Worth Your Time? Read Honest Review 2022
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Is Worth Your Time? Read Honest Review 2022

Is Worth Your Time? Read Honest Review 2022

Are you eager to know if Match is worth giving a shot amongst thousand other options available in the market today? Then, stay hooked with us till the end of this comprehensive article, analyze the prices and the features and choose for yourself.

Hello Lovely Readers! Welcome to today’s guide, “Is Match Worth It in ’21?”. Since you are here, we know you must be looking for that special someone to date, spend your life with, or for a casual hookup or some steamy, lusty sex. You are actively in search of that one perfect site that suits your needs and takes you to your matches who want the same thing that you are looking for from the relationship. It is always so important to be on the same page with your partner and carry similar intentions about the bonding you share. After all the stresses you manage all day like a superhuman, you deserve peace, happiness, and pampering. And huge stress and baggage from your date is not something you need to sign up for. So, getting a partner who is just the way you are will save your time and valuable emotions.

Searching for a good date offline, especially after the global pandemic hit, has been a bit trickier than ever before. We don’t get to meet people outside, and even if we do, a 30 minutes conversation makes us realize, alas, the time has been wasted, and perhaps a drink too! So, you decided to go on your dating game without a pause, and this time you are thinking about finding them online. Well, let us tell you online dating is the future. And we welcome you to this amazing world and promise to guide you to the best site that is worth all your time, money, and attention. So, without any further ado, jump into this crazy and beautiful world of virtual dating, and find your special someone.

Stop wondering which site will give you success at dating. Stay with us because before we share the statistics, let us show you another fact. Readers, who took our advice, and followed, landed three more dates every month, and that is the review we are so glad to share with you! Our experts have joined the site, used it for a while, and wrote this review. So, whatever you get here comes right from the experience of our team members and is honest. Hence, if you wonder whether joining Match will be worth it, do not waste any more time and delve into this guide now!

All About the YES or NO?

If you want to know more than the technicalities and functions, only then proceed from here. We will tell you the different aspects of this platform and guide you on how it will be a suitable site for you. Furthermore, we help you identify if Match is your match amongst all the online dating platforms.

We know you would have loved to proceed with this site since it looks good and has the smoothest user interface. However, you are reluctant and thinking so much because you are not sure whether a “paid” platform is worth your time at this moment. You might not be ready to invest every month on a dating site, and we feel you! That’s probably why you have been searching and surfing all over the internet, maybe trying out one or two free sites, but success has not yet come. Have you already tried going through one of those comparison articles like Bumble vs. Did you compare the prices, give a grim thought, and end up still on the fence, with no firm decision?

Did you know is a premium site? Hence there won’t be a good user pool in here, and this, in turn, will reduce the number of your potential matches from your local area. Let us first tell you this conjecture is not true at all. This site holds one of the highest user bases in the online dating app industry, and for good reasons. owes this immense success to a lot of factors. Firstly, this platform has one of the best marketing teams, and we are fans of the fantastic creatives and goofiness they always manage to come up with. The next thing that made this platform rise to the top is the multiple success stories of real-life couples who took over the internet to express their gratitude to this company. Certain stories even went viral on social media, and people welcomed with open arms, and the site recorded a large number of new registrations. Last but never the least is the word-of-mouth publicity. It can never go wrong. We are sure once you get the perfect dates from this service, you will recommend it to more of your friends, just the way we are advising you. So, this cycle has continued ever since the launch and brings good traffic to the website.

Graphics and Interface

The site is designed with the utmost diligence, and once you log in and scroll, the perfect color selections, animation, and smooth and artistic icons set the mood right and romantic. The easy-to-navigate interface is yet another best quality of You don’t need to be a pro in handling all the technical stuff. All you need is to be who you are, spice up a few good pick-up lines, and you are ready to score.

Why Should Pick over Other Free Dating Platforms?

We saw your “Is Match worth it?” Reddit questions, mostly pondering whether you can try this platform free of cost. The answer is NO. is a paid online dating platform, and you don’t get any free site or application version. It might make you feel a little upset that you have to pay your hard-earned bucks even to taste the platform, but at the same time, we have the good news for you. Since the site is entirely paid, the users here are serious. You will not find scammers and fraudsters loitering around, and you will also not come across bots. People who pay for signing up usually don’t fake their identities and show their real selves. Hence, people with good intentions gather at this site looking for a decent date. So, there is hardly any chance, or we can even say no chance at all of being scammed or fooled.

What Type of Dating Intention Do People at Have?

Some platforms are known for casual hookups and one-night stands, while others connect people for marriage and serious long-term commitments. Some sites match people based on their traveling intentions, and then some connect users based on their uniform job or profession.

Just like OkCupid, PlentyOfFish, and Zoosk, is a hub where people are mostly looking for serious relationships and long-term commitments. If you are also looking for a date with whom you might want to spend the rest of your life, this is your ideal place. On the other hand, if you want some casual sex, hookup, or a couple of pleasant date nights, you might consider some other platforms. However, the entire huge demographic of certainly is not looking for marriage and long-term commitment. Some might be here to date and maybe give some thoughts later. However, is a serious dating platform from which numerous people have even got their marriage partners. So, know your intentions well, specify them with clarity and choose for yourself.

The Match Demographics and Authenticity

We love the diversity and inclusivity of It is a pro LGBTQIA+ site, and you can find your date from all orientations and gender. Also, there is communal diversification noticeable at this site. So, whether you want a Christian date or a Jew or Black, this can be your platform. Senior dating also happens at this hub, and we could not love the search specials more. We believe in inequality, and people at this networking platform make sure to uphold that.

