Much Does Match Cost?
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How Much Does Match Cost?

How Much Does Match Cost?

How Much Does Match Cost?

The world of online dating is vast and full of resources that are ready to offer various services. There are both small niche sites and real giants, which occupy high positions on the market for dozens of years and bring their developers huge revenues. One of such large sites,, will be discussed in this article. How much does Match dating site cost? How much does it cost to join What kinds of plans are available, and is paid subscription worth the money? Read about this and more. Dating Platform Overview is one of the oldest digital dating services, at the very origins of the online dating market. It was founded in 1993 and is owned by, LLC, a subsidiary of InterActiveCorp. Today, the site is considered one of the most successful and reputable dating sites among competitors. Surprisingly, it’s a fact that is older than almost a quarter of its users. The platform has about 20 million members worldwide, more than half of whom reside in the United States.

Match has been responsible for more dates, relationships, and marriages in its nearly thirty-year history than any other dating site. Every member is looking for their own love story, and Match does everything to help them do just that.

The site uses many factors to offer quality matches. These include participants’ individual preferences, such as personality traits, height or build, and previous actions and responses on the site. In addition, the Match remembers search terms and who you send likes to and therefore will suggest similar profiles for the best matches.

Throughout the years, the site has maintained a consistently high reputation and cared about the safety and comfort of each user. Last but not least, the communication options are only available with a paid subscription. How much does Match cost per month? The cheapest subscription plan costs 12.99 USD per month, and you will need to pay for at least three months of usage at once. So you can be sure that you will not get messages from random people who signed up for the dating site out of boredom or to pass the time. Each of the participants has a definite purpose, and more often, Match users are aimed at serious relations and search for love than at short dates and casual contacts.

Features of

Like any dating site, has its algorithms. In addition to displaying the profiles of users near you, you can use the global search. There are also special filters available to help you find a person who corresponds to your idea of what you want your partner to be.

When first getting to know the site, each user has to answer a few simple questions: how old you are, where you are, and who exactly you want to find? Because the profiles on the site are very detailed, you will have to take some time to fill in all the information about yourself. For users who don’t like to write too much, an online constructor follows a straightforward step-by-step process and fills out the profile page with relevant details. The constructor also prompts you to write a few lines in the “about me” section. Next, you’ll need to specify your preferences about who you’re looking for. If you find it difficult to describe yourself, Match can offer an additional service, Profile Pro. What does this service offer? Dating experts will evaluate your profile, assist you in editing your text to help you find your soulmate, and offer some personalized online dating advice.

Only paid members have access to the full range of Match features, but you should take the time to ask how much does Match cost. New users can register a free account and try out some of the features to understand how dating services work and appreciate the convenience and possible benefits. For example, free members can create a profile, post photos, use the site search, communicate directly with recommended matches.

After subscribing, members get unlimited access to all features. How much does Match cost a month? Depending on the plan you choose and the length of your subscription, your cost can range from 7.99 to 14.99 USD per month. Each paid user can view all the photos posted on other profiles, send and receive unlimited messages, and see who’s viewed your profile. Premium user settings are available in the extended subscription version.

Still, how much does it cost to join match com if you don’t want to be limited to free usage? uses a freemium model in its pricing policy. This means that you can download a free version of the application or register your account on the site, and there is no need to pay for it. However, to communicate comfortably and be able to use all of the site’s features, you must subscribe.

For paid subscribers, there are two levels of plans – a standard plan and a premium subscription. Each of these plans is offered in three types of 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month packages. After your subscription expires, it automatically renews unless you cancel the benefits of the paid access at least 24 hours before the end of the prepaid period. You also have the excellent option of getting a refund on your Match purchase if you don’t like it. You have three days after payment to do this, after which no refunds will be possible.

Below we have presented the current rates with a division for residents of countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom to provide the most accurate information possible.

How Much Does Match Cost a Month in the United States?

The subscription cost for the standard plan is shown in the table below.

Duration Price Expenses Savings, %
3 months 38.97 USD 12.99 USD/month 0%
6 months 59.94 USD 9.99 USD/month 23%
12 months 95.88 USD 7.99 USD/month 38,5%

How much does match cost if you want to become a premium user and choose an advanced rate?

