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Lumen App Review – What Do We Know About It?

Lumen App Review – What Do We Know About It?
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Date with older guy 90%
Reply rate 85%
Beauty 89%
Popular age 50-55
Profiles 11.480.000
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Visit rate 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The ease of using the App
  • User-friendly nature of the Lumen App
  • Design that is oriented to old age visibility features
  • Secure and safe App for all users
  • Quick and flexible Help and Support center
  • And ability of Lumen App to offer reliable and realistic dating experience to members
  • The App can connect and match-make people of variable interests all over the world
  • Lumen App regulates and screens the user images and photos to confirm the age and identity of its members and detect and remove fake members
  • The inability to reach members without mobile smartphones and would love to have the experience
  • Lack of favorite features to list and store favorites on user' Dash-Board
  • The Lumen App does not allow users below fifty years to register on their App

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The Lumen App Ltd was incorporated on 24th July 2018 and given company number 11481021. It is a private limited company with offices in Broadgate Township 3rd flow, 20-Primrose-Street, London United Kingdom. Lumen App is an online-dating App for mature single men and women. The App allows users to find friends, create relationships, and meat people worldwide. Lumen App has a specialty design for adults over 50 years old. It is free to download and use. The App has over one million users and over nine thousand positive reviews.

The goals of Lumen App Company Limited are to match-single men and women over the world considering their preferences, likes and dislikes by encouraging safe, secure, genuine, and quality conversation with real users through Lumen App.

The Lumen App is free to install, and the App is available for download online through Apps’ store, Google play store, apkpure.com, Appgrooves.com, and many other download sites. The user can log in on the web version of the App and add it on the smartphone screen for easy access instead of installing it directly from the Google play store.

Users, especially of older age, fifty years are above will get the Lumen App more favorable and easy to use because the App is designed to make them feel the pleasure of dating each other through it. The Lumen App features are intended for people with poor visibility at old age, and the language is suitable for mature adults over fifty years and above. The images and photos used to display the Lumen App content are very attractive, especially to these mature men and women of old age. The Lumen App provides flexibility for them to select partners who may have been single for several reasons, including; those who are divorced, separated, widowed, widowers, and those who prefer short-term contract relationships.

How does Lumen App work

How does Lumen App work?

The App works through smartphones. The App is easy and free downloaded from Google Play stores and installed on the user smartphone. After installation the user register and confirm their registration before starting to look for their partners and people of shared interest through the Lumen App. The App connects and match-make users based on the preferences, data, and information provided upon registration.

Lumen App Application allows new and old users to log-in and log-out at any time. When users are logged into the App, Lumen App will enable them to access user-dashboard and see single users who have liked their profile and images, and members can see other users who have to send them friend requests and messages. The Lumen App provides users with notifications showing them real-time activities and updates on the App; notifications show members real-time entries of new uses and images posted through the App.

Users can access profile settings to changes their contacts, emails, location, images, and photos and even add videos. Members cannot replace real names used when registering at the begging, but they can change their card information and payment information whenever they want. Members can comment and send messages to other members through the App. Users of Lumen App are allowed to join several chat groups available within the App where members can share their thoughts and communicate their issues through the public and private chats on the App.

Registration-is it really easy

Registration-is it really easy?

Registration through the App is effortless and straightforward. The Lumen App registration process asks simple and basic questions such as; age, first name, middle name, last name, city, state, country, postal address, physical address, phone contact, email address, user name, password, and image. The App request for confirmation of user details through messages and email, and creates automated notifications based on the user preferences upon registration.

Lumen App allows for one-time registration and access to their features. New users can register on the App by providing personal details stated above and start using the App. The registration process takes a few seconds and saves time for new users because they can make real-time photos for their profile image instantly during the registration process. Lumen App registration process does not allow the users to provide half or few details and come back to finish the registration. Still, it is a one-time process that new users have to do and finish in one sitting, and in case the user decides to leave the registration halfway, then he/she will come back and start the registrations process afresh.

Registration through the Mobile Application is easy as it allows for direct options registration where the new user can choose to click on the option to continue the registration process by importing information from a Facebook account, importing data from phone details, or importing data from email. These options help the user to save time answering all the information and details required.

What about design and usability

What about design and usability?

The Lumen App has attractive cool features and design that is user friendly and flexible. The features allow for displaying similar members’ details, images, and other public information to their prospective mates. The layout is gorgeous and structured for simplicity and perfection. User-defined features include; the Lumen App contrast, color, and transparency. These features support the visibility of older members of age above fifty years that have eye problems and poor visibility capabilities.

The Lumen App has images for marketing and promotion of featured members or users. The App images are well designed with three-dimensional visual features where some auto-rotate and have reflective features; some of the attractive photos are glowing, transparent, opaque, beautiful, and shining. The lumen App images used in its design have a good outline and colors suitable for all its members, especially of the age above fifty years.

Let’s talk about profile quality

Let’s talk about profile quality

The profile features are set suitable for comparable nature. The users can easily search different profiles quickly, find relevant information, and make a constructive judgment on selection and relationships. The profile section displays the member’s user name different from their real full names. The profile section shows brief information on members’ likes, dislikes and their experience in relationship such as single, divorced, widow, widower, have children, need children, etc. It shows the user images and photos that have been made public, the user information on hair color, eye color, skin color, height, weight, body size, city, state, country, and other relevant information for match mates.

Lumen App profile features allow members and users to search other members’ profiles and quickly make their judgment to send a friend request. The users can change their search preferences based on different user profile descriptions and interests. According to the Lumen App auto-dating and matching settings, the search result shows recently registered members and members selected favorably for them. Therefore, users can get to know each other better through their profile information and data provided for access and use within the App. Lumen profile settings are customized and suitable for users of age above fifty years old; they can make regular updates on their profile settings according to their preferences.

