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Good Grief review – what do we know about it?

Good Grief review – what do we know about it?
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Pros and Cons

  • l The Good Grief has a user-friendly interface.
  • l Registration is very straightforward.
  • l Membership is free. You can make contact and chat with other members as soon as you are registered.
  • l The members are all supportive and have the same goals and situations that you have.
  • l The app comes in both Android and iOS platforms, as well as a simple website application.
  • l Membership and use are safe due to security protocols in place by the app’s creators and moderators.
  • l A professional staff runs the customer service desk 24/7, ready to assist you in any query, complaint, or issue that you might have regarding the service.
  • l Good Grief is not a real dating app and is only for semi-counseling and group therapy. Do not expect any direct sexual relationships; this is not the site for that.
  • l It has some hidden costs to be able to use the main features. That is a possible issue with users or members who have difficulties in their present situations.
  • l There are not many members at the moment, so you have a few selections.
  • l The questions at the registration stage, during the membership profile’s accomplishment, rather deal directly with the individual’s loss and can be upsetting if the person involved is still affected by the experience or is generally sensitive to personal issues.

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Good Grief is a chatting platform app that caters to people looking for friends and generally people who need someone to talk to. Its creators, Winnona Partners (Robynne and Kim), call it the “Social Network for Loss.” Their aim for creating Good Grief was to provide grieving individuals a network wherein they can privately chat, connect, and support one another in coping with their loss.

People who experience loss are left to fend for themselves when going through a trying time. With Good Grief’s motto, “You are not alone,” the creators provided a platform to allow these individuals to go through life with others who are themselves undergoing or have undergone healing. The partners hoped to provide a platform for healing primarily. It will be accomplished by association, sharing experiences, and the time-tested and straightforward method of getting things off your chest.

There are times when we just need to speak with someone, especially when we are alone or in a new place, and we do not know anyone. Some situations put us in a predicament where we seem not to have the chance to meet new people. An excellent way to solve that is by going online, and Good Grief is an excellent option.

However, due to the app’s rather sensitive nature, it would be wise to say up-front that Good Grief is not a simple dating app or site. Of course, through sympathetic contact and communication, you might get a chance to develop a relationship.

But you should not expect a casual sexual relationship right off the bat with this app.

In this review, we will show you the great features of the Good Grief. We will discuss the type of membership, the joining process, pricing, and other essential aspects you will need to arrive at an informed decision of whether to join or not.

How do the Good Grief Chat and Messaging app work?

Good Grief review - what do we know about it?

Good Grief’s website is at goodgriefapp.com, and it also comes as a mobile app for both Apple and Android mobile devices. The app is straightforward to download and install in your device (iOS 8+ and Android Lollipop). The app lets you connect with other people through a direct chatting platform.

Registration – is it really easy?

Registering to Good Grief is a breeze. After downloading the app on your mobile device, simply choose to sign up and enter your valid email address, nominate a password, confirm that password, and proceed. You will be re-directed to a site asking for the code sent to your email for verification.

A more comfortable option is to register using Facebook. Simply link your Facebook account, and Good Grief will automatically gather the necessary information.

At this time, you will be asked to create a username for Good Grief, and we suggest something catchy and one that will describe you in a word. You can be creative without being offensive and remember that most of the members are undergoing difficult times, so it might be wise to be prudent. After that, you put in your date of birth and location, and that’s it, you have just become a Good Grief registered member!

You can now start using your credentials to log into the main page and start meeting new people.

What about design and usability?

Good Grief review - what do we know about it?

The Good Grief have a very subtle and non-descript layout that is very straightforward. The design is minimalistic and quite easy to navigate. The interface consists mainly of two pages: “contact” and “chat.” The “contact” page shows the various site-suggested member profiles based on the information you have entered during the registration process. The patterns show a picture (if provided), name, and vital information about the particular member. The report indicated here we will cover in detail in the next section, so please read on.

The ‘chat’ page is a simpler version of the membership profile and shows the member’s availability.

Let’s talk about profile quality

Good Grief review - what do we know about it?

In the preceding section, we mentioned details found in the member profiles. This information is entered during the registration process and can be quite sensitive, considering the questions are about the recent loss of a loved one or more. In particular, it asks who you lost, the reason for the loss, and the amount of time you have been grieving. These are all indicated in your profile on the contacts page. This page also includes other information like name, location, age, a photo (if one is provided), and the member’s availability status. The last one shows if a member is currently online by highlighting the picture and name in green and indicating ‘online.’

Otherwise, the state shows how long the member was last online in minutes.

Other information in the profile but not shown in the contacts page is your religious affiliation, marital status, and whether you have children or not.

Also asked during registration is your preference: age, gender, location, person/s lost, the reason for the loss, duration of grievance, marital status, religious affiliation, and children.

The page allows you to instantly modify your profile anytime via an option button found at the right topmost portion of the page. It is also a part of the menu bar that lets you choose between chat and contact. Your preferences can be updated through a link just below the menu bar on the right.

The mobile application

Good Grief review - what do we know about it?

The Good Grief are compatible with both Android Lollipop and Apple iOS 8+ mobile devices. Both versions can be easily downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and are quite straightforward. The interface is virtually the same as that of the website and is very user-friendly.

The chat platform is super simple and lets you chat with many contacts simultaneously by clicking the profile/s displayed on the screen’s left side. In case you send a message to a member who is not online presently, you can leave a message on the chat screen, and that can be seen as soon as the member logs back in. When they do log back, and you are online, you will be automatically notified, and you can resume the chat.

