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Match vs Tinder – Which One Is Better?

Match vs Tinder – Which One Is Better?

This article aims to compare Tinder vs Match. These two dating platforms go head-to-head, as they are the main competitors in the international online dating market. Here you will find a detailed comparison to decide the winner for your upcoming dating experience.

We start the Match vs Tinder comparison with some general information to give you a quick overview. First, most of Tinder’s users use the mobile app, which they download on Google Play Store or Apple Store, whereas half of Match’s users prefer the desktop version and the second half use the Match app.

Tinder works through a powerful matchmaking mechanism. You choose what members suit your taste and relationship criteria. The majority of Match singles use a traditional way of finding partners, for example, numerous search filters. This process is manual and takes time. At the same time, you have the freedom to choose people you like. In terms of functionality, Tinder vs Match demonstrates similar results. They have a set of efficient features to make your online dating experience smooth and fruitful.

Note that both platforms are free to join with an option to upgrade the membership status. However, we suppose you want to use these platforms to find compatible partners. In that case, you’ve to be ready to invest approximately 16 USD per month for accessing Match. 10 USD per month to use Tinder’s advanced features. On the other hand, both sites offer affordable subscription plans where the price gets cheaper if you order the most extended duration.

The comparison of Tinder vs. Match shows that both services are fantastic for satisfying your needs in dating, flirting, hooking up, or building long-lasting relationships based on trust, love, and shared interests.

What Is the Difference Between Tinder and Match

To make the Tinder vs Match comparison complete, let’s see what the registered members are looking for within these dating platforms.


In the beginning, Tinder used to be the paradise for hookups and casual dates without any commitments. However, it changes its policy, and now single men and women use it as a general dating platform for building long-lasting relationships. It is an extremely popular place among young men and women interested in something fun and casual. You should read profiles of people before you initiate a new friendship or relationship. Check out what people look for not to get disappointed. We recommend you to be honest with other singles. There is enough space within your profile to mention your interests and dating criteria. Sharing your brief bio is essential to make a good impression on people and express your sincere interest in finding a perfect match.


When you make a deep Tinder vs. Match comparison, you can see that Match focuses on those single men and women who look for something profound and long-lasting compared to Tinder. Match should be your choice if you look for serious stuff. However, there are millions of people who came to Match to find casual relationships as well. The user database includes millions of people so that you will find a compatible partner pretty fast. Just make sure you mention your relationship criteria in your profile.

Which One Is Better for Men?

While comparing Tinder vs Match, you can see that there is an equal gender distribution. It is not a niche-based platform, so both men and women have equal chances to meet a partner for serious or casual relationships.

Which One Is Better for Women?

In our personal opinion, women should pay attention to Match, as there are more singles who look for serious relationships. In addition, if you are a mature woman looking for a loving partner, you have a higher chance to meet him on the Match platform.

Tinder vs Match – Target Audience


The target audience consists of a bit more people who are ready to build meaningful relationships. The average age of people is from the 30s to 50s. You can meet many gorgeous women who are prepared to settle down and make a loving family.


The demographic of the Tinder platform consists of late teens and the people of early 30s. There are all kinds of individuals on Tinder due to a great user database. Millions of people from different countries come online to look for flirt, relationships, friendship, and simply chat with like-minded people.

Interface and Usability

This part of the Match vs Tinder comparison review speaks about the core features and capabilities of both popular platforms. So, let’s see the difference between them.


Tinder is a dating app where users can specify if they look for opposite or same-sex partners. Note that the Tinder platform is loyal to all kinds of sexual preferences. The target audience is diverse, so you have a high chance of finding the most compatible person. Tinder’s philosophy is that every human being deserves to love and be loved. That is why the developer allows you to select the geographical location of your love search. You can look for people in your area or expand it to the entire world. You can specify the preferred age range to satisfy your needs as much as possible. This feature is available in Tinder’s settings. There are various criteria you can choose. The system will generate potential matches based on your interests and preferences. As soon as you get a suggestion, you can swipe right/left to make the Favorite list. When you swipe left, it means that you do not want to match with this person. If you and your match swipe right, it is called a match, and you have the request to communicate.

  • Super Likes. If you want to use this feature, you need to work on your profile bio section and share photos with the community. You can send “Super Likes” to other people to express your interest and admiration. This feature is practical because Tinder has millions of members, and it is challenging to stand out from the crowd. You can access the feature after purchasing a premium subscription. Tinder will give you five Super Likes per day, so we think it is the best Tinder feature! If you use the platform as a free member, you get one Super Like per day.
  • Rewind. Only premium members get access to this feature. It is helpful if you want to rewind a wrong swipe. It happens to everybody when you do a wrong swiping to a person you like a lot. By ordering this feature, you can save the situation and undo the action.
  • Teleport Locations. It is a feature available to premium members. It allows you to swipe a preferred location. Use this feature if you plan to travel or relocate to a foreign country. It is fun to meet locals and learn a new culture, language, and way of living in foreign countries. It is valid during COVID-19 times because people miss traveling and are tired of being locked at home all the time. However, you have to be ready for long-distance relationships.


