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Meet24 Review – What Do We Know About it?

Meet24 Review – What Do We Know About it?
About Girls
Date with older guy 17%
Reply rate 94%
Beauty 95%
Popular age 21-38
Profiles 1720000
About Site
Visit rate 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Easy to use and setup
  • Can run on multiple devices, even in older phones
  • Doesn’t require in-app purchases for a complete dating experience
  • Feature-rich messaging app (lets you send voice messages, text messages, pictures, and stickers)
  • Most of its core services are free of charge without limitations
  • Seamless experience, even for people who don’t have online dating experience before.
  • Ads can be persistent and might be a dealbreaker for a lot of users.
  • There are core services like the "Seen" and "Read" icons unavailable.
  • Notification spam
  • No restriction for names
  • Core features like advanced search and filters are still not available.
  • There is no standard for picture quality.

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Meet24 is an online dating mobile app like Badoo or Tinder that lets you flirt, chat, and talk to other singles near your area. The app is made by WILDEC LCC and has over 5 million installs worldwide. Highlighting quickness and ease of usage, Meet24 is one of the most intuitive dating apps in the market.

This app can hog up all the power on your phone because of its active notification display. Sometimes the notifications can be annoying when you do not need them. However, its messaging function is rich and can compete with major dating apps available in the market right now.

How Does Meet24 Work?

First thing first, users are required to create an account before they can access the official site. Each user can choose what kind of relationships they’re looking for. Besides, users need to provide some information about the partner that they’re looking for. This includes information such as gender, age bracket, and distance from the user.

Pictures are moderated to prevent fake profiles or catfishers from using the platform. Once you’re done with the process, you can check other profiles and initiate chat. For a small dating app, Meet24 has a lot of features that most traditional dating apps have. Users can rate other users, send wink bombs or gifts, chat, use the site’s currency for transactions, and view the newsfeed that everyone can access. Users can also follow someone if they don’t want to start a conversation yet.

Finding the nearest users is as easy as clicking the “Find Flirts” option. If you want to swipe from left to right, you can play the “Match game.” The app will give you profile recommendations based on your search preference. The Match Game is not accessible if you don’t have a photo approved by the moderator.

How Does Meet24 Work

Registration – Is It Really Easy?

Making an account in Meet24 can be done in just a minute or two. To create an account, the user will need a working email and a secure password. Download the app for your phone (Android or iPhone) and tap the “Create New Account.” You will be asked to turn on your location, but this can be skipped and edited later. Enter your email and your preferred password, then tap “Next.” Give your first name and birthday, partner preference, and city.

For a more convenient process, you can sign up with your Facebook account. Creating an account is free for all the app users, but the app’s functionality will be limited for non paid accounts. You can upgrade to a premium account for $12.99 per month, $34.99 for three months, $57.99 for six months, and $74.99 for one year. Here is the list of benefits for premium account users:

  • See the list of people who likes your profile
  • List of all people who checked your profile
  • “Seen” and “Read” message indicators
  • Premium Profile icon
  • List of all people who added you to their “Favourites”
  • Free 20 presents per day
  • No ads when using the app

Meet24 Registration - Is It Really Easy?

What About Design and Usability?

Meet24 is easy to use because it only has two main screens where you can interact. When you tap the “Find Flirts” option, you will be redirected to the screen to discover possible love interests near you. By tapping the “back” button of your phone, you will be brought to the main screen, where you can see your followers, visitors, chats, free points, and more.

On the main screen, just tap on “Matches” to play the game, and the app will offer a recommended account based on your search preference. Boost your profile by spending your points via “Look at me.” Tell your visitors what’s your current mood by setting up “Wishes” or setting meet-ups via “Encounters.” Log in every day to get free points. There is a universal newsfeed where you can see all activities of all users in real-time.

Meet24 What About Design and Usability?

Let’s Talk about Profile Quality

Profile pictures are essential in matchmaking. That’s why Meet24 has a moderation team dedicated to keeping information truthful and appropriate. By joining the community, the user agrees to post a real picture only. That’s why a picture of something else other than your photo will be removed. You can’t add an image of your guitar, a flower, or even your cutest pets unless your real picture is not included.

Checking other people’s information is easy; the user can tap into a user’s picture, and it will bring the profile account information. The profile features basic stuff, such as name, age, location, and interest in women or men (or both). Users can rate other user’s profiles by clicking on the star point system. Unfortunately, there are no other indications (such as online indication, likes, interests, hobbies) that can tell you more about your potential partner. If you want to remove your account, just tap the “Remove Account” button.

Since there’s no way to expand more on your interests, you might want to get creative on your profile picture. Add common hobbies and interests that can serve as a talk starter to it. Make your picture clear and interesting for your profile viewers.

Meet24 Let's Talk about Profile Quality

The Mobile Application

Meet24’s main app features are ported free in both Android and iOS devices. Take note that both apps are rated for the usage of people who are 18 years old and up. Although this is rated as an 18+ app, there is a group of active content moderators who are active 24/7 to reject inappropriate content.

The most significant user base is Android users, who can download the app from Google Play. As of May 4, 2020, the app has garnered more than 5 million installs. Installation files are small in download size (only 9.5MB), but it can be a battery hog if you don’t have at least a mid-range phone. Overall, the app is easy to use, even for people who haven’t used dating sites or dating apps before.