Duration Price Expenses Savings, %
3 months 44.97 USD 14.99 USD/month 0%
6 months 68.94 USD 11.49 USD/month 23%
12 months 107.88 USD 8.99 USD/month 40%

Having analyzed the tariffs presented, we can conclude that the most profitable would be to buy a six or 12-month plan. The longer the subscription term you choose, the more significant your savings will be. In addition to the substantial discount, there is a guaranteed free renewal for these plans if you fail to find an ideal partner during this time.

How Much Will I Have to Pay For a Subscription in the UK?

For the UK, the company’s pricing policy is slightly different. Among the tariff plans, there is no “golden mean” with a duration of six months. Besides, there is no gradation into premium and standard. Packages for purchase plans have shorter terms and include 1, 3, or 12 months of use. How much does it cost for for UK residents?

Title Duration Price Expenses Savings, %
Light 3 months 38.97 USD 12.99 USD/month 0%
Classic 6 months 59.94 USD 9.99 USD/month 23%
Premium 12 months 95.88 USD 7.99 USD/month 38,5%

As we can see from this table, the tempting offer to pay for just one month of to try it out is not very lucrative. If you pay for at least three months at once, you get a substantial discount. If you pay for a year of use upfront, however, you save 67%, which is one of the best deals on the market. Also, one month is obviously not enough time to find your perfect match. It can also take a few days or even a week to get familiar with how the site works. sends you matches also outside of your location. So you really need to spend some time figuring out who might be suitable for you before you find the people you want to send a message to. Is It Expensive or Cheap?

The possibilities of online dating open up a whole new world with fantastic prospects. It’s difficult to overestimate the importance of choosing a site or an app for online dating because it’s your primary tool designed to help you find exactly what you want. is a site that has connected many single people around the world over the years. The chances of finding a partner with whom you can create a family or build a serious long-term relationship are very high here. There are no random people who register here just to get likes and satisfy their ego at the expense of other singles’ likes.

If you want to join’s multimillion-dollar community, it’s worth buying a subscription to get access to all of the site’s features. In fact, the free version is only suitable for reviewing, and it does not allow you to communicate freely with other users. How much does Match cost? The price of one month starts from £29.99 in the UK, which is way too much in our opinion. One month is not enough to find your perfect match. Start with a three-month subscription or opt for six months of access at once to get a guarantee from the site. You don’t risk anything because you can cancel your payment and get a full refund within the next three days if you come to the conclusion that your purchase was a mistake.

To take a comprehensive look at pricing and answer the question of how much does match costs a month, we looked at the mobile app, among other things. As it turns out, the cost of using it is much higher than accessing the desktop version of the site.

There are only four options available: A 1-month Premium subscription costs 44.99 USD, a 3-month premium costs 119.97 USD, a 6-month premium costs 149.94 USD, and a standard 6-month subscription costs 137.94 USD. All prices are in U.S. dollars.

Whether it’s expensive or cheap for easy access to all the features of a dating platform right in your pocket, judge for yourself. The app already has a lot of fans and good reviews online.

Opportunities for Premium Accounts has many different features that are available to members who subscribe. To understand how much does Match cost and what you get for your money, let’s analyze the paid features:

