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Jeevansathi review – what do we know about it?

Jeevansathi review – what do we know about it?
About Girls
Date with older guy 5%
Reply rate 96%
Beauty 93%
Popular age 23-37
Profiles 4400000
About Site
Visit rate 9.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Membership options are flexible.
  • Here is a massive active membership.
  • They have strong safety features.
  • Customer service is dependable.
  • They have several offices in many cities.
  • Free features are useless without the necessary paid ones.
  • Some services can be complicated.
  • Paid extras are expensive.

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Jeevansathi.com has managed to work its way up to the number two spot in terms of membership size since it went online in 2004. It was taken over by Info Edge India Ltd. in 2006. The website has long provided various online matrimonial and dating services for single Indians as well as Hindu dating.

It has quickly overtaken other similar sites in this segment, coming only second in the size of membership to Shaadi.com. It has established itself as one of the most trustworthy marriage and dating apps in India. They also cater to singles with Indian heritage around the world.

The main headquarters of Jeevansathi is in Noida, India. There are almost 300 employees in over 50 offices spread out across 37 cities. It makes it possible for physical visits by new members who wish to be verified.

The website’s goal is to be a safe and convenient venue for Indian singles seeking an Indian marriage partner or Sikh dating. It means the site specializes in Indian culture and marriage customs, although it also lets Indian singles find a respectable date.

With its vast membership base and up to 10,000 joining daily, it won’t be hard for anyone to find a soulmate. It’s only reasonable to ask if the website is legitimate and not some run-of-the-mill online dating service out to clean you out.

In this review, we’ll find out if Jeevansathi lives up to the task of being a matchmaker.

How does Jeevansathi work?

Jeevansathi doesn’t only provide a safe platform where single Indians can meet. They also have a unique algorithm that incorporates Indian culture and peculiarities to help Indians find a better match.

Registering with a Standard Membership is free, and you’ll have access to free features that would help you find these more suitable recommendations. The catch is that you can only approach them on the website if you subscribe to one of their premium packages.

To establish a friendship with that special someone you’re attracted to, you will need those premium features, or else joining the site would be pointless. Foremost among them is the ability to send a message, which is impossible with a Standard Membership.

With Standard access, you have admission to advanced searches and matchmaking lists. You can view all the profiles and even notify some of your interest in them. Sadly, you can’t share any contact information, which Jeevansathi blanks out. Without contact details, you can’t even send them a simple “hi,” and it effectively eliminates your chances of getting in a relationship.

Well, at least within Jeevansathi. Unless you opt for an upgrade, your quest for the love of your life is doomed from the start. Jeevansathi has a massive clientele worldwide, and that’s the primary motivation in joining the platform.

Merely appearing on those people’s radars and notifying them that you like them isn’t going to be enough. It would be a wasted opportunity if you can’t do anything when some of them return your interest. It’s even worse if the other person happens to be very attractive.

At some point, you’ll have to make a move, but that would entail you putting up the money. If you do, then you can begin sending prospects messages and chatting with them. You’ll have every tool at your disposal, enhancing your efforts to win the affection of that beautiful someone in your sights.

Keep in mind, though, that most of the members require a verified photo in one’s profile before they would exchange contact details. It’s one way to be sure they’re only dealing with sincere people.

How does Jeevansathi work?

Registration – is it really easy?

Signing up for a free Standard Membership with Jeevansathi isn’t complicated, and you can also create one for another person. You’ll be required to provide an Indian landline or mobile number regardless of your nationality. It will make relationships with foreigners who are living abroad very difficult, if not impossible.

Jeevansathi is committed to protecting their clientele and makes sure the numbers are verified to guard against fake accounts. Once registered, new users can create an account for themselves or a friend or family member. They let you use the same number for you and another person’s account that you may wish to enroll.

The profiles are very detailed and can include data about ethnicity, religion, occupation, hobbies, lifestyle, interests, and a host of other personal facts. There’s a guided process that one may skip and fill out later on.

Jeevansathi Registration – is it really easy?

What about design and usability

The first thing you’ll notice when you log into Jeevansathi is the overwhelming amount of content laid out before you. You’ll be given access to many free features, but only those that let you find out more about the site and its single Indian members who’re available.

The search engine is available and is pretty extensive. A search is customizable with filters like age, marital status, children, personal details, living with parents, and mother tongue. Other filters are religion, education, occupation, even annual income plus a host of other things.