As for iOS, the Meet24 app is also free, with options for in-app purchases. The app is suitable for iPhones, iPads, and even an Apple Watch. Install size is more than 100MB and requires iOS 9 or later. What makes this a better option is the removal of ads inside the app. Like its Android counterpart, inappropriate, illegal, or copyrighted contents are moderated and not published by the content moderators.

Meet24 The Mobile Application

Safety & Security

The app is rated 18+, so expect that there are sexual innuendos and other related activities. However, the administrators are on the full move to keep the minors out of the app. They also forbid sending tasteless and pornographic materials, as well as promote illegal products or services. Users can block and report anyone who violated the terms and conditions of the site.

One of the biggest complaints on the app is the lack of information about other people. Hence, some people use the site for fake accounts. To avoid fake accounts, the app uses the mandatory profile picture rule as the first defense line. You can still use the app without setting up a profile picture, but the algorithm will show your profile less. The user is expected to follow online dating’s basic rules, as these risks are available on all dating websites.

To ensure safety in online dating communities, only share information after knowing somebody for a couple of months or longer. Set first dates in public places; don’t ignore the red flags, and let your friends check on you.

Meet24 Safety & Security

Pricing And Benefits

Meet24 is a free app, and you don’t need to pay a single penny just to find a match. However, if you want to unlock some of the features, you will need to opt for the premium account. You can download and install the app without giving credit card information, which is quite convenient.

Users can make their Meet24 experience better by buying in-app products.

  • Look At Me – It is an in-app product that can be used to boost your profile’s reach. The more points you spend, the more boost your profile will receive.
  • Gifts – The gifts are in-app items that can let a potential match know you’re interested in learning more about them. Most gifts are worth 100 points and are usually items that you would buy on a date (drinks, coffee, and more). Gifts received by the user are visible on his or her profile information.

Meet24 uses “point” as the official in-app currency. There are several ways to earn points, such as buying a plan or upgrading to premium. Free points are given when you make an account, as well as finish tasks like installing a game or answering a survey. Here are the standard points’ value and their prices in USD.


  • $1.99 plan – gives you 200 points
  • $4.99 Plan – gives you 600 points
  • $9.99 Plan – gives you 1,500 points
  • $19.99 Plan – gives you 3,500 points
  • $49.99 Plan – gives you 10,000 points
  • $2.99 Single Purchase – features your profile to users close to your search

Take note that premium accounts and services are not required to find your match in this app. As long as you have a decent profile picture, you can meet up with anyone nearby. An iOS version has no ads, but its premium features are available for a monthly plan that costs $12.99. Premium plans are only offered via a subscription basis, available monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually. Points and premium plans are not the same. You can purchase points even if your account is in the basic plan.

Meet24 Pricing And Benefits

Help & Support

When it comes to supporting services, Meet24 has some of the best and fastest support in dating apps. Although the support options are limited (only email and online form), the reply speed is decent. This is as expected to a content moderation team that takes down unqualified pictures within five minutes. Users can contact the customer service department by filling up this form. The form accommodates technical problems, handling problems, general questions, and your feedback.

For those who want to customize their queries, you can send an email instead. Send your questions at wildecllc@gmail.com or support@meet24.com. Unfortunately, there is still no way to call the customer service support with a phone number, but it seems like Meet24 is working for it. Remember to add your email address if you’re going to use the web form found on their site. The more info you have regarding the problem, the faster it would be fixed by the support staff.

Users who don’t want to wait for an email can quickly check the app’s EULA. All the things you can and cannot do are stated on this page. Information regarding registrations, acceptable profile pictures, and billing information are also addressed in the EULA (or privacy policy). Reports about the app’s performance or suggestions are welcome and considered to provide better experiences to users.

Meet24 Help & Support


Want to ask a frequently answered question, but doesn’t have the time to skim the app’s Eula? We prepared and answered five of the most common questions asked by the users from Meet24. If your question is not in this Q&A, folks from the Meet24 support team are more than happy to answer your questions.

Is Meet24 Safe?

For targeted users (single people, 18 years old and above), the Meet24 app is safe. The site uses secure connections for their apps. Keep in mind that there will always be a risk in online dating, no matter what app a user would use. Use basic online dating rules and avoid the red flags.

Is Meet24 A Real Dating Site?

Meet24 is a real dating site and has been online for more than a couple of years. However, just like in other dating apps online, some people might create fake profiles. Remember the online idiom: if you haven’t met someone in real life, they don’t exist.

How to Use Meet24?

Using Meet24 is very intuitive; you only have to use a working email to get started. Use our registration guide to know more about creating your profile. Talk to someone who caught your interest using the built-in messenger.

Meet24 How to Use Meet24?

Is Meet24 Free?

Meet24 is free of charge and doesn’t require any payment options for joining. You can create and delete an account without paying a dime. Payment options and information would be required only if you’re availing for in-app purchases or premium plan upgrade.

Does Meet24 Really Work?

Like any dating sites, Meet24 works, but only if you can create that spark and connection with your fellow users. Meet24’s main purpose is to help users find their prospective partners near their locations.


Considering its strengths and weaknesses, Meet24 is probably an app suited for people who like to meet friends fast, like they do on Tinder or Badoo. You can see who is available for a meetup, invite someone for a drink, and more.

It is definitely for people who like to chat a lot and talk about many things online. Not to mention that you can use it without restriction on core features for free. If you’re trying to find a serious relationship, you might want to consider other dating sites or apps online.

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