Match functions are entirely different from Tinder. The number of available features and functions is more considerable compared to Tinder. When you check users’ profiles for the first time, you see that they are more detailed. It is essential to discover as many details about a person as possible before you start communicating and set a date for the meeting in real life.

Below you will find some efficient features to find people on the Match platform.

  • Mutual Match. This feature is one of the most substantial Match’s selling points. The developer encourages all newly registered members to add an eye-catching profile photo, your preferences, likes, dislikes, and expectations. Match offers a quick search tool to look for compatible men and women. You can see the level of compatibility for your comfort. It is not rare when people get 100% matches. Just mention all your criteria honestly and look for the people with these life values and interests. As soon as you start looking for dates based on your preferences, your online dating journey becomes enjoyable and gives excellent results.
  • Reverse Match. This feature works opposite of the previously mentioned Mutual Match. The idea is to fit all essential criteria of other singles.
  • Communities. This Match’s feature assists single men and women find each other according to their shared interests and hobbies, for example, music, movies, sports, religion, or political views. It is a perfect solution for shy people who don’t know how to initiate a new conversation and speak freely about their interests.
  • Daily Matches. Thanks to this feature, Match sends you approximately ten compatible matches per day. All these recommendations get based on shared things and interests you mentioned in your dating profile. This feature has much in common with the “Mutual Match” feature. The only difference is that all the compatible profiles get displayed for 24 hours before you get a new set of potential matches.
  • Search and Filter. Match supports a manual search of compatible members. You can get access to plenty of search filters to narrow down the search results. If you compare Match vs Tinder, the last one doesn’t offer the same service. All the matchmaking mechanism is automatic, and you have no control over it.

A manual search at the Match platform is a huge advantage. Tinder shows you a series of men or women who pass randomly on your screen. You have no right to manually search for people or filter them by the preferred age, body parameters, eye color, or hobbies. Match’s super-fast search tool really rocks. It is an incredible thing that gives you complete control over your online dating experience. Match helped millions of people to build relationships, friendships, and partnerships.

Pricing: Which Service Is More Affordable?

When we compare Tinder vs Match, we have to make an in-depth price comparison.


Tinder offers its registered members a free version to use. However, there are certain limitations you have to deal with. For example, there are some limits on the number of people you can swipe on a daily basis. If you plan to use Tinder seriously, it is better to think of purchasing a premium version. The final price depends on your age. If you are under 28 years old, the cost for a premium subscription plan will be around 10 USD per month for the one-month subscription plan. If you are above 28 years old (like the majority of members), you will need to pay around 20 USD per month for the one-month premium subscription plan. If you want to save money, you can order the extended premium subscription plan. The cost decreases when you use the plan for six months or one year.


Match offers free access to all newly registered members, just like Tinder. However, as practice shows, it makes no sense to stick to a free version due to limitations. If you want to get maximum results, you will not manage without purchasing a premium subscription plan. As a free user, you can search for profiles, but you have to pay to send private messages. Any form of communication on the Match platform is open for paying members only. The site offers many different membership options. If you order the one-month plan, the cost will be the highest (around 36 USD per month). If you order the three-month subscription plan, the cost will drop to 20 USD. The lowest price is for the six-month plan (18 USD per month) and the one-year plan (16 USD per month). Note that you have to pay the total amount in a single time, and the subscription plan will get automatically renewed unless you switch off this option in the settings. Note that the pricing policy gets updated on the official site, so view the prices from time to time to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Pros and Cons

Tinder vs Match PROS:

  • There are excellent swipe features to like/dislike users’ profiles;
  • There are millions of registered singles worldwide;
  • It is the top online dating platform in the industry;
  • The app is compatible with other services: Snapchat, Spotify, etc.
  • You can access a version for a PC or a mobile device;
  • The site has two decades of online dating experience;
  • Users can download the Match app for free;
  • The search tool comes with numerous filters;
  • The matchmaking algorithm is unique and efficient;
  • You can use the app on iOS and Android devices;
  • The web design and interface look up-to-date;
  • The navigation of the site/app is intuitive;
  • The platform is available in 15 languages.

Tinder vs Match CONS:

  • The process of profile verification is weak;
  • Users’ profiles lack essential information;
  • You get regular suggestions that get based only on photos;
  • As a free member, you can swipe 100 profiles per day.
  • You need to purchase a subscription to send private messages.
  • The trial version is too short.
  • Possibility to deal with inactive accounts or scammers.

And the Winner Is?…

Well, after the in-depth Match vs Tinder review, we are ready to announce the complete winner. After reading about the core features, pricing comparison, who do you think deserves to be called a winner in an online dating race? We find Match is the 100% winner!

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