The user interface is very stylish, modern, and looks pleasant, but it may take some time to get used to its navigation. Moreover, you can’t use it to interact with others in any way until you upgrade to a paid account.

You’ll begin to notice the tiny question marks while hovering your mouse over the buttons, and a text pop-up will explain its particular function. Sadly, you’ll need to use a lot of them if you want your love life to go anywhere on this platform.

Every day, the matchmaker algorithm will show you thousands of suggested matches that fit into five categories.

Desired Partner Matches are those who meet your preferred criteria.

Just Joined Matches are members who have just joined and meet the same criteria.

Verified Matches have verified profile photos and are the safest members to contact.

Mutual Matches have similar details in their profiles as yours.

Kundli Matches are those that come up based on your horoscopes.

Jeevansathi What about design and usability

Let’s talk about profile quality

Profiles in Jeevansathi are some of the most elaborate you will see around, so you too can design a detailed, attractive and convincing one. It lets people express themselves better with a more in-depth presentation. Luckily, you can skip it in the beginning, so you will have more time to think about how to create an effective one.

Likewise, you can scrutinize someone else’s profile before deciding if you want to reach out to that person or not. That’s why it’s better to be more specific with your entries to help encourage others to pick you. In-house professionals offer their services and will do a bang-up job of sprucing up one’s profile.

After you’ve upgraded your account, the site’s matchmaking algorithm will always have recommendations for you, and you can start notifying them, send messages, and chat with them. The controls in the user interface are very intuitive when trying to access the more advanced features.

There are virtually no fake profiles in the upgraded accounts, and that’s where users would want to concentrate their efforts. Jeevansathi is strict about verifying profile photos that members use, which may be why we noticed that a lot of them still have no profile photos.

Each profile is divided into four sections, namely:

  • About
  • Education & Career
  • Family Details
  • Desired Partner

A profile will be permanently taken off the site if they contain any obscene text or images.

Jeevansathi tries to maintain an environment with conditions favorable in promoting marriages more than dating.

Jeevansathi Let’s talk about profile quality

The mobile application

The performance of the app is smooth and stable, but missing the navigation bar at the top would have made it easier to operate on a small screen. Because there are many features on the desktop version, it seems more confusing when crammed into a small device.

It may take a while to get used to, but most of the functions on the desktop version are duplicated in the app, and it’s very responsive to inputs. Once a profile is created, it can start receiving instant notifications of acceptance and interest from other members.

You can search for possible candidates or see recommendations in “My Matches” and swipe to the next or previous profiles. The highest endorsements will be under a “Match Alerts” list that you can also find in your email. While in their profiles, you can notify them of your interest.

Uploading photos is also allowed on an album when managing and updating one’s profile information. There’s also the unique feature of editing the “Desired Partner” profile with the ideal traits you want in a potential partner.

However, it’s only with a premium membership that you can see the contact details of others, send them messages, and enhance your profile’s visibility.

Jeevansathi The mobile application

Safety & security

Being a giant dating service in India, Jeevansathi has strict terms and conditions that cover member behavior and honesty. Once anybody violates them, the offending party will join a blacklist, and the account will no longer be in the database.

The security and safety of the members are some of the most critical aspects dealt with by dating and matrimonial sites. It’s a given that they tend to attract fraudulent individuals. To combat this, Jeevansathi has a service for verifying phone numbers.

Users have the option to show their details and photos only to the people they trust and choose. Profiles can also be invisible to visitors and only viewable to verified members.

Pricing and benefits

A free account is virtually useless and only serves to whet someone’s appetite for the premium functions that he will need to find a suitable mate. On the plus side, new users get a sampling of what Jeevansathi has to offer before they decide to commit to a premium service.

Only the paid features will increase your chances of landing a partner in Jeevansathi. If you’re considering having one, you can choose from one of two membership types. One is Rishta or “relationship,” and the other is eValue.

Both subscriptions let you communicate with others using the private messaging feature or with instant online messaging. Once you accept one another, contact details will become visible to you both. The Value type takes it a step further by featuring your profile with contact details in advanced searches made by members.