  • The Dates feature is the latest update to the range of Match features created with the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic. This feature includes details and preferences such as dating styles, favorite places to date, and more. It is designed to keep users from getting infected with the virus when they date each other.
  • Real Talk. Do you find it hard to start a conversation? Often can’t find a topic to say a few words first? With Real Talk, that won’t be a problem anymore – you’ll be presented with a variety of topics, among which it’s easy to choose the more relevant one. A selection of icebreaker messages that you can use in conversation is also available.
  • The Likes tab. It’s simple, and this tab will list those users who have liked you and also lists the matchmakers you like. To not waste a lot of time searching and starting dating, pay attention to those who have already seen you as a potential partner. That way, your chances of success will be much higher.
  • “Matched by Us.” This feature will give you one match per week based on a series of questions about dating and life goals. You will be offered a match with the person who is closest in their answers to your view of the world. This system has been designed to help you make meaningful connections and find that perfect partner.
  • Boost is a feature for boosting your ranking. It will display your profile for one hour as the best offer in the “Matches” and “Discoveries” categories.
  • MatchPhone is analogous to regular voice communication, but with your complete anonymity. The system will assign you a phone number so that you can remain incognito during conversations and not reveal your personal data. The feature is only available for a premium subscription.
  • Reverse Matches is more like a fun game than a really useful addition. It shows profiles that don’t look like you. There’s not much point in looking for obverse matches in real life, but you might want to test the theory that opposites attract.
  • Video dating function. We can hardly say anything new about video dating, and now this service is widespread. For a dating site, this is a nice addition, which will help to get to know each other closer or arrange an intimate date with your match without leaving home.
  • Date Check-In. To help participants stay safe when they go on a real date, has developed a specific feature. It allows three contacts to be assigned within the platform to receive information about the date, time, and location of the date. During the date, will send automated messages asking if the participant feels uncomfortable or unsafe. If the answer is yes, an emergency message will be sent to the contacts on the list.

Now you know how much it costs to join and what features you pay for if you want to become one of’s community members.

Match Guarantee from Match and Match Free Trial

To try finding singles in your neighborhood or city, you can use a free Match Free Trial. What can you do in the trial? You can browse any page, flirt, and read full profiles of real people who you want to meet. You can use filters by age and location to search. You can try out reciprocal and reverse searches. All the searches you make on Match Free Trial will be saved so that you can refer to them in the future. So, the answer to the question of how much does Match cost to join match com to try it out would be – totally unplugged! Unfortunately, Match Free Trial blocks you from sending messages or chatting until you upgrade your account to one of the paid subscriptions. But you can successfully flirt or chat with one of your special recommendation users.

In addition to the free version, Match offers another nice bonus for its users, which is called a six-month warranty. What is the essence of the guarantee? If you purchased a six-month paid subscription and during that period you haven’t found your match or a person you could call significant in your life, will give you an additional six months of access for free. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can just create your profile on the site and expect your love to find you among millions of others for the entire subscription period. To get renewed access under guarantee, you have to meet several criteria:

  • You must have a fully completed profile that is available to all members of the community;
  • The information about you must be true and represent the essence;
  • You must communicate with at least five unique participants over a period of six months.

These conditions are simple enough, and the guarantee can be used by any member who is unlucky enough to find his or her soulmate. If you are one of them, you can be sure that Match will renew your subscription at no extra charge.

Can I Get a Discount?

From time to time, arranges special promotions to attract users, which can help you save significantly. This mainly applies to new members, but there are also discounts for those looking to extend their sub-psychic. How much does it cost to match com on a promotional offer? Most often, the company offers a 25% or 30% discount, which you can get on their official website. Sometimes it’s a big promotion with a 75% sale, but that’s pretty rare.

You can also use search engines to find bonus or discount promo codes. Before you subscribe, try searching for promo codes on Google to see if you’re lucky enough to save money.


Why do millions of users all over the world choose First of all, this site has an extensive database of singles interested in serious relationships. The geographical coverage reaches 50 different countries around the world. The more people visit the site, the more likely you will meet someone right for you.

An impeccable reputation also plays a significant role in the popularity of this resource. There has not been a single case of hacking or data leakage in its almost thirty-year history, which speaks volumes in favor of security. Your personal data shared with Match is secure, and the privacy policy excludes fake profiles.

Real communication on the site costs money, and that’s why there are no cheaters or random people who just want to have fun here. In this article, we looked in detail at how much does match cost, pro-analyzed Match Free Trial features, and pricing plans. Packages make a big difference in features on the site and multiply the chances of success in the community. A paid subscription tells potential partners that you’re really serious about your search. We recommend jumping right into a subscription after you become familiar with the platform’s features and make sure there are enough people in your area who want to connect.

If you’re seriously interested in online dating, we’ve got an up-to-date breakdown of costs, available payment options, auto-renewal information, and more to make sure you understand how much it costs to join match com. Also, in this article, we answered the question of what features are available for premium members, so you can assess whether they are worth your money. By fully understanding how much does match cost and what is included in the different membership options, you will be able to make a more informed decision about spending on online dating.

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