Another amazing thing that will answer “is Match worth it?” rightly is the user quality and the wide range of age of the users who are regularly active at the platform. Since you can find potential dates of all ages and interests, you will never be disappointed with the search. So, we might say, without exaggeration, that is one of the best five dating sites across the globe.

We came across a couple of reviews where users commented that if you cannot find a match using the freemium features or the paid VIP membership of 6 months, move on to some other platform, but you are guaranteed not to have to. The rate of success at finding love is unbelievably awesome.

The platform ensures every user is genuine and the site is free from all fakes and scammers. The platform is very particular about registration, and the verification procedure is strict and rigid. Each user account is meticulously reviewed, and every change in profile is verified with care and vigilance. It might seem like an invasion of privacy to you, and you might feel the company interferes a lot more than it should. But we see it as a plus of The strictness and rigidity ensure the user’s authenticity, and we love that! It will ensure you find good matches and the potential partners you choose to fall for are real people and not scammers. So, say no to annoyed and grumpy faces and take a sigh of relief. And in some extreme cases, if a couple of accounts are discovered that use fake information or identification, the account is immediately removed from the search results. Hence, paid members never really come across any fraud and scam, and the site is very safe and secure to surf and network.

Statistics Quickly: Global Positioning Overview is a leading dating platform in today’s industry, and it is highly appreciated all over the globe. The user base of this platform accounts for over 15 million, and the site is famous in 25 different countries. You can choose the website language from 15 different ones, and over 91% of the users are college graduates. Single parents account for 44% of the total user base. The age range is wide, and there is inclusivity across the hub. The search parameters are broad and impressive, and we could not be more impressed. Fees for Premium Membership

The fees are at par with the industry average. You have to pay around $30 each month for a VIP premium membership subscription. However, taking a package for six months or 12 months is advisable since you will get a massive cost cut. You can avail of up to a 25% rebate if you choose the 12-month membership plan. This plan will charge you only $12 every month, which is much lower than the 30$ per month plan. Hence, you can save 67% of your money with the 12-month membership plan billed monthly. The six-month plan will cost you only $17 per month. It also means that you can save as much as 65% on this plan. The costs slightly differ for UK users. Head on to’s official website for a clearer detail about the pricing policies and packages.

But we have amazing news for you. Did you know that drops some special offers now and then? Catching these offers, you can get special access to a VIP membership for free. In addition, you can find out all the potential matches with a three-day trial. This offer is too good to miss. After the trial period, you will totally know that Match premium is worth it.

More About Membership

Once you upgrade to the premium membership, you can enjoy a plethora of unique features. The highlights of the best functionalities would be the very simple to navigate search parameters, a great range of newsletters with top-notch dating tips, and a lot of blog articles that will give you tons of superb advice on finding a good online date. What Is Unique Here?

The basic and the most important features of online dating are primarily text options or messaging, creating a good and attractive profile, and search filters. But there are so many unique features that make one of a kind and stand out from the sea of other monotonous dating sites.

So, when we are discussing Is Match worth it? We cannot go without talking overwhelmingly about the Match Words feature on It works exactly like keyword searches of any search engine. It is specially created keeping in mind users who are completely new to the world of online dating. You can get the easiest assistance utilizing this function and get a perfect match in days. also hosts various events for its users, and you can save on tickets to these parties if you’re a premium member.

Is It All About the Campaign Hype or Is Match Worth It for Real?

We cannot deny that there has been a huge impact of aggressive, goofy, and smart advertising campaigns behind the success of But we cannot give all the credits to the marketing team alone. As we said already, word of mouth and success ratings go a long way in the success of any online dating site. Moreover, this company has been delivering what it has been promising since its launch. Hence, the ability to stand up to the promise has kept the site our favorite and made your investment worthwhile. The US accounts for a great number of successful marriages from

Customer Service and User Interface

All the details you put in your profile will undergo a thorough checkup by the site personnel. So, each time you want some change in your profile, you have to wait for the team’s approval. We love this feature since it ensures no anarchy or non-contextual unsolicited vulgarity is shared by any member. However, sometimes the permissions need a couple of days, and customers have shown their grievances. We can state that this is one of the very few flaws of We understand that the site has a humongous number of users from all parts of the globe. However, we would want the company to look into it and value the customers’ time with a little more care.

Another little complaint we have about the site is the crowd. You can see that having a large base of users has its benefits, but at the same time, too many users might make you feel a little overwhelmed.

Wrapping Up: Is Still Hot in 2022?

It is your platform if you want the Perfect person as the love of your life you would like to fall for, for the rest of your life. We don’t recommend this platform for casual hookups. However, if you think the price pinches too much, we suggest you register for free and see the site yourself for a few days using the free trial. As we said, sometimes the company drops lucrative offers, so make sure you grab them when it’s time to buy a subscription.

We value genuineness, and is always at our top 3 favorite dating platforms because we have never even for a second felt the platform is a waste of time. The strict policy contributes to the quality of the profiles, and every other tiny flaw we share comes with multiple benefits that we just cannot ignore.

Is paying for Match worth it? It is. The algorithm can even do customized matchmaking for all its busy customers, so what else in the world do we need! You can rely on the service and skip manual search if you find it tiring. You may also download the app on your smartphone and use it on the go.

Join today and share with us your dating experience. If you have had bad online dating stories, it is time to say goodbye to all those failures. When you meet a match, who is on the same page as you are, life becomes easy and full of love. So, Happy Dating!

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