You can have unlimited months using the various features depending on the type of Jeevansathi’s services:

Rishta US$164.99
Value US$134.39

Members can also avail of extra services like:

Bold Listing US$14
Response Booster US$9 for two months or US$40 for nine months
Matri Profile US$12
Astro Compatibility Service $10 for two months or $44 for nine months

“Bold Listing” helps your profile stand out from the rest in searches. “Response Booster” initiates contacts, and Jeevansathi promises that it helps improve responses by as much as eight times. With “Matri Profile,” you can hire in-house experts to edit and write about you in your profile, making it look more impressive and attractive. The “Astro Compatibility Service” instantly shows you your Kundli horoscope and comes up with a list of compatible users based on Vedic astrology.

Modes of payment include MasterCard, Visa, American Express, RuPay, Maestro, and Paypal. There’s a tick box that says, “I wish to pay with Indian card” above the Card Number field, and checking it will convert the value into Indian Rupees automatically.

You’ll also earn 200 Rupees worth of features for every friend you invite that joins Jeevansathi.

Jeevansathi Pricing and benefits

Help & support

Jeevansathi’s customer service is reliable and available 24/7 from a toll-free helpline or via a chatbox on the site. The personnel are patient and always on standby to assist with any problems or questions you may have.

You’ll notice that they tend to try and persuade hopefuls to go for the paid service. It’s understandable because Jeevansathi won’t work as a dating venue unless you pay for some essential features.


Are you still concerned about anything? The following section will help you make your choice.

Is Jeevansathi safe?

The site allows people to hide their sensitive details and photographs from any member who isn’t fully verified by Jeevansathi. They are also diligent in weeding out any troublemakers and deleting fraudulent accounts.

Is Jeevansathi a real dating site?

With a ton of active hopefuls, high-quality profiles, and extensive matchmaking algorithms, Jeevansathi gives you several opportunities of finding a date or even a soulmate. You’re encouraged to try out a free membership to see if the service is suitable for you.

How to use Jeevansathi?

Jeevansathi has an enormous membership base where you can choose possible mates. They have an advanced search and a matching system that will help you find the most suitable person for you. If you want a relationship to progress, you’ll have to sign up for the services to interact with other members and access the other features that you need.

Is Jeevansathi free?

Only a standard membership is free, which offers basic features allowing you to create a profile, explore the website, do searches, and view your matches. You can’t view the contact details of others, and they can’t see yours. The only way you can start communicating with someone is by upgrading to a paid account.

Does Jeevansathi really work?

The site leans more towards the dating scene in India, or foreigners who wish to migrate to India. The bulk of the membership base is Indians, and only a tiny percentage of them are from the UK, the US, and other countries. You also need an Indian cell phone number or landline to upgrade to a premium account. It would be difficult if you aren’t Indian.


The main benefit awaiting anyone who joins Jeevansathi is in the sheer size of its membership base and the daily traffic that runs on the site. It’s the critical ingredient that increases a person’s chances of success in finding his ideal match.

Many features are pretty easy to understand, but the others that they offer may be too complicated for some users. One type of premium service they provide allows you to look for someone yourself. The other will assign you a “Relationship Manager” who will try to find the best match for you based on how much the manager knows about you.

Members also have the liberty to combine the benefits of both services. On the downside, it will double costs, but there’s some flexibility in picking the services so that they can customize what they can get from the site.

It all boils down to how much you are willing to pay Jeevansathi because you won’t go anywhere if you can’t use even the most basic necessary features like messaging. Buying the features is the only way of establishing a romantic connection with the woman you’re pursuing.

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Fonzi Marquez
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by Junior Oct 08, 2021
The dating internet site is straightforward, and course-plotting is a breeze. We access an ample quantity of knowledge and observations for owners that appear appealing to myself. In all honesty, i actually do appreciate due to being on website. I possibly couldn't find my current friend yet. Nevertheless, I stumbled upon multiple wondering individuals to get in touch with. I'm cost-free and peaceful while talking with all of them. I strongly urge this website to any or all whos in search of close companionship, no matter what the version of commitment.
by CAMACHO Oct 03, 2021
Very high impressions. I have discovered more than enough nice and interesting someone and some freaks . that's the norm when you find yourself on the internet. Some meets had not been inside my location . that's why we remained close friends. I will declare that this particular service offers many tools in order to make some other users take note of an individual. For starters, it's room enough to produce your profile and provide adequate information on the way you look and personality. After that, texting happens to be fine. Typically, you access whole online communication and certainly will obtain a date whenever whenever you are equipped to encounter the best in real life.
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