions honestly. The app works by a behavioral matchmaking system and studies your behavior and activities. Answering questions genuinely helps the system to find the perfect match for you. Make sure to communicate respectfully as showing disrespect is not knowledgeable, and you can get blocked or banned.

Is Muzmatch free?

It is a free platform for people who are looking for a trial of the platform. It helps you find profiles by signing up. It costs you as per the charges mentioned above- when you are convinced that you want to communicate with someone to take things further. Paying for the premium version eliminates advertisements and gives you access to the user interface of Muzmatch.

Does Muzmatch really work?

It has been working for quite a long time now and is sure to work in the future. The features, support, and convenience of Muzmatch would not let it be forgotten in the future by any chance. But, let’s not go by advice and proofs. The best way to know if something works is by working them out by yourself. Create a profile and try for yourself. If it feels like there is some issue, you know you can’t rely on the app but, it is a beautiful and unique experience.


Muzmatch Review - what do we know about it?

Here is our Muzmatch review. The most important thing is that it is a quite promising online platform to find perfect partners, and it has proven its worth worldwide. It is widely popular. We found that the customer reviews are completely biased towards positive and hence did further analysis to find out that all of them are authentic. When people are genuinely praising a platform, it is far from being ineffective.

Success stories on Muzmatch are real as they are posted by real people who have email addresses for you to confirm if they are correct. Such transparency is quite rare nowadays but, seeing a company prioritizing it is compelling. We found the customer helpline very cooperative and helpful as well. Give it a try; the next Muzmatch success story may be yours to narrate.

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