The mobile Application

The mobile Application

The Lumen App Mobile Application is very cool, perfect, and quality. The App is easily downloaded on Google play stores, online, and other App stores. It takes only 14 Megabytes of mobile data or free Wi-Fi data to download it. The Lumen App automatically installs and receives regular updates from the developers while active on mobile phones. Lumen App allows for smooth transition and search of user-images from one use to another quickly without hanging and delays. Uninstallation of the does not damage the user’s mobile phone and is easy through phone settings- App Settings-Lumen App-Uninstall. When the user has formatted the smart mobile phone, the Lumen App automatically back-up user data and information, and can be automatically retrieved after re-installation of Lumen App.

The Lumen App Application can work on Android, such as smartphones and tablets, and the App also works on iOS Applications running on smartphones. After installation, users can find the App listed on the home screen—the App access and use storage space where it will store user data and logs. The Lumen App also gains access to user camera, and location, it can automatically update itself in the background every time the user is connected to Wi-Fi or is using phone sim-card data. The Lumen App has cookies that collect user information and preferences while on use within the phone, after which it can display information of users who are available or residing near the user. Lumen App displays information and notifications on the user smartphone screen, and the information provides the user with one-click access to the App once the user is logged in, and since the user does not need to log-in every time he/she wants to use the lumen App again on the phone.

Safety and security

Safety and security

Safety and security features refer to the manner that members and user data are handled, and the possibility of hackers interfering with user details. Safety & security rules & regulations set by the Lumen App allow members to interact worldwide while sharing public information on their profiles living other information private. Lumen App user cookies and CAPTCHAs technologies safeguard members’ information and protect them from hackers, spam messages, and fraudulent activities. Confirmation of user registration details through Lumen App messages, emails, and premium subscriptions are made to protect other users from dealing with fake accounts.

Safety and security features of Lumen App provide information which is relevant to other members. Upon logging in by users, the App provides authentication and notification to user emails and phones for security purposes. The App uses a user password, which is set by the user strong enough and not easy for anyone to know without the user authorization. The Lumen App user password is usually more than six characters and allows the use of special characters such as hash (#), per (@), start (*), dollar sign ($), and-sign (&), slash (/), comma (,), period (.), question mark (?), parenthesis ({]), brackets, a hyphen, and others. Lumen App also allows the use of numbers and alphabets during the creation of the password. These safety and security features protect the Lumen App from possible hacking, spamming, and other internet fraudulent activities.

Pricing and benefits

Pricing and benefits

Members and users have a hierarchy of prices and benefits for premium subscriptions, such as the reduction in yearly subscription total cost compared to monthly subscription costs. Reduction on subscription total cost raging form two years and over compared to the monthly subscription cost and annual subscription cost. There are regular offers and reward to members like 10% off, 20% off, and 30% off the total subscription cost.

Lumen App offers membership subscriptions such as; monthly and yearly subscription payable through credit card, debit card, bank accounts, PayPal money, and other available online payments. Users of Lumen App without money can also access the App features and users while they are waiting to process their payment. Members can stop the auto-payment feature any time their wish, and the Lumen App will not access their bank details without their permission and reactivation.

Help and support

Lumen App has the best and reliable online Help and Support center for new users and existing members. The App provides typical answers within a few seconds to help members solve technical and personal problems faced on App usage. The help and support center is available twenty-four hours, and all users can access the support center through emailing the Lumen App help and support center or through messaging chat on the Lumen App. The chat services or email services will provide a typical answer within a short time and also will direct users to regular questions and answers page or section on the App more comprehensive explanations on the member concerns.



Members can use the Q&A page section instead of Help and Support Chat-bot and emailing services. Regular reference to short questions and answers are stored here for all members and users to access them easily. The Lumen App questions and answers section stores historical answers to the members’ questions and are presented with subheadings and headings for easy search and access.

Is Lumen App safe?

Lumen dating App is a very safe and secure App for all users over fifty years of age. The App uses features such as Cookies and CAPTCHAs to keep members’ data and information safe and protected.

Is Lumen App a real dating site?

Lumen App is a real dating App with real people confirmed through membership premium subscription requirements such as phone contacts, emails, and VISA cards, or Bank Accounts. The Lumen App strictly establishes members through real-time images at the beginning of registration and through age-confirmation through email and phone details provided by the new member.

How to use Lumen App?

Using the Lumen App is simple and easy: Download and install the App from the online App Store and Google play store.

Perform user registration through the few steps necessary for using the Lumen App.

Once the user has registered, the Lumen App provides easy navigation through the process step by step until the user can start searching for their mates and start dating.

Is Lumen App free?

The Lumen App is free to acquire and install from the online App stores and Google App store. It is free to register and start using the Lumen App straight-away so long as you have reached the required age of fifty years old and above.

Is Lumen App really works?

Lumen App works well with over one million users and over nine thousand positive reviews from Google Apps store. The Lumen App has successfully connected members worldwide, and members’ testimonies are available for all users.



The Lumen online dating App is excellent and suitable for mature singles, widow, widower, and people with special care like older people over 50 years to connect with different people worldwide. The Lumen App is quick and easy to get, install, use, and value users’ time and more as the Lumen App provides users with opportunities to meet and mingle with preferred mates worldwide. The Lumen App stringently screen members detail step by step during the registration process and protect members’ details actively against fraudulent online activities, spam messages, and hacking.

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