Safety & security

Good Grief review - what do we know about it?

The Good Grief provide safe and worry-free browsing, backed by stringent membership rules. During registration alone, all personal information undergoes manual screening before applicants get the approval to join the dating site. Remember, during registration, you are asked to verify your email address by sending the activation code. Then you have to agree to the Terms and Conditions before garnering your free membership.

Furthermore, all members cannot send messages in batches or bulk to other members, which prevents scammers. Members must follow the site’s strict guidelines in uploading only decent pictures, no lewd or indecent images allowed.

All those measures mitigate phishing and ensure all members that they are interacting with real people. In rare cases that untoward events occur or a member encounters a rude, offensive user, they can block the offending party and report it to the site’s support team.

Before signing up, it’s always wise to look for safety, and you can start with the site’s safety page. It indicates specific Good Grief safety tips to help you have the safest and best experience while using the app services. If the site doesn’t have a safety page, join at your own risk. Plus, it’s always good to get familiar with general safety tips before meeting new people online.

Finally, Good Grief creators put in SSL security protocols to protect information privacy and prevent any untoward sharing of privileged data without the owner’s consent.

Pricing and benefits

Good Grief review - what do we know about it?

The registration and membership are free, but there are specific fees that are not evident right away. Initially, you can contact and chat with whomever you chose among the members. However, as you go further along, you will be notified of a minor purchase fee for chat credits. Sure, they are not so expensive ($0.50 to $ 2.00) but can be an issue to some users, especially those undergoing a trying period in their lives.

Help & support

The Good Grief have a dedicated Help and Support team ready to help the members with any query, complaint, or report they should have. The team is also responsible for ensuring all the members adhere to the dating site’s policies and rules. They also help in the effort of making sure all applications are manually scrutinized for authenticity.


Good Grief review - what do we know about it?

Is Good Grief safe?

Yes, it is. Good Grief creators put in SSL security protocols to protect information privacy and prevent any untoward sharing of privileged data without the owner’s consent. During registration, all personal information undergoes manual screening before an applicant gets the approval to join the dating site. During registration, all members are asked to verify their email addresses by sending the activation code. Then they would have to agree to the Terms and Conditions before getting the free membership.

Is Good Grief a real dating site?

Not really. As mentioned earlier, it is group therapy/one-on-one counseling as a means to cope with the Grief of loss. However, should you create a deeper bond with one of the members, it becomes an avenue for developing relationships.

How to use Good Grief?

Right after registration, you can access the membership base and start connecting and chatting with different people. The members’ profiles show enough information to tell you what the individuals are going through with their kind of loss. The app provides you two ways of making contact with a prospective member. First, is to leave a message on their profile or press the “contact” button to signify your intention to connect to the particular member. If both parties are online, they can immediately chat and get acquainted. If the target individual is off-line for some reason, you can leave a message on their profile, which they can read the moment they log in.

Is Good Grief free?

Yes and no.

The registration is free, but there are hidden fees that are not exorbitant but can be a little disappointing to the members given their sensitive situations.

Does Good Grief work?

Yes, it does, at least as far as the original intention of its creators. People make meaningful contacts and even develop relationships but based on their current loss and experiences. Rarely does a romantic escapade happen, but they occasionally do. Again, this is not a simple dating site, and the main reason for joining is not to have a sexual relationship, but for gradual healing from loss.


Good Grief review - what do we know about it?

The Good Grief is a contact app or site for grieving individuals, so it is not a dating site per se. Of course, through sympathetic communication regarding a delicate subject, people can develop deep relationships and sometimes, very rarely, romantic ties.

It is a well-designed, well-managed site/app with a functional and straightforward user interface for mobile applications and desktop users. The mobile apps cater to both the Apple and Android operating systems and devices.

The members’ profiles are very comprehensive and full of information regarding the members/users’ loss or experiences of the members/users. The chat facility is straightforward and very convenient to use. You can quickly know if a member is online or off-line. You can leave messages on the profile or chat interface, and the member can see this as soon as they log back in.

Member’s privacy and safety are assured by the site/app through security protocols placed by the creators. The registration procedures have safety measures such as email address verification, Terms and Conditions acknowledgment, and an alternative Facebook registration, enhancing security from fake profiles.

Membership is free, although, at some point, members are asked to make inexpensive credit purchases that are not excessive. However, this can still be a cause of dissatisfaction for some members due to their current experiences. It tends to focus on some complaints when you look at reviews online in the app stores and third-party reviews.

Another contention source is the rather general questions at the registration stage, particularly in accomplishing the membership profile. The questions deal directly with the individual’s loss and can be disconcerting if the person involved is still affected by the experience or is generally sensitive to personal issues.

However, once you get into the app and start meeting people and sharing similar situations, you can forget the negative feelings and begin appreciating the whole experience.

As we mentioned earlier, Good Grief is not a dating platform similar to the typical dating sites propagating on the internet. That is primarily a platform for healing by association, sharing experiences, and the simple and time-tested getting things off your chest. Many people find the app very beneficial to them and help get them through a particularly rough time.

Occasionally, there will be that rare chance of developing a romantic relationship that may assuage the pain of loss, but again, this is very seldom.

We would say that Good Grief does what it is designed to do: getting the message of “you are not alone” across very effectively. Indeed, in our books, the app/site has earned its creator’s declaration of being the “Social Network for Loss.”

Simran Pillarisetty
Simran Pillarisetty
Simran Pillarisetty
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